ODL – Chapter 26 – Was It All a Lie!?

[Souma PoV]

“Let me be clear. It’s impossible.” (Souma)

“No way…” (Shizuka)

Seated at the usual table, Shizuka dropped her head like a scolded child in front of their mother.

“(I have something important to tell you)” ── When I received that message from Shizuka, I quickly returned home, only to be presented with an outrageous story.

“I could help with cleaning the room and all, but no matter how you look at it, turning Shizuka into a good cook is an impossible feat. Have you even held a knife before?” (Souma)

Etto… Maybe the last time was during elementary school cooking class… but that got taken away too…” (Shizuka)

“It already started back then, huh? You’re really experienced.” (Souma)

Elementary school cooking classes are taught based on the assumption that the students lack cooking experience to some extent. What on earth did you do to have the knife taken away? You weren’t swinging it around, were you?

“Maybe it would be better to explain the situation to Zeria-chan and get her help for this off-collab?” (Souma)

Shizuka and Zeria-chan had never met in person, but they seemed to have a good relationship. If Shizuka told her the truth, she might be willing to cooperate.

“Ugh… Is that really the only option?” (Shizuka)

Shizuka groaned deeply, clearly reluctant. I understand that it’s embarrassing, but there is no other way.

Cooking isn’t a game. It involves handling knives and other tools. If I taught her half-heartedly and Shizuka got hurt, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.

“It’s for Shizuka’s sake too, you know. If you want to take your time and learn, I’m more than willing to teach you.” (Souma)

“…I guess that’s fine.” (Shizuka)

Is it really okay?

Thinking that women should be the ones to cook is an outdated idea nowadays, but I still think it could be helpful to at least learn some cooking skills.

“Anyways… The extent of my help goes only as far as tidying up your room. Based on that, decide what you want to do next.” (Souma)

“Ugh, fine…” (Shizuka)

Shizuka collapsed onto the table with a face that seemed to say the world was ending.

Well, I figured this day might come sooner or later.

[Shizuka PoV]

“(EHHHHHHHH?! You can’t cook at all?!)” (Zeria)

“(Y-Yeah… Sorry for lying…)” (Henrietta)

On that evening, I decided to tell Zeria-chan the truth. We were currently in a voice call, this time it is not for the purpose of the usual stream.

“(Man~ I’m a bit… I can’t believe it. I mean, looking at your tweets, you were totally into it, weren’t you?)” (Zeria)

“(Ugh… I got a little carried away… Haha…)” (Henrietta)

[Today’s dinner is Mapo Eggplant♪ The hidden touch of sansho pepper makes it perfect for a hot day like today! #EtteMeal]

[Today, I made Potato Galette~. It’s my first time making French cuisine, but I’m relieved it turned out delicious! #EtteMeal]

[Once in a while, I make Japanese food. Today, it’s Nikujaga (meat and potatoes stew)! Are you Team Curry or Team Nikujaga? ♡ #EtteMeal]

…I want to die.

Now that the truth was out, I felt the urge to erase my past tweets from Zeria-chan’s mind.

Ugh… It’s too embarrassing…

“(Seriously~ I can’t believe you weren’t really making those dishes… Are? If you didn’t make them, then who did?)” (Zeria)

“(Well, my neighbor helped me…)” (Henrietta)

“(Hmm~~ Ah! Is it the same person who helped you unpack your stuff when you moved?)” (Zeria)

“(Eh!? Yeah, but… you still remember that?)” (Henrietta)

I think I mentioned it on the day I moved.

“(Yeah~ but you said it was a guy, right? They must be quite feminine to be so good at cooking…)” (Zeria)

“(Right… Sometimes I feel that our gender roles are reversed…)” (Henrietta)

Although I said that, I didn’t really think so.

I know a lot of masculine things about Souma-kun. No matter how skilled he is at household chores, in my mind, he’s a pretty cool guy.

“(Heh~ So does that mean you’re having dinner at this person’s place every night?)” (Zeria)

“(Yeah, something like that…)” (Henrietta)

“(…Are you guys, like, dating?)” (Zeria)

“(D-Dating?! Wh-Why would you say something like that all of a sudden!?)” (Henrietta)

Zeria-chan’s sudden remark caught me off guard, and I almost choked on the café au lait I was drinking.

“(Well, I mean… If you think about it, it kinda looks that way. Are you just going to cook for someone you’re not interested in? That’s not normal.)” (Zeria)

“(Huh…)” (Henrietta)

Is that true…? Does Souma-kun see me that way…?

Come to think of it, he told me that he enjoys being with me. I think he mentioned something about liking me at one point.

Hehe~ that makes me happy…

“(I-Is that so? That might not sit well with someone else though… Hehe~)” (Henrietta)

“(Someone else? What does that mean?)” (Zeria)

“(Ah, there are four of us eating together. HIm, plus two other women…)” (Henrietta)

“(Huh!? W-What’s up with that, is this some kind of harem anime or something?! Ette, when did you become part of a harem?)” (Zeria)

“(H-Harem…?)” (Henrietta)

Is it like that…? Although, if it means that I could be in a relationship with Souma-kun, I don’t really mind being part of a harem…

“(I’m getting kind of interested in this guy. Since you need my help with the EtteMeal thing, can you introduce me to him?)” (Zeria)

Lured in by the promise of her cooperation for the EtteMeal, I ended up inviting Zeria-chan to my apartment.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

…And the cats out of the bag. Big takeaway here is that Shizuka approves of a harem and Zeria gonna meet MC next chapter. It’s basically Harem or yandere wins at this point.


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Thanks for the chapter! Souma you lucky guy

I am definitely on the harem side here, no question LOL


Thanks for the new chapter! Harem is definitely better than a yandere situation.


If a heroine explicitly says she doesn’t mind being part of a harem, it’s pretty much guaranteed to happen.