How to make a childhood friend! ~If you don’t have a childhood friend, you can just make one!?~

『We’re childhood friends, you know~. That’s why we get along so well.』

I wonder if it was in kindergarten or maybe during the early years of elementary school when I was told such an infuriating thing.

What is a childhood friend, anyway? Why does it have such a wonderful ring to it? Do I have one too? Where could they be?

Upon hearing that, I immediately went back home and asked my dad where my childhood friend was.

“No, you don’t have a childhood friend, do you?”

“W-Why don’t I have one?! Are you hiding something?!” 

“I’m not hiding anything… We’ve been moving a lot due to my job transfers, and we rarely encounter kids of similar age nearby…”

“That’s just…”

Come to think of it, I don’t really have many memories of having close friends, let alone childhood friends.

I guess it’s partly because of my dad’s job, but it might also have been because I wasn’t proactive about making friends.

“I don’t really have many friends now do I…?”

“W-Well, you know! We’re going to be living here permanently from now! You will have lots of chances to make friends!”

“But I want a childhood friend…”

Well, if I don’t have one… Can I just create one?

That’s right. It’s that simple!

“Dad! How do you create childhood friends?”

“H-How to create them… Well, let me think.”

According to my dad, childhood friends are friends who have been by your side since a long time ago, and you have been close to them since you were young.

Seems like it also involves playing together in the morning, coming over to wake each other up, and going to school together.

There’s no need for our houses to be next to each other, or to have the ability to move between rooms through windows, or even to have a family connection.

Well, if that’s the case, it’s not difficult at all. I can even create one right now.

It’s currently summer vacation so I have plenty of time.

“I’m gonna go make a childhood friend real quick!”

“H-Hey! You can’t just decide to make a childhood friend out of thin air——”

From that day on, I, Kuromine Yuuto, ran through the town. Why was I running? Well, it was to create a childhood friend.

While imagining the birth of my yet-to-be-seen childhood friend, I approached kids who were alone.

I didn’t quite have the courage to talk to groups of people who were already playing together.

[Park | Girl A (Energetic)]

“Hey, you there! Let’s play together!”

“E-Eh? Why all of a sudden… Who are you?”


[Vacant Lot | Girl B (Quiet)]

“Why do you look so sad?”

“…Why all of a sudden? Who are you…?”


[Candy Store | Girl C (Tsundere)]

“Could you come wake me up every day?”

“H-Ha?! What are you talking about? Who are you?”


[Convenience Store | Girl D (Tomboyish / Clumsy)]

“Hey, you there! Let’s pl… oh, you’re a guy.”

“I’m actually a girl…”


[Big House | Girl E (Young lady / Ojou-sama)]

“Hey, you looking out the window over there! Let’s plaa~aay~!”

“No, thank you.”

However, I’m not finding them as easily as I thought. I only managed to approach five people today. Is there a limit to how many childhood friends you can have?

But honestly, it might be tough to find more. Building a good relationship would also take time.

The park in the first block, the vacant lot in the second block, the candy store in the third block, the convenience store in the fourth block, and the big house in the fifth block.

I memorized these places and started visiting them every day. By the way, my house is in the third block!

I did try looking for other kids, just in case, but they were usually already playing with someone else. It seemed like they might already have childhood friends, so I moved on.

I narrowed down my focus to these five kids who were alone.

[Park | Girl A (Energetic)]

“Hello! Let’s play together!”

Etto… What should I do~”


[Vacant Lot | Girl B (Quiet)]

“Isn’t it cuter when you smile!?”

“…Just leave me alone.”


[Candy Store | Girl C (Tsundere)]

“Would you gently shake me to wake me up?”

“Why on earth would I do that?! Why me?!”


[Convenience Store | Girl D (Tomboyish / Clumsy)]

“Hey, how about trying on a skirt if you’re a girl?”

“N-No way… It wouldn’t suit me.”


[Big House | Girl E (Young lady / Ojou-sama)]

“Come out~side and pla~ay!”

“…………No, thank you.”

Every single day, regardless of strong winds or pouring rain, I kept going.

Of course, there were days when I couldn’t find them. There were also days when I couldn’t go. Still, I persevered in my effort to make them my childhood friends.

One day, I believed, I would be able to say, “This person is my childhood friend!”

[Park | Girl A (Energetic)]

“Good morning! Let’s play together!”

“Y-Yeah… Sure.”


[Vacant Lot | Girl B (Quiet)]

“Come on, smile! I want to see your smile!”

“…Haa~, you’re here again?”


[Candy Store | Girl C (Tsundere)]

“Could you wake me up gently while whispering in my ear?”

“…I don’t even know where you live.”


[Convenience Store | Girl D (Tomboyish / Clumsy)]

“You know, you look better in girls’ clothes!”

“R-Really?! But…”


[Big House | Girl E (Young lady / Ojou-sama)]

“The weather’s nice today, so let’s play out~side~!”

“……N-No… thank you.”

Day by day, I could feel myself getting closer to these girls. Their attitude was completely different compared to the beginning of summer vacation.

Just one more step until we can call each other childhood friends… Huh? Somehow, it feels different. I feel like I’m forgetting something. Is it just my imagination?

[Park | Girl A (Energetic)]

“Good morning! Play with me!”

“Uh, yeah. What are we doing today?”


[Vacant Lot | Girl B (Quiet)]

“Ah!? You smiled! I knew that you would look cute!”



[Candy Store | Girl C (Tsundere)]

“Can I wake you up too?”

“Haa~ Yeah, yeah, someday.”


[Convenience Store | Girl D (Tomboyish / Clumsy)]

“Wha… What? A skirt!?”

“Wh-What do you think? Does it suit me…?”


[Big House | Girl E (Young lady / Ojou-sama)]

“The sunlight isn’t too strong today, so let’s play out~side~!”

“…In the garden is fine.”

Everything’s going smoothly. If things continue like this, I might have five childhood friends by the end of summer vacation.

Once summer vacation is over, I’ll tell everyone.

『These guys are my childhood friends, that’s why we’re so close.』

I couldn’t help but let a relaxed smile come over my face.

[Park | Girl A (Energetic)]

Ohakonbanchiwa1… Oh, oops, did I say it wrong?”

“Ah! I’ve been waiting for you~!”


[Vacant Lot | Girl B (Quiet)]

“That’s why I said I wanted childhood friends!”

“…Yeah, interesting.”


[Candy Store | Girl C (Tsundere)]

“I’ll leave my window open, so you can come in anytime!”

“I’ll use the front door properly!”


[Convenience Store | Girl D (Tomboyish / Clumsy)]

“Wow~! You look cute today too!”

“Ahaha~ You’re the only one who says that~”


[Big House | Girl E (Young lady / Ojou-sama)]

“Hey! Let’s pla~aay!”

“Ah… I’m coming right now.”



“Oh, Yuuto. Did you bring your friends over?”

“No, not just a friend. They are my childhood friends!”

Why did you think they are my friends? We became so close with each other, and they even started coming over to our place to play.

If this isn’t what you call a childhood friend, then what is?


“Huh? Is that not right?”

All the childhood friends seemed surprised.

“””””It’s not… isn’t it?”””””


Perhaps it’s because we didn’t wake each other up in the morning or walk to school together?

If that’s the case, then as soon as summer vacation is over—

“Yuuto… Didn’t I tell you? Childhood friends are friends you have known since a long time ago.”

“Come to think of it, you did mention something like that… But ‘since a long time ago’, how long are we talking about?”

“…There’s no specific timeframe.”

“No specific timeframe?! Well then, they can already be considered childhood friends, right?!”

“Anyways, you need to continue getting along with these kids for a few more years to become childhood friends!”

“W-What the heck?!”





As the days and months passed by…

“――――Come on, Yuuto, wake up already.”

“Hmm… just a little longer.”

Mouu~! Wake up already, will you?!”


I was literally smacked awake. Right in the stomach.

What’s up with this tsundere, aggressive childhood friend? Why won’t she wake me up gently no matter how many times I ask her?

“…Good morning.”

“Morning. Come on, hurry up and wash your face.”

“Yeah, yeah… Seriously, can’t you wake me up gently?”

“You’re so noisy. (Haa~ even though, you had such a cute sleeping face.)”

Is this the kind of childhood friend who wakes you up in the morning, more or less?

Well, I’m happy and grateful that she comes and wake me up in the first place.

And, all in all, deep down she’s actually pretty kind.


“…Morning, breakfast is ready.”

“Ooo~ thanks as always.”

“Nnn~ you’ve got bed hair, you know? (Mouu, so cute)”

“Huh? Really?”

The both of us make our way to the living room where my second childhood friend was. I wonder what to call this one… Not to be rude, but she seems to be kind and is lacking in energy.

A laid-back type of childhood friend? No, that’s not quite right… Maybe a quiet type of childhood friend.

“Don’t move, I’ll fix it.”


“Yeah, perfect.”


By the way, this girl is incredibly caring.

On top of that, she quietly and calmly takes care of the household chores with perfection. However, there is a subtle strain in her relationship with the tsundere type.

“Tomorrow, I’ll be the one to wake Yuuto up.”

“No, I won’t allow that.”

“You’re always being so unfair.”

“And you won’t let me cook.”

They often clash like this for some reason.

Well, I’ve never actually seen them have a serious fight, so I just leave them be.


“Hey, Yuu-kun! Good mornin’~!”


“Ahaha, you look sleepy~”

“I’m not sleeepy…”

When we leave my house, my third childhood friend shows up right on time.

This one is the energetic tomboy type. She is always cheerful and being around her is always fun and exciting.

“Good mornin’ to both of you too!”



As expected of the energetic type, she gets along well with everyone.

Just having her around brightens up the atmosphere… but…

“Yuu-kun, Yuu-kun! Shall we hold hands on the way there? (Today’s the day we hold hands!)”

“…No, I won’t allow it.”

“You can’t, what are you even saying?”

But with just a few words, she can change the atmosphere around her completely.

The atmosphere around the tsundere girl and quiet girl shifted for a moment, but it’s the same as always, so I don’t mind.


“S-Sorry, sorry for keeping you guys waiting!”

Arriving a bit late at the meeting spot is the fourth childhood friend.

She always gives off a unique and casual atmosphere, and well, she’s a bit lacking in various aspects.

If I had to put it in words, she’s a naturally clumsy and endearing type of childhood friend.

“Yuuto-kun, you look sleepy again. (I want to sleep together with you)”

“…Hey, your bed hair is a mess. And there is strawberry jam on your mouth.”

“Eh!? Awawawa…”

“Seeing you makes me feel at ease.”

She hurriedly took out a compact mirror to check. I couldn’t help but smile watching her like this.

Being next to her makes me feel really calm.

“Being naturally clumsy is quite strong huh.”

“What a formidable opponent…!”

“I won’t lose!”

“Did… did it get fixed? Did the jam come off?”

“Nope, it’s still there.”

Sigh, this is so relaxing.


“Good morning, everyone.”

“”””Good morning~””””

Before heading to school, we went to pick up my fifth childhood friend.

The girl who came out from the large house emits an entirely different aura compared to the other childhood friends.

A refined and elegant young lady (ojou-sama) type of childhood friend. That’s the only thing that comes to mind.

“Yuuto-san, is it okay if I walk next to you? (You look so cool today too)”

“Oh, of course.”

“Did you do your homework properly?”


“Ah, you didn’t do it, right? Well, I won’t show you mine today~”

“D-Don’t say that…”

This girl is really smart. I rely on her for everything related to studying.

In other words, I can’t really match up to her intellect. And also, she is really scary when she gets angry.

“You still end up showing it eventually.”

“Probably the most cunning one.”

“The type you don’t want to make an enemy of!”

“Hmm~? What are you all talking about?”



As usual, I go to school with my five childhood friends. It’s just like any other day, but today marks the beginning of a new semester.

In other words, that event is about to happen again!

『So, what kind of relationship do you guys have?』

For those who don’t know about our relationship, they would probably ask that. And I’ll proudly tell them…

『We’re childhood friends.』

The number one phrase that I always wanted to say at least once in my life. The season to say these words has come again this year.

Now, come on over quickly. You’re curious, right? About our relationship!

But one thing that bothers me lately is that when I say those words, these five make subtle strange expressions.

“Yuuto, aren’t you looking nervous? (You want to be in the same class as me, right~?)”  (<– Tsundere)

“Yeah, you’re acting a bit suspicious. (SameclassSameclassSameclass)” (<– Quiet)

“It’s nerve-wracking when they decide the classes, right? (Please, let me be in the same class as him this year too!)” (<– Energetic)

“My heart’s racing~ (It would be nice to be in the same class as Yuuto-kun.)” (<– Tomboyish / Clumsy)

“It would be nice if we were all together. (Yuuto-san and I should be in the same class. Please throw the rest to other classes.)” (<– Young lady / Ojou-sama)

“Ah! I’m in Class C~”

“…Yes! (Even though there are some extras.)”  (<– Tsundere)

“…Mmm, I did it. (But too bad, there are a lot of annoying pests.)” (<– Quiet)

“Ah! I’m in Class C too! (Well, it’s not the best outcome, but it’s fine!)”  (<– Energetic)

“Phew, that’s a relief… (Ideally, only having Yuuto-kun would have been the best.)” (<– Tomboyish / Clumsy)

“Looks like we’re all together again this year! (Tch)” (<– Young lady / Ojou-sama)

It looks like we will all be in the same class again. It’s really good that no one ended up in a different class.

And for me, it’s quite convenient. This expands the opportunity for me to declare our childhood friend status.



And finally, that moment arrived.

After the opening ceremony, introductions, etc. The day finally came to an end.

As soon as the homeroom period ended, my five childhood friends came over to me.

While I was chatting happily with those five, a male student sitting next to me approached me with a curious expression.

“Kuromine… was it? What kind of relationship do you have with those girls?”

“Hehe, do you really want to know?”

There it is! I have been waiting for that look of curiosity.

What kind of expression would he have when I mention they’re childhood friends? Oh, I want to see it. I really want to see that expression!

“Ah, yeah… I’m curious. It’s hard to come by this many cute girls.”

“Is that so? Then I’ll tell you! These five cute girls are actually…”


“They are my childhood friends!!”

Ahh this pleasant feeling! It’s practically a fetish now.

My body trembles as my brain keeps releasing dopamine.

The surprised expression on the boy’s face when he learns that they are my childhood friends is just magnificent. This might be the most satisfying moment I’ve ever experienced.

“W-Wait, you have five childhood friends!?”

Usha-shasha-sha! That’s right!”


After chatting for a bit, he left the classroom. It seems like we might develop a good friendly relationship.

I was so caught up in my foolish thoughts that I didn’t notice the subtle expressions on the faces of my childhood friends.

“Well then, shall we head home too, my childhood friends?”

“Hey, Yuuto.”


“You know…”


“How do I say this~”


“Well, you see, it’s just that…”


“I don’t like it anymore”


“””””J-Just being childhood friends is not enough!”””””

“W-Wh-Wha-What are you all talking about?!”

Wha-what’s going on!? What do you mean you don’t like being childhood friends!

You all were happy about being childhood friends too, weren’t you!? You guys said you were happy!

“W-W-Wait, we’re childhood friends, right!?”

“I quit being a childhood friend!”


“I want a relationship beyond childhood friends…!”

“What kind of relationship is ‘beyond childhood friends’!?!?”

“We’re childhood friends, but not just childhood friends!”

“What does that meeean!?”

“I can’t be satisfied with just being childhood friends anymore.”

“I’m perfectly satisfied with it thoughhh!?”

“You only see me as a childhood friend.”

“Well, you’re my childhood friend, so of course I see you as oneee!?”

Why did they suddenly start saying these things!? What are they not satisfied with!? Even though I did my best!

This is bad, really bad! Maybe that’s it, lately, I might have been taking our relationship for granted.

I haven’t been putting in as much effort as I used to for these girls who became my childhood friends!

I’ll change my mindset! I’ve been relying on them too much! So please don’t say things like that!

“Pl-please! Stay as my childhood friends!”

“””””But I… don’t want to!”””””


On that day, I lost my childhood friends. I had made a mistake somewhere, and I lost them in an instant.

However, the next day, they still woke me up, cooked for me, greeted me with their usual energy, had jam on their lips, and smiled kindly at me.

Nothing had changed, but at the same time, something felt different.

“Because, you see…”

“We are your childhood friends…”


“Childhood friends are after all…”

“The losing heroine…”

“””””That’s absolutely not what we want!”””””

The battle between the boy who wants to remain childhood friends and the girls who don’t want to be just childhood friends… continues?

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Got bored so I translated this. Gotta give props to the MC for not giving up on his weird dreams/fetish of bragging about having childhood friends.

I think this story happened within the course of a couple of months, so yeh not rly childhood friends, but by MC’s logic they are, I guess.

Well, it was fun translating this one, hope you enjoyed it. Btw I have no idea how to make multiple opening apostrophes work in a single dialogue. Hope that it doesn’t bug you too much.

Feel free to go and rate this on Novelupdates:


  1. There is no way to translate this, so I’ll explain it. Oha\konban\chiwa. This is a mixture of Ohayo (good morning), Konbanwa (good evening) and konnichiwa (hello)
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