LSP – Chapter 19 – Catherine

[Akari PoV]

The two of us rummaged through the basement warehouse. Unfortunately, there were no captured nobles or beauties in the basement.

“Onii-chan, deep down, you don’t really want to go back to Japan, do you?” (Akari)

Akari asked while flipping through the junk.

“Why?” (Finn)

“Well, because you seem happy now.” (Akari)

“Weren’t you happy in your past life?” (Finn)

“I wonder .” (Akari)

“You should decide your own happiness.” (Finn)

“Then, Onii-chan are you happy with Akari?” (Akari)

“I am happy. What about Akari?” (Finn)


“I found it!” (Akari)

Akari picks up something. It looks like a key.

“What’s that?” (Finn)

“Well, maybe it’s a flag?” (Akari)

“Huh?” (Finn)

“Then shall we go collect Onii-chan’s happiness?” (Akari)

[Shari PoV]

“I’ve prepared the meal.” (?)

That surprised me!

As I turned around, a butler-like person entered the dining room from the door, followed by a group of servant-like individuals. To be precise, they weren’t human. They had slender and beautiful bodies, with long ears. They were elves!

And following the servants, there was a young woman dressed in a tunic. She was slender with a well-endowed chest. Her skin was fair, her hair was brown, and her eyes were a deep green. She had a beautiful face.

“I am Catherine.” (Catherine)

“Akari onee-chan?” (Shari)


Catherine took her seat while the servants, prepared chairs for Finn and Shari and invited them to sit down.

“Actually, I am the princess of the elves.” (Catherine)


“I am supposed to return to the Elven Forest.” (Catherine)


“I have prepared a feast for today. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.” (Catherine)


“Shari, I will be leaving, but please take care of Onii-chan.” (Catherine)

Of course.

“Now then, let’s have a meal and talk.” (Catherine)

On the table, there were large pieces of meat, colorful vegetables, and juicy fruits.

“Please, help yourself,” Catherine offered.

There was a nicely grilled chicken leg. What kind of bird is it? The aroma of herbs was enticing. Without hesitation, Onii-chan dove in and started devouring it with his hands.

“It’s delicious!” (Finn)

Shari decided to give it a try as well. She reached out her hand…

“Wait a moment!” (?)

The door swung open with a bang.

My Onii-chan and Akari onee-chan entered the room!

“All the mysteries have been solved!” (Akari)

“Not quite, but it feels like that.” (Finn)

There were two Onii-chan and two Akari onee-chan.

“We’re inside a dream!” (Akari)

The Akari who just entered exclaimed.

“Don’t be fooled. We are the real ones!” (Catherine)

“You’re the suspicious ones. Reveal your true identities!” (Akari)

“The real ones are over here.” (Catherine)

“Let’s settle this with a contest to see who’s real!” (Akari)

Both my Onii-chans, as well as Akari and her double, started fighting with weapons in hand.

They were evenly matched, and no one seemed to gain an advantage. This feeling, definitely seemed like a dream.

“Shari, support me!” (idk anymore)

Even if asked to do so, in the midst of the chaotic battle, it was difficult to determine who the real ones were.

Shari turned towards the fighting Akari and her doubles.

“Where have you been all this time?” (Shari)

“We were looking for Shari!” (Akari & Catherine)

Both Akaris answered at the same time.

“You just want to flirt with Onii-chan, you perverted elf!” (Shari)

One of the Akaris seemed slightly more upset.

“Onii-chan belongs to Shari, so you should go back to the forest, you honey-trapping elf!” (Shari)

“What did you say?! You insignificant loli little sister!” (Akari)

“I’m not insignificant at all! Shari has been his sister for much longer!” (Shari)

“I have been his sister since our past lives!” (Akari)

I cast an enhancement spell on myself and deliver a powerful punch to the one who has been silent all this time.

“Guvoa!” (Monster)

A bloodied bugbear rolls across the floor. I proceed to crush it with my mace.

I see.

Shari and Akari stand side by side, facing the battling versions of my big brother.

In unison, they both shout at the top of their lungs.

“Onii-chan, you’re gross!” (Akari & Shari)

Akari launches a Magic Missile at the one which didn’t flinch, while Shari delivers a powerful strike with her mace. The slain bugbear’s lifeless body rolls on the ground.

The three siblings turn their attention towards the butler and the servants, readying their weapons. Shari casts an enhancement spell on both of them. Akari’s voice resonates through the stone chamber.

“Both of you, it’s time to level up!” (Akari)

“I wonder what would happen if we ate that meal?” (Finn)

“Maybe it’s like Chihiro’s parents from Spirited Away1?”(Akari)

As the bugbears were completely wiped out, the surroundings transformed into a semi-forest-like abandoned castle. The corpses of the fallen bugbears turned into black smoke and dissipated. The meal on the table turned out to be mud and leaves. 

“This must be the Bugbear Shaman’s doing.” (Akari)

“They are smaller than the ones we encountered last time.” (Shari)

“The original bugbears are actually a kind of goblin and considered to be faes, so this smaller version is more authentic. The larger bugbear we encountered before was derived from a branch of the D&D-like world.” (Akari)

“Catherine did her best.” (Finn)

“Hehe.” (Akari)

“Was Onii-chan with Akari onee-chan?” (Shari)

“Yeah, well…” (Finn)

“Did you know that Onii-chan was the real one?” (Shari)

“I have <Appraisal>, after all.” (Akari)

Truly a cheat skill befitting a reincarnated individual.

“Speaking of which, how did you manage to enter Shari’s dream?” (Shari)

“Well, about that…” (Akari)

Akari takes out a key.

“This is the key that allows us to enter other people’s dreams.” (Akari)

Ah, the infamous flag.

“I heard from a fae that it can be found here.” (Akari)

“Is it the 30cm one we saw last time?” (Finn)

“No, a different person.” (Akari)

It seems that Akari has quite good social skills.

“Akari has a lot of friends, huh?” (Finn)

“Just superficial ones, though.” (Akari)

Oh, it suddenly got gloomy. Maybe I said something wrong? Let’s change the topic.

“There are various types of faes, right?” (Finn)

“That’s right. Well, Bugbears and Goblins are also considered faes.” (Akari)

“By the way, have we seen anything other than faes?” (Shari)

Well, we can continue talking while we head home. 

“Wait a minute! Onii-chan, your level has increased!” (Akari)

“Congratulations, Onii-chan!” (Shari)

“I’m not jealous or anything!” (Akari)


Finn: Level 3 (up!) (Human: Reincarnated)

– Blessings: Level check, Level transfer, Presence Detection, Spear, Throwing, Hand-to-hand combat, Teleportation, Mental Resistance (new)

Shari: Level 4 (Human)

– Blessings: Healing (2x effective on Finn), Protection (2x effect duration on Finn), Attack boost, Mace 

Akari: Level 4 (Elf: Reincarnated)

– Blessings: Appraisal, Elementary attack magic, Stealth, Cold resistance

Image of Akari which doesn’t fit anywhere lol

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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Btw fun fact, apparently elves in DnD do not need to sleep and can just meditate and enter a “trance” state. So they are unaffected by dream effects. I know we saw Akari sleeping but technically she can choose not to.

From now on, I’m just gonna post the illustrations even if they don’t fit. I’m sure you want to see them anyways.


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