CGM – Vol 3 Prologue

Ah, life is truly wonderful!

I, Wilhelm Wondersky, am a shut-in. Yes, I happily returned to the life of a shut-in.

Every single day, I would wake up in the afternoon, laze around, read books, laze around some more, eat, and continue lazing around. This lazy lifestyle continued day after day.

“I’ll thoroughly enjoy my shut-in life to the fullest!” (Wilhelm)

I dove onto my bed, which I had dubbed as my paradise. It feels comfortable.

Man, this really makes working on things like legendary ghost exterminations and sending souls to heaven worth it. The process was quite challenging, but thanks to that, I’m now able to fully enjoy the shut-in life I’ve always wanted. It really turned out for the best.

My father granted me permission for a three-week shut-in period. However, I’m determined to extend it even further to at least a total of three months.

It’s only the ninth day since I started my shut-in life. My shut-in life has only just begun.

I turned off the lights in my room and started to drift into a blissful dream. It was truly a wonderful dream.

… … …

It’s probably morning by now. No, maybe afternoon. My sense of time has dulled. But it doesn’t really bother me. After all, I’m a shut-in. I don’t have any plans, so there’s no need to worry about being late for anything.

Maybe I’ll sleep a little longer.

… … … … Huh? What is this murderous intent?

When I opened my eyes, I saw my father, wearing a dangerously mischievous expression, with a sword held in a reverse grip, aiming at me.

I smiled back at my father. He returned the smile with a smirk and mercilessly swung down the sword.

“Whoa, that was close!” (Wilhelm)

I rolled off the bed just in time to narrowly avoid it.

“Hmph! Managed to dodge, huh? Your reflexes are as sharp as ever!” (Robert)

“A-Ahhhhhh! My paradise!! Not again!” (Wilhelm)

The sword pierced through the bed, leaving a hole.

“I’ve always told you, this isn’t paradise! It’s the garbage-making machine of our house!” (Robert)

“What a horrible thing to say! Are you saying I’m the junk of the Wondersky family?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s not a horrible to say at all! It’s the undeniable truth!” (Robert)

“I have a question for you, Father. What is love?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s something only someone like Tony deserves!” (Robert)

Tony is my younger brother. He’s handsome and incredibly talented.

“You always favor your second son! What about me then?” (Wilhelm)

“I have as much love for you as I do for a speck of dust.” (Robert)

“Father, you’re lacking in love. You should go start working on that!” (Wilhelm)

“What are you talking about? I’m the most loving man in this town!” (Robert)

“That’s a lie! Yesterday’s dinner didn’t have a main meat dish for me! Where’s the love?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s in my stomach! My meat dish was twice the portion! Hahaha!” (Robert)

What a parent. So irritating.

“Mhnnn! If you don’t show any love for your cute eldest son, he’s going to turn into a delinquent, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? You’ve been a delinquent shut-in for ages. You were sneaking into the kitchen at midnight every day to eat delicious things behind my back, didn’t you? I know everything!” (Robert)

Oh… busted.

I thought as the respectable eldest son of this household, I shouldn’t have to put up with low-quality dinner. So, I grilled some good meat and ate it. It was delicious.

“Anyways, what do you want? I’m busy with my shut-in duties.” (Wilhelm)

“Shut-in isn’t a job! Last time you were a shut-in, you hid the family heirloom sword. Where did you put it?” (Robert)

“Oh, if that’s what you’re after, it’s under the bed.” (Wilhelm)

“Why would you put such an important sword in such a dusty place?” (Robert)

“Because I had to hide it. If you got hold of that powerful sword, you’d put an end to my shut-in life.” (Wilhelm)

“Of course, I would.” (Robert)

My father reached under the bed and retrieved the family heirloom sword. It’s a splendidly decorated, cool-looking sword. I think just having it displayed in the room adds an artistic flair.

“Is that an expensive sword?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s more about its historical value rather than its price. It’s too wasted on you.” (Robert)

Satisfied, my father headed towards the door. When I extend my shut-in period, I’ll have to retrieve that sword again.

“Make sure to close the door properly!” (Wilhelm)

My father left without closing it, even though he was the one who opened it.

Haa… I guess I’ll have to ask our butler, Richard, to fix the bed again…

… … …

The next day…

“WIl-sama, please wake up~ If you don’t wake up, I’ll kiss you~” (?)

My body is gently shaken by someone’s small hands. I still don’t feel like getting up.

“You won’t wake up, hmm? So you want my kiss, right? Well, if you insist. Since no one is watching right now… Hehehe, Wil-sama, you’re such a naughty person~” (Anya)

…I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but am I about to be kissed by someone?

I felt a sweet breath just above my face.

“Mmm…” (?)

I need to wake up quickly. My lips aren’t that cheap.

I opened my eyes wide. Then, I caught the cheeks of the woman in front of me with both hands.

Her face, squeezed between my hands, looked angelic and adorable. Her long silver hair cascaded gently. Her beautiful deep crimson eyes blinked. She showed me a gentle smile.

“Wil-sama, good morning!” (Anya)

“Anya?” (Wilhelm)

This beautiful girl’s name is Anastasia Milkyway. I call her Anya. She’s the guild master of [Grand Bahamut], which I was associated with not too long ago.

…Wait, did I just miss out on a kiss from a beautiful girl in my life? What a waste. I’m seriously regretting it now.

“W-Well, I guess I still haven’t fully woken up yet. So, Anya, can I ask for that kiss again? I’ll wake up this time, I promise. Come on, come on.” (Wilhelm)

“Wil-sama, [Grand Bahamut] is in trouble!” (Anya)

“Eh. What about the kiss?” (Wilhelm)

“Thanks to the incident with the legendary ghost, [Grand Bahamut] has been receiving a lot of work lately.” (Anya)

“B-But the k-kiss…” (Wilhelm)

“But our guild’s reputation has grown so much that we’re overflowing with requests.” (Anya)

“So, no kiss…? Haa… Does that mean… you need my help?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes! I’d like you to help us, Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“I see… Well, um… If possible, I’d be happy if you could still give me that kiss.” (Wilhelm)

Anya blushed and smiled.

“Only when you’re asleep, okay?” (Anya)

Damn it. That’s more than disappointing. My heart feels like it’s breaking. I wonder what it feels like to have the lips of such a beautiful girl. If I had received that kiss, it would have probably felt like heaven.

“Haa… Well, can’t be helped. I guess I’ll get up…” (Wilhelm)

“Are you sure? I was told that you came back to your house to stay shut-in for the next three weeks.” (Anya)

“It’s fine. My number one priority will always be to my cute Anya.” (Wilhelm)

I patted Anya’s head. It’s small and her hair feels nice to touch, so adorable.

“I’m glad. I’ll be able to take care of you again, Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“Yeah, I’m counting on you.” (Wilhelm)

She has such a cute smile. Once I settle the issue with [Grand Bahamut], I’ll come back and continue my shut-in life. But until then, I’ll do my best.

Now, time to change. I put on a white shirt and my favorite black pants. I tightened my belt. Finally, I put on my favorite jacket.

“Oh, if you wear a jacket, you might feel too hot.” (Anya)

“Is that so?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, summer is almost here.” (Anya)

Anya opened the curtains in the room.

The dazzling sunlight streamed into my room. Anya, backlit by the sun, looked incredibly picturesque and cute.

“Alright, then I’ll go for a lighter jacket.” (Wilhelm)

It looks the same, but it’s lightweight and made of thin fabric, suitable for summer. I also chose a shirt suitable for summer.

As I started walking towards the exit of the room, Anya happily followed along. Another lively day is about to begin. I wonder if there will be any new encounters. It’s a little exciting.

Suddenly, the door to my room burst open with a loud bang.

The loud noise echoed throughout my room, startling both me and Anya. It wasn’t the kind of sound you’d expect to hear when waking up.

Nii-san1, Father’s in trouble!” (Tony)

Entering my room was my younger brother, Tony.

No matter how many times I have seen him, he always shines like a dazzling fourteen-year-old beauty. With his brown hair and blue eyes, he resembles our father, but he’s far more handsome in his own right. There are plenty of girls who call Tony a prince.

Tony was dressed in a white outfit with a red tie, a look that only suits a handsome guy like him. Even from a guy’s perspective, I can’t help but think he’s unfairly cool.

“Long time no see, Tony. Why are you in such a hurry? Did Father decide to get a mistress around our age or something?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s not something that trivial! It’s much more serious. Father suddenly started saying that he wanted me to be the successor of the Wondersky family! Isn’t this a huge deal? I’m the second son of the Wondersky family!” (Tony)

I was taken aback. Oh, is that what this is about?

“Tony, that’s just Father’s usual routine, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? So, you mean he says stuff like that all the time?” (Tony)

“Yeah, he says it quite often.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s awful! We already have a fine eldest son in this house!” (Tony)

“Oh, nice! Keep telling that to Father!” (Wilhelm)

It seems that I have an ally in this house too. Although Tony usually lives in the school dormitory, it’s genuinely happy to have someone on my side.

Anya popped her head out from behind me. She bowed politely with her hands together.

“Nice to meet you. You must be Tony-sama, Wil-sama’s younger brother. I’m Anastasia Milkyway. When I grow up, I hope to be able to marry Wil-sama.” (Anya)

Tony turned pale as he looked at Anya.

“T-There’s a big issue happening in here too! N-Nii-san, isn’t it bad to bring such a young girl into your room? This is really serious!” (Tony)

“Huh, is it?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s a huge issue in society’s eyes. And, nii-san…” (Tony)

Tony approached with a super serious expression.

“If this were to get out, Liliana-san would be devastated.” (Tony)

I tilted my head. Liliana is a former classmate who’s now an elite civil servant, but we’re not particularly involved romantically.

“Why are you bringing up Liliana’s name?” (Wilhelm)

“Well, nii-san, during our school days, you were quite close to Liliana-san… you relied on her so much.” (Tony)

We weren’t that close…

“Well, I can’t deny I was pretty reliant on her.” (Wilhelm)

“I always thought Liliana-san would become my future sister-in-law.” (Tony)

Whoa, whoa, whoa, isn’t that jumping the gun a bit? Sure, we got along well, but our student days with Liliana were in the early teens. It’s too early to decide on a lifelong partner.

“There’s nothing between me and Liliana. So you don’t have to worry about whichever woman I’m getting along with.” (Wilhelm)

“Does Liliana-san feel the same way?” (Tony)

“Huh? Well, I’m not sure. I’ve never asked.” (Wilhelm)

“Nii-san, please be mindful of your actions with women. They might get hurt without you realizing it, you know?” (Tony)

Coming from a guy who’s popular with the ladies, that’s quite convincing.

“…There have been times when, out of nowhere, a woman stood before me with a dark expression, holding a knife, quietly asking what’s so good about that other girl. Haha… Really, be careful out there.” (Tony)

Tony’s expression darkened. For a fourteen-year-old, he’s had quite an experience. Truly fitting for a handsome guy.

“Huh? Wil-sama? Are you saying your relationship with me was just for fun?” (Anya)

Oh no, Anya’s eyes went vacant. That’s a bit scary. Could she have some yandere tendencies? Maybe she’s the type to wield a knife. I better change the subject.

“Tony’s just taking things a bit too seriously. It’s okay, it’s okay. Come on, let’s head to the guild soon.” (Wilhelm)

Sometimes it’s best to just cut off conversations like this. I walked past Tony and out of the room.

“See ya, Tony.” (Wilhelm)

“Ah, nii-san, I haven’t finished yet.” (Tony)

“WIl-sama, please wait. I think we need to have a serious talk about our future. How many babies do you want?” (Anya)

“Nii-san, I’m really worried. Are you sure everything’s okay? Can I trust you?” (Tony)

Let’s just head to the guild already.

And so, I bid farewell to my room, my bed, my paradise, for a while.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

What a start to the volume. Looks like Anya has some hidden yandere tendencies. There was barely any competition so maybe that’s why it never surfaced until MC’s relationship with other girls was brought up.

I would also like to say that MC making Liliana come to wake him up every morning makes them look super close, so I can see the misunderstanding forming.


  1. Nii-san means elder brother.
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