ODL – Chapter  49 – What kind of gathering is this?

“Shizuka, calm down for now. I’ll treat you to ice cream.” (Souma)

“Do you think I can be swayed by something as simple as ice cream? Right now, I’m a monster, Gawr~!” (Shizuka)

It seems that Shizuka has left behind any sense of ‘being embarrassed about being a public nuisance’. She tries to breathe fire toward me with both hands shaped like T-rex’s front jaw, and I can feel my face starting to get hot, not from the fire but from second-hand embarrassment. Also, that joke isn’t funny. All I can think of is how cute Shizuka is.

“Please, be quiet. I’ll buy you some Dazs1.” (Souma)

“Dazs!? Got it, I’ll be quiet. I’ll be a good Shizuka” (Shizuka)

“…cold.” (Mafuyu)

“Did you say something? In this weather, I’m more prone to get handsy than usual, Mafuyu2.” (Shizuka)

I suddenly felt a rapid drop in temperature, but it was probably due to the strange looks from people around me. It could also be because I happened to be standing in front of the refrigerated section with things like natto and pickles. I want to believe it’s not because of Shizuka constantly acting like a child. For the sake of her honor, at least.

“Souma-kun, can you lend me your basket?” (Shizuka)

“Why do you need it? You’re not going to put in snacks, are you?” (Souma)

“Do I look like a child? Just lend it to me, come on.” (Shizuka)

Shizuka snatches the basket from me. It’s nice to have one hand free, but I have no idea what she’s thinking.

“Um… like this… and then… like that.” (Shizuka)

“……Oi, what are you doing?” (Souma)

The basket had left my hand, but my hand didn’t stay free for long. Shizuka grabbed my hand with an awkward grip, intertwining our fingers one by one.

“There’s no reason why you can hold hands with Mafuyu but not me.” (Shizuka)

“That doesn’t mean that you have to hold my hand… How am I suppose to move like this?”  (Souma)

“Well~ I’m good at taking the lead, so don’t worry.” (Shizuka)

For some reason, both of my hands were tightly held by Mafuyu-chan and Shizuka. The last time something like this happened was during a school sports festival when we performed the “fan” formation during the group gymnastics portion3. It would have been fine if the two of them pulling on my hands were in sync, but they were moving in opposite directions, and my body felt like it was about to be torn in half. In that sense, it was just like the “fan” formation.

“Shizuka, if you’re going to be a nuisance, you can leave. We’re having curry today, so you don’t need to come with us.” (Mafuyu)

“Curry!? Then let’s go check out the roux4! I like mixing spicy and medium spicy!” (Shizuka)

“We are going to check out the meat first. If you’re going, go by yourself.” (Mafuyu)

“Both of you… don’t fight…” (Souma)

We’re getting stared at by everyone around us!

The ladies around us are staring like crazy!

They’re probably gossiping about us, saying, “Is this a battlefield?”

“Onii-chan, please send this troublemaker back to the apartment.” (Mafuyu)

“Souma-kun, kick this cheeky little sister out.” (Shizuka)

Different words were being poured into both of my ears, and my head was starting to feel like it might go crazy. I’m not Prince Shotoku5, after all.

“…Ah, that’s it! You two, just stay quiet and follow me!” (Souma)

If I kept up with these two, the day would end. I started walking, pulling them along with me.

“…Kyuuun.” (Shizuka)

“…Suki6.” (Mafuyu)

Surprisingly, both of them followed me quietly. I don’t know what’s gotten into them, but they obediently followed behind me, holding my hand.

“Shizuka, put that chicken in the basket. The one that says ‘thigh meat’.” (Souma)

Since both of my hands were occupied, I had to ask Shizuka, who was holding the basket, to do it.

“Chicken in curry?”

“We are making chicken curry. If you want, I can put in pork, but that’s all.” (Souma)

“Nnya, I’m curious, so chicken curry is fine. Come on, Mafuyu, put it in the basket. My hands are occupied, you know.” (Shizuka)

Hands are occupied?

I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on, but when I looked, it was quite obvious. Shizuka was holding my hand with one hand and holding the basket with the other. In other words, both of her hands were occupied. And Mafuyu was holding my hand with one hand. It was a ridiculous situation, but even though there were three of us, Mafuyu-chan is the only one with a free hand.

…Why on earth are we holding hands like this? It’s difficult to find a path that doesn’t block others with three of us lined up like this. I really wanted to release this fusion right away, but for some reason, I didn’t have the authority to do so.

“Is one pack enough?” (Shizuka)

“Yeah, one pack should be enough, it’s 300 grams.” (Mafuyu)

In a strangely synchronized manner, Mafuyu-chan and Shizuka coordinated nicely and put the chicken into the basket. People around us were mostly looking at me with eyes that seemed to say, “What is he doing?” You’re looking at the wrong person; I’m the victim here. Please help me.

“Alright, next, let’s go check out the curry roux.” (Souma)

“! I have been waiting for this moment!” (Shizuka)

We moved around, holding hands like idiots. If it were children, it would be a heartwarming parent-child scene, but sadly, the average age of the people on either side of me was 19. Somehow, these two feel more like ‘Otoma Kodomo7’ than me.

“Um, let me see… I think I liked one of these… When you mix one of the medium spicy ones with one of the hot ones, it tastes really good…” (Shizuka)

When we reached the curry roux section, Shizuka was eagerly pulling my hand while searching for something. I had a strange sense of déjà vu, and it soon clicked. It was similar to when Shizuka moved in and we went to buy a microwave. Back then, I never imagined Shizuka could be this clumsy.

“Maybe this one… Hmm, should I ask Mom?” (Shizuka)

As I casually observed Shizuka, who was getting so close to the package that it looked like her face might stick to it, the combination of “Shizuka and the supermarket” seemed hilariously out of place.

Wait, why was she even at the supermarket in the first place? Shizuka, who doesn’t cook for herself, could easily get by with convenience store food.

“Shizuka, why were you even at the supermarket?” (Souma)

In response to my question, Shizuka answered without looking at me.

“Hmm? I came to look for Yakult 10008. You know it’s popular now, Yakult 1000. I wanted to use it for a joke on my livestream, but they didn’t have it at the convenience store. Hmm… I think it was this one…” (Shizuka)

“Oh, Yakult 1000, right? It’s definitely popular these days.” (Souma)

Yakult 1000 is a probiotic drink that’s currently extremely popular. I think it became a trend after an influencer mentioned it on TV. They say it’s expected to help with better sleep if you drink it before bed, but I’ve never tried it. It seems to be sold out nationwide.

“You don’t seem like you have any sleep problems, do you?” (Souma)

“Nah, not at all. Once I lie down, I can fall asleep in 5 minutes.” (Shizuka)

“I thought so.” (Souma)

She does seem to be the least likely to have such problems. Among the apartment residents, Hiyorin is the one who I’d imagine might have sleep problems.

“Shizuka, still deciding?” (Souma)

“…Just a little more. I’ve narrowed it down to two.” (Shizuka)

She seemed to be aimlessly looking around, but apparently, she had narrowed down her choices. It was hard to tell because Shizuka’s hands were occupied, so she couldn’t make any obvious actions.

“…Alright, I’ve made a decision! Mafuyu, put this and this in the basket!” (Shizuka)

“Yes, yes.” (Souma)

Shizuka handed me the basket, and Mafuyu-chan followed her instructions, placing the curry roux boxes in it.

“Okay, that’s everything we need. Now, let’s go check out the drinks.” (Souma)

“Drinks?” (Shizuka)

“Weren’t you looking for Yakult 1000?” (Souma)

“Oh, right. I forgot.” (Shizuka)

And once again, the three of us moved in a stupid looking fashion.

“…I found it! Souma-kun, they have Yakult 1000!” (Shizuka)

“Really? That’s great. Just try not to make too much of a scene.” (Souma)

“…I’ll get one too.” (Mafuyu)

We added three bottles of the drinks to the basket and got in line at the checkout counter.

“…Oh? Is it not just the usual lovey-dovey couple today? What’s going on today?! Surrounded by flowers in both hands, aren’t you quite lucky, young man!” (Cashier lady)

“…Ugh.” (Souma)

The cashier was the same middle-aged woman who always treated us like a couple. It feels like we encounter her too often. There can’t be three of her, right?

“…Hmm?” (Souma)

My eyes caught the glimmering square acrylic hanging from the middle-aged woman’s chest. There, the supermarket’s logo was printed prominently, and right next to it, in bold Gothic letters, it said “Sato”.

…Wait, so when she mentioned “Sato-san at the cash register”, she was talking about this woman!

What kind of official recognition is this!?

“…Souma-kun, what does she mean by ‘the usual lovey-dovey couple’?” (Shizuka)

“Hyii…” (Souma)

With a strangely cold voice, I turned my head cautiously… and there was Shizuka, who had finally turned into a demon, glaring at me with piercing eyes.

“……Hmph.” (Shizuka)

For some reason, I heard Mafuyu-chan’s triumphant voice.

…That night, I would promptly drink the Yakult 1000. Please bring me a peaceful night’s sleep.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Longer chapter than usual. I might have made some mistakes since it was so long.

It’s nice seeing Shizuka finally making moves, and she’s quite bold too. 

Also, it’s been a while since she said ‘Nnya’. Maybe she actually said it more but I just missed it.


  1. Dazs is probably referring to Häagen-Dazs, a brand of ice cream in real life. It’s apparently popular in Japan for being associated with luxurious indulgence.
  2. No clue what this is saying. It’s something about hands? Raw is “何か言った?今の私はいつもより手が出やすいわよ真冬”
  3. No idea about this one either. Probably some gymnastic move? 
  4. Roux is a mixture of fat (especially butter) and flour used in making sauces. Tbh I’m not really sure what this is.
  5. Prince Shotoku was a politician of the Asuka period (592-710) in Japan. Idk why he was mentioned, maybe it’s because he has a harem?
  6. Suki means like but I’m sure you know that. I’m not sure what she is referring to so I kept it untranslated.
  7. Otoma Kodomo means adult child, if you don’t remember.
  8. Yakult 1000 is apparently a yakult drink that was extremely popular in Japan like a year ago for having some positive effects on sleep and stress levels…? It actually sold out there at one point. Maybe I should try it, but it’s not available in my country xd
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