ODL – Chapter 14 – Getting Drunk, Hasekura Hiyori

“Mmm~~~ This is delicious!!!” (Shizuka)

“Seriously, it’s really good.” (Hiyori)

“Onii-chan… Delicious…” (Mafuyu)

As the three of them savored the fried chicken, I watched over them while being nervous about their opinion. When I heard the positive feedback, I felt a sense of relief.

“Thank goodness… I was worried about what I would do if it didn’t match your taste.” (Souma)

…To be honest, I didn’t have much of an appetite due to nervousness, but now that I’m relieved, I suddenly feel hungry.

I picked up a piece of fried chicken from the large plate and took a bite.

…Yep. It’s the usual flavor. I’m glad I didn’t mess it up.

“Souma-kun, we are already running out! Seconds, please!” (Shizuka)

“I’m on it.” (Souma)

Shizuka is currently devouring the fried chicken at a speed that would put even grown men to shame.

After seeing that scene, I wasn’t shocked by the request. 

To think that they would enjoy the food I made this much, it makes me feel happy. In fact, I even almost fell for Shizuka for a moment.

“Wait, if you keep eating like that, Souma-kun won’t be able to have any. Shizuka, please slow down a bit.” (Mafuyu)

“But it’s so good. And, don’t address me so casually! Who do you think you are, you cheeky girl…” (Shizuka)

Mafuyu-chan and Shizuka are bickering.

If you looked at this scene without context, Mafuyu-chan would look like she is the older sister while Shizuka would look like the younger one. Well, no matter how you think about it, Shizuka is definitely the younger one. She gives off the impression of having been pampered while growing up.

“Thank you, Mafuyu-chan. But it’s okay. What makes me happiest is seeing you all enjoy eating it so much.” (Souma)

“Mmm… If Souma-kun says so.” (Mafuyu)

“Mafuyu-chan, you can eat without holding back too.” (Souma)

“Is it okay if I have some alcohol?” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin asked while taking a canned beer out of the convenience store bag she brought.

“Of course. If you need a glass or anything, feel free to help yourself. It puts me more at ease if you do as you please instead of being considerate.” (Souma)

“Got it. Souma-kun, you’ll make a great husband, you know?” (Hiyori)

“”?!”” (Mafuyu & Shizuka)

“A h-husband!?” (Souma)

Hiyori’s suggestive statement almost made me drop the fried chicken.

Seriously, I can’t tell if she’s intentionally bringing up these dangerous topics or if she’s doing it naturally.

“Um… Mafuyu-chan is still underage, right? I did buy a bunch just in case, but are Souma-kun and Shizuka-chan going to have some?” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin extended a silver can toward us.

Ah… beer, huh… It’s been a while since I had one. Maybe I should consider it. Without some alcohol, I feel like I won’t be able to endure this atmosphere anymore.

I know it’s gross to say this, but… this place smells really good. And I’m not talking about the fried chicken, it’s more of the sweet scent of the girls.

“Can I have one after the second batch of fried chicken?” (Souma)

Let’s quickly go fry the next batch before taking the beer.

“Got it. I’ll leave one for you then.” (Hiyori)

“I have a livestream after this… but… I guess having a beer should be okay…” (Shizuka)

“A livestream?” (Mafuyu)

“Shizuka-chan is a VTuber. She’s incredibly popular, you know~” (Hiyori)

“Really? …This girl?” (Mafuyu)

“What are you so surprised about? You’re quite cheeky, aren’t you?” (Shizuka)

“By the way, I’m a voice actor. Have you heard of Yasumi Hiyori?” (Hiyori)

“Oh, I heard of the name. My friend likes anime and stuff… Eh, aren’t you actually a pretty big celebrity?” (Mafuyu)

“Don’t worry about it. Right now, I’m just a lover of alcohol – Hasekura Hiyori.” (Hiyori)

The living room seems to be as vibrant as ever.

“…This is nice, isn’t it?” (Souma)

As I fry the second batch, I quietly mutter to myself, careful not to let anyone hear.

──── Suddenly, a disturbance arose.

“Hey, Souma? Souma, come here!” (Hiyori)

The second batch of chicken that I had thought would be enough was also gone, and now we were leisurely enjoying our post-meal chat.

Shizuka and I were drinking the beer Hiyori gave us, while Mafuyu-chan was sipping on mineral water she had brought.

As for Hiyori, she had long since finished her beer ─── she emptied her 9% strong can and her second strong can not too long ago.

And that’s when it happened.

“Huh? Y-Yes!” (Souma)

At Hiyorin’s call which sounded completely different from the usual, I found myself standing up without even thinking. Shizuka and Mafuyu-chan also looked surprised and turned their gazes to Hiyorin.

“Come over here… Come and sit down.” (Hiyori)

Right now, Hiyorin was sitting across from me, Shizuka was sitting beside her and Mafuyu-chan was sitting beside me. I was confused and didn’t know what was happening, but I moved closer to Hiyorin nonetheless.

“Take a seat.” (Hiyori)

“Um…?” (Souma)

Hiyorin smoothly pulled out her chair and looked at me with an odd gaze.

With the chair pulled out, her healthy thighs were now clearly visible. She patted them with both hands.

The very legs that made me go “Ero~1” during LIVE performances were now right in front of me.

They looked pale and smooth, and to be honest, they were so visually captivating that it felt like a sight to behold.

“Take a seat.” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin repeated herself.

I don’t understand. Sit where?

What’s gotten into Hiyorin?

“…” (Souma)

I sent SOS glances to Mafuyu-chan and Shizuka, but both of them were completely stunned and utterly useless.

“Where… do you want me to sit?” (Souma)

The current Hiyorin seemed like a ticking bomb, ready to explode at any moment, making even talking to her intimidating.

“Mm.” (Hiyori)

*Pat pat*

With a deadpan expression, Hiyorin continued to lightly pat her own thighs.

Wha… What is this…?

Could it be that she’s asking me to sit there…?

Was it because today’s fried chicken was made from chicken thighs2, so she is trying to convey her gratitude by having me sit on her thighs…?

If that’s the case, maybe I should have made it from chicken breast.

“S-So, you want me to sit there…?” (Souma)

“Mm.” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin nodded with a blush on her face. She was obviously drunk without even needing to confirm it.

“N-No, that’s really not appropriate!” (Souma)

Before I knew it, Shizuka and Mafuyu-chan were giving me fierce glares that could be compared to hannya-like demons3.

(Are you going to take advantage of a drunk woman, you bastard?)

(Onii-chan… I’m disappointed in you.)

Those words seemed to echo in my ears.

“Just come here, already!” (Hiyori)

“Whoa!” (Souma)

I was suddenly pulled and embraced tightly. Before I knew it, I found myself sitting on top of Hiyorin.

Feeling the sensation of her soft thigh against my butt and the even softer breast against my back… I froze. Her arm wrapped around my waist and started squeezing me like a playful lover’s embrace.


In my mind, a spotlight shined on the cool and charismatic Hiyorin who was spinning around, captivating the audience during a LIVE performance.

Don’t connect the two together. Don’t link the soft and warm sensation I’m currently experiencing, with that image.

If I connect them… I’m sure I’ll never see things the same.

“Wh-Wh-What are you doing?!” (Shizuka)

“Onii-chan, you’re being indecent!!” (Mafuyu)

In the end, I was somehow rescued by the two panicked girls who stood up and separated us. I felt both a sense of relief and disappointment.

“Haah…Haah…” (Souma)

“Mmm~~~ Delicious!” (Hiyori)

Watching Hiyori open her fourth can with a smile, I came to a certain realization.

…This person is definitely a heavy drinker.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Well, that wasn’t that bad… I mean it could have been worse, and who knows what she is thinking at that moment. At least MC got to enjoy the moment while it lasted.

Btw Mafuyu did start calling him Souma again at the start but switched back to Onii-chan at the end.

Sorry if the translation kinda sucked this chapter, I got no idea how to string some of these sentences together.

Illustration of drunk Hiyori

“Come over here… Come and sit down.”


  1. Ero is you know, erotic
  2. I mean, I know I put chicken legs for the previous chapters. The raw actually states chicken thighs and I thought ChatGPT was a giving me a mistranslation. Sorry don’t really know much about cooking, I only heard of chicken legs.
  3. I don’t know what is Hannya, but I know hannya masks are masks with demon faces on them. So just imagine that the faces they are making is the mask.
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I dont think I’ve ever read of seen a girl wanting a guy to sit on her lap that’s not a joke haha.


man really winning at the neighbor gacha huh


A hannya mask is a mask used in Noh theater and represents a female demon filled with jealousy and resentment. So hannya is just the name of the type of mask. It looks like this: