ODL – Chapter 2 – Uploading Photos Is Full Of Dangers

I thought girls tend to have a lot of luggage, but surprisingly, the new neighbor didn’t have as much luggage as I expected.

“I think I can handle the cardboard boxes over here by myself. Can I just ask for your help with the computer equipment?” (Rinjou)

“Sure. What is the layout?” (Souma)

The unnecessarily spacious 2LDK apartment already had large appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, and bed inside. What remained were just a few cardboard boxes and a huge computer and related equipment.

“Um… I think the computer should go in the room with the bed. Maybe start by moving it closer to the desk.” (Rinjou)

“Got it.” (Souma)

I leaned back and lifted the computer. The heavyweight is transmitted through my whole body. There was no way Rinjou-san could have carried this alone. I thought I might be a bit meddlesome, but I’m glad that I could help.

Following her instructions, I entered the private room (presumably) and saw an L-shaped table and a bed.

I placed the computer next to the table as told. Her computer was a well-known gaming brand. it seems that Rinjou-san might enjoy playing games.

“Thanks! As expected of a guy, you’re quite strong!” (Rinjou)

“Don’t poke me.” (Souma)

Brushing off Rinjou-san, who was poking my side, we returned to the living room. There was still plenty of other equipment waiting to be moved.

Besides, if she keeps poking me like that, I might start getting attracted to her. I don’t really know how to handle a girl being nice to me like this.

“So, what should I do next? Should I carry the monitor and other stuff? Damn, there is really a lot here.” (Souma)

Trying to hide my embarrassment, I changed back the subject.

“I work with computers, you know. Even after holding a “survival tournament” between my equipment when moving, this is what’s left.” (Rinjou)

“Seriously? You managed to reduce it to this…” (Souma)

In front of me, there were three monitors, several sturdy monitor arms, multiple microphones, several speakers, and various other precision-like devices whose purpose I couldn’t even comprehend.

It was an overwhelming amount of equipment that seemed unnecessary for one person. It felt like she could start a small company with all this equipment.

“Yeah, that’s right. I left one computer at my parent’s place. Well then, can I ask you to handle the monitors next? I need them placed in a specific position.” (Rinjou)

“Sure thing.” (Souma)

And so, our first joint work went smoothly.

In truth, this is the first time I had entered a girl’s room since elementary school, but Rinjou-san’s room had no special atmosphere. It was simply filled with a bed and computer equipment, so I didn’t feel particularly nervous.

In the end, I ended up helping with various tasks around the living room, and by the time we finished, it has turned dusk.

There was a little mishap along the way when I opened a random cardboard box and a pair of colorful underwear flew out from it, but I stubbornly insisted, “I didn’t see anything” and got away with it.

I consider myself a man who respects a woman’s modesty, especially when it comes to a woman wearing light blue underwear.

“…………Phew, we’re done!!! Thanks a lot, Tendou-kun!” (Rinjou)

“You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help.” (Souma)

I stretched my arms and shoulders, trying to loosen up the tight muscles. I could feel a pleasant fatigue building up throughout my body. I am going to take a nice, relaxing bath today.

“Oh man, having a kind neighbor like you really saved me! I would never have finished this alone.” (Rinjou)

“Well, yeah. It’s a mystery how you planned to move all this computer equipment by yourself.” (Souma)

“Nnya, I totally forgot that I was supposed to have the moving company take care of it. tehe~” (Rinjou)

As Rinjou-san scratched her head while saying that, she looked quite cute.

…This cute girl is going to be my neighbor from today onwards. I felt an inexplicable excitement enveloping me.

“Oh, right. Should we exchange contact information? I would like to get along with my neighbor, and I also want to thank you for today.” (Rinjou)

“Contact information? Is Rime1 okay?” (Souma)

“Yeah! …Furufuru~!” (Rinjou)

As Rinjou-san said that, she shook her smartphone. Rime had a feature that allowed the exchange of contact when you shake your phones in close proximity. Although I had heard about this function during my time at university, it was my first time using it.

“…Ah.” (Souma)

Uncertain of the proper strength to use, I hesitantly shook my phone. As a result, the profile “Rinjou Shizuka (林城静)” was registered on my phone.

“Shizuka (しずか) is that right? How do I read it?” (Souma)

“Yeah! That’s correct… Souma-kun, is that right?” (Rinjou)

“That’s right. I’m Tendou Souma, nice to meet you, Rinjou-san.” (Souma)

As I said that and put my phone back in my pocket, Rinjou-san tilted her head and gazed at me curiously.

“??? Shizuka is fine, you know? We’re the same age.” (Rinjou)

“R-Right, then, Shizuka, nice to meet you.” (Souma)

“Yeah, from now on, let’s get along, Souma-kun!” (Shizuka)

With a playful tap of her smartphone against my chest, Shizuka smiled, and I felt like I might already be falling for her.

Stop it, don’t call me easy.

“Aah, I’m back…” (Souma)

After taking a longer-than-usual bath to relax, I rolled on my bed, gazing at my smartphone.

“(Alright, as promised, I will be eating the super spicy Peyoung. Well, I’m glad the convenience store near my new place sells it.)” (Henrietta)

I turned my smartphone to the side and watched Ette-sama’s stream.

The stream title was “Moving Celebration! Taking on the Ultra Super Spicy Peyoung Challenge!”

I wasn’t sure if eating super spicy yakisoba was a custom in any specific region of Japan when moving, but it seemed like a commemorative event. Well, there are streams of soba sometimes, so it might be something similar.

Comments: 『Did you get the ultra super spicy one for real?』

Comments: 『Been waiting for this!』

Comments: 『If you can’t finish it, I’ll give you 1000 pelica.』

“(I bought it for real! The one with a demon’s face on the package, right? Honestly, the packaging itself makes it look like it’s not meant for human consumption…)” (Henrietta)

Comments: 『You should have some yogurt ready.』

Comments: 『Let’s go!』

Comments: 『Ah, I can see what’s going to happen.』

“…I’m getting hungry.” (Souma)

Though I wasn’t necessarily craving the super spicy Peyoung, my stomach was growling loudly.

During the day, I had been helping with the move, and it hit me that I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch. No wonder I’m hungry.

“But, there’s hardly anything in the fridge…” (Souma)

If I recall correctly, this morning I must have used up the last of the eggs. I was planning to go shopping today, but things didn’t work out.

“Well, I guess it’s fine to go to the convenience store for a change.” (Souma)

Once I decided on it, I quickly got ready to leave. The convenience store was quite close, so I could be back before Ette-sama finished eating.

I hurried to the convenience store, still wearing my pajamas, which also served as my sweatshirt.

“…Wow, it’s selling like crazy.” (Souma)

Curiosity got the better of me, and I scanned the cup ramen section, where I found the rumored super spicy Peyoung.

Moreover, the front row of it was already gone. Someone had bought it.

Could it be that there are people out there who want to eat it for reasons other than YouTube challenges? The world might be much bigger than I thought.

Feeling the vastness of the world, I decided to pick up a large portion of meat sauce pasta from the pasta corner. Of course, I ignored the super spicy Peyoung altogether.

“(Ngyaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! …Ngghhh… Haah, haah, haaahhhhh!)” (Henrietta)

Ette-sama’s stream had turned into a hellish scene of screaming and agony.

As a measure to prevent doxxing, VTubers rarely use cameras during their broadcasts. The same was true for Ette-sama’s stream this time. There was no camera set up to show how much of the Peyoung was being eaten.

So, on the screen, there was only a 3D model of a smiling princess.

This smiling princess was screaming as if she were undergoing medieval torture in which her human dignity was being completely trampled upon.

Comments: 『LOL』

Comments: 『Off character LOL』

Comments: 『Ette-sama can play the role of a corrupted character!』

The comment section was filled with perverted individuals who took pleasure in seeing their favorite VTuber suffer. Is this the Third Street of Hell?

“…Well, she finally did it for real.” (Souma)

I casually murmured while slurping my completely non-spicy meat sauce pasta.

I never thought of Ette-sama as someone who would do these kinds of reaction-based things, but yeah, it might be nice to see her do this once in a while. I admit I’m also a bit of a pervert.

“(It’s so spicy! It’s sooooo spicy! Someone help meeeee!)” (Henrietta)

“……Haha.” (Souma)

Her intense plea for help was as if a murderer was holding a knife to her, and I couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

By the way, she mentioned that she just moved, but I wonder if there are any noise issues. She seems to be screaming quite loudly. Well, she’s a popular VTuber, so maybe she lives in a well-equipped apartment with proper soundproofing.

*Hafu, haff!* *Zuruzuru Zuruu!* Haah, spicy! Haah, spicy! Haah, spicy!!!! *Zuruzuruuu!* *Gofuuu!*” (Henrietta)

Ette-sama was currently engaged in a fierce battle with a fire dragon, and there was no trace of the usual sleep-inducing ASMR onee-san anywhere.

However, I felt that she wasn’t just a character created for entertainment. There was something about her that made her feel like a real person, and I strangely felt a sense of familiarity with her.

And after several hours of intense battle, the long-awaited moment finally arrived.

“(…I ate it…! I did it, everyone…! Aaaahhh, it hurts! Itta-tatata-ta!)” (Henrietta)

Comments: 『Hahhhhh』

Comments: 『Seriously, that’s amazing.』

Comments: 『As expected of our princess.』

“(Sorry, everyone…! Things got a bit intense, so…! For now, I’ll call it a day! I’ll just upload some pictures to Twitter, so… See you!)” (Henrietta)

And so, the legendary night came to an end.

The Twitter trends were already filled with “Ette-sama” and “Super Spicy Peyoung”.

It’s quite rare for a virtual idol — who sells an idol image, to do such a daring role-play, and the fact that Ette-sama showed a demon-like battle was incredibly surprising. Honestly, my impression of Ette-sama changed a lot today. I used to think she was a straightforward, pure character. Well, there’s no doubt I’ve grown to like her even more. I’m sure other fans feel the same way.

“Oh, by the way…” (Souma)

Ette-sama said she would upload pictures of the Peyoung, right?

I quickly checked her Twitter, and there was a post with a picture just one minute ago. It already had 2000 retweets. The post showed her desk, keyboard, and an empty Peyoung container covered in bright red sauce. She really ate all of that.

“Hmm?” (Souma)

I felt a strong sense of déjà vu and stared at the photo.

It wasn’t the Peyoung that caught my attention. it was the equipment near it.

This is…

“…No way, isn’t that our neighbor?!” (Souma)

…It was undoubtedly the items that I had sweated to carry over for her.

Illustration of Shizuka moving

“I think I can handle the cardboard boxes over here by myself. Can I just ask for your help with the computer equipment?”

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I don’t know MC, handling that much computer equipment would make me pretty nervous. I won’t dare to carry a single monitor.

Wow Shizuka, getting exposed day 1. I see she is speedrunning Getting Exposed Any%.


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