CGM – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 4 – The shut-in meets a beautiful girl who is good at cooking

As a thank-you for the delicious lunch, I intend to work hard to repay the favor. Specifically, I plan to clear a bunch of the quests that had accumulated at <Grand Bahamut>.

Even us shut-ins possess feelings of gratitude for the kindness we’ve received.

So, with that in mind, I ventured outside the town.

Even if my muscles and spirit are a bit rusty, the skills and experiences I cultivated during my student days remain unclouded.

One of the Hero’s Divine Sword Techniques, ‘Flash Wind (Shunpu)’. It’s a technique that makes one run like the wind.

Back in my school days, the swordsmanship teacher said, ‘I can’t do it, but if you all can master this technique, it would be amazing.’ It’s a rare skill, and I, being the genius that I am, mastered it in three minutes.

From the moment I passed through the town gate, I’ve been using this technique to move at high speeds. My movements are so fast that to both people and monsters, it probably seems like the wind passing through.

Hehehe, it feels great to run with all my might after a long time.

Well, my muscles are screaming, though.

I’m sure I’ll have muscle pain tomorrow. Still, I want to do my best for Anya, who treated me to such a delicious and warm lunch.

With the old sword borrowed from Anya, I slash through the small magical beasts in my path.

The results were automatically recorded inside the quest log.

When I found the necessary materials for the quest, I quickly picked them up and stored them in a magical bag. By the way, I also borrowed this luxurious item from Anya; it can hold an unlimited amount of things.

Next, I used one of the Demon King’s ultimate magic spells, “Magic Avatar”. This magic allows me to create multiple duplicates of myself using magic.

The duplicates move according to my will and, can perform tasks assigned to them on their own.

I created thirty of these duplicates and gave them orders to collect herbs, mushrooms, and flowers.

“Hmm… The difficulty is lacking. It seems like a bunch of these are low-level quests related to material collection.” (Wilhelm)

Certainly, if an ordinary person tried to tackle them, it would take time… No matter how many I clear, it doesn’t seem like this will be a very profitable endeavor.

I ran like the wind and had my duplicates work until evening. I also fought and collected materials myself so I would say I put in quite the effort this time.

The nearby mountains are dyed in a deep red. It will be night soon.

Feeling hungry, I returned to the town. It’s dangerous to use high-speed movement here, so I just walked normally.

Delicious smells wafted from every shop and house.

I could see my original house in the distance.

We’re a powerful noble family, so we live in a relatively large house in a populated area. I’m really tired today, and I’m starting to long for my bed, no, my paradise.

But I have to report on my quests first.

I returned to the <Grand Bahamut> in the slightly quiet street at the center of the town.

I opened the wooden door and entered. What’s this? Only Mew-chan is inside.

“Hey there, I’m back.” (Wilhelm)

Even though it’s a magical beast, I still give a greeting.

“Oh, you’re back, you NEET.” (Mew-chan)

It’s a deep and gruff voice, quite resonant.

“By the way, you could have always talked, huh? What’s with that low voice? Is there a person inside your fluffy fur or something? Also, I’m not a NEET.” (Wilhelm)

“Don’t lie, you NEET.” (Mew-chan)

He gives me a look like he’s making fun of me. It’s really annoying.

“I worked hard today, so I’m a respectable member of society. Show me your mouth for a moment. Is there someone hiding inside that suit of yours? Maybe a person?” (Wilhelm)

“Oi, cut it out!” (Mew-chan)

Forcing its mouth open, I take a look inside. Hmm, it has nice teeth. Looks like it takes care of them properly.

Wait, that’s not it. It seems like there’s no one inside. That’s strange.

“Ah… I’ll remember this.” (Mew-chan)

Ew, saliva is coming out. That’s enough.

I close Mew-chan’s mouth.

“I’m here to report the completion of the quests and then head home.” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, whatever. Staying at home suits you mew. Hahaha.” (Mew-chan)

“Want me to turn you into experience points?” (Wilhelm)

“Hahaha, that’s an interesting joke, buddy.” (Mew-chan)

*Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt* Sparks flew between me and Mew-chan.

Oh, it’s on. A mid-level magical beast like Sodane Mew can never match up to me. After all, I’m the best. Nahahaha.

It clenches its fists. Oh, It’s really going to challenge me. Quite brave. I cracked my fingers in return.

Since I’m definitely going to have muscle pain tomorrow, it wouldn’t hurt to let loose a bit here.

“Bring it on!” (Wilhelm)

“Come at me, you worthless NEET!” (Mew-chan)

“Uoooohhhhh!” (Wilhelm)

“Mew―――――――” (Mew-chan)

“I’m back~” (Anya)

The wooden door swung open.

The previously tense atmosphere in the shop felt like it instantly turned into a flower field.

Ah, how cute. Anya has returned.

Mew-chan and I hurriedly put away our fists, but in our haste, we accidentally collided with each other. Naturally, we ended up in a position where we were hugging each other.

So fluffy.

“Hehehe, both of you seem to be getting along very well.” (Anya)

“Mewww…” (Mew-chan)

It let out a seriously dissatisfied sound. Well, I feel the same way about you.

“Thanks for looking after the place, Mew-chan. No customers came, huh?” (Anya)

“Soda ne.” (Mew-chan)

Anya is holding a large paper bag with ingredients in both hands. Probably the ingredients for dinner.

She also has a magical backpack on her back. It’s similar to what I used to collect materials in that it can hold as many items as you want.

“By any chance, were you also out on a quest, Anya?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes. I may be the Guild Master but I’m also a member of the guild. It’s just a small contribution, but I would also help to clear the quests. Ah, by the way, our ingredients were shared with us by our neighbors. Hehehe. I’ll go make dinner right away.” (Anya)

“No, I can’t trouble you that much. You don’t have to cook for me.” (Wilhelm)

“Eh, but…” (Anya)

“Can you check all my completed quest for me?” (Wilhelm)

“I can certainly do that, but…” (Anya)

Anya gave instructions to Mew-chan.

Mew-chan was tasked with taking the ingredients to the kitchen and preparing the bath. Mew-chan might be an annoying one, but it sure is a capable magical beast to even help with household chores.

I unhooked the quest log from my waist and placed it on the counter.

Anya came over to the opposite side and took out the quest management book to cross-check it with my quest log.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm… Huh? How many quests did you take?” (Anya)

“Not sure. Around 30 or so, I guess?” (Wilhelm)

“Th-thirty? That’s amazing. As expected of Wil-sama. I have so much respect for you… I mean, I can barely manage one quest a day.” (Anya)

When I heard that I proudly puffed out my chest. Anya gave me a look of admiration, and it made me feel really proud.

After all, she’s an incredibly cute girl. There’s no way I could feel bad being praised by her.

“The bulletin board looks very neat now.” (Anya)

“Yeah, I think I’ve cleared most of the notable ones.” (Wilhelm)

“Thank you so much. It’s a tremendous help. I’ll settle the payment right away.” (Anya)

“No need for that.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh?” (Anya)

Anya, who had already started calculating the payment with a cheerful expression, tilted her head in a cute way.

“Consider it a thank-you for the delicious lunch. It was really amazing. Honestly, it’s the first time I felt happy in a while. If it helps, just think of the quests I did as a contribution to the guild’s maintenance costs.” (Wilhelm)

“No, it’s not that simple. Wil-sama worked hard for it, didn’t he?” (Anya)

“I may not look it, but I’m the son of a wealthy noble. So, money is not an issue for me.” (Wilhelm)

Anya closed her eyes and pondered.

And for a while. she continued contemplating what to do.

It seemed she didn’t have a repertoire for moments like this. Eventually, she showed a very apologetic and somewhat embarrassed expression.

“In that case, I’ll gratefully accept it… um, I’m ashamed to admit, but the guild’s operation cost is indeed a problem.” (Anya)

“I figured that might be the case. After all, there are only three people and one magical beast, including me.” (Wilhelm)

Most of the quests are so simple that anyone could handle them with enough time. Maybe the lack of trust from the town was the reason that the scope was so limited. If they trusted and relied on the guild more, then more challenging requests would come in.

Without trust, the guild can’t survive financially. In the case of <Grand Bahamut>, having more money would undoubtedly help.

“But, um, it’s only just this one time, okay? Starting from tomorrow onwards, I really want you to accept it.” (Anya)

“No, I’m going back to being a shut-in. If quests pile up again, I might come to work. I’d be happy if you could feed me lunch again at that time.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Well… um, I was told that Wil-sama would be staying at <Grand Bahamut> for a while.” (Anya)

“Did my father say that? I can’t inconvenience you by staying overnight. The quests are done, so I’m heading home today.” (Wilhelm)

“Calling it an inconvenience… at least have dinner before you go, please.” (Anya)

“I think there will be something at home.” (Wilhelm)

It would probably be leftovers from yesterday and some cold soup or something.

I reached for the wooden door.

……Maybe I did want to taste Anya’s dinner after all.

What am I thinking, being so sentimental? I’m going home. I did my part as a guild member for today.

“Well, I’ll come by again after a while.” (Wilhelm)

Anya looks lonely, worried, or rather, fidgety. Mew-chan is waving at me with a really happy expression. That annoys me.

“Wil-sama, take care… um, thank you for today.” (Anya)

Waving lightly, I left <Grand Bahamut>.

Although I didn’t spend much time here, it was fun.

Anya is cute, she praised me a lot, and I felt like I regained some human dignity.

“Well, I’ll check in again in about a week.” (Wilhelm)

There’s a pleasant smell coming from the residential area. My stomach grumbled loudly. Ah, I’m hungry. I wonder if they’ve prepared my dinner.

The night is getting a bit chilly. I’m really feeling it on an empty stomach.

“I’m back!” (Wilhelm)

Huh, my father is here. It seemed like he was waiting for me on the other side of the entrance.

I wonder if seeing his beloved son evolve into a worker brings him joy.

Let’s confidently report to him.

“Father, I’ve completed many quests—” (Wilhelm)

“Alright, grab him and take him out of the house.” (Father)

He gave instructions to a familiar guard. And the aforementioned target to be grabbed is me.

“Wait, what? Father, I worked, you know!” (Wilhelm)

I was grabbed by the arms of the two guards.

They were big guys strong enough to easily lift me up.

“You’ve been expelled from our home. It’s sad, but don’t come back. Even your father wants to cry.” (Father)

“But your face looks so happy.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s not true. I’m just overwhelmed with emotion that the disgrace—I mean, my eldest son, is finally standing on his own two feet.” (Father)

“Did you just call me a disgrace?” (Wilhelm)

“Must have been your imagination.” (Father)

Father looks really happy.

“Anyways, don’t come back until you’re a grown man. You’re a nuisance so you don’t have to come back.” (Father)

“You don’t have to say it twice! By the way, where am I supposed to sleep? I don’t even have any money.” (Wilhelm)

Father is smiling happily. That smile looks even more joyful than usual.

“Of course, it’ll be at the <Grand Bahamut>. I’ve already informed Anastasia that you’ll be under her care. Live in and learn the joy of labor. Fufufufu, now, tonight is a celebration!” (Father)

A banquet in celebration of expelling me. What a parent. This is too much.

“Oh, right. ‘Grand Bahamut’ holds a special place in my heart too. If you manage to ruin that place, even if you’re my son, I’ll mercilessly drive you out of this town.” (Father)

“Huh? Are you talking about that tiny guild with two people and a magical beast? You say that it has a special place in your heart but it seems like they’re having trouble with management.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s why I’m sending you there to do something about it. Listen, every time you try to come back home from now on, I’ll ruthlessly throw away your personal belongings from your room.” (Father)

“That’s terrible. A devil! The worst!” (Wilhelm)

“It pains me to do this, but I have no choice. I think I might cry.” (Father)

“Your face still looks happy!” (Wilhelm)

Damn it. He’s probably gonna wipe my room clean

Seriously, I’ve been kicked out.

Ah, they closed the door and locked it.

What am I supposed to do?

The night wind is cold. My stomach made a pitiful sound.

“Damn it, my body feels heavy. I’m hungry. I just want to lie down in bed.” (Wilhelm)

In the end, swallowing my pride, I returned to <Grand Bahamut>.

Anya welcomed me with a tremendously happy expression.

“Sorry, I’d be happy if you could let me stay.” (Wilhelm)

“You are very welcome!” (Anya)

“How dare you come back!” (Mew-chan)

There was one who didn’t welcome me, but it was decided that I could use a room on the second floor of the guild.

It’s much smaller than my room at home, but it seems like a comfortable place to stay.

Also, the dinner Anya made was incredibly delicious. The taste permeated every corner of my body. Perhaps it’s because I worked a lot today, but it was one of the most special dinners of my life.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I mean my man’s got a point tho. If the place has a special place in his father’s heart, why didn’t he do anything until now? Anya’s father passed away last year or something, right? Maybe the guild only went downhill in recent months or something.


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No, the dad is obviously lying about the place being dear to him, just like every other thing he’s said this entire novel so far other than anything that’d affect the MC negatively.


yeah the dad is an asshole and partially responsible for his son becoming a NEET.