CBCF – Side Story 30 – Inside the Car

“Mmm… nnn…” (Kamizuru)

“Kamizuru-san, are you sleepy? It’s okay to sleep if you’re tired, you know?” (Boss)

“Nnn… I’m fine… Today was fun…” (Kamizuru)

“Yeah, it was. Thank you for inviting me here, Kamizuru-san.” (Boss)

“Shuusui-san, don’t say that. The day isn’t over yet, so let’s keep calling each other by our first names.” (Kamizuru)

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing though.” (Boss)

“Even though it was fine back at the pool?” (Kamizuru)

“Right now, we’re alone together in the car, you know? Even I feel a bit embarrassed.” (Boss)

“Don’t… Please call me by my name, Shuusui-san…” (Kamizuru)

“You look sleepy.” (Boss)

“Don’t try to change the subject…” (Kamizuru)

“Okay, okay, I got it, Meiri-san. Is this better?” (Boss)

“~~~~~!” (Kamizuru)

“What’s wrong, Meiri-san? Why are you waving your arms around like that…?” (Boss)

“It’s just that… being called by name in the car is way more overwhelming than I imagined… but I’m happy.” (Kamizuru)

“From being called by your first name by someone like me…? That’s exaggerating.” (Boss)

“It’s not… Shuusui-san is wonderful…” (Kamizuru)

“Meiri-san, you should get some rest. You can lie on the back of your seat. Otherwise, you might strain your neck too much.” (Boss)

“But.. I want to… talk more…” (Kamizuru)

“Don’t push yourself. You can sleep until we reach your house.” (Boss)

“I don’t want to go home… today… Shuusui-san… together…” (Kamizuru)

“Meiri-san, young ladies shouldn’t say such things before marriage.” (Boss)

“I’m sorry… zzz… zzz…” (Kamizuru)

“Meiri-san? Did you fall asleep…? You have a lovely sleeping face.” (Boss)

“Shuusui-san… Let’s play together again… someday…” (Kamizuru)

“Yeah… let’s do that… Kamizuru-san.” (Boss)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Unfortunately, that day will never come because this is also their last chapter. Rip.


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