ODL – Chapter 100 – Keisuke’s Feelings

“Hey chief.” (Keisuke)

As if swapping places with Mafuyu-chan, Keisuke arrived at my table. He had a tray with curry on it. He really loves curry huh?

“Hey, how have you been?” (Souma)

It had been a while since I last saw Keisuke. We don’t usually keep in touch and don’t always run into each other during meals, so we occasionally have these periods where we don’t meet. Usually, it’s just because Keisuke is broke and doesn’t come to the cafeteria.

“Well, I’m doing alright. I’ve been sleep-deprived due to preparations for the school festival.” (Keisuke)

Keisuke sat down across from me and immediately started eating curry, speaking as he ate.

“Was someone sitting here? It feels warm.” (Keisuke)

“Mafuyu-chan was sitting here until earlier.”  (Souma)

“Whoa, really? … So Mafuyu-chan can be warm.” (Keisuke)

“What are you talking about?” (Souma)

“Well, she gives off an Ice Queen kind of vibe. Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t have body heat or something.” (Keisuke)

“What do you think Mafuyu-chan is…” (Souma)

Do you think she’s a Yuki-onna1 or something?

“Well, let’s leave that aside. Mafuyu-chan is seriously popular these days. I bet she’s proud to have a boyfriend like you.” (Keisuke)

“No, she…” (Souma)

…Isn’t my girlfriend.

But I can’t say the real reason since I’m currently playing the role of her boyfriend. This is. Of course, so that Mafuyu-chan can lead a normal university life.

“Well… it’s kinda tiring to deal with the extra attention though.” (Souma)

“Haha, it can’t be helped right? I’d find it rather enjoyable, though. Having a cute girlfriend and getting jealous looks, isn’t that kinda amazing in its own way?” (Keisuke)

Keisuke said it like it was nothing. Although, if I were in his shoes, I might have said the same thing.

“Well, I’m probably having a much easier time compared to Mafuyu-chan so I can’t exactly make a fuss as her boyfriend.” (Souma)

“Exactly. And there’s a trip waiting for you, so hang in there.” (Keisuke)

“…A trip, huh.” (Souma)

The condition Mafuyu-chan presented for participating in the beauty pageant, “If I win, we’ll go on a trip together,” seems like it might become a reality in the not-so-distant future.

A trip with Mafuyu-chan… I wonder if I’ll really survive that. In various ways.

As I pondered, I suddenly spoke up.

“Hey, Keisuke.” (Souma)

“What’s up?” (Keisuke)

While stuffing his cheek with curry, Keisuke turned toward me.

“Everyone knows I’m Mafuyu-chan’s boyfriend, right?” (Souma)

“Yeah, I think most people know. I get asked about you quite a bit too.” (Keisuke)

“Seriously? Well, it’s fine for now… But do beauty pageants make girls popular even if they have a boyfriend?” (Souma)

To put it bluntly… People don’t often appreciate having their possessions taken by others. In the entertainment business, it’s an unspoken rule to keep relationships, especially ones with boyfriends or girlfriends, a secret.

“Well, normally, having a boyfriend would be seen as a negative. The other participants haven’t announced having boyfriends either. But… well, how do I say this…” (Keisuke)

“What is it? Go ahead and tell me.” (Souma)

“Is that so? Then I’ll say it… To be honest, Souma, it seems like you’re not really considered a threat.” (Keisuke)

“Not considered a threat? What do you mean?” (Souma)

Unexpected words came out, and my mind froze for a moment.

“So… a lot of people are thinking that if it’s you, they could easily snatch Mafuyu-chan away. I mean, you’re not exactly a super handsome kind or anything.” (Keisuke)

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m handsome at all.” (Souma)

As I answered, it all made sense.

In other words, because Mafuyu-chan and I don’t seem to match at all, it gives the impression that she’s available. It’s pathetic to say this about myself, but it does make sense. There’s really no denying that Mafuyu-chan and I are not well-matched at all.

“No, look, I definitely think you and Mafuyu-chan make a great couple. I know how much she’s into you. But those who don’t know that don’t see it that way. Instead… your presence is like adding a little spice?” (Keisuke)

“When did I become a spice?” (Souma)

“It’s human nature to desire what belongs to others. Right now, it’s like the calm before the storm; everyone is just watching. In my opinion, once the festival is over, there will be many trying to get closer to Mafuyu-chan. Especially those from other universities who probably don’t even know she has a boyfriend. There might be a lot of guys planning to approach her after the festival.” (Keisuke)

Be careful, Keisuke said with a serious face.

He said it while he had curry in the corner of his mouth, so there was no sense of tension at all. But if what Keisuke said was true, it would be quite a serious situation.

“Thanks, Keisuke. I’ll be careful.” (Souma)

“No problem. In the first place, I’m the one who suggested Mafuyu-chan try the beauty pageant. And besides… I genuinely think you and Mafuyu-chan make a great couple. So, don’t let some weirdo snatch her away, okay?” (Keisuke)

Keisuke laughed.

That smile of his felt a bit bittersweet.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

No author-san, don’t plant any flags here. Just give us the trip arc and hopefully some development. I can totally see romantic developments happening during the trip… or MC can dodge it again somehow, in which case it would be a big slap in the face.


  1. Yuki-onna is like a spirit associated with snow.
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Goddamm it. Now that it comes to this, I hope Mafuyu kisses him in front of everyone after the pageant