HWTR – Chapter 6 – My Precious Companions

“Saburo-san, I promise I won’t get angry. So, could you please explain why everyone from [First Family] has gone missing? We are currently facing a crisis that can endanger all of humanity and they’re gone? Where did they go, Saburo-san? Could you please explain, Saburo-san?” (Mamiya)

“Saburo-san, Saburo-san, Saburo-san.” Mamiya-san repeats the words like a broken mana doll. There’s no life in the eyes behind her glasses, and her emotions are completely unreadable.

Man, why is this happening? Is it because I’ve been too lucky up until now? Is my misfortune catching up to me now that I’m an adult? No, I don’t even want to know anymore.

Mamiya-san’s reaction is understandable. What if the past records also apply to Dungeon X this time? That would indeed be a global crisis.

With the looming threat of the Demon King resurrecting… I respond with a sense of unease in my chest.

“Well, I don’t know what to say. It’s not really a problem I can do something about.” (Saburo)

“No, Saburo-san, that’s not what I want to hear. I want to know why they’re missing. And if possible, please gather them. Can you do that?” (Mamiya)

“If I could, I would. Everyone just disappeared for some reason or another. Razuri was here in the morning… but after casting a magic spell to block my presence, she vanished.” (Saburo)

“So they’re not gone. Please try to contact them. You can at least send a message bird, right?” (Mamiya)

“If I knew about their whereabouts, I could.” (Saburo)

“How can you not know?” (Mamiya)

I hang my head low. Mamiya-san also slumps her shoulders.

The only thing rising in the depressed atmosphere is the steam from the tea.

And as I gaze at the trail of that steam, I ponder about what happened last night.

First was Shirayuki. She has a tall and slender figure with an androgynous1 face. Despite being a woman, Shirayuki is often called a ‘Prince’. Around nine o’clock last night, she came over to the inn I was staying at and knocked on the door of my room.

Her chestnut-colored short hair was damp. There was a refreshing, feminine scent surrounding her which indicated that Shirayuki had just finished bathing. Without even entering my room, she spoke to me from behind the door.

“I found a skill I want to learn, so I’ll be out for a bit. I think it’ll be useful for our future adventures. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon, okay? Saburo, be a good boy and wait for me.” (Shirayuki)

Of course, I nodded without any worries. It was because I had immense trust in Shirayuki above all else.

And so, the next visitor arrived about an hour after Shirayuki left. It was Spica who knocked on my door this time. Spica had long hair with a bluish tint, reminiscent of wet crow feathers. That hair of hers hadn’t changed since childhood. But her physique had certainly evolved over the years.

Of course, being childhood friends, my gaze never wandered toward her chest. But what if this were our first meeting? If we had passed each other in the streets, surely my gaze would have been drawn to them. Even though I’m a healthy young man.

Putting aside these perverted thoughts. Spica spoke.

“I’m sorry, Saburo-kun. I feel like I’m being called by a spirit, so I’ll be leaving the royal capital for a bit. Don’t worry too much about me, okay? I’ll be back soon. Promise?” (Spica)

Of course, I had no reason to worry about Spica either. There was a sense of trust due to our long-standing friendship. Moreover, I’ve known since childhood that Spica is a reliable person. If Spica says not to worry and wait, then there’s absolutely no need to worry. So, just like with Shirayuki, I gladly saw Spica off.

But I wonder what it feels like to be called by a spirit? Honestly, even as an adult, Spica is still out of the ordinary.

And then, at ten o’clock in the afternoon…

Well then. Should I get some sleep early? But before that, should I watch a video on ManaTube? Or maybe watch my favorite streamer on Manatch? I pondered these thoughts as I lay down.

It was just before midnight that Dragon rudely barged into my room.

Urgh… I sluggishly got up to welcome Dragon.

Dragon was a tall, lean man with a shaved head that suited his rugged appearance. He didn’t speak much and had a quiet demeanor, which led to rumors spreading that he was surprisingly a nice guy. Of course, that wasn’t true. Dragon is a bad guy full stop. He had committed countless crimes and had been thrown into prison by the knights many times. There were even talks during our student days about sentencing him to years of forced labor.

However, now he seemed to be venting those criminal impulses against monsters. He hadn’t committed any crimes since becoming an adult. Well, to be fair, Dragon only engaged in wrongdoing when dealing with villains. That’s why he had been somewhat getting away with it until now.

“Sorry, Saburo. I need to step out for a bit.” (Dragon)

“…Step out? What for?” (Saburo)

“I have some business to attend to. Don’t worry about it.” (Dragon)

“I’m worried, though. Couldn’t you do this in the morning instead of in the middle of the night?” (Saburo)

“It’s fine. Don’t worry.” (Dragon)

“I can’t relax. I don’t want to deal with problems in the middle of the night and lose sleep.” (Saburo)

“I won’t cause any problems.” (Dragon)

“Ugh, I don’t believe that.” (Saburo)

“Well then, see you soon.” (Dragon)

After that exchange, Dragon disappeared. I was irritated at him disturbing me right when I was drowsy, but worst of all, the paranoia that Dragon was going to cause trouble kept me up all night. I couldn’t sleep at all.

So, I reluctantly headed to the hotel where Razuri was staying and had to ask her to cast a sleep spell on me.

The hotel, likely built by a great architect with delicate magic, seems to be as tall as the sky. And as expected, Razuri was staying in the upper suite. She greeted me in her usual manner, dressed in casual sleepwear.

She had slightly quirky long blonde hair with pink highlights. She was stylish and incredibly seductive. Moreover, Razuri possessed a ferocious physique that rivaled Spica’s. And to add to And on top of that, because she was in pajamas, her white skin peeked in and out invitingly. It was downright scandalous.

I couldn’t help but think how fortunate I was to believe in platonic friendships between men and women!

“Sorry, Razuri. Could you put me to sleep?” (Saburo)

“Put you to sleep? What’s with that, Saburo? Have you developed a taste for that kind of play? Well, I don’t mind. So, should I carry you to bed? Baby-chan~” (Razuri)

“Uwah~” (Saburo)

“What’s with the ‘Uwah’?” (Razuri)

“Sorry, I’m not asking for that kind of thing. I just want to sleep normally. My mind is just strangely on alert right now.” (Saburo)

“What’s with that? I feel like I’m the only one embarrassed here. Don’t you think that’s bad? Hey. Aren’t we best friends? Is it okay to embarrass your best friend? Hmm?” (Razuri)

“Uwah, you’re so troublesome today! It’s like all of Razuri’s bad points condensed into one! I want to go home!” (Saburo)

“Huh? You can’t just go home. I already isolated this area.” (Razuri)

“Babu babu~” (Saburo)

After that, I became a baby until Razuri was satisfied. Of course, I made sure to erase this from my memory. I don’t remember anything.

When I woke up, it was morning. Razuri was sleeping next to me in bed. When I showered and returned to the room, Razuri already woke up.

I had some business to attend to with Dark-chan, so I had to leave the hotel. While I was at it, I asked Razuri to cast a concealment spell to hide my presence.

As I was leaving, Razuri said…

“I’ll tell you the incantation to release the spell. I probably won’t be in the kingdom today. Oh, don’t worry about me. I’ll be sure to come back in a few days.” (Razuri)

I replied ‘okay’ and parted ways with Razuri. Then, I met up with Dark-chan at a tavern in the royal capital… and that’s how we ended up at the current point.

Now then.

Mamiya-san listened to my explanation, holding her head in her hands. But the one who wanted to hold their head was me. I never expected to get wrapped up in the resurrection of the Demon King at the same time I was separated from my companions.

“Saburo-san.” (Mamiya)

“Yeah?” (Saburo)

“There’s no helping it. Please prepare yourself.” (Mamiya)

“Huh? Prepare for what?” (Saburo)

“I have faith in you, Saburo-san.” (Mamiya)

At that moment, Mamiya-san’s demeanor transformed—it was similar to when a malicious powerful entity who looked down on humans, confronted us, [First Family], and we faced a life-threatening crisis.

In a complete turnaround from her previous expression, Mamiya-san lifted her head and spoke.

“If it’s you, you can fulfill the role of a hero even in parties other than [First Family].” (Mamiya)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Well, his party is certain quite the free spirits. And also, that baby play… was something.


  1. Androgynous means partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex.
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