ODL – Chapter 10 – Shizuka Regretted This Later

“Well then, Shizuka, don’t mess up your room again. I will be checking it once a week, so keep that in mind.” (Souma)

“Don’t worry, that was just the first time! And don’t you dare, like, fantasize about my underwear or anything like that!” (Shizuka)

“Give me a break. You can say that once you can do your laundry on your own.” (Souma)

Sorry, but it might appear in my dreams tonight. Of course, I couldn’t tell her this.

We were talking to each other at the entrance of the door, but since only Shizuka, Hiyorin, and I live on this floor, we don’t have to worry about being misunderstood if someone overheard us.

“I’ll adjust the timing of dinner to match your streaming schedule. Just let me know what time works for you everyday. Also, let me know if you have any requests for what you want to eat…” (Souma)

“Yeah, got it. …Thank you, serously.” (Shizuka)

“Don’t mention it. Cooking for one or two people doesn’t make much of a difference. Plus, it helps keeps me motivated to cook.” (Souma)

“What are you talking about~?” (Hiyori)

“”!?”” (Shizuka & Souma)

When I turned towards the direction of the voice, I see Hiyorin, who seemed to be returning from work, coming out of the elevator.

“Good evening. Just finished work?” (Hiyori)

“That’s right~ The studio was quite far away this time, you know? So I ended up getting back pretty late.” (Hiyori)

“Ahaha… Sounds tough.” (Souma)

I haven’t had too many opportunities to meet Hiyorin in person this past week, but I couldn’t keep stumbling over my words1 forever (I’m a hard-boiled2 guy after all). For now, I am trying to get accustomed to talking to Hiyorin like a normal person.

In Hiyorin’s hand was a white convenience store bag, containing several tall cans of chuuhai3. The label showed an alcohol content of 9%. It was one of those strong cans preferred by seasoned drinkers.

So Hiyorin drinks alcohol, huh?

“Anyway, weren’t you guys discussing about something fun? Like dinner plans?” (Hiyori)

As Hiyorin spoke, she walked over to us.

The face I always see on during live concerts and the internet is now right here, within touching distance. She really is like a precious gem. Not that Shizuka isn’t cute, but maybe because of personal bias, Hiyorin just seems to shine brighter.

Even if she had a bottle of strong chuuhai in her hand.

“Ahh── Shizuka and I have decided to have dinner together from now on. Since Shizuka just started living alone, and I cook for myself, I thought it might be nice to eat together.” (Souma)

“Heh~” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin slowly let her gaze wander between me and Shizuka, who was frozen in the act of opening the apartment door. Then, using the hand not holding the convenience store bag, she made a peace sign and matched it with both me and Shizuka.

“Are you two dating?” (Hiyori)

“Wha─!? Ow!” (Shizuka)

“We’re not dating. We’ve only just met recently.” (Souma)

Shizuka seemed to have accidentally hit her head on the door, and was now holding her injured area while groaning. What’s she doing?

“Hmm~ I see… Hey, can I join in too?” (Hiyori)

“Eh?” (Souma)

“I mean, I would like to have dinner together too. There are days like today where I need to travel further, not to mention, I have to attend live broadcasting shows sometimes, so it can’t be every day, but…” (Hiyori)

“Ah…” (Souma)

For real?


Having dinner with Hiyorin…?

And on top of that, eating the food I make.

This is basically like being a married couple. Looks like full-time househusband Tendou Souma will be born today.

“I’m totally fine with it. How about you, Shizuka?” (Souma)

I direct my question towards Shizuka. I wonder if it was unfair to ask her this. She is still rubbing her head. Did she hit herself pretty hard?

“Ouch… What? Eating together with everyone? I’m totally okay with it… ow.” (Shizuka)

Shizuka raised her upper body, still holding her head and wincing in pain.

“So, that settles it. Is it alright to have dinner at my place from tomorrow onwards?” (Souma)

“Thanks~ Should we exchange contact information?” (Hiyori)

“C-Contact information!?” (Souma)

“Yep, wouldn’t it be better to contact you if I am running late?” (Hiyori)

“Ah, y-yeah, you’re right. Um, so, should we use Rime?” (Souma)(Souma)

“Sounds good. I’ll show my code, so just scan it.” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin slowly tapped on her smartphone, and displayed her friend code. I managed to suppress my trembling hands and scanned it.

[Do you want to add Hasekura Hiyorin as a friend?]

“……Ah.” (Souma)

Seeing Hiyorin’s name on my Rime felt so unreal that I continued to stare at the screen for a while.

…It would be a lie to say that I never fantasized about getting along with my oshi voice actor in real life. Even if it’s just a fleeting4 thought before going to sleep, I do fantasize about it which makes me a little happy. And the one who always appeared in my mind was Hiyorin.

Those fantasies have now become a reality.

If no one was around, I felt like I could strip naked and dance. Even with my so-called “hard-boiled” self.

Fufufu, what’s wrong, Souma-kun?” (Hiyori)

“─Huh!? S-Sorry, I was just lost in thought because I was a bit happy. I will make sure not to cross the line as a fan! I mean, I probably shouldn’t contact you too often, right?” (Souma)

As if I was scolding my overly excited self, I straightened my posture.

…That was close. I was getting too carried away. I almost acted too direct just because I got Hiyorin’s contact information.

It seemed like Hiyori-san didn’t quite understand my words, as she tilted her head and let out a puzzled-sounding voice.

“…Hmm, you know. Souma-kun, you’re my fan, but at the same time, you’re also my neighbor, right? So you don’t need to worry too much about being ‘just a fan’. Let’s get along, okay?” (Hiyori)

“Y-Yeah, o-okay!” (Souma)

────I wonder what kind of face I am making right now, not being able to see it might be the greatest stroke of luck in my life. I probably had a face that I couldn’t show to anyone.

“Umm… Hello, you two…? I’m here too, you know…?” (Shizuka)

I snap back to reality upon hearing the voice that echoes like the rumbling of thunder from hell.

When I turned my gaze, Shizuka was giving me a piercing glare – no, it was beyond just piercing, it was a downright intense. She was glaring at me intensely.

“…Ah, yeah, sorry, Shizuka. So, later, the three of us will create a room on Ruin.” (Souma)

“I’ll leave that to you then~” (Hiyori) 

“…… Souma-kun, you’re in for a lecture later.” (Shizuka)

“O-okay… But why though…” (Souma)

With that, we each went back to our own homes.

But still… having dinner with Hiyorin…

I can’t wait for it.

Illustration of their talk

“Umm… Hello, you two…? I’m here too, you know…?”

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Good thing MC went and cleared up the confusion about texting Hiyori as a fan/neighbor. He probably asked out of nervousness but it worked out somehow.

I have no idea why is this chapter called what it is.


  1. Basically, when he is talking to her he keeps going “Uhh-” “Ahh-“.
  2. Hard-boiled means something like being tough, I think.
  3. Chuuhai is an alcoholic drink originating from Japan.
  4. Fleeting means lasting for a very short time, so in this context, its like a passing thought.
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