LSP – Chapter 9 – Preparation

“By the way, Akari.” (Finn)

“What is it, Onii-chan?” (Akari)

By the way both Shari and Akari call me “Onii-chan”. It can be confusing, but their voices are different, so I can tell them apart.

“Akari, what are your blessings?” (Finn)

“It’s rude to ask a girl about such things, you know.” (Akari)

“Is that so?” (Finn)

“Hmm, I have never been asked that directly before.” (Akari)

Well, it’s sensitive personal information after all. There are some blessings that cannot be easily shared with others.

“But since you’re my Onii-chan, I will tell you. I have the blessings of <Appraisal>, <Elementary Attack Magic>, <Stealth>, and <Cold Resistance>.” (Akari)

That’s right, Akari was level 4. However, I was not sure if it was appropriate to ask, “Are you level 4?” so I missed the chance to inquire about it until now.

“What can you discern with the blessing of <Appraisal>?” (Finn)

“If it’s a person, I can see their level, and if they are a reincarnator, I can vaguely perceive their past life. For monsters, I can gauge their strength, and for objects, I can determine if they’re genuine or not.” (Akari)

“What does that ‘level’ mean?” (Finn)

I feigned ignorance.

“Level represents a person’s strength. It’s similar to a game. Well, you can think of it as the number of blessings they possess.” (Akari)

“Oh, I see. But can you tell what specific blessings they have?” (Finn)

“I can if I have <Skill Appraisal>, which is a separate blessing by itself.” (Akari)

“What level am I?” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, you are level 1.” (Akari)

I see. Let’s change the subject.

“I see. With <Stealth> and <Cold Resistance>, it makes sense that you were fine wearing such light clothing in the forest when it’s cold.” (Finn)

“Yeah, that’s why I was surprised when you found me. I thought I was hidden when sleeping.” (Akari)

“Oh, I have the blessing of <Presence Detection>.” (Finn)

“Eh~, so you are a character who can read the air. That is not like my Onii-chan at all. Anyways, speaking of which…” (Akari)

Akari turns towards Shari.

“Why are you level 3, Shari-chan?” (Akari)

Shari is taken aback by the sudden question.

“Well, Shari and I were adventuring together, so…” (Finn)

“If that’s the case, it would be strange if Onii-chan isn’t at the same level.” (Akari)

That would certainly be the case, won’t it~1

“Well, never mind that.” (Akari)

Akari, who had turned back towards me, leans forward from the other side of the desk.

Akari’s face comes up close right in front of me. Her skin is pale with a hint of green. She has large, deep green eyes with long eyelashes. Each of her facial features was exquisitely crafted, and the overall balance is even more stunning. She is a beauty that doesn’t seem human. Ah, so this is an elf.

Underneath her well-structured face, her tunic pushed down on her chest, revealing a plunging neckline. White skin and cleavage. It was captivating. I noticed it earlier, but she’s not wearing any underwear, right? That means… I instinctively resisted the temptation to peek. She is my sister, after all. Or rather, it should be ok because she is my sister, right? This requires careful consideration. I can feel Shari’s elbow digging into my side. I have not seen it. I am safe, right? I hurriedly averted my gaze. Am I safe? I am not looking, I swear!

Akari maintains her smile, undeterred by the distractions. The beauty of the elf is truly remarkable. Shari’s elbow nudges my side once again. Without changing her smile, Akari speaks up.

“We are going to dive into the dungeon, so we should level up beforehand, Onii-chan.” (Akari)

Akari inspects everyone’s equipment. Shari has been holding onto my arm, refusing to let go.

“Onii-chan, you have a spear. Not bad.” (Akari)

She praised me for my handmade weapon. I smile proudly. I can feel Shari’s left elbow hitting my side again.

“Shari-chan, is that a staff?” (Akari)

Ah, that’s right.

“I actually wanted to make a mace.” (Finn)

“Why don’t you ask the blacksmith to make the head for you?” (Akari)

“We don’t have any money.” (Finn)

As siblings, we do not possess any money. Even when we occasionally receive an allowance, we quickly spend it all. That is just how children are.

“Don’t worry!” (Akari)

Akari puffed out her chest in confidence. She really does have a big chest.

“Leave it to me!” (Akari)

I could see Shari glaring at me, but it’s fine, right? She’s my little sister, after all.

It seems that Akari has some money after all. No wonder she is a level 4. She places an order with the blacksmith for a hammer-like head with spikes in four directions. It should be ready by tomorrow.

Then, we went shopping in the village for various items. Ropes, backpacks, belt pouches, as well as torches, flint and steel, tinder, and easily ignitable oil. We manage to acquire everything except for the backpacks. Although, we did place an order for three of them.

“Dungeons seem to require a lot of fire, huh?” (Finn)

“It’s dark in there, and there are also monsters that are weak against fire.” (Akari)

“But won’t there be a fire hazard?” (Finn)

“I am not using it in a forest, so it’s fine.” (Akari)

That’s right. Because she’s an elf.

In the evening, we all gather together, including Akari, to have dinner. My mother has become quite friendly with Akari and even says things like, “Make sure your girlfriend eats plenty.” I can’t explain the dynamics of our relationship, so I will leave it as it is. I wonder if it is not strange for my mother to accept an elf as her son’s girlfriend. Her understanding and acceptance of diversity are just too high.

My father, sitting to my left, glances at Akari’s face from time to time, seemingly bothered by something. I think that is a normal reaction. Shari, sitting to my right, calmly eats her meal, but under the table, she intertwines her left leg with my right leg. That is bad manners, isn’t it?

At night, the five of us lie down in a row to sleep. Come to think of it, I always have Shari hugging me from behind when we sleep. It’s because Shari can’t sleep without hugging something, and for me, embracing Shari directly from the front is a bit risky. Seriously, it’s risky. She’s an angel, after all. I might get overwhelmed.

And tonight, Akari is sleeping right in front of me. Shari is sleeping on the opposite side. There is something small and soft pressing against my back. It feels like something is rubbing against my back. Oh, her legs have entwined with mine from behind.

As I lean forward, trying to create distance between myself and the soft object pressing against my back, I inadvertently get closer to Akari’s sleeping face. The profile of the Elven beauty illuminated by the moonlight seems ethereal2 as if emitting its own radiance. Oh, Akari has turned over towards me. Her exquisite face draws nearer. Just 20cm, 15cm, 10cm. This is getting dangerous. I instinctively shrink back and turn my face downward.

Akari’s chest is right in front of me. A dark valley and two shining hills. The nipples are safely hidden under the nightgown, just barely. Oh, Akari is coming closer. 10cm, 5cm, contact! My face is buried in a soft zone. It would have been suffocating and deadly without the cleavage. Akari’s arm wraps around my head and hugs me tightly. My face gets buried.

A hand wrapped around my neck from behind. There was a small, soft sensation on my back once again.

I was being embraced from both sides by my younger sisters, from the front and back. Various things were becoming problematic. I tried to adjust my posture so as not to make contact. It was difficult to sleep.

But it’s safe because they are my younger sisters.

The next morning, Shari’s mace was completed. Its length was slightly shortened to achieve better balance. Shari grinned with satisfaction as she swung the mace around vigorously. It was a little frightening.

Today, we decided to take a light stroll through the forest instead of venturing into the dungeon. Speaking of which, Akari’s weapon is a dagger. I wondered if she would be okay with that, but apparently, she relied on stealth and used magic to take down her enemies. It turns out she reached Level 4 by endlessly leveling up with long-range magic attacks. She must be like a sniper-type character.

We entered the forest.

“Do elves get lost in the woods?” (Finn)

“I don’t get lost in my own forest. Why do you ask?” (Akari)

“When we first met, you mentioned something about getting lost.” (Finn)

“Ah, that. I was actually looking for someone passing by.” (Akari)

“Why?” (Finn)

“Well, if an elf entered the village alone, wouldn’t that seem suspicious? People in rural areas tend to be wary, so it can be quite challenging.” (Akari)

Even when she was just outside the village, she will still look suspicious.

“In the end, no one passed by, so I just ended up sleeping. And I was really hungry.” (Akari)

Akari-san, you’re strong.

I thought that since we came to the forest, the three of us would hunt goblins together, but it seems that Akari will be hiding and observing for a while. She mentioned that joining the party for goblin hunting would be pointless as it won’t help increase her level much. Alright, then I will have to do the work instead.

Using <Presence Detection>, we should be able to find the goblins. Let’s proceed by defeating them as we encounter them. As of this morning, my level was around 1.3, so theoretically, defeating around seven goblins should help me level up.

By the way, Akari’s <Stealth> is incredible. She follows us from behind, but if it were not for <Presence Detection>, we would not have noticed her at all.

Oh right, let’s have Shari cast <Protection> on both of us. Now that she has reached Level 3, she can use it three times, and each one lasts for about three hours (or six hours for me). This will definitely come in handy.

Image of Akari sleeping

Oh, Akari has turned over towards me. Her exquisite face draws nearer.
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

LOL Finn is trying to gaslight himself into thinking everything is ok because they are his sisters. I don’t think Shari talked during the chapter. I could be wrong about this, but there was no indication that she talked.

Btw, should I put the “Ecchi” genre? I have no idea to what extent is needed for it to be used.


  1. Raw translation is “Desu yo ne~” which I am sure some people reading knows, but idk how to translate this properly.
  2. Ethereal = extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.
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Thanks for the chapter! Akari seems way more mature in this picture than the last one, not that I’m complaining though. I prefer onee-sans or big breasts to loli’s after all, hoping some join the MC’s harem.


I have updated the ToC page, I think the girl in the Vol 3 illustration is somewhat of your type (that illustration is so pretty xd). She doesn’t appear until much later tho (like 1/3 through the novel; although she is first introduced 10 ch before her main appearance) so my condolences lol.
But I have to say that this series has a very centralized cast, in order words, harem isn’t that big and really is only those 3.


Okay thanks for letting me know, sounds good to me


It qualified as “ecchi” as soon as he started kissing his little sister. Even if you want to be lenient with the classification, the kisses have already involved tongues and salivas, so it really can’t escape from the ecchi tag.