LSP – Chapter 17 – Adults

It’s already the end of the year. Thinking back, a lot has happened this year.

“Finally, Finn has become an adult.” (Finn’s mother)

A feast is arranged on the table.

I will turn 14 during the New Year. In this country, I will be treated as an adult. Specifically, this means that I will become obligated to pay the head tax. Additionally, I will be eligible to get married.

“So, when are you going to marry your girlfriend?” (Finn’s mother)

“Eh?” (Finn)

“It’s not fair to keep calling her your girlfriend forever. You should properly embrace her as a family member.” (Finn’s mother)

Well, she’s actually my younger sister. She is already family to me.

“That’s it!” (Akari)

Akari, who had been looking downcast since earlier, lifted her head. She is looking at me with a face that seems to suggest she came up with something unnecessary.

The morning after New Year’s Day, I take a stroll through the quiet village, guided by Akari. There are no people around, so Akari lowered her hood, allowing her well-defined face to bask in the morning light.

“Remember when we were talking about how it might be necessary to be family for that thing?” (Akari)

“What thing?” (Finn)

“The thing where you receive levels!” (Akari)

She seems eager to talk about this. The current theory is that the condition for one to receive levels is that they are family.

“Yeah, we did.” (Finn)

“I was thinking, if we get married, we will be family!” (Akari)

“I think the term ‘family’ typically refers to blood-related relatives, don’t you think?” (Finn)

“Well, Shari-chan isn’t your real sister either, right?” (Akari)

Shari is your cousin’s child, so, um, I think that would be a fifth-degree relationship.

The conversation seems to have taken a strange turn.

“Our parents still call you ‘girlfriend’. Shouldn’t we mention your name soon?” (Finn)

“Is that more important than the current topic?” (Akari)

“Everything about Akari is important to me.” (Finn)

“Really?” (Akari)

“Well, you see, Akari is doing her best. I always keep an eye on her.” (Finn)

“Hehe.” (Akari)

This younger sister sure has a strong desire for approval.

“I wonder if we should change how to address you since you’re using your Japanese name right now.” (Finn)

“What do you mean?” (Akari)

“The conversation we were just having.” (Finn)

“Oh, yeah. Maybe so.” (Akari)

Sorry, I was just going with the flow.

“Then, I’ll come up with an easier-to-call name.” (Akari)

“A name easier than ‘Akari’?” (Finn)

“Yes, taking inspiration from ‘Akari’… How about ‘Catherine’?” (Akari)

“That’s getting longer, isn’t it?” (Finn)

“Is it not good?” (Akari)

Akari’s expression darkens. Uh-oh, her need for approval is kicking in.

“‘Catherine’ is great! It’s cute, you know. ‘Catherine’.” (Finn)

“You think so?” (Akari)

“Catherine is always making an effort. I’m always watching Catherine.” (Finn)

“Hehe.” (Akari)

“Oh, so your name is Catherine. What a wonderful name!” (Wen)

Ah, it’s the Knights of Yakiniku!

“Wen-san. Happy New Year!” (Finn)

I greeted Wen in a childish manner.

The knight approaches Akari and kneels down.

“My loyalty belongs to my lord. But my life belongs to you, Catherine!” (Wen)

[Akari PoV]

『Hmm, I’m not really good with older guys and such.』

Especially those athletic types, I’m not good with them.

I glanced at my troubled brother. His eyes were wandering.

What was this person’s name again? Wen-san, I think? I use “Appraisal” on the knight in front of me.

『There’s a Level 4 here too!』

I am shocked. Somehow, the level 4 category is quite inflated.

An idea struck me. If his level rises here, it would refute both the upper limit theory and the family theory. If it doesn’t rise, then the family theory becomes more plausible. Experimentation is crucial in everything.

Akari extended her right hand. Wen remained on his knees and took her hand.

“I have a favor to ask.” (Akari)

“If it’s a request from Catherine-sama, anything.” (Wen)

“Well then…” (Akari)

“Yes?” (Wen)

“I want you to exchange New Year’s greetings with my little brother. In the elven style.” (Akari)

“How should we go about doing that?” (Wen)


[Finn PoV]

“Onii-chan!” (Akari)

Akari whispered in my ear.

“Try raising this person’s level.” (Akari)

“Why?” (Finn)

“Well, it’s like a greeting in Western countries.” (Akari)

“Wait, more importantly, did you just call me your brother in front of everyone?” (Finn)

“I’m waiting, so hurry up.” (Akari)

“Ehhh.” (Finn)


I stood before Wen, who remained on his knees. I placed both palms on his face. His beard feels quite thick. Let’s give it a try. I leaned closer to his face.


“Level connection… not established!” (Finn)

I looked at Akari and conveyed through eye contact that it didn’t work.

“Thank you, Wen-dono.” (Akari)

Saying that, Akari… I mean Catherine smiled. That smile was radiant and could melt any ice. It touched Wen’s heart. She truly was a goddess.

“Oh, right.” (Akari)

“I wonder if there’s a dungeon nearby?” (Akari)

“You might have forgotten, big brother, but the original plan was to level up in order to go to a dungeon, remember?” (Akari)

“The original plan?” (Finn)

“Well, whatever.” (Akari)

Catherine? Akari? She turned around and looked at me.

“Let’s try it with Shari-chan. If Shari-chan becomes level 5, then we should get married!” (Akari)

“That’s why, I want you to give it a little smooch and see.” (Akari)

“Shouldn’t we set the mood first, Akari onee-chan?” (Shari)

“Well, you’re still a child, so doing it like this is fine, right?” (Akari)

“Shari is already an adult, too!” (Shari)

“Say that after you pay your head tax!” (Akari)

“By the way, Akari, do you pay taxes?” (Finn)

“Elves are exempt from taxes.” (Akari)


Facing Shari in the backyard, I feel a bit embarrassed when trying to be formal. These things require momentum.

“Hurry up!” (Akari)

“But even if you watch me so closely like that…” (Finn)

“But Shari is also staring intensely?” (Akari)

“Kokekokokoko” (Chicken)

Forget it.

“Shari!” (Finn)

I embrace my little sister. In my arms, she looks up at me. She closes her eyes and tilts her head slightly. Her lips jut out a bit, forming a half-open smile.

“Erotic” (Akari)

I ignored Akari who said some unnecessary things and gently bring my lips together with Shari’s.

Level connection!” (Finn)

Shari’s level didn’t increase. Akari does a small triumphant pose.

“By the way, I wonder if there is really any family relationship between us?” (Finn)

“That’s right.” (Akari)

In reality, Shari is distantly separated by five degrees of kinship. Maybe it’s too far to be considered family.

“If we live together, does that make us family?” (Shari)

“Isn’t the definition too loose? In that case, I also live with you too, right?” (Akari)

Akari is my little sister, we live together, so it feels like we can consider ourselves family.

“That’s true. I wonder if anything would change just because we got married?” ‘

“The difference when married… Well then, Onii-chan, how about we try it?” (Akari)

“Marriage?” (Finn)

“Not that, um, you know…” (Akari)

Akari’s face turns red.

“Uh, well…” (Finn)

My face also turns red.

“Hey, you Honey Trap Elf, don’t set the mood!” (Shari)

“Children should stay quiet.” (Akari)

“And why do you look so happy, Onii-chan?” (Shari)

Oh no, this conversation is taking a dangerous turn. We can’t go any further.

By the way, I wonder where Shari learns those kinds of words.

“In any case, this disproves the family theory.” (Finn)

“Well, I guess so. If we think about it normally, there is also the possibility that Onii-chan’s blessing doesn’t work anymore.” (Akari)

I had been avoiding considering that possibility.

“Maybe.” (Finn)

“Or perhaps it’s just that we can only reach Level 4.” (Shari)

“That seems more likely.” (Finn)

“Should we try leveling up someone else?” (Akari)

“Well, going back to Level 1 here wouldn’t be ideal, so let’s observe the situation for now.” (Finn)

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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

… Wen-san is a male?? Hmm, should I just pretend I never saw this or change the gender from now on? 

This chapter is just one confusing mess. Firstly, Wen-san is a male or something. Secondly, there is no reason to cover up Akari’s name at all, it looks like it’s just a nickname used outside of interactions with the siblings. Thirdly, the constant short scene changes is confusing me so much.

Maybe I should start counting the number of times Finn changes topics when he gets cornered.

Gonna change (captain of knight) to (knight captain)


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