ROS – Chapter 38 – It Has Opened

While I wanted to explain everything to Akari, just for today, I decided to prioritize the streaming, which is what I’m here for.

According to the Zashiki Warashi, there are tools that Abe no Seimei instructed her to protect, and items that were once used by a certain great youkai in the storeroom.

If someone with ill intentions were to break into the storehouse and steal those items, it’s unclear what kind of negative impact it could have on the world.

To prevent that from happening, the Zashiki Warashi has been protecting them for the past hundreds of years.

“Please wait. Mr.onmyoji may have lost a significant amount of power but I still won’t open the storeroom. If someone who isn’t from the Mikage clan were to enter, who knows what kind of side effects would happen to their body…” (Zashiki)

I gently stroke the worried Zashiki Warashi’s head.

“Don’t worry. Some of the seals might have started to weaken so it’ll be fine. On top of that, I will have to reseal them.” (Sora)

I smiled faintly while holding my wrist.

Surely, what Seimei left behind isn’t just a diary.

During the Heian period, I left behind many unresolved issues.

Seimei must have faced many hardships taking care of them in my place.

As I was thinking about this, Sakuya waved her hand and shouted.

“Sora~! We’re ready to go~!” (Sakuya)

“Yeah! You can start now!” (Sora)

There’s a reason why Seimei ordered Zashiki Warashi to protect the storeroom. I want to see what he left behind in there.

Well, it’ll have to be while streaming, though.

I want to teach everyone that onmyoji have sealing duties too, not just fighting.

“I’ll take care of the storehouse myself.” (Sora)

When the Zashiki Warashi heard this, her eyes widened.

“I told you it’s not safe. You can leave it to me.” (Zashiki)

“You sound like Seimei right now…” (Sora)

Well, I raised that boy, after all.

Thinking that, I recall some fond memories.

“(Didn’t I tell you not to leave your socks lying around like that?! I’m the one who always has to tidy up after you!!)” (Seimei)


“(Make sure you eat your vegetables, even the ones you don’t like! You can’t just eat meat all the time!)” (Seimei)


“(How long are you going to sleep?! It’s time for work!)” (Seimei)


…Yeah! That’s right, I raised Seimei!

“All right!” (Sora)

“What on earth were you thinking about…?” (Zashiki)

Well, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Let’s let bygones be bygones. Seimei would probably laugh and forgive me too.

Come on, let’s focus on the stream!

After all, I’m a popular streamer.

『He’s here~!』

『It’s Soramame’s stream!』

“Hello~. I’m Sora~.” (Sora)

I briefly explain to everyone the plan for today’s stream.

Sakuya’s technical skills are top-notch as she has taken thorough measures to prevent Akari’s identity from being exposed1.

Everything except the storehouse and us is blurred with mosaic. Furthermore, external sounds are also blocked.

“Today, we’re going to try exploring the old storehouse in Akari-san’s house.” (Sora)

『The Shogun!?』

『Has the lone wolf Shogun finally been won over by Sora?』

『What could possibly be in that old storeroom?』

『Shogun! Shogun! Shogun!』

『We’ve got some strangely enthusiastic kids here, lol.』

It seems like some of the Shogun fans have joined, and the viewership numbers are steadily rising.

Akari herself, appearing quite accustomed, shows the key.

“Well, it’s just a regular storeroom but there might be something rare sleeping inside. What does everyone here think will be inside?” (Akari)

『Gold coins.』

『Maybe Japanese swords.』

『Maybe some armor or something.』

Honestly, I was surprised by her attitude. I had always thought she wouldn’t be good in front of the camera, but she seemed quite comfortable with it.

As I watched with widened eyes, it seemed that Akari could sense what was going on in my mind, and she replied.

“Hmm? Ah, I occasionally get interviewed by adventurers and magazines, so I’m used to being in front of cameras.” (Akari)

“Wow~! That’s impressive for a high school student!” (Sora)

“You’re a high school student too, you know…” (Akari)

That’s right.

『They’re pretty impressive for high school students.』

『These guys don’t quite fit into the high school student category.』

『Both of them could easily be millionaires.』

『It’s pretty amazing when you consider that Sora doesn’t give off that celebrity vibe.』

As I reflect on what we’ve been doing, I sometimes forget that we’re high school students.

Just as I was casually thinking about the summer vacation approaching, Akari went and started opening the storehouse.

The worried Zashiki Warashi, who had been watching anxiously, furrowed her brow even more.

“Hey, are you really going to open it?” (Zashiki)

“Zashiki-chan, it’s fine. I appreciate you for protecting our home, but you’re being too scared.” (Akari)

“But Akari, even Seimei emphasized that ‘you must not open it’.” (Zashiki)

The role of the Zashiki Warashi is strictly to protect the storehouse. It shouldn’t involve opening or cleaning it.

She shouldn’t be bound by her rules…

There’s no doubt that cursed objects are sealed inside. But I wonder if there is something else inside…

Even then, if the storehouse was sealed nearly a thousand years ago, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of the seals were starting to weaken.

I can’t overlook this.

『Who’s that girl?』

『A bob-haired girl…?』

『A cute girl who suddenly appeared.』

『Is that a loli!?』

“Wow, what’s going on!? The comments are flooding in…” (Zashiki)

“Um, this girl is a Zashiki Warashi. She lives together with the Mikage clan…” (Sora)

Then, a torrent of comments rolls in.

『Zashiki Warashi!?』

『So that means she’s a youkai!?』

『No way!!』

『Youkais really exist!?』

『Isn’t that a Kyonshi…?』

There are people saying the same thing as Ao!

I immediately mentally facepalm at their comments.

『That’s not a Kyonshi.』

『No, no, there’s no way she’s a Kyonshi.』

『No matter how you look at it, it’s clearly a Zashiki Warashi.』

And then Ao silently mutters.

“Kyonshi…” (Ao)

The drone’s microphone picks that up, and the comments start a debate.

『She’s a Zashiki Warashi!』

『No, she’s a Kyonshi!』

While Ao is engrossed in the comments, saying things like “Oh~! So this is human conflict…” I continued with what I was doing.

The Zashiki Warashi tugs at my sleeve.

“Hey, Sora, or whatever your name is. Even if you’re a real onmyoji, how many techniques can you use?” (Zashiki)

“Eh?” (Sora)

“I know, a true onmyoji can use multiple techniques. Seimei could use at least…” (Zashiki)

“He could use up to the Fourteenth Technique, right?” (Sora)

“…!!” (Zashiki)

That’s why he left his mark in history.

“I remember it well. Seimei was a genius, after all…” (Sora)

The 14th technique? Some might think that Sora can use it too.

However, it’s a bit different.

Seimei could handle the 14 techniques without any tools.

“Compared to Seimei, I’m just an ordinary person.” (Sora)

I declare with a clear expression.

Because, with my natural abilities, I can only use up to the 7th technique.

 Meanwhile, Seimei could use up to the 14th technique.

The difference is determined by the innate talent and capacity a person is born with.

Most people can only use up to the 5th technique, those with enough capacity can go up to the 7th technique.

And even for those with talent, the 9th technique is usually the limit.

Seimei, who exceeded that by a landslide, was truly remarkable.

Saying you can’t fight without tools is quite embarrassing.

What if they get destroyed in the middle of a battle? What if the tools stop working?

Tools carry such unhealthy risks.

There have been times when onmyojis couldn’t fight without their tools.

“…For an ordinary person, your magic capacity is quite ridiculous.” (Zashiki)

“Ahaha. I don’t really have a way to gauge my own magic capacity, so I don’t know how much I have~” (Sora)

I can only roughly feel it.

Seimei had much more, didn’t he? I’m pretty sure I was considered to be in the ordinary person category.

I vaguely remember a colleague saying something like, “So there are ordinary people like you!” …Wait did he? Hmm.

Oh well, it doesn’t matter!

“Who are you really…?” (Zashiki)

Akari’s voice reaches me.

“It’s open~” (Akari)

The storehouse opens, and a dusty smell fills the air.

『*Excited* (*waku waku*)!』

『This is gonna be interesting!』

『I’m looking forward to it!』

『I guess it doesn’t really matter if she’s a Zashiki Warashi or a Kyonshi!』

『Wahoo~ A storehouse~』

『I wonder what’s inside?』

『Probably something amazing right?.』

With a humming tune, I take a step forward.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I completely forgot that Ao and Gravito were still with them lol.

Right… Sora is considered an ordinary onmyoji… 

I’m just gonna call Zashiki Warashi, Zashiki from now on. It’s easier that way xd


  1. I don’t really know why this was brought up. I thought people already knew that she was from the Mikage clan, they just don’t know about the curse miasma and the family’s history. Not to mention, it is basically revealed that she is involved in the Mikage clan when they introduce Zashiki later in the chapter.
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