HWTR – Character List

Spoilers up to: Chapter 8
Last updated: 14th March 2024

Main characters

Saburo (M) – The MC. 23 years old. Self-proclaimed weak person. Leader of [First Family].

Spica (F) – MC’s childhood friend. Comes from a well-off family. Has bluish long hair. Member of [First Family].

Dragon (M) – Met with MC in third grade. Incredibly violent and ruthless person who doesn’t back down from a fight. Member of [First Family].

Razuri (F) – Met with MC in middle school. A talented mage since young. Member of [First Family].

Shirayuki (F) – Became friends with MC in high school. A genius who can copy any martial art or technical skills after seeing it once. Member of [First Family]

Pupumuru (F) – Leader and hero of [Last Puzzle]. Looks like a young girl and has a timid demeanor. Has pink hair reaching down to her shoulders.

Hoodie (M) – Leader and hero of [Double Stardust]. Energetic and assertive guy with blue short hair.

Side characters

Dark-chan (F) – MC’s kouhai. 21 years old.

Mamiya (F) – Staff member at the Adventurers’ Association. Has been working closely with [First Family] since the beginning.

Pencil (F) – Staff member at the Adventurers’ Association.

Kisaragi (?) – MC’s Master.

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Character List (might contain spoilers)
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