CGM – Vol 2 Short Story – Surprise Box

“Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“What’s wrong, Anya?” (Wilhelm)

“Could you please open this box?” (Anya)

It was just an ordinary white box.

“Sure. What’s inside?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s a secret.” (Anya)

She seems to be enjoying herself.

However, the moment I opened the box, something popped out of it.

“Ah, that scared me!” (Wilhelm)

It was a surprise box.

Inside it was a cute hand-sewn stuffed animal attached to a spring. The spring’s force was strong, so even after it popped out of the box, it continued bouncing around the room.

“Hmm… Wil-sama, it seems like you weren’t very surprised.” (Anya)

“No, I was quite surprised.” (Wilhelm)

“I was hoping for a more, you know, ‘Wow!’ kind of surprise. I want to show it to the neighborhood kids too.” (Anya)

“I see. Let’s try to improve it together a bit.” (Wilhelm)

We decided to add a mechanism that would release a burst of confetti when the box was opened.

It was fun working on something like this with Anya.

“Phew, I got caught in the heavy rain! Sorry, can I borrow a towel for a bit?” (Sofia)

Sofia-san rushed into the house, completely drenched.

Mew-chan, who happened to be folding laundry, handed a towel to Sofia-san.

“Thank you! Wil-kun, can I borrow your shirt? The one that Mew-chan is folding right now.” (Sofia)

“Sure, but isn’t that one a bit small for you?” (Wilhelm)

“I think it’ll be fine!” (Sofia)

Oh, Anya’s surprise box was complete. It turned out pretty good, didn’t it?

“Wil-kun, this really is small, isn’t it?” (Sofia)

Sofia-san ended up wearing my shirt anyways. It looks quite tight around the chest.

Anya handed Sofia-san the white box.

“Sofia-san, could you please open this?” (Anya)

“Huh, what is it? A present for me? You shouldn’t h— Wowww! That scared me!” (Sofia)

As the stuffed animal popped out of the box, confetti burst out, filling the air with a flurry of color.

“Wil-sama, we did it! Sofia-san was surprised!” (Anya)

“Yay, we did it, Anya!” (Wilhelm)

“A surprise box, huh? Oh, right. I have a good one too. I’ll show you next time.” (Sofia)

*boing, boing, boing* 

The spring was too strong, causing the stuffed animal to bounce around the room.

Eventually, it collided with Sofia-san’s chest.

And then it happened—

The tight shirt reached its limit. Buttons popped off, and the shirt dramatically came undone, revealing Sofia-san’s ample bosom bouncing out like something straight out of a surprise box.

“Uwaaaah, my boobs popped out!” (Sofia)

“Aaaargh, a button flew into my eye! I want to see, but I can’t!” (Wilhelm)

“S-Sofia-san…” (Anya)

“W-What’s wrong, Anya-chan?” (Sofia)

“Sofia-san, your surprise box is really something! That really surprised me!” (Anya)

“That’s not a surprise box at all!” (Sofia)

“Someday, I want to try that surprise box too!” (Anya)

Anya seems quite serious about it.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Man, I forgot how short these are. Also, ouch at that button flying into MC’s eye. 

This is officially the end of Vol 2, so you know what that means. It’s time for Vol 3!


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