LSP – Chapter 4 –  Spear

After that, there was a bit of a commotion, but when Shari used her healing blessing to heal Dad’s wound, it seems that both parents were satisfied. They were also happy to hear Shari call them “Mom” and “Dad”. If Shari has found her place, I’m also happy.

That evening, we celebrated Shari’s new blessing with a feast. Dinner was a wild boar pot-au-feu1. Shari made it herself, and the meat broth seeped into the vegetables, making it delicious.

By the way, when I saw my father covered in scrapes all over, I once again realized how dangerous hunting can be. However, Shari’s healing blessing is truly amazing. The wounds disappear smoothly, and when the scabs come off, nothing remains.

It was decided that Shari’s blessing would remain a secret from others. It would be troublesome if her blessing was exposed as it may lead to being kidnapped. Besides, Shari is supposed to be 11 years old so she should not have received a blessing yet.

There are several things I want to confirm like whether Shari is really alright, and whether she will get more blessings on her upcoming birthday. However, I can’t verify these things right now, so all I can do is wait. Let’s focus on what can be done at the moment.

“Dad, can you teach me how to use a spear? I want to have the spear blessing too.” (Finn)

“Well, hmm, I suppose so. But hunting is still too early for you.” (Father)

“Thank you, Father.” (Finn)

After that, it was decided that I would receive spear training from my father every evening. My parents would go and work in the fields in the morning. At noon, they would have a light lunch and take a nap and the evening would be dedicated to preparing and having dinner before going to bed. I was in charge of household chores like laundry and chopping firewood. Shari also helped with the cooking.

First, I need a spear for practice. I started to search for a straight and slender tree at the edge of the forest. I thought it would be best to use an oak tree for its durability, but it was too durable to cut with a knife. It took me two days to gradually shave and finally cut it out. In hindsight, I should have used the hatchet that we had for chopping firewood.

After that, I spent another day peeling off the bark and polishing it to make it into a 2-meter-long pole. It was my makeshift spear. It didn’t have a spearhead, but iron is expensive and not easily purchasable. Well, I had a plan for this.

Now that the makeshift spear was ready, I asked my father to train me. First, he taught me the proper stance and grip. We started with basic thrusting movements and swings. To be honest, it was tough. The spear felt really heavy. Although my father’s spear was several times heavier than mine. We practiced side by side every day.

After a month, I began to feel like I was getting the hang of it, to some extent.

I spotted the lord’s knights in the village square. It was the duty of the lord’s knights to patrol the outskirts of the village and eliminate any monsters they encountered. There seemed to be several other villages aside from ours, although I had never been to them. People on horseback and on foot would regularly come to the village.

This could be an opportunity. I approached the knights resting in the village square and decided to strike up a conversation.

“Hello. Are you Wen-san?” (Finn)

“Yeah, that’s me.” (Wen)

She was wearing chainmail and had been the one riding the horse. She is most likely a higher-ranked knight.

“I heard about you from Tip.” (Finn)

“You speak quite politely for a child. Are you a friend of Tip? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him around lately. What happened?” (Wen)

Ah, I was feeling so nervous that I did not talk like a child.

“No, it’s Tip… He is dead.” (Finn)

“I see.” (Wen)

In this world, the death of a child was not uncommon.

The conversation suddenly became difficult to continue… I should have thought about my reply more carefully.

“When Tip was still alive, we had talked about becoming stronger together… Can you teach me how to become stronger?” (Finn)

“I see. Well, being strong can mean different things. How do you want to become strong, young child?” (Wen)

“Um, I want to be able to defeat monsters. That way, I can visit other towns and go on adventures.” (Finn)

I told her about my childlike dreams.

“No, monsters are dangerous, you know. Well, I will consider it.” (Wen)

Wen-san asks her assistant to bring a couple of wooden sticks.

“I will assess whether you have the potential to defeat monsters. Choose one of these to use.” (Finn)

I chose a familiar 2-meter-sized wooden stick from the few options. Wen-san, on the other hand, picks a staff-like stick.

“Come on, show me what you’ve got.” (Wen)

Having been trained by my father in spear skills, I am not a complete amateur in fighting. As I deliver a thrust, Wen-san’s expression becomes slightly more serious.

“Have you been practicing?” (Wen)

“Yes, my dad taught me.” (Finn)

“I see.” (Wen)

Wen-san lowers the wooden stick.

“It seems like you have the basics down, but your bald-headed father must have been a hunter. If you want to face monsters, it’s better to have some experience in combat with other people.” (Wen)

Wen-san turns to her assistants and addresses them.

“Hey, you guys, lend me a hand and teach him a little.” (Wen)

After about two hours, my body is covered in bruises and I am completely worn out.

“I’ll be here tomorrow too. We will focus on monster extermination in the morning, but I’ll spar with you in the afternoon.” (Wen)

“Tha… thank you…” (Finn)

With a sense of relief, I finally make my way back home.

When I arrived home, Shari came and heal me causing the bruises to quickly disappear in an instant. Her blessing is truly amazing. It felt like magic, or perhaps it really was magic.

The knights stayed for another two days before heading towards the next village. As for me, despite being repeatedly worn out, I persevered with the help of Shari’s healing. I feel that my muscles are getting stronger. Perhaps this is what they call “super recovery2“. My level has also increased to around 1.2. It seems that this training contributed to my levels.

We had various conversations during practice. Apparently, this place is a baron’s territory, and the lord is Baron Verbal. There are about six villages in total, and this village is said to be one of the larger ones. 

By the way, the name of this village is Moule Village. Within the village, we only refer to it as “village,” so I was never really aware of its name. The population of a baron’s territory is about a thousand people in total. I was wondering if there are cities with walls surrounding them, but it seems that they only exist in a count’s territory or something along that line.

I take out a goblin dagger from the treasure chest (mine) in my bedroom. It has a blade length of about 15 cm. The blade is rusty, but it’s made of iron. I wonder if it can be used if I sharpen it.

I decide to take it to the blacksmith in the village. When he asks me how I got it, I tell him that I got it from a goblin.

“This is definitely made by humans. The goblins must have picked it up. Let me sharpen it a bit for you.” (Blacksmith)

The blade regains its silver color.

“It’s usable now, but the handle is in tatters.” (Blacksmith)

“No, it’s fine! Thank you very much!” (Finn)

I return home with the gleaming dagger. I use a knife to carve and dismantle the handle. After removing the metal part, I try fitting it into the groove I carved for my makeshift spear which I created by marking the spot with charcoal and carefully carving it out with the knife. It’s tough because the wood is hard, but I spend about two days shaping the groove in the wood. When I fit the handle of the dagger into it, the size is a perfect fit. I guess this will do.

I collect pine resin from a pine tree I found in the forest, mix it with charcoal, and heat it over a fire. Once it becomes soft, I press it onto the groove of the makeshift spear’s handle and insert the dagger blade into it. It’s like using adhesive. Then, I tightly wrap it with hemp threads. By the way, this knowledge is something Finn always had. Once the pine resin cools and solidifies, the spear is finally complete! I try thrusting it into a standing tree, but it doesn’t come off. It seems to be holding up fine.

I wonder how strong it is… Well, I’m worried when it comes to dealing with boars or bears, but if it’s goblins, I should be able to handle it somehow.

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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Here you go, another LSP chapter. As you can tell this novel is pretty slow-paced and I guess my slow upload schedule doesn’t exactly help but the chapters are just too wordy. Well, at least the world-building is decent.

I’m not exactly clear about Wen’s gender but “san” was used, so I think she is a female. I might have butchered that last 2 paragraphs, my boy was doing some complicated stuff which was too much for my smol brain. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the noble ranks and stuff, it goes like this: Royalty > Duke > Marquis/Marquess > Earl/Count > Viscount > Baron.

I was hesitant to put harem tag on this series since I don’t consider 2 female leads a Harem, more of a love triangle, but laterer in the story there will be a third female lead so yeh.


  1. Pot-au-feu: French boiled dinner of meat and vegetables (thank you google-sensei)
  2. I don’t understand this either, I tried to google it but got nothing.
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-san is used for pretty much anyone as a genderless hybrid of ‘mr/mrs/ms’ and is seen as the baseline level of formality/respect. It is what you default to if there is not a more appropriate honorific you should use.

For reference, the more common other ones are:

Sensei: Teacher. Sometimes used for other knowledge based professions like doctors.

Sama: Someone of a much higher social/work status than yourself, for example a judge, or a noble in a work like this. Also frequently used for (commercial) guests/customers.

Dono: Particularly hard to translate, but you can think of it as the kind of thing an old-school society would use for a head of household. Can be used to indicate respect towards someone of ABOUT the same social rank as the speaker as well.

Tan: Literally translates to small/tiny, used exclusively for infants.

Chan: Used mainly for small children or younger girls you are close to. Almost NEVER used for someone you have just met/do not really know or are older than you, but a quick search said it is OCCASIONALLY used for grandparents.

Kun: Essentially Chan but for young (occasionally just youngER) boys.

These are all pretty rough, but should work as a general outline for japanese honorifics.