ODL – Chapter 68 – Honna Miyabi’s Invasion

“Sorry for intruding (ojamasurussu)~!” (Miyabi)

With an energetic voice, Miyabi-chan, whose colorful hair could be mistaken for a flashy bird found in South America, entered my living room.  Every step Miyabi-chan took caused her eccentric black and orange head to sway, making it seem like just watching her was enough to make one happy. Despite this, I couldn’t exactly feel happy when she showed up unannounced.

“Souma-san, long time no see!” (Miyabi)

“Welcome, Miyabi-chan. What’s the sudden visit for?” (Souma)

After washing the dishes used during Souma-kai, I placed the last dish on the rack and returned to the living room. Miyabi-chan had already taken a seat at the dining table without waiting for my permission, and her relaxed expression seemed to say, “This has always been my spot.”

By the way, based on what I heard over the intercom, it seemed like Miyabi-chan had mistakenly confused the room numbers of Shizuka and me. However, judging from the tone of her voice, which suggests something along the lines of, “I’d like to come in even if it’s Souma-san”, it didn’t seem that she had any specific business with Shizuka. Considering how late it is, there might be some circumstances surrounding her appearance, so I invited Miyabi-chan in. I untied my apron and took a seat across from her, and then Miyabi-chan began to speak.

“Actually, I had a fight with my Aniki, so I ran away from home.” (Miyabi)

“…A fight? You ran away from home?” (Souma)

“Basically, yeah.” (Miyabi)

In my mind, running away from home was a pretty serious matter, but Miyabi-chan seemed quite nonchalant about it. Well, regardless of her attitude, the situation wasn’t too far from what I had imagined, so inviting her into the house was probably the right call. It was rather reckless for Miyabi-chan, who was presumably a minor, to be wandering outside alone at this late hour.

“So in other words, Miyabi-chan came to stay at Shizuka’s place?” (Souma)

As I said this, I couldn’t help but think that it would be impossible. The last time I cleaned Shizuka’s room was last week. Is it really in a livable condition?… I didn’t even need to see to know that the answer was no.

“That’s right! I haven’t contacted her yet, though.” (Miyabi)

“You haven’t contacted her yet…?” (Souma)

Considering the recent incident with the off-collab, it seems like Miyabi-chan is the type to act before thinking. I had a suspicion that this was the case before, but now I’m sure.

“In that case, maybe you should go over there sooner rather than later? There’s a chance she might be asleep at this hour.” (Souma)

It was already late at night. The daily routine of Shizuka, who was a full-time streamer, was shrouded in mystery, but for an ordinary person, it was a time when being asleep wouldn’t be surprising. If there was no response, the worst-case scenario would be needing to use the spare key she gave me, but I’d prefer to avoid Miyabi-chan finding out about the key if possible. So, it was best to hurry.

Thinking that it would be faster to visit directly, I started to get up from my seat. However, Miyabi-chan stopped me with a surprising statement.

“Don’t worry. Today, I’ve decided to stay over at Souma-san’s place.” (Miyabi)

“….Why?” (Souma)

I tried not to show unease on my face as I thought about the regulations surrounding this topic. Is it okay to let a minor stay overnight like this? University students often stay overnight without any issues, so it should be fine, right? The term “runaway girl” seemed to have a suspicious connotation, but age-wise, it shouldn’t be a problem.

“Uh… Is it not okay, perhaps?” (Miyabi)

Miyabi-chan had a surprised expression on her face. Perhaps she hadn’t considered the possibility of being turned down at all.

“Not that it’s not okay but… Are you sure about this, Miyabi-chan?” (Souma)

“I’m totally fine with it! There are things I want to talk about with Souma-san too.” (Miyabi)

It seemed like Miyabi-chan had not even considered any of my worries. She probably thought that staying at Shizuka’s place and mine was no different. But there are a lot of differences between us.

“…I understand. If you’re okay with it, Miyabi-chan.” (Souma)

“Great! Can I use the bath right away? The humidity has made my skin sticky. Also, if you could lend me some clothes, I’d be really happy!” (Miyabi)

“Clothes?” (Souma)

Upon closer inspection, Miyabi-chan was empty-handed. It seemed that her story of getting into a fight and running away from home was indeed true. She was wearing a peculiar T-shirt with a cat on it and loose shorts that resembled pajamas and it didn’t seem like she had any spare clothes hidden beneath. It was easy to imagine her leaving in a hurry, with nothing else but her phone.

“I only have my phone with me since I ran away from home. I took a bath before leaving, so I don’t need underwear or anything. I just need pajamas.” (Miyabi)

“Sure, give me a moment.” (Souma)

…Was she planning to borrow underwear if she hadn’t taken a bath? 

I shook my head to clear away any unnecessary thoughts and picked out some pajamas. Our height difference was likely over 20 centimeters, so the size wouldn’t fit perfectly, but it shouldn’t be a big issue. Miyabi-chan took the pajamas and disappeared into the bathroom, acting as if she knew her way around.

…Come to think of it, when did she start calling me by my name? I recall her addressing me as “Tendou-san” the last time we met.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wow, when did the two of you become such great friends.

I didn’t even catch that she changed the way she called MC.

P.S. Btw, I found out that the scrolling on the mobile version of my website lags a bit when you set a theme before loading a new page. I have no idea why it happens and I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem so I didn’t turn the function off completely, but just take note of it.


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