ODL – Chapter 88 – Oshi & Morning Activities

“…Okay, let’s go.” (Souma)

Waking up earlier than usual, I put on the running attire Hiyorin had bought for me. It was lightweight and had excellent breathability and moisture-absorption properties, so it felt comfortable when worn over the inner layer. It gave off the illusion of feeling lighter, and my steps naturally became more lively.

However, there was just one thing that bothered me.

“…It really doesn’t suit me.” (Souma)

I stretched my arms in front of the mirror. There, I saw myself in a bright yellow hoodie that I would never have bought normally. Looking at it closely, the discomfort didn’t fade away, and I couldn’t help but feel like I wasn’t myself. It was surprising how a change of clothes could make my self-perception so vague.

As I absentmindedly stared at this altered version of myself in the dimly lit living room, my phone chimed. Checking the screen, I saw that Hiyorin had sent me a message.

“(Are you awake?)” (Hiyori)

“(I’m awake. I’ll be down in a moment.)” (Souma)

Interacting with Hiyorin still felt somewhat dreamlike. Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I can have such casual personal exchanges with my oshi.

Even the fact that I was now wearing a yellow hoodie and about to go jogging with my oshi felt surreal. Everything still feels like a dream.

Hiyorin was already waiting in front of the apartment building. It seemed like Mafuyu-chan still didn’t have her running attire ready, so it would just be the two of us today.

“Good morning, Souma-kun.” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin noticed me and waved at me with a modest smile. I jogged over to where Hiyorin was, and the remnant of the crisp and slightly chilly air from last night entered my lungs smoothly.

“Good morning, Hiyorin-san.” (Souma)

The refreshing, slightly damp air moistened my skin. When I looked up slightly, I could see faint stars shining in the pale purple sky. It was amazing how waking up a little earlier than usual could grant me such a magical view.

Hiyorin followed my gaze and looked up at the sky.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it… I was surprised. To think that the world was this beautiful while I was asleep.” (Hiyori)

“Yeah, I was thinking of the same thing.” (Souma)

Apart from us, there was no sign of anyone else, and only the distant sound of cars on the elevated highway could be faintly heard. It was as if only Hiyorin and I were in this world. And, to be honest, I almost wished it were true.

“…I know it’s kind of strange to say this, but we look like siblings, don’t we?” (Hiyori)

I turned my gaze to Hiyorin, who was wearing the same yellow hoodie as me. It was the same brand, so it was pretty much the exact same hoodie. The only difference, perhaps, was that… I didn’t look good in it, but Hiyorin did.

“Ahaha… Sorry about making you wear that. It’s embarrassing isn’t it? It’s just that I thought it would be nice if we matched. ” (Hiyori)

It wasn’t “just” matching; we looked like a complete pair. Well, I had already known that this was gonna happen, but when we stood side by side like this, the embarrassment exceeded my expectations.

“Well, yes… But it does give a sense of unity. It’s almost like we’re in a club or something.” (Souma)

“A club, huh? It would have been fun if we were in the same club, Souma-kun… But I guess it’s impossible since our schools don’t overlap…” (Hiyori)

I was twenty, and Hiyorin was twenty-six. It was just far apart such that our schools wouldn’t overlap.

I lent my shoulder to Hiyorin, who seemed like she was about to collapse from the thought, and managed to support her. When it came to age-related matters, she really had zero defense. I personally didn’t think age was a big deal. While she was a bit older than me, Hiyorin was still a young person.

“Did you participate in any club activities, Hiyorin-san?” (Souma)

“…I was in the volleyball club… It doesn’t really look like it, right…?” (Hiyori)

“Well, I can’t really imagine it, to be honest.” (Souma)

Is she thinking that I’m saying she’s overweight? No matter how many times I tell her she isn’t overweight, Hiyorin seems to interpret them as flattery and doesn’t believe it. Lately, I’ve come to understand that Hiyorin is quite negative about things. Especially when it comes to her age or body shape.

But still… Volleyball club, huh. I immediately imagined Hiyorin in her uniform. Hiyorin received a sharp serve with her wrist. Hiyorin gently set the ball that the libero1 received. Hiyorin jumped and spiked2 the ball with all her might. In each scenario, a certain part of her body swayed quite noticeably.

I won’t say it out loud… but I can’t help but wonder if Hiyorin’s male classmates from her grade had a tough time during gym class. 

I somehow managed to get Hiyorin, who was as limp as konjac jelly, to stand up, and we started walking slowly.

“Well then… shall we get going soon? Let’s start with some warm-up walking.” (Souma)

I did some research on jogging just in case. It seems that starting with running or jogging right away can lead to joint and muscle injuries. Hiyorin seems to have an announced live performance coming up (It would be amazing if it were Zanimasu), so it’s better to be safe.

“Yes, let’s do that. Please take care of me.” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin lined up beside me and gave me a smile. Just by closing the distance, I could smell a sweet and flower-like scent from her.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Btw, I think a few days have passed since last chapter. Or at least I’m assuming that based on how Souma said he hasn’t confirmed the run last chapter. I don’t play volleyball, so I could be wrong about some of the terms for that.


  1. Libero is a back-row defensive specialist in volleyball.
  2. Spiking is the offensive play where a player swings the ball with their palm sharply downwards over the net and into the opposing court. Basically it shoots the ball downwards.
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