SH – Chapter 17 – A Mob Who Gets Bullied by Children for Some Reason

“Big chest.” (Kid)

“Big butt.” (Kid)

“Meanwhile, this one feels really dull” (Kid)

“Doesn’t seem like he is anything special.” (Kid)

Currently, Maria and I were brought to a field next to the church by Ruin.

There, children around ten years old were diligently working in the fields.

There were six of them to be exact, three boys and three girls.

Then, as soon as they noticed us, they immediately surrounded us.

I smirked at the children who started talking nonsense and pointed my index finger.

Tsk tsk, you guys don’t get it.” (Louis)

“What don’t we get?” (Kid)

“This guy is trying to assert dominance over kids.” (Kid)

“What a nasty guy.” (Kid)

“So immature.” (Kid)

Hold on a second.

Seriously, big bro, you’re getting really worked up about this statement.

And where did you learn a phrase like ‘assert dominance’?

While thinking that, since I’m an adult, so I won’t let my anger show on my face.

I maintained a calm smile and decided to teach the kids.

Just as I was about to speak…

“This guy’s mouth is twitching!” (Kid)

“Wow, he’s really mad!” (Kid)

“Getting angry over this? So immature!” (Kid)

Well, you know, I can’t just stay silent after being told all this.

I decided to teach the kids a lesson while containing my quiet anger.

“You really don’t get it. You see, guys like me who don’t stand out are often the ones secretly pulling all the strings behind the scenes. This is what you call a ‘Shadow Hero’. So, you shouldn’t go against me. Got it?” (Louis)

Upon hearing my words, the children chuckled.

“This guy is someone who’s gone crazy from reading too many hero tales.” (Kid)

“He can’t see himself objectively.” (Kid)

“He’s the kind of person who believes he’s a hero and starts traveling around the world.” (Kid)

Ugh! I couldn’t help but take out a handkerchief and bite it.

Those were some harsh words.

I was genuinely shocked by the children’s cutting remarks.

I mean, is there anyone who wouldn’t be shocked after being told all that?

But more than that, I wanted to smack the past me who thought that children were pure and genuine.

I briefly thought Maria might also become prey to the children and have her kindness repaid with cruelty…

But then…

“I like this big sister (onee-san) more, she’s cute!” (Kid)

“So cute! I like her!” (Kid)

“I want to be like onee-san when I grow up!” (Kid)

What in the world…

The difference in their attitude is too extreme…

Fufu, thank you.” (Maria)

I glanced at Maria, and she seemed rather pleased with their attention.

I felt relieved, but at the same time, I couldn’t help feeling frustrated.

Why was I the only one to receive such treatment…?

Sure, I may have a plain face, but… There must be something…!

As I was feeling dejected and slumped my shoulders, my eyes met with one of the boys in the group surrounding us.

Come to think of it, he hadn’t said anything mean to me yet!

Could it be that he understands my feelings…!?

“…Hmph.” (Kid)

Ah, he just snorted through his nose!

Damn it! What is wrong with them?!

As I quietly sobbed, Ruin, seemingly feeling apologetic, scolded the children.

“This is unacceptable! Just because Louis-san here is a bit dull, doesn’t mean you should say such things! He’s going out of his way to help you!” (Ruin)

“…Ruin-san. Those words are causing major damage, you know.” (Louis)

“Oh… I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it that way!” (Ruin)

Sigh… It’s fine. I’m just a dull, unimpressive, and worthless, mob character with no value after all…” (Louis)

Oh no, I’m in danger of falling into darkness, even without the additional ‘Dark Factor’.

Just as I was being all negative, Maria muttered softly.

“…I actually quite like how Louis-san looks, you know?” (Maria)

Yep, all is forgiven.

Maria is truly a saint.

She seemed to excel even at salvation.

“So, what can we help with?” (Maria)

Maria asked, trying to steer the conversation back to the original topic.

To that, Ruin looked over the field.

“Hmm~ it seems like today’s fieldwork is already finished…” (Ruin)

Upon hearing this, the children started chattering again.

“It seems like big brother (onii-chan) is no longer needed.” (Kid)

“We’ll forgive onee-san because she’s cute.” (Kid)

“Onii-chan can go home now. Lucky you.” (Kid)

Why are they so harsh…

Honestly, onii-chan here is starting to feel sad.

It seems that while the children continued with their antics, Ruin and Maria decided to ignore them and carry on with their conversation.

“Well then, do you have dinner prepared or something?” (Maria)

“Not yet. In fact, we might have to go exchange some food with people from other parts of the slums.” (Ruin)

“I see. What do you usually exchange?” (Maria)

“We exchange vegetables and grains we grow here for meat since we have no way of getting them ourselves.” (Ruin)

“I see… Can I help with the exchange?” (Maria)

After Maria asked that, Ruin took a moment to consider.

“Hmm, if a stranger goes there all of a sudden, they might refuse. I think it’s better for us to stick together and just focus on cooking for today.” (Ruin)

Maria nodded in agreement with Ruin’s words.

“That sounds like a good idea. I would be happy to help with the cooking.” (Maria)

After her words, everyone’s attention suddenly turned towards me.

“W-What…? Why is everyone looking at me all of a sudden?” (Louis)

“W-Well… Louis-san, can you cook…?” (Maria)

“…Ah, right. I can’t help if I can’t cook, huh?” (Louis)

In my past life, I never cooked for myself and survived on convenience store meals. I definitely didn’t have any cooking skills.

When they heard that, the children strangely exchanged glances and nodded.

“Sister, let’s take this guy with us.” (Kid)

“If worse comes to worst, we can use him as the meat.” (Kid)

“If we are lucky, it would taste good!” (Kid)

I wanted to respond to those overly harsh words, but the fact remained that I was indeed a hindrance due to my inability to cook. So, all I could do was lower my shoulders in resignation.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I’m telling you, kids who are not yours are the hardest to deal with. They know that you can’t do anything to them. On the bright side, Maria is well-liked as expected.


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Poor Louis. Well, your mistreatment will be repaid handsomely by a second wife so be patient Louis!


Gender discrimination! Also kids are evil as always. Louis should use them as an example for his future kids on how to and not to behave.