ODL – Chapter  55 – A Horror Episode

“Um…  Mafuyu… san…?” (Souma)

Mafuyu-chan’s gaze, which felt heavy and cold even in the midst of the summer sun, pierced through me.

“…Um… lecture… we’re gonna be late…?” (Souma)

“……” (Mafuyu)

I held onto my trembling body, filled with an inexplicable chill, and slowly fumbled to lock the door of Shizuka’s house without taking my eyes off Mafuyu-chan. It felt like that famous Jurassic Park movie where the people slowly crept up to the door, so as not to provoke the dinosaurs.

After hearing a light *clink* sound coming from the door, I slowly pulled out the spare key and put it in my pocket. During all of this, I never took my eyes off Mafuyu-chan. No… I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Like a frog being stared down by a snake, I couldn’t move.

“……Just now…” (Mafuyu)

“Huh!?” (Souma)

Mafuyu-chan finally spoke, and I felt my shoulders tremble.

Why am I so intimidated by Mafuyu-chan? For some reason, my instincts were terrified of her.

“What were you doing at Shizuka’s house in the morning?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan glanced briefly in the direction of Shizuka’s house. Why is she giving me such a murderous look? 

“I don’t think it’s the case, but… you’re not going to tell me that you were there since last night, right?” (Mafuyu)

“Ah…” (Souma)

I tried to speak, but I noticed my throat was dry.

What’s going on here? What in the world is this? Why am I so scared?

“Why are you silent? Don’t tell me you really…” (Mafuyu)

No, it’s not like that!

I’m just too nervous to speak!

I desperately shook my head to signal that it wasn’t what she thought. Mafuyu-chan continued to stare at me as if she were the Enma Daio1 watching a condemned soul begging for their life in hell.

Perhaps the Enma Daio in front of me had grown tired of watching my plea for life, as she suddenly averted her gaze elsewhere. She continued to scrutinize my entire body in pajamas with just her eyes.

“…We’ll talk at the police station. Get changed for now.” (Mafuyu)

…Why a police station? I shivered and walked past Mafuyu-chan, seeking refuge in my own home.

Even though I had informed Mafuyu-chan that I was taking care of Shizuka who caught a cold, she continued to show me that scary look. Trembling with fear, I managed to make my way to the university. As I was leaving, she had forced me to make a promise to, “have a thorough discussion tonight.” Somehow, I had survived.

With all this on my mind, I sat through the morning lectures, thinking about Shizuka’s health and Mafuyu-chan. By the time I realized it, classes were already over. I hurriedly left the university and headed for Shizuka’s house. By the way, there were no messages from Shizuka. I wonder if she’s sleeping.


While standing in front of Shizuka’s house, I pondered about what I should do next.

After much deliberation, I decided to use the spare key. If I were to use the intercom, I might wake her up if she’s sleeping. I slowly turned the doorknob as quietly as possible and entered her house. The living room, with its curtains closed, was dimly lit, and the room was littered with trash, turning it into a natural minefield. I should definitely clean this soon…

I carefully navigated the minefield and reached the door of the bedroom and opened it with utmost caution.

…I had made a big mistake. The real minefield was just actually behind this door.

As I opened the door, Shizuka was sitting up in bed. She turned to look at the door which had just opened and at me with a puzzled expression.

…While half-naked.


“Uwawawawah!?” (Souma)

My brain momentarily shut down at the unexpected appearance of her skin.




…Apparently, when humans are confronted with events that exceed their brain’s processing capacity, their bodies become immobilized. I experienced that firsthand in the morning, and the situation is now repeating itself.

I knew I should leave immediately. I know that I should avert my gaze. Yet, my body remained stiff and refused to obey.

In other words, the reality was that I chose to stare at Shizuka’s completely exposed body.

“──Get out!!!” (Shizuka)

“Ugh!!” (Souma)

Something was thrown at my face. Upon closer inspection (not by choice), it turned out to be her sweat-soaked pajamas and bra. I was then forcefully thrown out of the bedroom.

Illustration of Shizuka Half-Naked

Watch your surroundings when opening this lol

“──Get out!!!”

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

What an eventful day for MC. But still… I was doubting my eyes when I saw the colored illustration of Shizuka half-naked lol. This thing was on the 2nd page of the vol 2 LN lol.

New series yay! This one is another laidback slice-of-life harem story. This one is called
I Got Fired from the Hero Party, So I Went Back to My Hometown, but All the Party Members Followed Me

And here is the first chapter.


  1. Enma Daio is a frightening and demonic entity from ancient Buddhist mythology. In general, he is seen as one of the thirteen judges of Hell who is responsible for ensuring every soul that ends up in Hell is given their proper amount of torture and stay which can last indefinitely.
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