ODL – Chapter 31 – Announcement on Establishment of [Virtual Real] Male Talent Division

[Shizuka PoV, in a voice call with Zeria]

“(Hey, did you tell Tendou-san about that matter?)” (Zeria)

“(I could tell him, but I don’t think he’ll do it. Souma-kun is just an ordinary person, and he seems busy.)” (Henrietta)

────That matter.

Since the off-collab stream, Zeria-chan has been obsessed with this topic.

“(For now, I want you to try inviting him. Actually, I already told our manager that ‘I got an idea’.)” (Zeria)

“(Ehh… you’re deciding things on your own again…)” (Henrietta)

First with the off-collab and now with this… Souma-kun, I’m so sorry for always involving you.

“(I’m ok with going along with what you want, but please don’t involve other people on your own. This is just like last time.)” (Henrietta)

“(I’m sorry… but I suggested that off-collab based on the idea that Ette was the one preparing the dishes…)” (Zeria)

“(Ugh… I’m sorry about that…)” (Henrietta)

Right… Well, that was my fault.

“(Anyway, I’m begging you! Tendou-san can definitely do it!)” (Zeria)

“(Well, first of all, I don’t think he will be interested…)” (Henrietta)

I looked at the email I received from the manager a while ago.

────『Announcement on Establishment of [Virtual Real] Male Talent Division』

“… I wonder if he will really accept it.” (Shizuka)

Souma-kun as a VTuber?

…I can’t really picture it for some reason.

But if he does debut in [Virtual Real], there is a chance that we can play together. That means that we could spend more time together. 

We can be a close-knit duo—maybe people will even ship us. That… yeah, that sounds nice.

“(……Hehe.)” (Henrietta)

“(Ette? What’s going on?)” (Zeria)

“(Oh, sorry, it’s nothing! Anyway, I’ll go ask him!)” (Henrietta)

“(Thank you! If Tendou-san becomes a colleague, I can legally go eat at Ette’s place!)” (Zeria)

“(Is that your real motive…)” (Henrietta)

I opened Rime and searched for Souma-kun’s name.

[Souma PoV]

“────Me… as a VTuber?” (Souma)

A topic that far exceeded my expectations caused my hand, which was busy picking up trash, to involuntarily pause. Shizuka continued while casually stuffing small pieces of garbage into a plastic bag.

“Actually, our agency is planning to establish a new division for male talents. It’s not formally announced yet, but I think auditions will start soon. However, they reached out to us first, asking if we had anyone in mind.” (Shizuka)

Up until now, there had only been female talents in [Virtual Real]. There were some agencies with only male talents, others with only female talents, and some with both, but it’s quite rare for them to change halfway through like this.

“So… you’re recommending me?” (Souma)

Shizuka nodded. She acted as if her decision was the most natural thing in the world… I don’t understand what Shizuka was thinking.

……When they say ‘anyone in mind’, I don’t think it means that she is supposed to just introduce any guy she knows. I’ve heard that those who become VTubers are usually people who already have experience with streaming. I am sure this is especially true for top agencies in the VTuber industry like [Virtual Real].

I’ve never done any streaming, let alone debates or speeches. It’s not like I’m particularly bad at public speaking, but doing it in front of tens of thousands of people is a different story. I don’t know what the recruitment process for VTubers is like, but wouldn’t it mostly involve being rejected through applications or interviews?

“I’m sorry, but that’s impossible. Do you really think I can do it, Shizuka?” (Souma)

I don’t think so.

Naturally, I expected that response to come back. I had only asked on a whim, thinking that would be the end of the conversation.

However, Shizuka’s response was different.

“………I don’t know if you can or not. But I just thought it would be nice if I could play with Souma-kun.” (Shizuka)

Upon hearing this unexpected response, I turned to look at Shizuka who was gazing at me.

When our eyes met, Shizuka blushed slightly and gave a shy smile.

“If something happens, Zeria-chan and I can support you. How about giving it a try?” (Shizuka)

Shizuka extended her hands toward me.

────Perhaps it was because her expression was oddly reassuring.

… Even though we were both holding trash in one hand, which didn’t exactly create the most elegant scene, I grasped Shizuka’s hand in return.

I probably won’t make it past the interview stage anyways, so I guess it’s okay to at least listen to what they have to say.

“Passed.” (Talent Manager)

“Eh…?” (Souma)

…Perhaps there wasn’t even a formal interview at all.

Because, without being informed of the details, I was brought to the [Virtual Real] HQ in a prime location within the business district by Shizuka and Miyabi-chan. Although the two of them said I didn’t need to bring anything, I took it upon myself to consider it an interview and stashed my resume in my bag just in case. It’s still in my bag by the way. In fact, it hasn’t even been a full minute since we met face-to-face.

“What does that mean…?” (Souma)

“It means that you passed. Congratulations, you are now part of the first generation of the [Virtual Real] Male Division.” (Talent Manager)

Seated across from me in the clean but sterile meeting room, the woman in a suit repeated the word “passed”. Her glasses had a plain design that seemed to erase any personal flair1. By the way, Miyabi-chan and Shizuka are waiting outside the meeting room.

“Passed”… as in, THAT kind of passed?

The kind of “passed” you get in entrance exams, tests, and assessments… that one?

“H-hey, wait a minute. I haven’t────” (Souma)

“To be honest, I had already decided from the beginning. After all, Zeria and Henrietta were really pushing for it. In my mind, it was almost a done deal at that point. There were no other candidates either. So, the plan was to give you the green light as long as there were no issues when I saw you.” (Talent Manager)

“Wait… is it really okay to be this casual about it?” (Souma)

In response to my question, the woman replied without changing her expression.

“It’s not exactly casual. I did ask them about various things. For example… that you’re the one who makes Ette’s dishes. And it seems you were present during the off-collab. I did scold them about taking risks with that matter… but you did quite well supporting them.” (Talent Manager)

“I see…” (Souma)

While I understood the woman’s explanation, I still couldn’t fully comprehend it. What exactly led to my acceptance? Could it be that they would have accepted anyone who was an acquaintance?

“You seem to have strong household skills. The main target audience for the male division is women, and in that regard, it’s a valuable asset. Men who can handle household chores are well-received by women. It also helps garner empathy from them. Even my ex-boyfriend at first────well, maybe that’s not relevant. Anyway, you have some strong attributes. For a referral-based recruitment, you’re more than qualified.” (Talent Manager)

I didn’t understand what “referral-based recruitment” meant, but in summary, it seems that she has judged that I have what it takes to be a VTuber.

“Well, but… to be honest, I don’t have any experience with streaming.” (Souma)

Right, that’s the main issue. I have no experience with streaming.

I don’t want to get scolded later for not being upfront about this, so I need to mention this.

“So you’re worried about that. Have you ever watched the debut stream of any of our talents?” (Talent Manager)

I thought she would be surprised, but the woman in front of me remained unfazed.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t.” (Souma)

“I see… To be honest, debut streams are quite tough. Even our talents who can handle tens of thousands of viewers now were all tense and stiff back then during their debut streams2. This is true even for those with past experience with streaming. So, having some streaming experience or not doesn’t really make much of a difference. I believe it’s more important to have some strong qualities.” (Talent Manager)

“Is that so…” (Souma)

I could only vaguely nod in response.

If someone at the forefront of the industry says this, then it’s probably true. I don’t have any experience in the industry after all.

“Maya-chii, what happened!?” (Miyabi)

“Wait a sec, Zeria-chan!” (Shizuka)

*Bang* The door in the room bursts open, and Miyabi-chan and Shizuka rush in hastily.

“Of course he passed. Zeria, Henrietta, you found a golden egg.” (Maya?)

“Yay! See, Ette, I told you it’d be fine!” (Miyabi)

“No way…! Souma-kun, congratulations!” (Shizuka)

Shizuka rushes over to me. I smile back at her, still not quite grasping what’s going on.

In the overly relaxed atmosphere of the meeting room, I couldn’t help but feel oddly embarrassed and out of place, especially considering how I brought my resume with me for nothing.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Shizuka quite pushy with this one eh~?

If there is one thing I don’t watch on a VTuber channel, it’s the debut stream. It tends to be kinda cringe or maybe it’s just me. The only exception to this is the “A” clip.

I don’t really know about the male VTuber industry, so maybe MC will indeed be appealing to the female audience just like the talent manager said. They usually train you for like a couple of months before a debut, so probably don’t have to worry too much about the lack of streaming skills.

Btw, It was never mentioned who that lady was, so I just assume she’s the talent manager.

This is actually the end of the first WN volume. The second volume is still ongoing btw, so that is like the remaining 60+ chapters.


  1. Flair means stylishness and originality.
  2. If you’re not into VTubers, then I’ll give a bit of an explanation. The first live stream VTubers usually do is called a debut stream. Basically during this stream, they introduce themselves, their character setting, their mama (person who created their model), and maybe sing a song.
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