ROS – Chapter 24 – Cultivating the Fields / The Red-Haired Shogun (side)

Katsu Sakakibara makes a drink and hands it to Sakuya.

He was wearing an apron which suited him very well. His position as a dungeon cooking streamer was starting to solidify.

“Sakuya-san, are you sure about this? Is it really okay to include Rika-chan?” (Katsu)

“I heard that Ookami Rika herself was told by some higher-ups at the agency that she had to collaborate. Even if she wanted to refuse, she probably couldn’t, especially after the accident.” (Sakuya)

“Yeah… Ingenmame-san huh? Forgetting to end the stream, that was quite a blunder… I don’t think that’s something normal to do.” (Katsu)

Hearing Katsu’s words, Sakuya quietly avert her gaze.

Her expression seemed to indicate that something struck a chord with her as if she recalled a similar incident.

“Y-Yeah, you’re right. It’s not something normal…! Katsu-san, isn’t it almost time for your stream?” (Sakuya)

“Oh, you’re right. Today’s cooking stream will be featuring the Giant Crab. Should I use Drone No. 3?” (Katsu)

“Yeah, Drone No. 1 and No. 2 are being used for Sora’s stream.” (Sakuya)

“Understood~” (Katsu)

Katsu takes the drone with him.

“…I have also forgotten to end a stream before, but let’s keep it a secret.” (Sakuya)

Little did they know.

It was actually Sakuya’s influence, stemming from her incident of forgetting to end a stream, that sparked the rise of Soramame.

“Hello, Soramame desu~” (Sora)

“Ingenmame desu yo~” (Ingenmame)

“…Ookami Rika desu…” (Rika)

Sora with a slightly squishy face.

The Ingenmame lady with heightened excitement.

Ookami Rika with low energy.

The three of them were inside a dungeon.

『Rika is so done lol.』



『These people LOL.』

『It’s like some kind of foreign object contamination, LOL.』



“Today, we thought of trying something called Dungeon Gardening~” (Sora)

『Who comes up with these ideas? Normally, you wouldn’t usually think about these things…』

『Rika holding a shovel in both hands lol.』

『Why are these guys trying to grow crops in dungeons lol』

『Shouldn’t they be fighting monsters lmao.』

『Dungeon… What even is a dungeon anymore?』

“Ingenmame-san and Ookami Rika-san is also with us today!” (Sora)

“Yes! We are going to be growing green beans and running a farm! Ingenmame-desu!” (Ingenmame)

『The woman is cursed by green beans.』

『The Green Bean lady.』

『Did you try to exorcise her?』

『Maybe try to exorcise her?』

『Purify her?』

“No, Ingenmame-san is not possessed by an evil spirit…” (Sora)

From my perspective, that is for certain.

“She’s just naturally cursed by green beans…” (Sora)

『She is cursed, after all?!』

『She is totally cursed!!』


『Terrifying… truly terrifying…』

『Fear! The Green Bean lady!』

『Stop with this B-grade horror movie stuff.』

Well, it’s just a matter of different perspectives.

Even when I mentioned that I like Soramame tofu, was called “crazy” by my friends from the Heian period. Actually, at that time, no matter what I said, it felt like they would always just call me that.

Where are my allies…?

“Sora-sama! Where should I dig!?” (Val)

『Val! He has a shovel!』

“Dig here.” (Sora)

“Yes!” (Val)

『Dig here, wanwan1!』

『This person has turned into a dog.』

『So this is the fate of an irregular boss…』


Rika, who was observing the scene, muttered to herself.

“Hmm, that’s odd… This is the lower level of the dungeon, right? But I feel safe here somehow…” (Rika)

『Get used to it.』

『We are watching because of that sense of security.』

『With Sora, he can handle whatever comes his way…』

“Well, I have also set up barriers just in case. No monsters can get in.” (Sora)

Just like divination, this is also one of the fundamentals.

Rika touches the barrier.

“What kind of principle is this… Isn’t it kinda amazing?” (Rika)

“I’m just creating a boundary. You know, like the stories about the border between the spirit world and our world, or those tales about yokai. Haven’t you heard of those occasionally?” (Sora)

“I’m not very familiar with those things.” (Rika)

『I don’t understand it either.』

『Sora seems to have incredible knowledge of ancient times.』

『He seems to be good at telling Japanese horror stories that people love.』

『I would like to hear more of those stories.』

『I might be interested in hearing about yokai tales too.』

『Well, I don’t really understand it either~ lol』

“Well, to put it simply, it’s like something that connects two points, such as a bridge or a road. But instead of building it to allow passage, you break it to make it impassable. That’s a more straightforward way of understanding it, I suppose…?” (Sora)

If there’s no bridge, you can’t cross to the other side.

Using that analogy, it’s like making it so that only monsters can’t pass through.

That’s the barrier I use.

I feel like the people from the Heian period told me, “Your explanation is not helpful,” when I explained it to them.

Perhaps my way of explaining was not very good…

“Based on that analogy, then even humans wouldn’t be able to pass through…” (Rika)

“People can pass through. It’s more like creating a bridge at that moment.” (Sora)

“Eh…?” (Rika)

『I don’t get it lol』

『Sora is just bad at explaining things.』

『Could it be that he is creating and destroying the barrier repeatedly…?』

“That’s right, that’s right! That analogy works!”

『I have been praised…!』

『What’s with that torture-like analogy』

『It’s so nonsensical lol.』

“Well, it’s a bit inconvenient to use, though.” (Sora)

That’s why in battles, the <Curse Layer Wall> is more convenient and versatile.

You can apply various attributes to it as well.

You can make it appear at designated locations, erase it, or even multiply it… The Shogun was also confused by that.

『Sora doesn’t seem to have any enemies.』

『No one can match him lol.』

『He is such an entertaining person.』

『He really has no enemies, huh…』

“I have someone I’m wary of you know?” (Sora)

“Huh…? That Sora-san…?” (Rika)


『For real…?』

『Who could be an enemy that even Sora has to be cautious of?』

『I’m soo curious…!』

“Ahaha… It’s a secret.” (Sora)

This is something I can’t reveal.

Gravito, who was nearby, seemed to sense it and murmured, “…There’s no need to hide it.”

I’m really cautious because if they were to appear, it would be more than a nuisance.

First and foremost, they are unbeatable.

It’s not that I can’t talk about it. It’s simply because this is my own issue.

Well, I highly doubt I will ever meet them anyway…

The Green Bean lady holds an armful of fertilizers while Val levels the area that has been tilled.

“Oh, this dungeon… Vegetables grow really well here, don’t they~” (Ingenmame)

『It’s funny how they are diligently working on farming right next to this conversation.』

『Hey, this is barely a collaboration LOL.』

『Join the collaboration lol』

『Even though Rika is trying to steer the conversation properly, this woman…!』

『What’s the meaning of collaboration?』

『You don’t have much charisma, Ingen-onna2.』

『This atmosphere is great.』

『It’s really fun to watch, seriously.』

『I can’t get enough of this.』

I’m also diligently preparing and carrying seedlings and seeds.

I should also plant some vegetables too~ 

I leisurely started to tilt the fields.

Rika was holding her head in her hands.

“What is this collaboration…? This is just tilling the fields… It’s supposed to be my first collaboration with Sora-san…” (Rika)

As a veteran streamer, maybe she felt that she should be the one leading the collaboration.

I’ve never collaborated with anyone before either.

But this kind of gathering where everyone does their own thing isn’t a bad idea either.

『Wait, is that dungeon… the same one as the one Shogun is in?』

My back stiffens, feeling a sudden jolt of unease.

『Oh, there was a reaction.』

『it reacted to the Shogun lol』

『Since it’s the lower level, I don’t think they will actually meet… but Shogun does has a keen sense of smell.』

“Shogun… her eyes are intimidating…” (Sora)

That kid is someone who fights while their stomach growls, having gone days without eating… That’s the image I have of them.

I wonder if the Mikage Clan is poor in modern times… Back then, they were incredibly wealthy, to the point of being super-rich.

『Her eyes?? LOLL』

『Does she really have weird eyes? LOL.』

『Well, she is a fleeing soldier with bloodshot eyes.』

『Shogun~! I love red-haired people, come out for me~!』

『Well, she is not a streamer, you know.』

“Oh, so Shogun isn’t a streamer.” (Sora)

Well then, she must be an adventurer operating solo.

With the power of the Mikage Clan, she should be able to survive even at the deep levels.

『The Shogun is a shut-in, so she probably won’t come out from the deep levels, lol』

『A shut-in Shogun lmao』

『I wonder if you will actually encounter her…』

“Well, well ~ there is no way that would happen, ahahaha.” (Sora)

Since this is the lower level, she probably won’t come out from the deep levels.

[Shogun PoV]

In the same dungeon as Sora and the others.

In the depths of the dungeon, there was a red-haired woman.

“Mmm… These rations are surprisingly delicious.” (Shogun)

The rations that Sora had given Shogun matched her taste.

“Sigh… That weird person was strong.” (Shogun)

The shogun doesn’t know defeat.

Since elementary school, whether it was boys of the same age or older, if they were in the wrong, the Shogun would just attack them and win.

Apologize when you say something mean.

Apologize when you do something terrible.

Apologize when you hurt someone.

These are all natural things to do.

Yet, everyone seems incapable of doing so.

“AAHHHHHH! I’m such an idiot…” (Shogun)

Suddenly, she recalls the battle with Sora and clutches her head.

Even though she was hungry, thinking calmly, what she did could be considered closer to stealing.

(Even though I haven’t eaten anything for days… Ahh! I can’t believe I did that, it’s so embarrassing…)

And on top of that, he managed to escape.

Ever since the encounter with Sora, it has been weighing on her mind.

It would be good if she could apologize, but Shogun doesn’t even know Sora’s name.

(I don’t want to come out of the deep levels… If I go outside, it will just become another discussion about the clan…)

“I don’t want to marry an onmyoji…” (Shogun)

In the past, the Mikage Clan was saved by a certain onmyoji.

As a result, the curse of limited lifespan was lifted, and they were able to live out their natural lives.

Even so, if they don’t purify the evil spirits and restore their spiritual balance, they can suffer from poor health and increased hunger. If left untreated, it can even lead to illness over time.

To express their gratitude to the onmyoji who saved them, the clan decided to serve and support him.

“But even so… it’s ridiculous to have a tradition of marrying onmyojis!” (Shogun)

With the changing times, the prominence of onmyojis faded away.

However, the remnants of that tradition still remain. As a way of repaying their debt, the Mikage Clan made sure not to let the bloodline of yin-yang masters die out.

(Being forced into a marriage arranged by my parents… and all for the sake of the clan, I hate it! Absolutely hate it! I will marry the person I fall in love with, no matter what!)

The name of the Shogun was Akari Mikage.

Her cheeks flushed and puffed up with determination.

“I want to experience a wonderful love too…” (Akari)

She had ran away from the Mikage Clan in protest against her parents.

A place that didn’t require money, where people rarely came, and there was food. The only place that fit those criteria was the deep levels of the dungeon…

“But I saw that man… the black, shaggy figure…” (Akari)

Calming down, Akari recalls her battle with Sora.

Ever since she was young, Akari had been able to see the black, shaggy figure.

Because of her power to ward off evil spirits, she was able to overcome dangerous situations.

(Really… what could that person be…)

In her solitary environment, Akari found herself thinking about Sora even in the smallest of moments.

She reflected on her own actions and regrets, but what bothered her even more was her curiosity about Sora.

No one among her clan knew about the black, shaggy figure when Akari asked them.

So she pondered and tried to deduce the answer herself.

(The black, shaggy figure is dangerous… that man should be dangerous too… but he didn’t hurt me, and he even left food for me…)

Unable to find a clear answer, she continues to wrestle with her thoughts.

“Aaahhhh! I don’t understand anymore…! I want to see him… I want to meet him again! Then, I’ll apologize… apologize…” (Akari)

Muttering to herself, she picks up her spear.

Something passed by in a blur right in front of her.

“───!!” (Akari)

Her eyes opened wide and quickly confirms what had just passed.

“Black, shaggy…” (Akari)

A stream black, shaggy figure is flowing.

It leads up to the lower levels.

“Is he coming…? No, but this feeling… something feels off…” (Akari)

Sora’s black, shaggy figure was not scary to see and it didn’t inspire fear. It didn’t emit any unpleasant odor either.

“Could it be that there is an irregularity in the lower levels…?” (Akari)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Poor Rika, her first collaboration was farm work. Not the most romantic or normal scenario to have a heart-to-heart. Not to mention, they barely talked to each other lol.

Since Akari’s parents want her to marry an onmyoji, does that mean that other onmyojis exist? Well I at least think that they don’t have any of Sora’s kind of knowledge or power. Btw, I’m pretty sure that black shaggy thing is curse power or evil spirits.


  1. Japanese way of saying woof woof
  2. I have been translating Ingen-onna as green bean lady up until now and I am sick of it, so I’m gonna use Ingen-onna from now on.
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