ODL – Chapter 38 – Thus, My First Livestream Ended in a Big Failure

“Um… Nice to meet you. I’m Otona Kodomo and yes I’m an adult.” (Kodomo)

Since there isn’t a specific character setting, my self-introduction ends up being pretty much like how I would normally introduce myself.

Comment: 『Are you really not an elementary school student?』

Comment: 『Something doesn’t feel right.』

Comment: 『Maybe you’re going through your rebellious phase?』

Chat sure likes treating me like a kid. Isn’t everyone being way too into my character? It’s obviously not possible for me to actually be an elementary schooler on the inside.

“Do I really seem like an elementary school student? I’m already a full-fledged adult, you know? No, I’m not going through a rebellious phase either. Um… as for things I like or am good at, I’m good at household chores in general, especially cooking my food and cleaning my room. Oh, and I also like Zanimasu. Everyone’s into Zanimasu, right?” (Kodomo)

Now that I think about it… Aren’t all my hobbies and skills related to household chores?

I’m starting to feel like I’m a really boring person. This is quite sad.

Comment: 『My little brother went crazy…』

Comment: 『You’re amazing for being good at household chores.』

Comment: 『What happened to your character setting? Go back to being an elementary schooler.』

Comment: 『You’re kind of cute.』

Comment: 『The sudden mention of Zanimasu is hilarious.』

Chat seems to be puzzled by the difference between my character and my actual self for some reason.

…See, this is why I said this model was a bad idea. It’s confusing but it’s too late to change now, right?

“I don’t really have a character setting. Unlike the others who have character settings, I’m the only one who got told by the manager to ‘just talk normally’. Well, even if I was told to act like an elementary schooler, I don’t think I am cut out for it. By the way, they created an elementary schooler model for me without even asking. Oh, but I do think the model looks cute so I really want to thank the person who made it for me.” (Kodomo)

I have a lot to say about my model, but I can at least thank the staff who worked hard to create this character.

Comment: 『What was that lol』

Comment: 『Can’t you talk like an elementary schooler? Try calling me Onee-chan.』

Comment: 『Are you being bullied?』

Comment: 『Impressive that you can still be considerate.』

Comment: 『Kodomo-chan has been through a lot huh.』

“Well, they told me I can do whatever I want. If anyone was expecting a full-blown ‘shota’ character, I apologize. And what’s with this onee-chan thing that everyone keeps mentioning?” (Kodomo)

There are multiple self-proclaimed onee-chans who have been appearing in chat every so often, what’s up with that? It’s kind of scary.

Comment: 『Don’t worry. Okaa-san here is okay with anything.』

Comment: 『I’m starting to think that this is actually pretty fun.』

Comment: 『It kind of feels like a parent watching over a child.』

Comment: 『Quite the late rebellious phase.』

Comment: 『This is chaotic lol.』

I was worried about any potential criticism I would receive, but chat turned out to be pretty kind. Maybe the viewers can indeed be like family.

…Of course, I am sure that there are criticisms of me somewhere out there.

“I would like to ask everyone about something. Um… Remember how I mentioned that I had a lot of things I wanted to do today? I need some ideas on what I should call all of you. Just sent whatever is relevant in chat.” (Kodomo)

After a while, I pulled up the list of ideas sent to me on the screen.

“First, the general term to refer to the viewers, right? Some options we have are ‘Onee-chans (Big Sister)’, ‘PTA’, ‘Papa’, ‘Okaa-san (Mom)’, ‘Cabbage White Larva1‘, ‘Curry Rice’… and many others similar to these.
Isn’t this a weird list? I mean, the most normal one here is ‘PTA2‘. On the other hand, I’m curious – do any of you want to be called ‘Cabbage White Larva’?” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『I don’t want to be called that lol』

Comment: 『Absolutely not.』

Comment: 『Onee-chan has a nice ring to it.』

Comment: 『PTA lol』

Comment: 『Okaa-san is okay too.』

Comment: 『I’m the one who sent Curry Rice.』

If you don’t want to be called that, why did you send them in the first place…

And as for the person who sent the Curry Rice suggestion, please leave immediately.

“We aren’t getting anywhere. Can you send something more suitable this time? Something decent and normal please.” (Kodomo)

I thought that decent suggestions would start pouring in…

…But, it seems I was mistaken.

Comment: 『Isn’t onee-chan fine?』

Comment: 『Obviously it has to be onee-chan.』

Comment: 『We’re all your onee-chan, right?』

And now chat is flooded with a list of self-proclaimed onee-chans.

Why are they multiplying? There were only a few of them a moment ago.

“…Is everyone being serious about this? I could understand this decision to some extent if I was playing an actual ‘shota’ character, but I’m just a regular adult, you know? Who is gonna want to be called onee-chan by such a person?”

Comment: 『Here.』

Comment: 『Me.』

Comment: 『I want to tease the Kodomo-chan.』

“For real… Wait, is this a conspiracy or something? Are you guys coming together to troll me?” (Kodomo)

No matter how you look at it, there are way too many of them. It feels like they have planned this beforehand…

…And then, at that moment…

Henrietta: 『I think onee-chan is nice』

Comment: 『Ette-sama!?』

Comment: 『Ette-sama is here LOL』

Comment: 『The senpai has arrived.』

Comment: 『Ette-sama-senpai, please say something to the Kodomo-chan.』

“…Huh?” (Kodomo)

The comments are now filled with Ette-sama’s name.

Rewinding the chat a bit, I see that Ette-sama, with an official mark next to her name, left a comment in the chat.

Shizuka… I’ll remember this.

Henrietta: 『How about we decide with a poll?』

Comment: 『That’s a good idea.』

Comment: 『As expected of Ette-sama.』

Comment: 『Let’s decide everything with a poll.』

“A poll?” (Kodomo)

It’s true that there is a poll feature on MeTube, which allows you to conduct polls in the chat.

“Sure, but… I don’t think ‘onee-chans’ is gonna win, you know? The people in chat are just a tiny fraction of the total viewers.” (Kodomo)

While it may seem like the Onee-chan faction is the majority at first glance, that’s only within those commenting in the chat. There’s no way all 50,000 viewers are actively chatting, and the majority likely have more sensible tastes.

Comment: 『Come on, let’s get on with it.』

Comment: 『It’s just a yes or no, right?』

“Alright, alright, just give me a moment.” (Kodomo)

As I say this, I move the cursor around.

How do you even use the polling feature…?

As I hover the cursor over various places, I receive a message on my phone.

“(The chart button near the chat section.)” (Shizuka)

Thank you, Shizuka. But I still won’t forgive you.

“Alright, I’m ready. I’ll leave it open for one minute.” (Kodomo)

The poll appears in the chatroom.

After a while, the poll results are displayed in the chat.


【Viewer General Term: Onee-chans】

Yes (92%)

No (8%)

Poll completed: 38,590 votes


“…Wha…?” (Kodomo)

I can’t help but let out a dumbfounded voice, unable to accept the reality in front of me.

Comment: 『It won by a landslide lol.』

Comment: 『Onee-chan victory.』

Comment: 『From now on, call us Onee-chans.』

The comments section suddenly went into a frenzy after the reveal. I’ll never forget catching a glimpse of Ette-sama’s “lol” within the chaos in chat.

“…Wait, do I really have to start calling everyone ‘onee-chans’ from now on?” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『Please do.』

Comment: 『That’s right.』

Comment: 『We won’t respond if you don’t call us onee-chans.』

“Seriously… It’s actually kind of embarrassing… But, is everyone really okay with ‘onee-chans’?” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『It’s perfect.』

Comment: 『Cute.』

Comment: 『I’m completely satisfied.』

I don’t understand where their enthusiasm comes from… Seriously, someone help me…

“I don’t get it… Well, whatever. Let’s go ahead and decide on the other tags. Today’s stream is supposed to end in 30 minutes, so let’s keep the momentum going!” (Kodomo)

I made use of the poll feature and continued to decide on tags one after another as my onee-chans have instructed.

…And here are the results:

Streaming tag: 『#KodomoOtokage (Komodo Dragon)』

Fan art tag: 『#AnkokuKaiga (Dark Art)』

Fan art tag to avoid using: 『#AnkokuKaigaReishiki (Dark Art Zero-Style)』

Fan name: 『Onee-chans (Big sister)』



“…I’ve had enough of you guys… That’s it for today’s stream…” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『He looks so done lol.』

Comment: 『You were cute.』

Comment: 『Any last message to your onee-chans?』

“Last message…? Uh, well… Onee-chans, thank you for joining the stream today. Please don’t come back ever again. Bye!” (Kodomo)

Comment: 『Bye~!』

Comment: 『I’ll come again.』

Comment: 『Please stream again soon~』

And so, my first live stream ended in a big failure…

…Apparently, 『#OtomaKodomo』 ranked at the top of the trending page on Twitter, and a large number of 『#AnkokuKaiga (Dark Art)』 fanarts were also created. But I didn’t have the energy to check Twitter and only learned about it later on another day.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Lmao “Don’t ever come back” he says.

Ouh MC, don’t you know that viewers will always do the exact opposite of what you say. You shouldn’t have said that Onee-chan wouldn’t win.

I am not sure what is the “Fan art tag to avoid using”. 

I managed to create a ChatGPT prompt to replace the open and closed inverted commas with the brackets for comments. Hooray! How didn’t I think about this solution earlier?

Btw since I’m being paid for my internship, I can afford to get a new website and hopefully get rid of all the small inconveniences I have to go through. I may be transferring to a new website which I may or may not use depending on if I can get it to work. It costs like $90/year to host so I hope you don’t mind if I plug in a few ads. Well, there are a lot of steps before that so I’ll keep you updated.


  1. Cabbage White is a kind of butterfly species.
  2. PTA is Parent-Teacher Association… I think? Idk I nvr heard of this term before.
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Thanks for the chapter and good luck to your intern!
Fan art tag to avoid using seems to mean an NSFW art. Not sure is it the case, especially when the character is, well you know…
I can Imagine Souma could have a slight fear everytime he stsrted streaming LOL


If an nsfw art tag isn’t made and slightly acknowledged by a popular vtuber, their nsfw fan art will be set to their normal fan art tag, and often the vtuber doesn’t want them to be mixed up if they have young fans also.


PTA is an entity that refers to activities and discussions held by the teachers to communicate with parents about their children. PTA was gold for me lmao