SH – Chapter 25 – I Received a Report from Sakura-chan

“Master (Goshujin-sama), I have something to report.” (Sakura)

“…What’s with that way of talking?” (Louis)

“Oh, no! I just thought that this way would fit the atmosphere more!” (Sakura)

As Sakura-chan began to speak with a respectful bow, I couldn’t help but feel bewildered. She subtly flashed a mischievous smile. Apparently, that was just her usual playful self.

“Isn’t this the kind of atmosphere more common on the villainous side of stories?” (Louis)

“Hahaha, busted! I actually prefer villains over the good guys!” (Sakura)

Putting aside the chuunibyou-like1 comment, for the time being, I decided to listen to her report.

In the Yui-Cyrus matter, the most crucial aspect was understanding Cyrus’s true feelings. Once I knew that, I could tell Maria and let her handle the resolution.

Of course, I didn’t plan to provide too many solutions or hints; she would have to figure it out on her own. Though, if she seemed to be going off course, I might extend a helping hand.

“For now, it seems like Cyrus-kun does like Yui-chan.” (Sakura)

“Hmm, I see. So, do you know why he’s been acting cold towards her?” (Louis)

“Ah, about that. Apparently, I think it’s because he naturally has a lack of expression and when combined with his shyness, it comes off as being cold.” (Sakura)

…What a straightforward, youth-like, easy-to-understand reason. Well, I guess it’s much better than having some complicated explanation.

“Thank you. That really helps.” (Louis)

“So, can I get something as thanks!?” (Sakura)

“Oh, yeah, of course. As long as it is something I can get my hands on.” (Louis)

When I said that, Sakura-chan immediately responded with:

“Irina’s underwear!” (Sakura)

“…Eh?” (Louis)

“…Nn?” (Sakura)

Wait a minute, I might have misheard.

Let me ask again.

“So, what do you want?” (Louis)

“Irina’s underwear! Louis, you must have some. Just one piece.” (Sakura)

“What makes you think I have one, you idiot! And why underwear!” (Louis)

When I inquired, Sakura-chan suddenly became fidgety.

Huh? Is she into that kind of thing?

I mean, I don’t want to judge her preference, but suddenly admitting to that is a bit bewildering.

“Well, you know… If I have Irina’s underwear, I can assert my dominance when the time comes.” (Sakura)

“To who!?” (Louis)

“Huh? Of course, it’s to Mina. We’re competing to see who can understand Irina better.” (Sakura)

What’s with this competition…

It’s appreciative that she’s trying to understand Irina better, but this feels a bit off…

I mean, isn’t taking her underwear stirring things in a different direction?

“Well, I can’t help you if Irina doesn’t know about the competition between you and Mina-chan.” (Louis)

“Huh? I already told Irina, though.” (Sakura)

Why on earth are they discussing this with the person involved…?

Well, maybe she’s not that upset about it..?

If you set aside the underwear part, it’s just your typical friendship between girls.

Maybe Irina didn’t tell me because it was a bit embarrassing.

Yeah, even I would feel embarrassed if my friends were competing to understand me better.

It’s all just speculation, though! I don’t even have friends! I do have a girlfriend, though! I do have a girlfriend! (I said it twice because it’s important.)

“Well, anyway, thanks in advance for the underwear!” (Sakura)

“Hey, wait a second! She’s fast!” (Louis)

By the time I heard her say thanks, Sakura-chan had already darted away.

What a hyper girl…

Well, what should I do now?

If it’s revealed that I stole Irina’s underwear, both Sakura-chan and I will definitely get scolded.

At the very least, if I’m suspected, I’ll make sure to throw Sakura-chan under the bus.

However, the fact remains that she did gather the information I needed.

Should I sneakily try to steal the underwear…

With such thoughts swirling in my mind, I pondered how to explain the situation to Maria the next day.


“Now, Maria, I have a request that I want you to take care of.” (Louis)

“Oh, finally! What is it?” (Maria)

“Yeah. So, about the details—” (Louis)

The next day after school, as we gathered in the club room, I informed Maria about the request.

Without revealing everything, I only shared things from Yui’s perspective on the issue and observed Maria’s reaction. After contemplating for a moment, she spoke up with a slightly troubled expression.

“I’ve never dealt with this kind of issue before, so it seems challenging. Can I really do something?” (Maria)

Maria expressed her uncertainty.

Well, usually, the requests she receives are things like doing homework, cleaning, or standing in for committee duties—mundane and troublesome tasks.

I suppose she hasn’t had someone come to her with a serious, sincere concern like this before.

“It’ll be fine. If Maria sincerely tries to resolve it, she can do it.” (Louis)

After all, Maria isn’t stupid. It’s just that she usually gets more straightforward requests.

If she takes a step back and properly thinks about things and acts on them, this shouldn’t be that hard.

Besides, this is a request that can absolutely be resolved.

“Do you really think so…?” (Maria)

Still sensing her unease, I took Maria’s hand and reassured her.

“Don’t worry. If things don’t go right, I’ll step in and help. Just relax and do it however you like.” (Louis)

Finally, with my words, Maria managed to smile. She stood up as if I were guiding her and nodded.

“Yes, you’re right. If Louis-san is here, I can do it. Thank you, I’ll do my best.” (Maria)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Are things really going to go that smoothly…? Well, we have caught up with the author, so you’ll just have to find out next month or something lol.


  1. You know, chuunibyou is eighth-grade syndrome, where someone is obsessed about supernatural stuff.
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I’m really waiting for the story of Louis becoming a true hero