SH – Chapter 12 – I Went On a Date With Irina and—

Today was the day of my date with Irina.

Around noon, I put on my uniform and waited anxiously in front of the school gate.

This was my first-ever uniform date, so there was no way I wouldn’t be excited.

I mean, it’s a uniform date with an ultra-beautiful silver-haired girl!

If this doesn’t make my heart race, then what will?

After waiting for a while, Irina arrived dressed in her usual uniform.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. Shall we get going right away?” (Irina)

“O-Okay. Y-Yeah, let’s go.” (Louis)


Even though I was incredibly nervous, Irina led the way with a seemingly composed expression.

While I found her very reliable, it also made me feel sad about how pathetic I am.

“So, do you have any plans for where we’re going today?” (Irina)

“I thought we could just walk down the main street and maybe pop into any interesting shops we come across.” (Louis)

It seems like there aren’t as many date spots here like back in Japan.

Of course, this means no large shopping malls or leisure facilities like aquariums or amusement parks.

As a result, we ended up walking towards the main street while trying to engage in a conversation.

I felt really nervous, and my thoughts weren’t flowing smoothly.

Irina, on the other hand, continued to wear that relaxed expression, making it seem like I was the only one feeling nervous.

After a while of walking, we eventually reached the main street.

Since it was a holiday, the main street was bustling with people.

“There sure are a lot of people huh…?” (Irina)

“Indeed… L-Lets hold hands so that we don’t get separated.” (Louis)

I nervously spoke in a strained voice and grabbed Irina’s hand.

Then, I heard a faint surprised voice beside me.

“…Ah.” (Irina)

I glanced over and saw Irina’s ears turning bright red, looking flustered.

Ah, it seems that she was trying to act composed and confident in front of me.

She had intended to take the lead, but the sudden hand-holding had caught her off guard.

It’s probably something like that.

Once I realized that, I started to feel more at ease, and began to walk slowly while staying close to Irina.

“If you find something you’re interested in, just let me know.” (Louis)

“Oh, um, okay. I will.” (Irina)

With her mask of composure completely gone, Irina looked embarrassed and her movements started becoming more awkward as she lowered her gaze.

For a moment, I considered teasing her, but since it was a date, I decided against it.

After all, I’m striving to be a considerate guy who can read the atmosphere.

As we walked slowly down the main street, a delicious aroma wafted through the air.

It was a sweet, dessert-like scent.

It appears that there was a pastry shop nearby, and when I looked at Irina, she seemed interested in it as well.

“How about trying that pastry shop over there?” (Louis)

When I suggested it, she blushed slightly and nodded.

“Yeah, I’m a little interested in it.” (Irina)

And so, we decided to enter the pastry shop that was emitting a sweet aroma.


We enjoyed the rest of our date by eating sweets, browsing through clothing stores, and visiting magic item shops and bookstores.

As it was coming to an end, we had both loosened up a bit, and there was a relaxed atmosphere.

“Well then, let’s meet at the classroom the day after tomorrow.” (Louis)

“Yeah, sounds good. See you then.” (Irina)

We returned to the school grounds and said our goodbyes.

Tomorrow was also a regular holiday, so we wouldn’t see each other until the day after tomorrow.

As the enjoyable time came to an end, a shadow fell over my heart.

And in response to that feeling, the “dark factor” I had absorbed from Irina a while ago began to react——




I instinctively clutched my head and crouched down as a persistent pain ensued. It felt as if something was relentlessly kicking my head.

Damn… this is all it took to trigger the “dark factor”…?

I gritted my teeth and continued to endure, determined not to succumb to the darkness.

However, the pain continued to gradually intensify…

“Are you okay?” (?)

Such a voice descended from above me.

When I looked up, a girl in a nun outfit was looking down at me with concern.

Aah, she is — Saint Maria Santaaria, the second heroine of this story.

Despite being a saint, she also carried darkness in her heart and eventually fell into darkness at the hands of the Evil God.

“I… ugh, I’m fine.” (Louis)

I replied, but I was far from fine.

My head was pounding, and my heart rate was accelerating without restraint.

“Um, maybe I should bring you to the infirmary…” (Maria)

For a moment, I considered letting her take me there, but it was after my date with Irina. It isn’t right for me to be hanging around with the second heroine.

I did plan to eventually help her, but there was still time before she would fall into darkness, so I wanted to take things slowly.

So… I couldn’t let her help me…

However, as the pain worsened, my consciousness gradually faded.

Before I knew it, I had lost consciousness.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I wished the date lasted a bit longer but I guess the game just refuses to let MC procrastinate.

I was wondering if I should translate her name to “Maria Santaria” or “Maria Santaaria”. I think “Santaaria” is the closest to the raw but sounds kinda weird? I’m sorry if I offended anyone called “Santaaria”.

Btw she was wearing a “sister outfit” instead of a “nun outfit”. I’m not good at religious stuff but I’m sure there is a difference. I translated it to “nun outfit” cause I figured more people would be able to picture it.


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Thanks for the chapter!
Yep, yep, Irina is definitely a glass cannon. Too bad the date didn’t last that long and that second heroine is introduced right afterward. Talk about non ideal scenarios…
Also, nun heroine!?!? Nuns are my fav LESGOOOO


interesting take on the whole good vs bad thing in world since it an actual balance and not just “being darkside makes you evil” or “being lightside means your good”

MrCents 04

First Volume is done. Here’s the next one. The Nun!
Nuns are attractive female characters in every anime. Japanese, Chinese and Korean authors always imagine them as a Goddess in the flesh.
Well, I cannot wait to read the next chapter. It is nice to read a proper written characters with proper sequence. Relatable experience and so on so forth.


Oh a nun. She might sin soon enough.