HWTR – Chapter 8 – The Three Heroes

[Double Stardust] and [Last Puzzle].

I heard the names of the two parties before, and something clicked in my mind. Ah, they must be the famous new parties I heard about before. I couldn’t help but applaud them mentally.

For the past year, I’ve been traveling away from the kingdom with everyone from [First Family]. We’ve been to places like the [Terian Empire] and the [Republic of Zuminar], completing tasks requested of us and delving into local dungeons and dangerous zones for a bit of a challenge. We’ve even battled multiple unfamiliar monsters unique to each country.

So, we were unaware of recent events that happened in the [Kingdom of Reinella]. However, that doesn’t mean that we were completely oblivious. We received monthly updates on our country via message birds.

Since the sender is Mamiya-san, the message had a naturally formal tone. However, within one of those messages, the names of recently prominent parties were also mentioned.

Those party names were— [Double Stardust] and [Last Puzzle].

Ah, I see. This must be the expression of Mamiya-san’s expectations of them.


Now then. 

Amidst the somewhat awkward silence, I spoke up.

“Yeah. I understand. So, the plan is for these two parties and me to go on an investigation of Dungeon X, right? I see, I see.” (Saburo)

“Yes. It’s good that we’re on the same page. Saubro-san will be the leader. He’ll take command as the S-class hero.” (Mamiya)

“Yeah. I understand where Mamiya-san is coming from. But I’m against it.” (Saburo)

“…Huh?” (Mamiya)

“I don’t think I need to be the leader. They seem like quite the promising parties. And from what I can tell, everyone seems skilled. So, I think things would run smoother without me. By the way, I’m not saying this out of laziness or inconvenience; I’m quite serious.” (Saburo)

“…Eh?” (?)

The soft voice did not come from Mamiya-san. It came from a young girl sitting in a chair near Mamiya-san. …No. Upon closer look, she didn’t seem to be that young. Perhaps over twenty. But it was clear she was younger than me.

It was easy to mistake her for a young girl due to her youthful appearance. Not to mention, there was a very shrinking kind of presence about her. You could somehow grasp her character. Was she timid, or did she just have a strong sense of caution?

However—I observed not only the girl but the people around her. They are all likely to be in the same party. Then, I looked back at the girl.

“Ah, are you the leader? Based on the vibe, are you from [Last Puzzle]?” (Saburo)

“Ah, yes! That’s right. Um. I’m Pupumuru, the hero from [Last Puzzle]!” (Pupumuru)

“Pupumuru-chan, huh. A hero, huh. I see. Then, who’s the leader of [Double Stardust]?” (Saburo)

“It’s me. I’m Hoodie.” (Hoodie)

Just as I was about to search for him, a voice called out to me, and I turned around. There, a young, energetic boy is sitting in a chair with his legs crossed. He seemed to be younger than Pupumuru-chan, perhaps around twenty years old. Yeah. You can usually figure out most things when you look closely enough.

Now then. I gaze alternately at the two figures.

Pupumuru-chan, with her timid demeanor and pink hair reaching down to her shoulders, is the leader and hero of [Last Puzzle]. …A hero, huh? Hmm. Atmosphere-wise, I might have the upper hand, but in terms of actual strength? She’s probably stronger. She’s definitely a real hero.

And then there’s Hoodie-kun, with his assertive attitude and morning-sky short blue hair. He’s the leader of [Double Stardust] and probably a hero too. Just looking at him, you can sense his aura. Yeah. He’s undoubtedly strong!

I guess I really am unnecessary. I’d just get in the way.

“So, Saburo-san, you’ll lead these two parties.” (Mamiya)

“Hm? Oh. Mamiya-san. Didn’t you hear what I said?” (Saburo)

“Saburo-san, you’ll lead these two parties.” (Mamiya)

“There’s no point in pretending to be a broken recorder. There’s probably no place for me to intervene anyway. It’s better to go with the people who were originally together rather than forcibly adding an outsider.” (Saburo)

“Saburo-san, you’ll lead these two parties.” (Mamiya)

“Mamiya-san, this is a serious opinion as an adventurer.” (Saburo)

In fact, I’m also opposed to the idea of a joint party. Within [First Family], it’s unthinkable for us to team up with another party. …Because it would require us to hold back. On top of that, our party has a somewhat exclusive vibe. We’re not that tolerant towards others.

“…Well, I see where Saburo-san is coming from. I understand that Saburo-san might be underestimating himself. However, I’m still asking for your help. Please.” (Mamiya)

“I understand your request, but I don’t want to point out how bad of a move it is. ” (Saburo)

“I don’t think it’s a bad move. On the contrary, having Saburo-san lead is the best move we can make.” (Mamiya)

“Hmm… that’s debatable.” (Saburo)

“Do you understand why we’re doing this? We’re considering alternative options because [First Family] isn’t available right now.” (Mamiya)

“I get that, but… okay. Even if that’s the case, I’m still against being appointed as the leader. Right? You two wouldn’t be satisfied either, would you? It’s often more effective for everyone to come together and lead themselves, rather than having a third-party lead.” (Saburo)

I turned to Pupumuru-chan and Hoodie-kun almost interrogatively, I hoped that they agreed with my opinion. However, their reactions were polar opposites.

“Well, um, I prefer if you lead.” (Pupumuru)

“I’m against it. Even if we’re forming a joint party, I’ll be the leader.” (Hoodie)

Yeah, yeah. I nod in admiration at Hoodie-kun’s assertiveness. As for Pupumuru-chan, her opinion probably stems from a lack of self-confidence, much like myself. It’s easier to be led when you lack confidence in yourself.

Next, I turn not to the leaders but to the party members from [Double Stardust] and [Last Puzzle].

However, I receive no response. They either awkwardly avoid eye contact or return a strained smile. I see. Perhaps they think it’s best to leave the decision to their leaders. Well, that’s fine too. Having absolute trust in the leader is a good condition for a strong party, after all.

I returned my gaze to Mamiya-san.

“As you can see, opinions are divided. And since opinions are divided, I can’t be in the position of leader.” (Saburo)

“No, that would be based on your judgment, Saburo-san. Even if opinions are divided, there’s no reason for you not to lead.” (Mamiya)

“I’m saying I shouldn’t be the leader, Mamiya-san.” (Saburo)

“…I understand.” (Mamiya)

“You understand?” (Saburo)

“Let’s refrain from using the term ‘leader’.” (Mamiya)

“…It’s not really an issue of terminology.” (Saburo)

“You don’t have to lead them. Just accompany them from behind. How about that?” (Mamiya) 

I asked with my expression if that would change anything, but Mamiya-san didn’t respond. Well, Hoodie-kun will probably have some complaints. Thinking this, I turned to him, only to find that he was strangely nodding.

“Ah. That’s fine then. If I’m the leader, I’ll allow you to come along.” (Hoodie)

…Is he serious? 

I’m pretty serious about it. I think it’s not good to introduce an outsider into a party that’s already established. But maybe everyone else thinks differently. Is my way of thinking just a product of being with [First Family]?

I turned my gaze back to Mamiya-san. She was looking at me from above with a somewhat intimidating air. …Ah, I know that look. It’s Mamiya-san’s gaze when she is determined to not back down.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I honestly don’t know what MC is talking about cause there are 2 parties so obviously someone has to lead. Both parties probably don’t have experience working with each other so his point is kinda invalid…? Unless he expects each party to explore individually.

I gave up trying to understand the logic halfway through cause it was eating up my brain too much.


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Judging from the flow of the story, you probably should just treat the main character’s opinions the way Mamiya does.


lmao. why bother arguing if you gonna give up anyway~

want to show that the MC do have some backbone~ but at the same time author need cheap way to move plot.