ODL – Chapter 77 – Early Summer Battle

As Hiyorin led me into the department store, the cool air swiftly dispelled the rising heat in my body. 

“Ah… it’s cooling. I feel alive again.” (Hiyori)

“Yes, indeed…” (Souma)

We probably took the train and traveled past several stations, but my memory of this journey was almost nonexistent. The fact that I was holding hands while walking with my oshi didn’t really seem to register in my brain. 

Since it was a holiday afternoon, the department store was quite crowded. For some inexplicable reason, I started to hallucinate that everyone here was staring at us, even though they weren’t. I couldn’t help but worry that someone might have noticed Hiyorin. With that thought, holding hands with her suddenly became quite scary.

I’m scared, my whole body is itchy, and it feels like my heart is about to give out.

If I continue holding hands with Hiyorin, my body might not be able to handle it. Being near your oshi was like a powerful drug that could have adverse effects on the human body if not monitored carefully.

“Uh, I… I’m going to the restroom for a bit!” (Souma)

I quickly let go of Hiyorin’s hand and rushed to the restroom to escape. When I checked my face in the mirror, I could clearly see signs of fatigue. My face showed signs of exhaustion, yet my mouth was unnaturally upturned. I looked like an awkward clown. Was I really grinning like that?

“Phew…” (Souma)

Isn’t this technically… a date with Hiyorin?

Well, it’s not officially a date, and going out together as a man and a woman doesn’t necessarily mean that it was one. But if we hold hands, it’s surely a date, isn’t it? 

“Ah… I’m getting nervous…” (Souma)

Considering how much time I spent with Hiyorin up until now, I thought I wouldn’t be nervous at all.

I have carried her in my arms before. I have seen her sleeping face. There were even moments when her chest and thighs were pressed against me when I carried her on my back.

And yet… just going out together is making me so nervous.

Come to think of it, drunk Hiyorin and I talk almost every day, but normal Hiyorin and I haven’t interacted that much. It’s safe to say that I haven’t really deepened my connection with the Hiyorin that I have known for the past few years.

“I have to make sure I don’t say something weird later…” (Souma)

Taking a deep breath, I returned to Hiyorin.

[Shizuka’s PoV]

“Urgh! It’s so hot; I feel like I’m about to turn into a steamed bun!” (Shizuka)

As I got off the train, a scorching heatwave of despair hit me. The heat was making my head spin, and I blurted out something stupid.

Despite my stupid words, it wasn’t actually that hot. Thanks to the ice queen next to me, who kept cutting through my words with a sharp knife, my heart remained cool.

“In Shizuka’s case, wouldn’t you turn into a bug instead?” (Mafuyu)

“Hey, what do you mean by that? Why should I be the one flipping over by the side of the road in the summer heat?1” (Shizuka)

“Why don’t you try flipping over there? I think it suits you.” (Mafuyu)

See? Just being next to Mafuyu makes you feel like the temperature has dropped by at least 10°C. If this was Pokemon, she would surely be an ice-type.

Nugiii… Someday I’ll get back at you…” (Shizuka)

I glared at Mafuyu, but she didn’t pay any attention to me at all. My gaze pierced through her and disappeared into the sky. As if to counterattack, the sun entered my vision and blinded me in return.

“Eek!” (Shizuka)

“What are you doing, Shizuka? We need to go before we lose sight of onii-chan.” (Mafuyu)

“Wait, my eyes hurt a bit…” (Shizuka)

I rubbed my eyes vigorously, and a dim purple squiggly light glowed in the darkness. My eyes are definitely in bad shape…

“Haa… what are you doing?” (Mafuyu)

“Whoa!” (Shizuka)

Suddenly, my hand was grabbed. A cool sensation enveloped my palm and pulled me forward. When I opened my eyes, Mafuyu was holding my hand and effortlessly navigating through the crowd. Without telling her that my vision had recovered, I stared intently at Mafuyu’s slender fingers.

…I feel that Mafuyu doesn’t really hate me. Despite everything, she tends to go along with these kind of things. Even now, she’s choosing routes to make sure I don’t bump into anyone. Her words are sharp, but she doesn’t say anything that would really hurt me. It’s like she trusts me enough to think I can handle this much.

Could it be that Mafuyu is… a tsundere?

“Heh, you’re quite cute.” (Shizuka)

“Have you gone crazy?” (Mafuyu)

“Maybe, who knows?” (Shizuka)

“If you’re better, walk on your own already.” (Mafuyu)

I raised my gaze, and in the distance, I could see Souma-kun and Hiyorin walking together. Their distance was just right, neither too close nor too far.

…But how long are those two going to hold hands?

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Mafuyu is tsundere + yandere? What do you even call this kind of hybrid?

P.S. I can’t confirm this, but I saw a post somewhere talking about how the author confirmed on Twitter that there will be a vol 3, which is most likely a Mafuyu-focused one.


  1. This conversation made no sense to me, so I just kept it uneditted.
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Mafuyu’s nice because they currently have a common goal xD
Thanks for the update ~


I think what they’re referring to are cicadas. In Japan, the cicadas represent the sound of summer so since they were talking about the hot weather and bugs, it led to cicadas. As for the flipping over by the side of the road, there’s some odd trope where cicadas are flipped upside down on the ground somehow and they can’t get up because their legs can’t reach enough to flip them over so unless external forces apply, this is usually a death sentence for them where they stay upside down until they starved to death. The trope here is that somehow the passing Japanese people would know about this fact of its imminent death if it continues to stay flipped over so they become compassionate and try to flip it back to normal. But during this process the cicada doesn’t know it’s being helped so it panics and trash around and the Japanese hates the numerous trashing legs of bugs similar to like their hatred of G (gokiburi or cockroaches) So they’re stuck with the situation with either leaving it alone and it’ll die eventually or try to flip it over and suffer mental anguish from the trashing legs of the cicada