ODL – Chapter 22 – Yandere, Minase Mafuyu

After that, the peaceful days continued for the next 2 weeks.

As usual, Shizuka kept posting pictures of my cooking, falsely claiming that she made tham, and managed to maintain her status as ‘Ette-sama the Domestic Goddess’ on Twitter. Thanks to Ette-sama’s fans replying with comments like ‘Looks delicious!’ in response, I couldn’t help but feel secretly happy.

Moreover, her habits of tidying up didn’t quite stick, and I found myself doing a thorough cleaning for her once a week. I hope she will graduate from living in a dump soon.

On the other hand, Hiyorin and I started having frequent drinking sessions at home.

Occasionally, we drink a bit too much and get rowdy, but for the most part, we are able to spend relaxed and laid-back times together.

I also got to hear some valuable anecdotes1, such as behind-the-scenes stories with other voice actors from Zanimaus and details about their live performances. We’re planning to have a Zanimasu live viewing party next time, so I’m looking forward to it already.

Although, I haven’t seen Mafuyu-chan much lately…

After that one time, she came to Souma-kai, we haven’t crossed paths much, not even at university.

The only time we do see each other is during the ‘Information Media Studies’ lecture, but Mafuyu-chan is always with her friend Arisa-chan, making it hard to approach her. That’s why Mafuyu-chan and I have grown a bit distant recently.

── On a certain day, during a day off.


The mechanical sound of the intercom resonates through the living room.

“Who is looking for me in the middle of the day like this?” (Souma)

I check the monitor somewhat curiously, and appearing before me, was not Shizuka, nor Hiyorin, but surprisingly, it was Mafuyu-chan. What’s more, behind her were sturdy men carrying cardboard boxes and furniture towards the vacant door.

“No way────” (Souma)

Could she have moved in?

Suppressing my growing anticipation, I open the front door, and Mafuyu-chan’s face lights up with a bright smile.

“Onii-chan… I did it♪” (Mafuyu)

“So, did your Mom gave you permission to move?” (Souma)

“Well, I kinda pushed my luck a bit. But when I mentioned your name, she said, ‘Then it’s safe’. Mom wanted to meet you too, onii-chan.” (Mafuyu)

“That brings back memories. Next time, you should let me know so I can help.” (Souma)

I naturally found myself helping Mafuyu-chan unpack her things.

By evening, we had mostly finished tidying up, and now we were mostly chatting while leisurely moving things around.

By the way, at some point, Shizuka had poked her head out from Mafuyu-chan’s front entrance to see how things were going.

If I didn’t know her, she would look totally suspicious. I wonder if Hiyorin felt the same way when she moved in…?

This girl is quite the scatterbrain.

“Anyways,… I’m relieved. We haven’t been able to talk much lately, Mafuyu-chan. I started wondering if maybe you didn’t like me anymore.” (Souma)

“As if I could ever dislike onii-chan, even if the world ended.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan tilts her head as if wondering why I was asking such a stupid question.

I thought she was avoiding me… I guess it was just my imagination?

Anyway, I’m relieved it was just a misunderstanding.

Shizuka, Hiyorin, and now Mafuyu-chan.

With Mafuyu-chan moving in, all of my neighbors are now familiar faces. Life is shaping up to be quite enjoyable, isn’t it?

“Oh right, onii-chan. I want you to take this.” (Mafuyu)

After saying that, Mafuyu-chan clasps both of my hands tightly in hers.

Amidst the warm sensation, I can feel the presence of something solid.

“──── Is this a key?” (Souma)

Mafuyu-chan’s hands slowly let go.

What remains in my palm is a key with a very familiar design.

“I thought I’d give you a spare key.” (Mafuyu)

A spare key…?

I stare at the key that was handed to me.

The design looks similar to the one to my house. This is definitely a key to one of our apartments.

Yet, there’s something I don’t understand.

“…………Why are you giving me a spare key?” (Souma)

Spare keys are something couples give each other when they are considering living together or getting married, right?

I don’t even need to dig up memories to know that there’s no reason for Mafuyu-chan to give me a spare key.

I haven’t been drinking with anyone but Hiyorin lately, so there’s no way I could have asked for something like this unknowingly. Besides, we have been growing a bit distant recently.

Mafuyu-chan tilts her head in response to my question as if wondering why I’m even asking. I find it a bit strange to see her tilting her head like that.

“Onii-chan. You are my onii-chan, right?” (Mafuyu)

Technically not true.

I want to say that, but I’m overwhelmed by Mafuyu-chan’s odd intimating presence. I can’t do anything but nod. Your eyes aren’t smiling, Mafuyu-chan. When a beauty has a serious expression, it’s a bit intimidating.

“Uh, yeah…” (Souma)

I slowly nod my head a couple of times.

“Siblings shouldn’t keep any secrets from each other, right? Since you’re my onii-chan, I’m not going to hide anything.” (Mafuyu)

The Mafuyu-chan in front of me doesn’t resemble the one I know. I can feel a chill run down my spine.

Taking a step closer, Mafuyu-chan places her palm against my chest and looks up at me with a sharp gaze that makes it difficult to turn away.

“────Onii-chan, you feel the same way, right?” (Mafuyu)

“Y-Yeah, that’s right. You’re absolutely right.” (Souma)

I nodded without fully understanding what Mafuyu-chan was saying. It was a reaction driven by my survival instinct. Right now, I just want to ease the tension with Mafuyu-chan. I want her to go back to normal.

The Mafuyu-chan who had the same expression throughout suddenly breaks into a smile.

“I’m glad, onii-chan. I’m relieved you feel the same way. So, onii-chan’s spare key… give it to me.” (Mafuyu)

When did I go wrong?

Mafuyu-chan holds out her hand, requesting a spare key. Upon closer look, her eyes seem devoid of life, and it felt like a punishment directed at me for some mistake I couldn’t quite pinpoint.

God, please. Please return Mafuyu-chan to her normal self.

Such a plea wouldn’t reach anyone, and I found myself surrendering the spare key to Mafuyu-chan.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I wish we had an illustration of this lol. My man basically just gave his soul to the devil.

You know in the light novel, it looks like Shizuka is the focus for vol 1 while Hiyori is the focus for vol 2. That means that Mafuyu is gonna be the focus for vol 3 — which could be the last depending on whether the MC survives it or not.


  1. Anecdote is a short amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person.
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