SH – Chapter 22 – My sister was knocked out by Saint-sama’s unconscious attack

“Recently, my Ani has started to become more popular so I’m worried!” (Leila)

For some reason, Leila began to speak with a very serious expression, her eyes cast down.

Upon hearing that, I involuntarily twitched my cheeks.


Am I really becoming that popular?

Sure, I managed to date Irina, but I don’t feel like I’m popular.

You know, to me, being popular is like getting a lot of attention from many girls.

But the only one who likes me is Irina, and I doubt Maria likes me that way.

And seriously, don’t talk about this kind of stuff in front of me…

Leila is probably just saying these things in front of me to tease me.

“Leila-san’s brother (onii-sama) is a very attractive person, isn’t he?” (Maria)

Maria, after hearing Leila’s consultation, seemed to have ended up at some strange thoughts and started saying such things.

No, no, I’m not attractive at all.

I’m just a boring guy with a dull and plain face.

But for some reason, Leila nodded in agreement with Maria’s words.

“Yes, that’s right. My Ani is a very attractive and dignified person.” (Leila)

Upon looking closely, you could see that Leila’s mouth was twitching trying to hold back her laughter.

She’s definitely teasing me with this, right?

However, Maria, who didn’t seem to understand anything, innocently threw a sharp question.

“I see… Leila-san, could it be that… you might be jealous because your onii-sama has started to become popular?” (Maria)


Could that be it?!

What a shocking revelation.

Well, I highly doubt that’s the case.

However, for some reason, Leila became flustered, her eyes darting around, and her ears turning bright red.

“N-No, that’s not it! I don’t feel like that at all!” (Leila)

“Hmm~ is that so? Don’t you like your onii-sama, Leila-san?” (Maria)

Hey, Leila, your mask is starting to slip. Are you okay?

But Maria is asking some really interesting questions…

Leila, upon being asked that question, was visibly flustered, her mouth opening and closing.

Well, she dug her own grave, but I can’t help but feel a little sorry for her.

“Well, I don’t hate him…” (Leila)

She doesn’t hate me.

Well, that’s a relief.

Maria continued to stare intently at Leila, whose eyes were darting around frantically, and she began to drop another bombshell.

“Is that the truth? Leila-san, I think lying to yourself will only make it harder.” (Maria)

Oh, that’s quite a saintly line!

If you think about it, Maria doesn’t really lie to herself.

In her case, she’s unknowingly cornering herself.

That’s why solving her problem is quite challenging.

Upon hearing that, Leila turned completely red and clenched her fists while looking down.

Feeling sorry for her, I decided to step in and stop Maria.

“Well, Maria, maybe there’s no need to rush for an answer?” (Louis)

However, when I said that, Maria shook her head.

“No, that won’t do If you don’t properly understand you’re own feelings, you will find yourself regretting it a lot when it’s too late.” (Maria)

It was a line that seemed to be filled with lots of emotion.

Upon hearing this, Leila glanced briefly in my direction with upturned eyes, then lifted her head with determination and spoke.

“That’s right… It might be bad if it’s too late.” (Leila)

“Mhm, I think it’s important to face your feelings and communicate them to the other person.” (Maria)

Maria nodded in response to Leila’s words.

I was left entirely out of the conversation.

After nodding in agreement with each other, Leila turned forward with a determined expression.

“I… I might be jealous just like you said. I want to talk to my Ani more, but I wonder why I couldn’t bring myself up to be next to him.” (Leila)

Her direct confession left me flustered.

I tried my best to hide my agitation from Maria, but my heart was pounding.

You might be jealous because it wasn’t you who could change you’re onii-sama, but someone else.1” (Maria?)

I see… She felt that way.

I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty.

I should probably interact more with Leila from now on.

Both Leila and I couldn’t meet each other’s gaze, but Maria, who was oblivious to this, wore a loving smile, moved closer to Leila, and gently patted her head.

“You were able to speak your true feelings well. Now, it would be good if you could convey that same thought to the person in question.” (Maria)

Well, it has already been conveyed loud and clear.

That so-called onii-sama person is sitting right here listening to everything.

In the end, Leila, who tried to tease me under the disguise of a consultation, would unknowingly receive a counterattack from the bottom of Maria’s heart and end up embarrassed instead.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Leila taking super-effective damage in this one. Maria basically asking Leila to quickly join the harem before it’s too late.

And with that, we have caught up with the author. So the thing is that we are probably gonna only get occasional chapters now. 

Before I started this series, I noticed that the author had a habit of not posting much for his series after like 20ish chapters. He has like 5 other ongoing series right now. 

So I guess what is gonna happen is that I’m probably gonna take a break and focus on my current series while starting to find a new series to work on in the future.


  1. This line is super weird. The raw of this line used Onii-sama instead of Ani, which implies that Maria said this line… But Maria doesn’t know that Leila wasn’t the one who changed MC so I was thinking that it could have been Leila. Either Leila decided to use Onii-sama for this line, or I’m missing some context somewhere. Take a look for yourself if you know “お兄様を変えることが出来たのが私ではなく、別の人だったことに嫉妬しているのかもしれません”
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Thanks for the chapter!

Indeed I got a little confused reading this chapter. So, does Leila knows that her brother is there with her? If so, she’s not that embarrassed talking about her feeling, doesn’t she? I suppose it is actually Louis and Maria behind something like a confession booth, hence Leila doesn’t know that Louis is there


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