ODL – Vol 2 Illustrations

Spoiler Warning Obviously

TL Notes:

LETSS GOOOO I managed to figure out how to buy the LN using Amazon Kindle. If you’re wondering why the illustrations look crap, it’s because I used snipping tool. I have absolutely no idea how to export out the images and I have work tmr so don’t have time to figure it out. I’ll insert the illustrations inside the chapters tmr.

Anyways, Hiyorin looks soo cute in the illustrations… reminds me that she hasn’t shown up in a chapter in forever. I am suffering from a lack of Hiyorin energy, so please author-san bring her back.

P.S. You know how LNs have their text written from right to left? Apparently, when copying texts from Kindle, the text would get reverted to proper sentences so I cna actually translate them. This means that I can technically translate LN now. Although, LNs are harder to translate cause if they get licensed by an English publisher, it means that I must definitely take them down.

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Pls tl ln version !