LSP – Chapter 7 –  Little sister (imouto)

For now, I tried testing the newly acquired blessing of <Attack Boost> that Shari just received and found out that our damage dealt increases for a duration of 30 minutes. Even goblins can be defeated in one hit now. 

Well, my blessing of <spear>, even without the attack boost, can already defeat enemies in one hit. This is for emergencies, I guess. Also, with the attack boost, I am now able to chop firewood at an incredible speed. I wonder if chopping firewood is also considered an attack.

By the way, I tried carrying heavy objects with the buff active, but it does not seem to make much of a difference in that regard. Maybe it’s not an instantaneous effect and instead a matter of efficiency1. Or perhaps it’s related to magic?

After Shari reached level 3, we tried defeating goblins together, but I have no idea what level Shari is anymore. Experience distributed might be even less than 1/4 of level 2. I can somewhat understand why there are hardly any level 4 people in the village. Knights and such must have accumulated a vast amount of experience to finally reach level 4. It should be quite challenging just to reach level 3, and it feels a bit unfair to them, but I guess it’s fine since I’m still at level 1.

It’s almost winter. Since this forest has many evergreen trees, the scenery doesn’t change much even as it gets colder. Based on Finn’s memories, it shouldn’t snow heavily during winter.

I walk through the forest in the morning with Shari. Shari is already at level 3, so there’s no way she would lose to something like a goblin. She’s actually stronger than me without even trying. Of course, if I were to receive enhancements from Shari’s blessing, it would be a different story, but that’s still Shari’s power after all.

I’m currently walking along a road that leads to the neighboring village, so it’s quite open. I don’t think there are any monsters around. Probably. Just to be sure…

Presence detection!” (Finn)

I sense something. It’s not a monster, but it’s not a small animal either. Could it be a person? They are lying in the shade of a tree… Are they sleeping?

I cautiously approach, holding my spear at the ready. And then…

There is a girl lying on the ground.

I rush over to her. She has brown hair and fair skin. She’s wearing a sleeveless greenish tunic, revealing her white arms. The tunic is like a mini dress, exposing her bare white thighs. She is also wearing sandals on her feet. Her clothing is quite light considering that winter is approaching. Despite being lightly dressed, her good figure is clearly visible.

The tunic does not completely conceal her chest, especially around the valley. The emphasized cleavage catches my attention.

Um, I tear my gaze away from her chest and focus on her face. Her facial features are well-defined, although her eyes are closed. She is a different type from Shari, but she is a slender and beautiful girl. Her beauty is almost otherworldly, or rather, not quite human. Upon closer inspection, her ears are pointed. This can only mean…

“An elf!” (Finn)

Amazing! It feels like a fantasy come to life!

As she might be injured, I asked Shari to heal her. As Shari heals her, I gently touched her skin. It feels warm. It seems like she is alive. Then, I saw her eyelids twitch.

“Are you okay?” (Finn)

Her eyes open, but they seem unfocused. She appears dazed. I lean in to get a closer look at her face.


Our eyes meet. I stare at her eyes which are filled with a deep shade of green. It looks quite beautiful.


“Onii-chan!” (?)

The elf girl suddenly exclaimed as she looked at me. Shari glanced at me with a puzzled expression.

“Huh? Me?” (Finn)

Since I could not leave the elf girl alone in the forest, I decided to bring her back to my house for the time being. I tried to piggyback her, but she’s taller than me, and besides, I’m only level 1 with no strength-related blessings. Shari is a level 3, but she’s shorter than me, so we ended up having her walk.

Well, I suppose it’s fine since Shari already healed her earlier. I give her some water to drink from a leather pouch and once she calms down, I decide to let her walk.

She starts walking but stumbles a bit. I instinctively reach out and grab her arm. The elf girl tightly embraces my arm. It feels soft and supple.

“Onii-chan, please lend me your arm.” (?)

“What’s with this ‘Onii-chan’ thing since earlier?” (Shari)

While still holding onto my arm, the elf girl turns towards Shari and answers.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Akari Yamamine desu4. I came from Japan.” (Akari)

And then she looks at my face.

“Onii-chan, I’m your little sister (imouto).”

“Eh?” (Finn & Shari)

We managed to arrive home somehow. Our parents are still out in the fields, but they will be back soon. I need to talk to them about this.

“I’m telling you I come from Japan.” (Akari)

“Why are you his sister??” (Shari)

“I don’t think that’s the point to focus on…” (Finn)

Shari looks at me with teary eyes.

“Shari thought she was the only one who could be Onii-chan’s imouto… but you didn’t tell Shari you had another imouto.” (Shari)

“You’re technically not my real imouto, right?” (Finn)

“What?! That’s cruel. Was Shari one-sidely thinking of herself as an imouto? Onii-chan, did you not consider Shari as part of your family?” (Shari)

“I never said anything like that!” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, I think that’s really unfair.” (Shari)

“Hey, wait a minute, don’t make things more complicated.” (Finn)

The elf girl turns to Shari and asks something.

“Shari-chan, how old are you?” (Akari)

“I’ll be 12 soon.” (Shari)

“I’m 16, so I’m Shari-chan’s older sister (onee-san).” (Akari)

“If that’s the case then Onii-chan is 13 years old5.” (Shari)

“In my mind, Onii-chan is 18 years old.” (Akari)

The elf girl then turns towards me.

“Onii-chan, I’m Akari. Do you remember?” (Akari)

“…I don’t remember at all…” (Finn)

I gaze at her face. It’s a well-defined face. She’s a beautiful girl. Are all elves this attractive? No, that is not the point.

“Why is an elf from Japan to begin with?” (Finn)

“I was reincarnated. Just like you, Onii-chan.” (Akari)

“…Eh?…” (Finn & Shari)

“I missed you!” (Akari)

The elf girl hugged me tightly, and her chest pressed against the upper part of mine. A direct sensation. It seems she’s not wearing a bra.

“We’re home.” (Finn’s parents)

In the middle of all of this, our parents have returned.

Ara ara6, are you Finn’s girlfriend? You two seem close.” (Finn’s mom)

“Hello, Father and Mother!” (Akari)

The elf girl greets them politely.

“Mother, you say? Are you already a bride?” (Finn’s mom)

My mother smiles warmly.

No, don’t make things more complicated…

For now, we have lunch. Akari (self-proclaimed little sister: elf version) is enthusiastically eating bread and drinking soup. She seems quite hungry. I wonder if it’s okay for her to suddenly eat like that.

“Oh~ I’m so relieved. I thought I would get lost, run out of food, and die.” (Akari)

“Well, well. Eat as much as you want. We even have some wild boar ham. It’s homemade.” (Finn’s mom)

“That’s amazing. Thank you, Mom. Itadakimasu!” (Akari)

“Oh, I can’t just ignore the fact that Finn suddenly gets a girlfriend.” (Finn’s mom)

“Oh, um, actually, I’m his little sister.” (Akari)

“Wait a minute, could you please organize your story before telling it?” (Finn’s dad)

“Well then, I’ll leave you two alone. But remember, until New Year’s, you’re still a child, so no naughty stuff, okay?” (Finn’s mom)

“You can’t, Onii-chan.” (Akari)

“It’s okay because I’m your imouto.” (Shari)

“Please don’t make things complicated.” (Finn)

Image of Akari when first found

“There is a girl lying on the ground.”
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Dammit, I was hoping Akari would use Nii-san. She looks like the kind to use Nii-san instead of Onii-chan. I never mentioned this before but Shari usually refers to herself in third-person while Akari uses “watashi”, for those of you who care about this kind of stuff. 

Urhh so towards the end it could be either mom or dad talking, but I think it’s mostly mom so that is what I put. And I’m sorry if it is messy with the transition between the name and their Japanese counterpart.

I translated this late at night, so probably have some errors somewhere.


  1. I have absolutely no idea what this means. Raw is “瞬発力的なものなのか効率的なものなのかもしれない。っていうか魔法?” so if anyone understands pls tell me ;-;
  2. This means something like “Hello, are you there?”
  3. This means her eyes are blinking like she’s slowly coming to the realization
  4. desu is… well it’s kinda like a… I have no idea how to explain. I just think of it as something cute being added to sentences. Well, it doesn’t change the context of the sentence so if you know, then you know. I copy pasted this from CFD chapters lol.
  5. Shari is referring to how weird it is that Akari calls Finn “Onii-chan” despite being 3 years older than him.
  6. This means “oh my”
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this dude gonna get jumped soon and it sure as heck ain’t gonna be by a goblin lol