CFVT – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 2 – The Man Who Can Only Keeps Going Viral

──With that, the match progressed, and it was now the third round. We had taken over a house and were waiting there until the next safe zone was announced.

…Hmm. Just waiting like this was boring, so maybe I should chat a bit more…? Thinking that, I decided to use the chat function again to talk to Raimu-san.

In-game chat (Rui):『Why do you only use sniper weapons, Raimu-san?』

A response came back immediately.

In-game chat (Raimu):『roman!』

“Romantic, huh…” (Rui)

If the opponent had weak armor, you could knock them down with a single headshot, so I could see how a sniper rifle could be considered a romantic weapon…

In-game chat (Rui):『But isn’t close-range combat tough?』

In-game chat (Raimu):『gurededounikanaru (A grenade will take care of it)

“A grenade will take care of it… No, it can’t always save you!” (Rui)

Comments:『Raimu isn’t normal』

Comments:『But if she says so it’s probably true…』

Comments:『Hint: Raimu is also incredibly skilled with grenades』

Comments:『During a tournament, she was forced to use an assault rifle, and she looked really displeased lol』

A flood of comments about Raimu-san came in. This person was truly incredible…

“I see… So Raimu-san really is a hardcore weirdo…!” (Rui)


Comments:『Why do you sound so happy about it lmao』

Comments:『Don’t call your sesnpai a weirdo』

Comments:『This is going to get clipped』

Comments:『Though she’s actually a bit of a weirdo…』

I felt like I might have chosen the wrong words, but decided not to dwell on it too much…

In-game chat (Raimu):『ikuyo! (I’m going in!)

“What, you’re going already… Wait a minute!” (Rui)

As soon as the next zone was announced, Raimu-san’s [Baz] left the residential building and deployed a zipline. Before I lost sight of her, I hurriedly got on it and tried to follow Raimu-san…

“You’re always moving too fast…!” (Rui)

<Enemy spotted>

“Where!?” (Rui)

<Enemy down>

“Seriously?!” (Rui)

Comments:『I feel like I just saw this happen.』

Comments:『A rerun?』

Comments:『The flow is the same lol』

Comments:『Her pace is too fast』

Comments:『Raimu’s sniper kills sound satisfying!』

Then, Raimu-san continued to run around the area, marking a large house.

<Let’s go this way>

“Eh, we’re going there? But aren’t there enemies inside…?” (Rui)

In-game chat (Raimu):『ubau (kill everyone)

“Kill?!” (Rui)


Comments:『Such guts』

Comments:『You’re too loud lol』

Comments:『You don’t have to repeat it lol』

Comments:『Reaction is too funny』

Without waiting for my reply, Raimu-san used the wire to rush into the house.

“How can you charge in with just two sniper rifles…!?” (Rui)

From inside the house, I could hear gunfire. Amidst the sound of machine guns, the thunderous noise of Raimu’s massive sniper rifle was amusing… No, it’s not the time to find it amusing! I hurriedly joined them inside the house… and there, I saw it.

There was a huge pile of enemy corpses stacked up.

“…Aah. Amazing. So fast…” (Rui)


Comments:『Rui’s soul is leaving his body.』

Comments:『Your vocabulary is deteriorating.』

Comments:『Hey!! Pull yourself together!!』

From that mountain of corpses, I grabbed some high-level armor and magazines. It was naturally a good thing that I got some great loot out of that but…

“In the end, I didn’t do anything…” (Rui)

In-game chat (Raimu):『ryohukurukamo (Lü Bu is coming)

Lü Bu1 is coming!?” (Rui)



Comments:『What’s up with that』

Comments:『No way lol』

Comments:『Probably a typo lmao』

Comments:『I guess she meant to say ‘gyofu’ instead of ‘ryohu’…』

Her message was probably a typo, but I read it as it was. By the way, “gyofu” refers to taking advantage of weakened enemies. In other words, it suggests that a squad might be coming to clean up the fight.

“What should we do…!? Wha—!?” (Rui)

A barrage of grenades was thrown into our house. Damn… they’re going to keep throwing grenades until they hit us! It’ll be bad if one hits Raimu-san while she’s healing…! If it’s going to hit Raimu-san, then…!!

“I’ll… I’ll be the shield!!” (Rui)

Saying that, I positioned myself as a wall, deliberately taking the brunt of the grenades thrown by the enemy. As a result, my character took massive damage and was sent flying through the air.





Comments:『What are you doing lol』

Comments:『Dodge lol』

“I’m fine, I have a sliver of health left… What!?” (Rui)

However, the enemy had somehow managed to push into the house and mercilessly opened fire on me. Naturally, with my health hanging by a thread, I went down.

“Uwaaahhh!!” (Rui)

Comments:『Too realistic』


Comments:『Why are you taking damage irl』

Comments:『Did you get electrocuted or something lol』

Having gone down, I crawled on the ground and tried to find a cover to hide, hoping to block the enemy’s line of fire even a little… but…

“I’m sorry, Raimu-san! Hide behind me—ehh!?” (Rui)

Raimu-san leaped over me, firing shots at the enemy. Every shot hit its mark, and the enemy character went down…

“Amazing…! But isn’t there one more coming!?” (Rui)

Just as I predicted, another enemy entered through the door… but Raimu-san had anticipated this too. At that moment, Raimu-san threw a shuriken-shaped grenade towards the door. The grenade seemed to hit the enemy directly, as the sound of armor breaking rang out.

Comments:『It hit!?』

Comments:『Direct hit!』

Comments:『Too good lol』

The grenade then exploded. The explosion applied a slow effect on the enemy, but Raimu-san didn’t miss this chance. She calmly aimed her sniper rifle… and with a bang, it pierced the enemy’s head.

Comments:『So cool!!』


Comments:『This is definitely getting clipped』

Comments:『Is this a promo video?』

Comments:『What a gamer!』

“…Am I… dreaming or something?” (Rui)




Comments:『Rui, wake up!!』


──And so, it was the final round. It had been a while since I survived this long, and I was nervous… No, this nervousness wasn’t about whether we could win the championship, but rather whether I could avoid dragging Raimu-san down…

Huh? You say I’ve already been dragging us down? Nobody knows that better than me… so shut up!!

“Alright… how many squads are left?” (Rui)



Comments:『It’s 3』

Comments:『You can see it in the top right corner』

As the comments pointed out, the remaining squad count was displayed in the top right corner. The number was 3… meaning…

“Three squads means… there are two squads left besides us!” (Rui)


Comments:『You figured it out!』

Comments:『As expected of the top student』

Comments:『The best in Japan』

“I don’t feel like I’m being complimented at all…” (Rui)

I muttered discontentedly… Then, a new message from Raimu-san appeared in the chat in the bottom left.

In-game chat (Raimu):『gyohurou…』

“Gyofu… Right, it’s our turn to clean the fight, understood!” (Rui)

Comments:『It’s Lü Bu』

Comments:『It’s Lü Bu』

Comments:『Or Liu Bei2

Comments:『Or maybe Cao Cao3?』

“Stop saying weird stuff…!” (Rui)

Just as Raimu-san predicted, the remaining two squads clashed and began shooting at each other. As soon as they finish fighting, we can swoop in and third-party them… Stay calm… Not yet… We still need to wait…!

<One squad remaining>

At this moment, [Baz] announced with a voice indicating that there was only one squad remaining. Alright, now’s our chance! I moved in to attack the enemy… but Raimu-san remained hidden behind cover. Huh? Isn’t it time to attack yet…?

…No, that’s not it! Raimu-san is trying to give me a chance to shine! The enemy’s health is already low, and they haven’t noticed us… Meaning, there’s a chance for me to get a kill! She’s giving me a chance to shine!

Understanding this immediately, I charged towards the enemy alone.

“Aaarghhh!!” (Rui)

And from behind, I unleashed my submachine gun on the enemy. My aim was still shaky as ever, but as expected, the enemy’s health was already depleted… and I emerged victorious.

“Shaa! We won!!” (Rui)

Comments:『It’s not over yet, you know?』

Comments:『There’s still one person left』

Comments:『It’s not over yet』

Comments:『Too early to be smiling and celebrating.』

Comments:『Nobody wants to see your gums!!』

“…Huh?! There’s still one more!?” (Rui)

…But it seemed that the enemy’s comrade, whom I had just defeated, was still alive and relentlessly firing at me. Damn it, I can’t lose here…!

“Grrr… I won’t lose! Don’t retreat, Rui!!” (Rui)

*Bang! Bang!*

<I’m down. I need help>

“Gahhhhhh!!” (Rui)


Comments:『So close』

Comments:『Shut up lol』

Comments:『You did your best』

Unfortunately, I was defeated and had to rely on Raimu-san… But Raimu-san’s actions were completely unexpected.

“I’m sorry, Raimu-san! I’m counting on you… wait, why are you reviving me!?” (Rui)



Comments:『They probably want to win together』

Comments:『You can still fight! Get up, Rui!!』

“No, there are enemies coming…! Wait, aren’t you getting shot!?” (Rui)

Raimu-san was being shot at by enemies… but they continued to revive me without stopping.

“Why are you going to such lengths for me…!?” (Rui)

And somehow, I managed to revive… but my health was still just a sliver. Raimu-san’s health was also decreasing from being shot, so I had to do something… Oh, right! I should use my ability!!

“S-Smoke!!” (Rui)

Remembering [Hanaka]’s ability at this moment, I fired the smoke launcher, blocking the enemy’s line of sight. Alright, this should buy us some time…!

“Should we fall back and heal…? No, I can’t chicken out here…!” (Rui)

I’ve been revived after all. I can’t afford to be any more lame. Plus, the enemy must be running low on ammo from shooting at me and Raimu-san, or if they do have some left, they’ll definitely need to reload… So, the right move here is to push forward!!

“…Let’s attack! Push forward!!” (Rui)


Comments:『No way』


Comments:『Let’s goooo!!』

With determination, I dashed through the smoke. Beyond the smoke, I found an enemy in the midst of healing. The enemy noticed me and tried to escape by using their void ability to disappear, but…

“Not so fast!” (Rui)

I relentlessly pursued the enemy and the moment their ability wore off…

“Take this shotgun to the face!!” (Rui)

I fired the shotgun of my soul. It seemed to hit the enemy because, on the screen, there was music playing alongside the word “Champion”. Ah… We did it. We won!!

“We did it… We won!!” (Rui)




Comments:『It actually happened!!』


Comments:『That’s awesome!!』

Comments:『You did it!』

Comments:『Victory! Victory! Victoryyyyy!!』

As if we’d won a major tournament, comments continued to flood in at lightning speed… And in the game chat, Raimu-san sent a message with “gg” meaning “Good Game”. I also thanked her in chat.

In-game chat (Rui):『Thank you so much, Raimu-san!』

Then I turned back to my stream, preparing to wrap things up.

“Well… Raimu-san really carried me, but somehow we managed to win! Thank you for joining us!” (Rui)


Comments:『Rui did a great job too』

Comments:『That was fun!』

Comments:『You’ve got some skill』

“Well, since we’re all in high spirits… I think we’ll call it a day here! See you later, everyone!” (Rui)

Comments:『Good job!』

Comments:『Good job, Rui!』

Comments:『Good job, Rei!』

Comments:『Today’s stream was awesome as always』

Comments:『It was fun!』

Comments:『Can’t wait for the next stream, Rui!!』

After glancing through the comments, I clicked on the end stream button with a grin on my face.

“Heheh…” (Rui)


After ending the stream, I tweeted a screenshot of the moment we became champions and a thank-you message to Raimu-san. Specifically, I tweeted “Thanks Raimu-san, because of you, we won! Nice game!”

… And it seems like Raimu-san herself received that tweet, as she replied with, “You did well too, Rui-kun.” In response, I sent a grateful emoji, and Raimu-san sent me a GIF of her doing a thumbs-up pose… Ah, so Raimu-san has her own 3D model.

Well, Raimu-san is a popular VTuber, so it’s only natural… By the way, this Twitter exchange seemed to have gotten a little buzz.

Furthermore, at a later date, Raimu-san uploaded a video of the match we played together. Additionally, there was a fan-made video where both her stream and mine were played simultaneously, which also garnered some attention. 

Thanks to that, my channel gained nearly five thousand new subscribers in one go. I really owe a lot to Raimu-san…!

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Cute lol, Raimu wants them to win together. If it were me, I would have just ended the game.

In chat, Raimu mostly typed out using English alphabets instead of Japanese alphabets, which is why I left the Japanese texts inside but gave the translation in brackets.


  1. A Chinese warlord from a long time ago. Sorry for the minimal info but I don’t study China history.
  2. A Chinese warlord from the same time as Lu Bu. Apparently, these 2 are enemies or something?
  3. Another Chinese warlord from the same time as Lu Bu.
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