CGM – Vol 2 Chapter 8 – The shut-in battles the legendary ghost

It was around dawn, I think.

While half-asleep, I feel like I’m hearing a strange voice, not quite like a dream.

It’s like a distant voice yelling urgently, saying something about Anya, being in big trouble, and asking Wilhelm-kun to wake up.

Anyways, whoever they are, I think they’re desperately trying to get my attention.

No, they seem to have given up.

I think they also mentioned something about Eva-chan’s voice being the only one who could reach me.

What on earth does that mean? Did the ghost of Anya’s deceased father come to tell me something? What a strange experience.

Oh well, it’s just a dream.

It’s still early in the morning, so it’s not time for me to wake up yet. I fall back into deep sleep without a care.

… … …

After a while, there was a commotion downstairs. Someone came up the stairs and entered my room with heavy steps.

“It’s urgent this time, super urgent mew! Wake up, you neet! I won’t let you sleep until noon today!” (Mew-chan)

“Mmgh…” (Wilhelm)

“Why are you sleeping so carefreely mew! I’ll use force if I have to!” (Mew-chan)

I feel like my chest is being lifted up and slapped back and forth.

Ouch… Ouch… Ouch… Oh, but this hand feels really fluffy. zzz…

“Why are you falling into an even deeper asleep mew?! Maybe I’ll put some magic into it… If I make it hurt more, you’ll definitely wake up mew. Mewmewmewmewmew!” (Mew-chan)

*Thud, smack, thud, crash, thump* 

Ouch… Ouch… Ouch… Hey, it’s really difficult to stay asleep like this.

But the desire to sleep is strong. Well, whoever it is will probably get tired of it soon. Until then, I’ll endure.

Oh, I sense that some more people have entered the room. I hope they’ll put a stop to whoever’s doing this.

“Hey, Wil, wake up! Why are you sleeping at a time like this?! Wait… your cheeks are all red!” (Edelweiss)

Somehow, I felt like someone grabbed my chest and was shaking me in a violent manner. I’m still mostly asleep, so I don’t understand what’s going on.

“It feels like some barbaric woman came mew!” (Mew-chan)

“Who’s barbaric, you! Wait… did that Sodane Mew just talk? Or am I imagining things?” (Edelweiss)

“Hehehe, did I indeed?” (Mew-chan)

“Wha— this guy is really speaking!” (Edelweiss)

“Sodane! Even though you’re wearing a nun outfit, your heart is filthy mew!” (Mew-chan)

“Did you seriously just talk? Well, no, there seems to be a misunderstanding. My heart is as clear as the blue sky, you know. Hehehehe.” (Edelweiss)

“No, no, it’s too late now mew. And that fake innocent act is way too cold mew. It doesn’t suit you at all…” (Mew-chan)

“You don’t have the right to say that. It’s totally out of place for a Sodane Mew to talk. Anyways, wake up, Wil! If you don’t, I’ll start listing all the girls you liked when you were little!” (Edelweiss)


“Um, first…” (Edelweiss)

S-Stop it. Don’t tarnish my precious memories.

I snapped awake. In front of me was Edel-nee, who had a tough expression.

“Oh? Feeling awake?” (Edelweiss)

“I’d appreciate it if you stopped exposing my crushes. Well then, goodnight.” (Wilhelm)

“Mghh, don’t go back to sleep!” (Edelweiss)

I was lifted onto someone’s shoulder. How did this happen?

“What do you want…? I’m the type who can only wake up through gentle kisses from a beautiful woman. If you want me to wake up, get me a beautiful woman.” (Wilhelm)

“But you’re already awake!” (Edelweiss)

“It was Edel-nee who woke me up. Oh, my blissful slumber…” (Wilhelm)

I was lowered back onto the floor. But I couldn’t muster any strength and ended up kneeling.

I still want to sleep… I haven’t had enough sleep. So, I’ll sleep… zzz…

“Well, if it’s a kiss you want, I’ll do it. Alright, looks like you’re asking for it. This is my big chance. Mmmmm…” (Edelweiss)

“Ahhh, stop, stop, stoooop!” (Wilhelm)

I crawled on all fours and escaped to the corner of the room.

What a terrifying thing to do. This girl is definitely a no-no!

“Ugh, you’re really pissing me off by rejecting me like that. I have a maiden’s heart too, you know. Accept it, Wil!” (Edelweiss)

“This is no joke! Edel-nee, you haven’t had a maiden’s heart since you were five years old!” (Wilhelm)

“There’s no way that’s trueee! Now, here comes a kiss from a beauty. I’ll do it with modesty. Come on, close your eyes!” (Edelweiss)

“I don’t want it! I don’t want to see Edel-nee’s kissing faceeeeee!” (Wilhelm)

“W-Wait mew! This isn’t the time to be messing around! Ojou is in troubleee!” (Mew-chan)

W-W-Woah, Edel-nee is really going to do it.

She closes her eyes, puckers her lips, and approaches me.

I press both hands against Edel-nee’s cheeks to stop her. I cannot let her kiss me!

But Edel-nee’s face is getting closer and closer. Is this a horror movie or something?!

“Get away! Mew-chan, what’s this about Anya being in trouble? Wait, Liliana is here too. What on earth is happening? Did Edel-nee fall under some terrifying curse and become a kissing demon?” (Wilhelm)

Liliana looks pale. She’s not wearing makeup and seems to have rushed out in a panic.

“Wilhelm-kun, something terrible has happened.” (Liliana)

“Yeah, I know. We need to stop Edel-nee. Aren’t you going to help me out here?” (Wilhelm)

“All the children in the city have been kidnapped…” (Liliana)


It took me a moment to understand the situation. I tried to convince myself it was a misunderstanding or some kind of prank.

However, my faint hopes were quickly shattered.

Anya was nowhere to be found in the house. We searched everywhere, but she was truly gone. It seemed she had been taken while I was sleeping.

Looks like Eva’s ominous warnings couldn’t be avoided. I regretted how carelessly I had slept.

Eva was the first to notice this situation. Apparently, she had been going around and alerting everyone since before dawn.

And I had been sleeping soundly without noticing anything.

No matter how much of a shut-in I was, this was beyond pathetic. I had been sleeping right next door. Yet, I couldn’t even realize that Anya had been kidnapped.

[Anya’s PoV]

I had a really unpleasant dream. It was a dream where I, Anastasia, had to say goodbye to my loved ones forever. It was so sad, tears were welling up.

“-tasia, – stasia, Anastasia, please wake up. It’s an emergency desu wa. Please wake up already.” (Clara)

The voice waking me up was Clara-chan…?

Huh, where am I sleeping? Is this a carpet?

I slowly opened my eyes. There was Clara-chan with a face that looked like she was about to cry.

“Good morning, Clara-chan~ Couldn’t sleep alone? Did you sleep between me and Mew-chan?” (Anya)

“Please wake up properly and stop being so dazed. This isn’t [Grand Bahamut].” (Clara)

I couldn’t quite grasp what she was saying, but Clara-chan seemed serious, so I sat up.

“Clara-chan, your negligee is so cute~” (Anya)

It’s a black negligee. By the way, mine is white, but Clara-chan’s has fewer frills in comparison.

“Wait, where are we?” (Anya)

It’s a room with a lamp emitting a suspicious blue flame.

There’s a soft carpet laid out.

Also, there are lots of children’s toys: building blocks, toy horses, balls, and many others. But despite the abundance of toys, there’s an eerie atmosphere rather than a fun one.

“We’re in the mansion of the legendary ghost, Bagi.” (Clara)

“Eh—” (Anya)

“I went to check. Bagi is in the room next door, sharpening a large sword-like knife with a whetstone.” (Clara)

As I listened closely, I could hear the sound of a whetstone being used.

Bagi is a ghost who kidnaps and eats children. It’s easy to figure out who he might be preparing to cook with that sword.

“Let’s quickly escape, Clara-chan.” (Anya)

“Thanks for the quick response. However, we have a big problem. Anastasia, what do you think we should do with these children?” (Clara)

Clara-chan directed me to look behind me.

There, many children were sound asleep. There were dozens of them. How many families had Bagi kidnapped children from? This might be hopeless.

[Wilhelm’s PoV]

Many adults were gathered in the city square.

Considering that they were mostly of the same age group, they were probably the families of the children abducted by Bagi.

As for why they were gathered here specifically, it was probably because this is where Father and Frankie-san were. It seems like they were planning something here.

Father crosses his arms and glares at me pompously.

“You’re late!” (Robert)

“Father, at times like this, you should wake me up first.” (Wilhelm)

“There’s no way you would wake up. That’s why I sent Edelweiss to wake you up forcibly.” (Robert)

So it was your doing. Thanks to you, I had a scary experience.

“Anyway, do you have any idea where Anya and the others were taken?” (Wilhelm)

Frankie-san, sitting cross-legged, looks up at me.

He has the face of a man ready to fight. The easygoing Frankie-san from everyday life is nowhere to be seen.

“They’re in the underworld. There’s no doubt Ana-chan and the others were taken there. To be precise, it’s the ghost world between heaven and hell. That’s where Bagi’s Mansion is.” (Frankie)


“That’s the worst situation, isn’t it? There’s no way to go and help them.” (Wilhelm)

“Ah, ordinarily, yes. But we shamans have a way. Listen, from now on, I’ll open the door to the underworld with a special shaman spell. I want you guys to rush in there and rescue the children.” (Frankie)

“Something like that is possible? It feels like some sort of miracle.” (Wilhelm)

“Don’t underestimate professionals. Just watch. We don’t have that much time.” (Frankie)

Indeed. While we’re standing around like this, children could be getting eaten one by one.

“Alright, let’s do this! Uooooohhhh!” (Frankie)

It’s quite a bit of magic being used.

Of course, not as much as mine, but still enough to be respectable.

Are they risking their lives by doing this? I feel like they’re pouring their life force into it.

Frankie-san’s magic circle around him started shining brightly.

In the midst of the glow, Frankie-san showed a determined expression.

And then, he shouted.

“Now, open your eyes wide and look closely!” (Frankie)

Frankie-san clasped his hands together forcefully.

“This is the magic, [Door to Heaven], that opens the door to the underworld!” (Frankie)

A brilliant radiance spread intensely. An incredible magic was being used.

A gigantic door, as tall as a two-story house, appeared right in front of us.

The door slowly opened, seeming heavy.

“Guh… ha!” (Frankie)

Frankie-san coughed up blood.

It seems like this magic was indeed too much for him. Eva leaned in, looking concerned.

“I’ll be fine. But it might not last long. Bring Ana-chan and the others back before I turn into a skeleton. I’m leaving the rest to you young folks!” (Frankie)

Frankie-san gave a thumbs-up.

“I’ll definitely bring everyone back. Let’s go, everyone!” (Wilhelm)

The infiltration team consisted of me, Sofia-san, Eva, and Mew-chan.

Father is busy gathering his troops, while Edel-nee is busy gathering the church knights. They’ll all enter the underworld to follow us once they’re done.

“Oh, Eva-chan, hold on a second. Just a word of advice.” (Frankie)

“What is it, Grandpa?” (Eva)

“When things seem hopeless, rely on that person. They’ll definitely help you out.” (Frankie)

“Yeah, got it. Grandpa, please don’t die.” (Eva)

We all rushed towards the door together.

It’s pitch black. The sensation of floating is intense.

I couldn’t tell where I was running, if I was moving forward, or if there was an exit. Everything was unclear.

My senses started to feel distorted. It felt like I was spinning around and around, and then my consciousness seemed to fade. And then, when I came to, I found myself on the other side of the door.

It was a forest at night. Despite being in a world without a sun at night, it was strangely bright, almost like daytime.

“So this is the underworld…” (Wilhelm)

Just being here made me feel uneasy.

[Anya’s PoV]

“Now, you’ve done it. Because of you, my meal escaped!” (Bagi)

Clara-chan was caught by Bagi’s large hand.

She was grabbed by the waist and lifted up.

Clara-chan struggled desperately, but it seemed futile.

We had managed to wake up the children and help them escape, but on our way down the stairs from the fourth floor, Bagi noticed us.

As we were mainly backliners, encountering our enemy head-on was the worst-case scenario.

Bagi stretched out his jaw and opened his mouth wide.

With such a big mouth, he could devour the small Clara-chan with one bite.

“W-Wait! I won’t taste good desu wa!” (Clara)

“Oh, that’s not true. Even if it’s raw, you’d definitely be delicious.” (Bagi)

“Eating someone raw is far too uncivilized desu wa!” (Clara)

“As if I care.” (Bagi)

“Well, if I’m going to be eaten anyway, I’d like to be beautifully prepared!” (Clara)

“What are you saying…?” (Bagi)

“Since you already caught me, why don’t we go to the kitchen?” (Clara)

“…Yeah, you’re right. It’s probably tastier to prepare and cook you properly.” (Bagi)

“In that case, let me down. Let’s go together, holding hands.” (Clara)

“Yeah, sounds good. Let’s go to the kitchen.” (Bagi)

Bagi set Clara-chan down. Clara-chan grinned.

“Anastasia, run!” (Clara)

“Y-yeah!” (Anya)

We raced down the stairs like rabbits.

Bagi seemed completely taken aback. He just stood there watching us without moving.

We hop down the stairs in leaps and bounds, about three steps at a time. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of catching up to the other children who escaped earlier. That’s a relief. They must have made it outside.

“…Ha! You’re… not… get… ting… a… way…!” (Bagi)

Bagi crawls down the stairs, slamming his large hands onto the steps. It feels like his body has grown a bit from his anger towards us. His wide-open mouth as he pursues us resembles that of a hungry beast.

It’s beyond scary.

I’m not good with ghosts, but this feels like it’s on a whole other level. The embodiment of terror is chasing after us with its mouth wide open.

“Hold… it… right… there…!” (Bagi)

“I’m not deceiving you! I never mentioned which kitchen! Please, come to the one in the royal castle where there are plenty of soldiers!” (Clara)

“I won’t set foot in a place without children!” (Bagi)

“We have the finest seasonings available!” (Clara)

“My seasoning will make you delicious enough!” (Bagi)

“Nooo! Go away!” (Clara)

Clara-chan grabbed a large sword while screaming.

Clara-chan wields the massive sword being displayed at the corner of the stairs. It looks incredibly large and heavy.

“Don’t come any closer desu wa! I’ll cut you down!” (Clara)

“Hahaha! Impossible! Believe it or not, I was once the strongest knight!” (Bagi)

“That’s hard to believe!” (Clara)

“Stop saying such hurtful things!” (Bagi)

“I don’t care! Now, prepare to dieee!” (Clara)

Bagi grabs Clara-chan’s sword with one hand and her waist with the other.

Clara-chan was easily defeated.

Bagi lifted Clara-chan, intending to eat her.

“What happened to cooking! Swallowing me whole is so uncivilized desu wa!” (Clara)

“I’m the kind who can handle eating things raw.” (Bagi)

“Wouldn’t a knight normally eat more gracefully?” (Clara)

“You don’t believe I’m a knight, right?” (Bagi)

“That’s not true! There’s still some part of it left!” (Clara)

“Well, either way…” (Bagi)

“Wait, nooooooo!” (Clara)

Itadakimasu!” (Bagi)

“Ahhhhhhhh! I’m not going to let you do what you want!” (Clara)

Just before Clara-chan was eaten, she thrust both of her hands forward.

Those hands were filled with gathered magic.

“This’s a magic trick my Papa taught me. Explosion Magic: [Break Bomb]!” (Clara)

“Gah!” (Bagi)

“How did you like the taste of the explosion?” (Clara)

Clara-chan’s magic exploded inside Bagi’s mouth. The impact was so intense that Bagi released Clara-chan.

However, something unexpected happened.

The explosion’s impact was too great, and Clara-chan was propelled out the window.

Clara-chan panicked and flailed about.

“Noooooo! I’m going to dieeeee!” (Clara)

*cough, cough, cough* Ah, that was a surprise. What a spirited girl she is. Falling from between the second and third floors shouldn’t be fatal. She should be able to take it. But, it would be a shame if her flavor deteriorated. I need to eat her while she’s still fresh. She’s definitely going to taste delicious while her lively spirit lasts.” (Bagi)

Bagi floats away outside the window. He seems determined to eat Clara-chan no matter what.

I notice the large sword Clara-chan dropped. I pick it up.

It’s quite heavy. About as heavy as Father’s large sword.

…If I were able to swing this heavy sword, could I tell Father I’m a full-fledged guild warrior?

I’m sure he would acknowledge me. He’d say, “You’ve grown up,” wouldn’t he?

I climbed onto the window frame and saw Clara-chan lying face down still conscious.

Bagi slowly approaches Clara-chan.

Not good.

“Ahhhhhh! Time! Time out desu wa! It’s against the rules to not give me time!” (Clara)

“Well, I’m not sure about that. I feel even more hungry after that.” (Bagi)

“But I can’t move right now! Please wait a moment!” (Clara)

“Hmm, seems impossible. I’m really, really hungry.” (Bagi)

“Men who can’t control themselves are disliked, you know!” (Clara)

“Do you think ghosts have genders?” (Bagi)

“Grrr!” (Clara)

“Anyways, itadakimasu!” (Bagi)

“Now, here’s a quiz for you desu wa! Can you solve it?” (Clara)

“Sounds interesting. Go ahead.” (Bagi)

“I’m thinking of something red, round, and delicious…” (Clara)

“An apple.” (Bagi)

“Well, with that apple, you can bake something delicious…” (Clara)

“Isn’t it apple pie?” (Bagi)

“Kuu… Kuu…” (Clara)

“Your twists are too dull!” (Bagi)

“Shut up desu wa!” (Clara)

“Since I got it right, I’ll eat you!” (Bagi)

“Aaah! Aaah! Give me a little more time desu wa!” (Clara)

At this rate, Clara-chan will be eaten. 

As her best friend, I can’t just abandon her. 

Ghosts may be scary, but seeing your dear friend getting eaten is even scarier.


I placed my hand on my chest.

“Father, mother, please give me strength and courage—” (Anya)

To save my dear friend—

Wil-sama taught me. He said this technique increases rotational force and attack power when the sword is heavy.

I haven’t succeeded once yet, but if there’s a way out of this predicament, I have to use it.

I leaped from the window frame.

Then, I swung the sword downwards.

In mid-air, I spun round and round like doing somersaults, gaining more and more rotational force thanks to the heavy sword.

I extend the greatsword with illusion magic.

Then, using magic to turn fiction into reality, I momentarily materialize it.

Furthermore, I imbue the greatsword with lightning attributes.

Clara-chan looks up at me.

Bagi notices me and turns around.

“Haahhhhh! Hero’s Divine Sword Technique: [Thunder Beast Wheel]!” (Anya)

Bagi unleashes magic from his mouth.

It’s a dark, ominous magic imbued with tremendous power.

I take that magic head-on.

It hurts――

It really hurts――

Am I going to lose――

No, I won’t lose!

As the Guild Master, I can’t afford to lose so easily. Not for the sake of all the people who have supported me until today!

I opened my eyes firmly and looked at Bagi.

One more spin and the greatsword will reach him!

It felt like my parents were pushing my back from behind. That last push created the strongest spin so far.

Intense thunderous sounds echoed throughout the area.

The greatsword was swung with unbelievable sharpness and Bagi was split in two

I did it—

It’s the first successful attempt!

Could I be proud of myself now that I’ve finally managed it? I was able to skillfully wield that large and heavy sword.

I landed on the ground near Clara.

I couldn’t hold the heavy spinning sword any longer, so as I let go, it flew off into the distance.

I struggled to stand up.

But that was my limit. It seems like Bagi’s evil magic has taken a lot of my life force.

I feel Bagi approaching from behind. From the feeling of it, he’s probably swinging that knife-like large sword.

“Anastasia! Look out behind you!” (Clara)

I give Clara-chan my fullest smile.

“I’m sorry, looks like it’s hopeless, after all.” (Anya)

“Anastasia!” (Clara)

Clara-chan desperately reaches out to me while lying face down. But her hand doesn’t reach me.

“Clara-chan, I love you.” (Anya)

I gave Clara-chan my warmest smile.

As Bagi’s large sword swung down towards me—

I felt a warm breeze, like spring, blowing towards me.

While feeling that breeze, I realized that someone was standing behind me. When I turned around, I saw a large figure shielding me from Bagi’s sword.

“I’m sorry for being late. It’s okay now, Anya!” (Wilhelm)

“Wil-sama!” (Anya)

As I called out his name, my consciousness began to fade.

Wil-sama truly was my hero. I respected him from the bottom of my heart.

I felt like I was being embraced by Sofia-san and Mew-chan.

[Wilhelm’s PoV]

I protected Anya by intercepting Bagi’s greatsword with my own sword.

Bagi looks extremely furious. The children must have escaped somehow. 

I heard the activation sound of [Thunder Beast Wheel]. Even though she never succeeded once during practice, Anya managed to pull through an a crucial moment. She’s quite something.

“Is Anya-chan and Clara-chan okay?” (Sofia)

“They’re fine mew. Ojou is just unconscious. Clara is still conscious mew.” (Mew-chan)

I’ll leave the kids to Sofia-san and the others. I need to deal with this guy first.

“Well, I’m impressed. I underestimated them because they’re kids. Hahaha. Those two, especially the one in the white negligee, will definitely become strong one day.” (Bagi)

Bagi laughs self-deprecatingly.

“That’s right. I think so too.” (Wilhelm)

“It’s been a day, hasn’t it? You really did a number on me while I was asleep yesterday.” (Bagi)

“Yeah, I didn’t expect you to break free so easily.” (Wilhelm)

“Neither did I. Thanks to the Sky Whale, the night was completely dark and ghosts get stronger in the dark. Plus, the saint of this era just so happened to be weak, so I got lucky. Thanks to that, I was able to break free from the seal with just a little force. Ahahaha.” (Bagi)

Edel-nee only became a saint recently, so it can’t be helped. I guess she still has a lot to learn.

“So, what now? Are we going to settle our score today?” (Bagi)

Bagi keeps his distance.

Settling the score, huh? I guess we’re having a continuation of what happened back at the abandoned castle.

Bagi raises his sword vertically, assuming a knight’s stance. Come to think of it, Bagi used to be a knight when he was human.

“Let’s settle this right now. I came here to defeat you.” (Wilhelm)

I’m a man who always completes any quest I have taken.

This is no different. If there were a difficulty set for this, it would certainly be an S-rank quest.

Our eyes meet. That’s the signal.

We close the distance between us at a speed imperceptible to ordinary people and clash with all our might.

As a result, Bagi suffered a deep diagonal wound.

“Hahaha, you’re indeed strong! But with that attack, you’ll never defeat a ghost! In this world without the sun, I’m invincible!” (Bagi)

Bagi appeared right behind me.

It was a move unique to ghosts. They vanish before moving. To me, it seemed like he teleported.

“Too slow. Hahaha.” (Bagi)

My back was slashed open.

He’s surpassing my enhanced physical abilities and defensive magic. This is bad.

Bagi laughed with a confident expression.

“Let’s keep going. Ghost’s magic: [Shadow Burst]!” (Bagi)

“Ugh!” (Wilhelm)

I was hit by a fierce impact on my back and was sent flying into Bagi’s mansion. I crashed through the stone wall and rolled into some room.

It hurts like hell. I want to go back to my own room paradise as soon as possible. I want to spend my days happily lounging around!

But I got up.

I put strength into my knees and stood up with great determination, readying my sword.

“Ahh! Once this battle’s over, I’m definitely going back to being a shut-in!” (Wilhelm)

So, everyone, please take care of me when that time comes.

Blood is flowing from my back.

But I don’t mind. I’m the man known as the Hero with the Magic Eye. The more hopeless the situation, the stronger the hero becomes.

Hero’s Divine Sword Technique: [Gale Wind], is a short-distance, ultra-high-speed movement skill. While being surrounded by wind, I swiftly approached the enemy.

Bagi was taken aback by my sudden approach.

I cut Bagi into two with my sword, but it didn’t work. He immediately pieced himself together.

“It’s futile! Hahaha! Unless you completely erase my hatred, I’ll keep coming back again and again!” (Bagi)

Then I’ll erase it all completely. Let’s use the ultimate magic of the Demon King…

“Ufufufufu. Tsukamaaeta1!” (Bagi)

What’s this? Another ghost is clinging to my leg.

It’s a black ghost. It crawled up from the ground.

And it’s quite strong. I can’t shake it off.

“It’s one of my minion ghosts. It disrupts the happiness of people’s lives. He was someone who experienced nothing but misery in life. He endured endless hardships and developed an immense amount of hatred over time, becoming a powerful ghost. So, it won’t be easy for you to shake him off!” (Bagi)

Furthermore, white ghosts keep coming from deep within the forest.

They’re all closing in on me.

“Ugh. How many ghosts are there?” (Wilhelm)

“They’re the children I’ve eaten. They’ve all become ghosts after hating the adults who didn’t come to help them!” (Bagi)

What… did you say…

“Youuuu shoulddd tryy becoming a ghosttt tooo.” (Ghost)

“Let’s playyyy togetherrrrrr.” (Ghost)

“Being a ghostttt iss funnnn. Ehehehe.” (Ghost)

Ghosts are entangling me. Dozens, hundreds of them.

Seriously? I can’t get a grip. Can’t shake them off. My field of view is narrowing.

“Looks like it’s over, huh? Well then, I’ll enjoy devouring this one.” (Bagi)

Anya was held in Bagi’s large hand. She’s unconscious, limp.

“Huh? When did Ojou get taken mew!” (Mew-chan)

Sofia-san swiftly used purification magic with incredible decisiveness.

But it didn’t affect Bagi.

“Such a weak purification magic won’t do any damage. Well then, she’s the first sacrifice. This one looks incredibly delicious. Itadakimasu!” (Bagi)

Not on my watch. I’ll slice Bagi to pieces with the Hero’s Divine Sword Technique from this distance.

Bagi opens his large mouth. 

I won’t let him eat Anya.

“Hero’s Divine Sword Techniq—” (Wilhelm)

—No, Eva is doing something. Her long hair is swaying.

She’s looking up at the sky, summoning someone? Is it shamanic magic? It looks like some kind of necromancy.

Eva raises both hands.

It seemed like someone descended from heaven into Eva’s body. Eva accepts it.

“…I won’t let anyone be eaten!” (Eva)

Whatever she used…. It’s a very powerful magic.

“Shaman’s Forbidden Magic: [Necromancy]! Please, lend me your power. The shrine maiden serving the gods, Angelina Milkyway!” (Eva)

Eva’s body is enveloped in light.

In the light, Eva’s form transforms into that of another person. It’s the figure of an adult woman.

That magic likely calls forth souls from heaven and alters one’s own body to match the summoned individual. It’s an incredibly advanced magic.

Without a doubt, it’s the kind of magic only a genius could wield.

The person summoned was filled with an incredible amount of divine power. Surely, that person is loved by gods, humans, animals, and plants alike. That’s how they seemed to me.

They placed their hand on the hilt of their sword.

“Waterfowl’s Swift Blade—” (Angelina)

It was a voice more pure, gentle, and beautiful than anyone else’s.

“[Swan’s Dance]!” (Angelina)

What just happened―?

It was all too fleeting.

For a moment, it felt like swans were gently descending, and suddenly, all the ghosts in this place, including Bagi, were slashed.

Moreover, both the white ghosts and Bagi’s minions were enveloped in light and purified.

In the center of the battlefield, a woman descended gracefully like a bird.

Long, silvery hair. A beautiful silhouette. A seemingly translucent white dress, and pure white wings.

If angels exist in this world, surely she would be mistaken for one.

Is that Anya’s mom? Angelina Milkyway-san?

She was more beautiful than anyone else I’ve seen.

Truly a beauty. No, not just a beauty. I never thought such a stunning person could exist in this world. Undoubtedly, she was a peerless beauty.

Just looking at her made my heart race.

She was unbelievably beautiful.

Bagi’s arm was severed. Anya, who was being held, was thrown aside.

Angelina reached out and caught Anya. Then, she hugged her lovingly. With a gentle gaze, she enveloped her warmly――

It was a beautiful sight. If you were to paint a picture of a mother and daughter’s love, it would undoubtedly look like this.

“Angelina-san?” (Sofia)

Sofia-san called out her name.

Angelina’s smile widened.

“Kyaa, Sofia-chan, you’ve grown so much! Especially in the chest area! That’s right, it’s me, Angelina. Thank you for always being by Anya-chan’s side!” (Angelina)

High energy, cheerful.

She may look like a beautiful woman, but her heart seems to be that of a ten-year-old girl. Anya seems much more mature.

“Thank you too, Mew-chan. I’m really grateful.” (Angelina)

In an instant, Angelina-san moved next to Mew-chan. Her movement was imperceptible. Almost like teleportation.

Angelina-san entrusted Anya to Mew-chan.

“Clara-chan, long time no see! You’ve always looked like a doll, and you still do!” (Angelina)

She waved happily. Clara seemed lost in thought.

Whoa, she suddenly came up to me at a surprising speed.

Seeing her up close, she was even more beautiful. She was so beautiful that I couldn’t even meet her eyes directly. I was getting really nervous.

“Wow, Wil-kun. You’ve grown so much! You used to be so small when you were little!” (Angelina)

Well, that’s obvious…

“I was watching from heaven, you know. Thank you for saving Anya-chan. Ah, too bad, it looks like Eva-chan’s limit is near. Hey, Wil-kun, I’ll show you [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade] one last time, so make sure to remember it. You’re talented, so you can do that, right? You’ve always been able to do anything after seeing it once when you were little.” (Angelina)

“Well, of course. If I see it once, I can remember anything.” (Wilhelm)

“For the parts I couldn’t show you, study them in my handwritten secret book. It’s on the desk in the room where Wil-kun lives.” (Angelina)

It was right there all along, huh…

Even though I had heard about the existence of the secret book from Sofia-san, I hadn’t found it. I’ll give it a read when I get back.

“Alright, I’m going to do it now. Ready? [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade] is a sword technique dedicated to the gods. Its essence is to love this world more purely than anyone else. Make sure to teach this technique to Anya-chan.” (Angelina)

Bagi returned to his original form.

It took a little while for him to return this time and he seems to be in quite a bit of pain. And there’s smoke coming out. He must be on the verge of being purified.

Bagi glared at Angelina.

“What in the world was that sword technique just now?” (Bagi)

“It’s [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade]! A sword of prayer dedicated to the gods!” (Angelina)

“My body hurts and feels hot! The only things that can eradicate ghosts are supposed to be either purification magic or shaman magic. Who are you anyway?” (Bagi)

“I’m a shrine maiden serving the gods! My sword technique works very well on those with impure hearts, so naturally, it’ll be a lot harder for you.” (Angelina)

Angelina disappeared.

No, that’s not it. This time I’ll watch closely. If it’s me, I can surely see through that fast sword technique.

Angelina fluttered her white wings as she moved forward. It was like a graceful waterfowl walking on a lake.

Each step was long and beautiful. And incredibly fast.

It reminded me of something. During sword training, Anya used to hop around cutely. That movement must have been it.

Angelina’s movements were beautiful. This sword technique was truly exquisite.

There was no wasted movement and no sound. She just quietly tore through the enemy.

It’s also unbelievably fast. Bagi couldn’t do anything as he was sliced from the front, back, sides, and below, becoming increasingly fragmented.

That was an aerial combo—

Bagi, who is usually powerful, seems weak in comparison. The difference in power is too great. It’s like the difference in power between me and the Ghost Mountain Cat. Angelina-san is overwhelmingly strong.

Angelina turned back to me in mid-air, looking very apologetic.

“Oopsie! I’m sorry, Wil-kun. I couldn’t defeat him completely. It seems like the hatred this ghost harbors is stronger than I thought. It’s time for me to return to heaven, so can I ask you for a favor? You can handle the situation now, right?” (Angelina)

“Yes, leave it to me. I saw the entire thing. As the capable person that I am, I’m confident I can pull off [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade].” (Wilhelm)

“Hold it right there! Do you think you can hurt me this much and leave freely?” (Bagi)

Bagi, shrouded in smoke, hurriedly repaired his body.

Then, he quickly launched an attack and swung his sword down at Angelina-san.

I took this chance to leap and swing my sword at Bagi.

Bagi, sensing my attack, rotated mid-air to dodge my attack.

Angelina-san, who dodged Bagi’s attack, landed beside Sofia-san and then reverted to Eva, who then collapsed on the ground.

Bagi was in shock, holding his head in his hands.

“She escaped victorious. To have something so frustrating happen! I wanted to eat the child right in front of me! Damn it all! I’m supposed to be a ghost who eats children and make people suffer!” (Bagi)

His hatred was truly intense. He’s the kind of being that shouldn’t exist in this world.

I aimed my sword at Bagi.

“That despicable obsession of yours to eat children. As the capable person I am, I’ll erase it all.” (Wilhelm)

“Enough of this! Let’s settle this once and for all! I can’t wait to scare you with my true form! I will eat them! And I will make you tremble in fear!” (Bagi)

“If you have a trump card, you’d better use it now. This next move will be your last.” (Wilhelm)

I heightened my magic.

I kept increasing it, absorbing the surrounding magic until it was all mine.

Magic eye, activate—

The atmosphere and the earth tremble. I sense fear from every being in the underworld.

Now, I’ll show you. The ultimate magic of the Demon Lord. My trump card.

“Ahahaha, splendid. But it’s futile to enhance your magic at this point. Now, behold my true form!” (Bagi)

Enormous— Bagi grows larger while emitting a red aura. It’s a size you have to look up to.

He has become the same size as the four-story mansion he lives in.

Normally, people would be taken back. Normally, that is. But for someone as exceptional as me, simply growing larger doesn’t inspire any fear.

If anything, the one to be feared should be me, the human possessing the magic eye.

The one possessing such a dangerous thing is said to be the most dangerous person in human history.

“Demon King-sama—” (?)

I heard the voice of a little girl.

She’s the demon girl from the group of children. Her name was Scarlet.

Although the abducted children are mostly gathered in one place, among them stands a girl who steps forward to gaze at me. It was Scarlet.

“Demon King-sama, you look so cool!” (Scarlet)

Scarlet’s eyes sparkled as if she were looking at a hero. She clasped her hands together as if she was praying.

No, please, stop worshiping me like that.

I’m not a Demon King; if anything, I’m more of a hero.

Eva took Scarlet’s hand.

“Let’s all support onii-san. Ghosts are weaker when exposed to courage.” (Eva)

Daniel, a boy with tanned skin, stepped forward. Then, he shouted at me.

“Good luck, Demon King!” (Daniel)

The other children followed suit.

“Go, Demon King, go!” (Child)

“Kick those ghosts away, Demon King!” (Child)

“If you’re the Demon King, show us what you’ve got!” (Child)

“Go for it, Demon King!” (Child)

“Hurry up and defeat him mew, you neet! I mean, Demon King mew!” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan, don’t get carried away.

Bagi readied his sword.

He’ll probably swing down his sword using the power of his huge body. His stance is impressive. You can tell he was once a strong knight.

For some reason, a tinge of sadness could be seen in Bagi’s red eyes. His expression lacked vigor.

Haa… So this is how it ends… Well, it must be nice to have the children cheering you on.” (Bagi)

I know the story behind Bagi becoming a ghost. He was sentenced to death by the children he had helped.

“…I sympathize with the you of your past life.” (Wilhelm)

Only in his past life. It’s impossible now. Bagi has done too many terrible things. I feel sorry for all the children caught up in his shenanigans.

“Whatever, so it’s come down to this. You’re going to clash with my sword.” (Bagi)

“Yeah, and I’ll surpass it. After all, I’m the Hero with the Magic Eye.” (Wilhelm)

Bagi swung his sword, launching his strongest attack yet at me.

“Hero? Weren’t you supposed to be the Demon King?” (Bagi)

“I don’t like being called that!” (Wilhelm)

I intercepted Bagi’s sword with my own.

It was incredibly heavy, but it lacked the power to defeat me. Maybe the whole courage thing that Eva spat out was actually true?

I deflected Bagi’s sword.

Bagi’s face fell into resignation.

“Goodbye, Bagi!” (Wilhelm)

Several magic circles appeared in the palm of my hand.

Here we go, the Demon King’s ultimate magic. This is my trump card.

“Gather, despair! Destroy, all things! What I seek is only a world in ruins! Devour and erase! Complete annihilation magic… [Armageddon]!” (Wilhelm)

For a moment, everything fell silent.

It was a silence so profound it hurt the ears.

Then, a powerful flash of light burst forth.

The light raced far, far away, into the distance. My vision was completely consumed by the pure white light.

Bagi’s colossal form was swallowed by the flash.

It continued to erode Bagi’s body, making him vanish without a trace.

Complete annihilation magic, [Armageddon]. Truly fitting for an ultimate magic created by the Demon King. It’s effective even against legendary monsters.

In his last moments of death, Bagi looked at the children with a gentle expression. Perhaps he remembered his love for children at the very end.

Strangely, the face of the Bagi from his days as a knight came to mind. He had a gentle yet robust demeanor, like a fine young man.

And then, the flash of light disappeared.

When I looked at everyone, they had their eyes closed.

One by one, they slowly opened their eyes and looked at me. I casually sheathed my sword, putting on my coolest smile.

“I’ve defeated the scary ghosts. Now, let’s all go home!” (Wilhelm)

Finally, the tension seemed to dissipate. All the children showed me their smiles at once.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

If that whole courage thing was true, then I’m a peanut. I’m pretty sure it’s more because Bagi took some emotional damage from seeing the children cheer on MC. I mean, it’s still pretty stupid in its own right, but remember, this is the same Bagi who fell for Clara’s shenanigans.

Also, I can’t be the only one thinking that MC was going to use that Waterfowl technique at the end and got bamboozled. I guess Angelina just wanted to prepare him to teach Anya the technique.


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