CGM – Vol 2 Chapter 3 Part 1 – The shut-in is surprised by the ghost-like girl

Hehehe, as expected, I got muscle soreness! It can’t be helped~!

Even when I tried to get up, my body wouldn’t move. Even just bending my neck hurt like crazy! My body was so stiff that it was beyond exhausting.

Guess battling magical beasts without rehabilitation from being a shut-in was a bad idea after all.

In other words, it’s time to be a shut-in again!

By the way, Anya went on a quest with Mew-chan. So, I was alone at [Grand Bahamut]. Not only was I a shut-in, but I also became a loner.

I warmed up the coffee Anya had left for me and drank it.

I sat on the sofa, trying hard to find a comfortable position, and opened the newspaper. It seemed like that was all I could do.

“Hmm, let’s see what the top news is. Ah, it’s already the season for sky whales to come.” (Wilhelm)

It was a common sight during the rainy season.

By the way, sky whales are gigantic mammals that have been flying in the sky since ancient times and as the name suggests, they resemble whales.

They are creatures that continue to fly through the sky using immense amounts of magic.

They come every year at roughly the same time. So, they are considered a seasonal tradition.

“Let’s see, the next news is about the schedule for the Lantern Sending. Well, Lantern Sending always goes hand in hand with the sky whales.” (Wilhelm)

Lantern Sending is an event where people bid farewell to the souls of their loved ones who passed away the previous year. While listening to the song of the saint at the sea, lanterns are released with prayers for the deceased.

It is held shortly after the period when the sky whales arrive every year.

It’s a sad event, but an important one.

“…Guess I’m participating this year too.” (Wilhelm)

I have to assist in sending Anya and Clara’s dad’s soul to heaven.

Aside from what I mentioned, there wasn’t any other notable news.

I’m bored. What did I do to kill time when I was here in spring? Oh right. I used to read books in Anya’s room.

I go upstairs and enter Anya’s cute room.

Anya’s bed is big because she sleeps with Mew-chan.

I check the bookshelf to see if there’s anything interesting.

There, I noticed a picture book titled “Crybaby-chan and the Ghost Buggy” on the lower shelf.

“Ah, this book brings back memories. I remember my parents and Richard reading this to me countless times when I was little.” (Wilhelm)

It’s a classic picture book for children.

By reading this picture book, it teaches children to have the courage to face ghosts.

The tradition of lighting lamps in front of houses during the rainy season originated from this book.

After all, the story of this picture book involves ghosts coming into the house at night and kidnapping children. It was believed that as long as you kept a lamp lit, the ghosts wouldn’t appear since ghosts dislike bright areas.

…We should be careful too. After all, Anya is cute. The probability of her being kidnapped is probably higher than other children in the neighborhood.

In the end, I decided to find a novel I hadn’t read yet and read it.

This one was about a love story between a commoner’s child and a prince. I passed the time and enjoyed reading the book.

A day has passed, and I still feel my muscles still hurt.

Therefore, I firmly decided to continue being a shut-in today.

Anya has already left. Today, she’s going to Sunday school1 at the church, and in the afternoon, she’ll sing with the saint in the chapel.

Come to think of it, today is Sunday. When you’re shut-in, it is easy to lose track of the days of the week.

I continue to spend my time leisurely drinking lemon tea until…

“Hello~!” (?)

Oh? Someone came to the shop.

I replied with a soft “I’m coming”, and then awkwardly moved to the entrance while enduring my muscle pain.

Why do people always come on Sundays? Today should be a rest day.

The person in question was a woman with elegant blue hair in a civil servant uniform.

“Oh, it’s Liliana.” (Wilhelm)

I felt like I rushed out for nothing. Liliana was a former classmate of mine.

“It’s been a while, Wilhelm-kun. Isn’t the fresh air outside lovely?” (Liliana)

“Well, I wouldn’t know. I’ve been indoors for the past two days.” (Wilhelm)

Liliana sighed in exasperation.

“This isn’t your home, you know. Why don’t you change your attitude and start to work soon?” (Liliana)

I gave her a reluctant look.

“How about this? I’ll help you find a job.” (Liliana)

“No thanks. Are you trying to be my mom or something?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh, do you want to be my child then?” (Liliana)

“No, spare me from that.” (Wilhelm)

If I was her child, I definitely wouldn’t be able to stay as a shut-in.

“Wilhelm-kun, if you shut yourself in too much, your brain will decay, you know?” (Liliana)

“Don’t say such scary things. Even shut-ins are living their lives to the fullest.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh?” (Liliana)

“Even shut-ins are living their lives to the fullest!” (Wilhelm)

“Huh?” (Liliana)

“Even shut-ins are living their lives to the fullest, you know!” (Wilhelm)

“Is that line really so important that you have to say it three times?” (Liliana)

“Liliana was the one who made me say it three times…” (Wilhelm)

Liliana chuckled softly, and I felt a pain in my heart. Ouch, that hurts.

“So, when will you start working?” (Liliana)

“Do I really have to say it…” (Wilhelm)

“Are you still planning to shut yourself in while a twelve-year-old girl does all the work?” (Liliana)

“Ouch… That’s harsh…” (Wilhelm)

Ouch, ouch, ouch. My heart hurts even more.

“So, Wilhelm-kun still has a heart that can feel pain.” (Liliana)

“Hey, don’t give me that pitying look. I’m already suffering enough from muscle soreness. Don’t add insult to injury.” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Muscle soreness, you say?” (Liliana)

Liliana swiftly circled around the counter and came to stand next to me.

“Excuse me for a moment.” (Liliana)

With just those words, she placed her delicate palm on my chest. Then, she started gently touching and rubbing.

Her touch feels… inappropriate. Stop it.

For a moment, Liliana seemed to have a mischievous grin on her face. Just for a moment.

However, she quickly reverted to a serious expression. She appeared to be pondering something deeply.

Her inappropriate touching finally stopped.

“…Wilhelm-kun, these muscles of yours are in bad shape..” (Liliana)

“Are there even things such as good or bad muscles?” (Wilhelm)

“Of course there are. It seems I have to lecture you.” (Liliana)

“Eh…” (Wilhelm)

Sounds troublesome…

Liliana’s gaze became like that of someone lecturing a child.

“Wilhelm-kun, this is not good. Your wonderful muscles are weakening. How did it come to this? Come on, tell me honestly.” (Liliana)

“Well, you see, it’s because I pulled off an aerial combo on a magical beast the other day.” (Wilhelm)

“Why on earth did you do something so stupid?! Doing something to make your muscles scream in agony… That’s… That’s truly idiotic!!” (Liliana)

Tears welled up in Liliana’s eyes. Isn’t she getting a bit too emotional?

“N-No, it’s because of work, I had no choice.” (Wilhelm)

“Men always just say it’s because of work!” (Liliana)

“But it really was for work. It was a request from the church.” (Wilhelm)

“For someone who’s a shut-in, you sure talk a lot about work!” (Liliana)

“Well, that’s true, but…” (Wilhelm)

“Listen here, Wilhelm-kun.” (Liliana)

Liliana pointed her finger at me with a stern expression.

“Your muscles are like the ideal muscles one can have. It’s artistic, pleasant to touch, and has excellent performance. It’s as if they were born just for me to touch. Please never overwork them for such trivial reasons.” (Liliana)

“Uh, okay…?” (Wilhelm)

Liliana approached me with a frightening expression, tears in her eyes.

“Your muscles are no longer just yours.” (Liliana)

“I-Is that so…?” (Wilhelm)

“Do you understand?” (Liliana)

“W-Well, but… don’t my muscles belong to me?” (Wilhelm)

“You… you still don’t understand anything!” (Liliana)

Once again, her teary-eyed, stern face came closer. This is getting annoying.

“I got it. I’ll be more careful from now on, just as Liliana says. Okay?” (Wilhelm)

“Really?” (Liliana)

“Yes, really. So, what are you actually here for? Did you need something?” (Wilhelm)

In this situation, changing the subject is the best option.

“I don’t have a job other than touching Wilhelm-kun’s muscles.” (Liliana)

“Are you overworking yourself to the point of getting brain damage…?” (Wilhelm)

“Work? Ah right. That’s right. I brought some work.” (Liliana)

So in the end, they’re going to make a shut-in like me work, huh? My muscles are going to scream again. No, I shouldn’t say that. It seems like it would just be troublesome to argue with Liliana right now.

“Wilhelm-kun, you see, recently, something strange’s been happening.” (Liliana)

Liliana made a dark expression. I asked her what was happening.

“And it’s probably related to ghosts.” (Liliana)

Liliana gestured her hand downwards, mimicking a ghost.

“We’ve been hearing eerie noises coming from a small abandoned castle where entry is prohibited, night after night.” (Liliana)

Liliana swayed gently, like a ghost.

“We dispatched official investigators, but they reported that there didn’t seem to be anyone living in the abandoned castle. However, suspicious screams and strange noises continued to be heard from there. The investigators got so frightened that they all took time off work.” (Liliana)

“Must be nice, taking time off from work.” (Wilhelm)

“You say that but you’re always taking time off, aren’t you? Haa…” (Liliana)

Liliana crossed her arms, exasperated.

“Jokes aside… considering the timing, there might actually be real ghosts or spirits in that abandoned castle.” (Liliana)

The rainy season is the time when the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead is closest. So it’s common for ghosts and spirits to come from the other side during this time.

There’s a possibility that ghosts or spirits are causing mischief in the abandoned castle.

“That’s right. So, Wilhelm-kun, I’m asking you to help investigate it.” (Liliana)

“You’re specifically asking me?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes. Your father said, ‘If it’s related to ghosts or spirits, leave it to that gloomy shut-in.’ So, there you have it.” (Liliana)

“Father… He never changes.” (Wilhelm)

“Besides, he also said that since you’re a shut-in, if you get scared like the other investigators, you have no work to take time off.” (Liliana)

“Well, there’s some logic to that.” (Wilhelm)

“While I understand his reasoning, it’s still a headache for me… Anyway, please take care of this matter properly. The people in the neighborhood are very frightened.” (Liliana)

Liliana handed me a request form.

The formal recipient of the request is [Grand Bahamut]. It seems like there will be a proper reward for this job, although it’s not a significant amount.

“Well then, I’ll be heading back. Wilhelm-kun, let me touch your muscles again sometime. I was glad to see them today.” (Liliana)

I wished she said she was glad to see me instead.

“Liliana.” (Wilhelm)

I called out to Liliana as she was about to leave.

“Try to take it easy on your days off. Working too much isn’t good for your beauty or your health, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“If you were to become a civil servant, Wilhelm-kun, my workload would decrease. What do you think about that?” (Liliana)

“…Liliana-san, do your best at work.” (Wilhelm)

Liliana seemed disappointed.

Did she really expect me to work? How pitiful. There’s no way a shut-in like me would ever get a job with weekend shifts, right?

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t want to work on weekends either. 

Also, seeing flying whales in the sky would terrify me. Whales are huge, and seeing a flock of them sounds scary.


  1. Sunday school is a Christian educational institution primarily for children or beginners. It aims to teach religious principles and values.
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