SH – Chapter 15 – Maria Santaaria’s Worries

— Maria Santaaria’s PoV —

Lately, I have been having unpleasant dreams.

They contain memories from a long time ago.

During my early childhood, my parents… especially my father always kept their distance from me almost as if they didn’t want to be associated with me. 

—But why?

It didn’t take long for me to find out the harsh reality.

This is because children are considered an important labor force in the countryside I live in and I was unfortunate enough to be born with a weak body which makes me prone to illnesses such as asthma.

Especially due to my asthma, I would often find myself collapsing quickly if I engaged in any strenuous activity, so I couldn’t live up to those expectations. As a result, I was quickly ostracised by both children and adults alike for being useless.

The only person who ever cared for me was my grandmother.

She showered me with affection and even secretly brought me food to my bed.

“You know, Maria, I’m just happy that you’re here. To think that I have such a cute granddaughter.” (Grandmother)

My grandmother would often say that and I often replied the same way.

“Grandmother (Obaa-sama), I will definitely get well someday and repay your kindness.” (Young Maria)

However, that day never came as my grandmother passed away when I was only ten years old.

—In the end, I couldn’t do anything for her.

After the tragedy, I started my solitary lifestyle with a bigger hole in my heart than usual.

But that didn’t last.

Half a year after my grandmother passed away, a priest from the church had come all the way to our town to look for me specifically. When we first met, he told me something completely unexpected.

—You have the capabilities of being a saint.

Upon hearing this, everyone’s attitude quickly changed.

After learning healing magic from the priest and using it to cure my own asthma, more people started to uplift1 me.

“Maria, is there something you’d like to eat?” (Maria’s mother)

“Since you helped heal the villagers earlier, shall we go hunting for a feast tonight?” (Maria’s father)

My parents’ attitude towards me also changed dramatically from how it used to be. They weren’t as distant from me anymore and started paying attention to me.

I was happy about the newfound attention I was receiving, so I continued to use my healing magic to help others. 

Everyone around me kept praising me, saying, “As expected of the saint.”

When I heard this, I felt that new expectations were being set on me, so I started to assist others with their various requests aside from healing to meet those new expectations.

During this time, it made me wish that my grandmother had lived a little longer.

With my current self, I could have done more for her.

Soon, I realized two important things.

—If I served others, they would care about me.

—If I didn’t serve others, I would regret it later.

As a result, I decided to devote all of my time to helping others with their requests.

As I did so, more and more people gathered around me.

Over time, they kept coming back with more and more requests.

…This is for the best.

This was the world I had desired.

No matter how busy I become, no matter how much hardship I endure,  this is the only way I can maintain a connection with society and build relationships with others… by serving them.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

No, this girl isn’t just unlucky to be born with a weak body, she’s more unlucky to be born in that dumb village. Aside from her grandmother, she was basically suffering from illnesses and had no one else to talk to up until she was 10.

And then her father decided to come back with the milk the moment he heard her daughter won the lottery. Of course, her mother is to be blamed as well since she didn’t really care about her either. They sure look proud of having a daughter they didn’t raise.

If you think about it, Maria’s childhood is basically the opposite of MC’s childhood. When small Maria got ostracised, it became traumatic. When small MC got bullied, he laughed and grew stronger. Childhood traumas can seriously alter a person’s life.

MC pls save this girl thank you.

P.S. I’m gonna start slowing down on releases. As you may or may not know, I’m posting 2 series every day, and it was manageable… until my school holidays ended and I just started on my internship so yeh… Out of the 2 series I’m working on, this one takes more time to translate and edit. I’ll try to post once every 2 days. We also almost caught up with the author.


  1. Uplift means raising someone to a higher position.
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