CBCF – Chapter 87 – Riding Together

“Wow, that’s one big inflatable ring!! I’ll ride in front this time!” (Asuka)

“Since this one spins, it doesn’t really matter if you’re in the front or the back, right?” (Ouka)

“We need to set the atmosphere for this kind of thing!! Come on, Ouka, hurry up and get on!” (Asuka)

“Okay, okay… Asuka… make sure you don’t fall off, okay?” (Ouka)

“Ouka… it’s better not to say things like that because it might jinx us, you know?” (Asuka)

“Is that so…? Anyways, make sure you hold onto the handles tight.” (Ouka)

“Right. And Ouka, make sure you don’t get thrown off!” (Asuka)

“Alright, let’s go!!” (Ouka)

“Yeh!! I’m ready!!” (Asuka)

“…Whoa?! The acceleration is already quite fast from the start!! Did the staff push us with all their might?!” (Ouka)

“Ahahaha!! This is amazing!! Wow, the momentum is incredible!! Scary!! But fun!!” (Asuka)

“Asuka, stop talking (shaben) so much or you’ll bite your tongue (shita)!! It’s dangerous!!” (Ouka)

“Huh?! You want to suck (shaburu) my bottom (shita)?!” (Asuka)

“You shouldn’t say that!! Why bring up dirty jokes at a time like this?! Are you an idiot?!” (Ouka)

“Ahahaha!! This is so much fun!! Feels great!! Ouka!! This is amazing!!” (Asuka)

“This person’s hopeless!! It’s like she’s drunk from excitement or something!!” (Ouka)

“We’re about to hit the water!! Ouka!! Make sure your pants don’t come off!!” (Asuka)

“Like hell, they’ll come off!! If anything, you’re the one who’s gonna end up exposing yourself…!!” (Ouka)

“Whag?!” (Asuka)

“Bfff?!” (Ouka)

“Thanks to the inflatable ring, that final splash was amazing!! This is so much fun!! Let’s go again, Ouka!!” (Asuka)

“Let’s take a short break. How obsessed with slides are you, Asuka…” (Ouka)

“Aww. Well then, let’s get off.” (Asuka)

“Whoa?! Asuka, don’t just suddenly get off!! The balance!!” (Ouka)

“Hahaha, Ouka, you’re wobbling!” (Asuka)

“Don’t laugh, help… I’m gonna fall!! …Gah?!” (Ouka)

“Eh?” (Asuka)

“Asuka, um, this wasn’t intentional… it was an accident, you know?” (Ouka)

“——” (Asuka)

“…Um, at least your bottom didn’t fully come off… right?” (Ouka)

“——~~~!!” (Asuka)

“Whoa?! Don’t hit me!! I’m sorry, don’t hit me!! I get it! Calm down!! Just calm down for a moment!!” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wow, it’s a miracle that he somehow didn’t see it.

Once again, I don’t know anything about swimsuits and stuff so I don’t know what’s a supporter. If you know, you know, I guess.


  1. S means Sadist

CBCF – Chapter 86 – The Sliding Duo

“Wooohooo!!” (Ouka)

“Awawawa! It’s so fast!” (Asuka)

“We’re almost there… Huh?!” (Ouka)

“Uhhiyaaa~♡” (Asuka)

*cough cough* I got water up my nose!” (Ouka)

“You’re such a klutz, Ouka. Look at me, I’m totally fine! I’m invincible!” (Asuka)

“It’s because I was in the front, tanking the water for you!” (Ouka)

“Thanks for protecting me, Ouka☆” (Asuka)

“Damn it, I knew it was weird that you were holding onto me so tightly…” (Ouka)

“Next, let’s try the one with the inflatable ring! The one for two people!” (Asuka)

“Got it, got it. Don’t rush me… Hey, Asuka!! The strap on your top is loose, it’s coming off!” (Ouka)

“Huh? Oh, you’re right. Ouka, could you tie it for me?” (Asuka)

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s do it once we get out of the water.” (Ouka)

“Okay~” (Asuka)

“Seriously, you can just do it yourself.” (Ouka)

“But isn’t untying and tying the strings of a bikini every boy’s dream?” (Asuka)

“What kind of dream is that…? Well, I guess it would make them a little excited…” (Ouka)

“I tied it pretty tight, but I guessed it loosened from the impact of hitting the water.” (Asuka)

“Yeah, and you said that you were totally fine…” (Ouka)

“It is fine. Look, I’m wearing a supporter too.” (Asuka)

“For now, let’s move to that nearby shade to quickly retie the straps.” (Ouka)

“Yeah~! Thanks~!” (Asuka)

“……Alright, I’m going to start now… Hey, isn’t this already in risky territory? It’s so loose…” (Ouka)

“Huh? Seriously? Is it that bad?” (Asuka)

“Idiot! Don’t look turn around!” (Ouka)

“Huh? Oh, it came off.” (Asuka)

“If I’m the one holding the straps, it’s bound to come off if you twist your body this way…” (Ouka)

“Well, luckily I didn’t turn that much. I’d be embarrassed if Ouka saw even just a bit of my chest.” (Asuka)

“No, you should be embarrassed even if it’s just your back. Your beautiful back is fully exposed, you know.” (Ouka)

“Ouka, you’re extra naughty today. Anyways, I’ll put this on myself then. Could you pass me the top?” (Asuka)

“Sure. But why am I the one feeling embarrassed after all of this…?” (Ouka)

“Well, I’d be embarrassed too if you saw it, you know?” (Asuka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wow, it’s a miracle that he somehow didn’t see it.

Once again, I don’t know anything about swimsuits and stuff so I don’t know what’s a supporter. If you know, you know, I guess.


  1. S means Sadist

CGM – Vol 3 Prologue

Ah, life is truly wonderful!

I, Wilhelm Wondersky, am a shut-in. Yes, I happily returned to the life of a shut-in.

Every single day, I would wake up in the afternoon, laze around, read books, laze around some more, eat, and continue lazing around. This lazy lifestyle continued day after day.

“I’ll thoroughly enjoy my shut-in life to the fullest!” (Wilhelm)

I dove onto my bed, which I had dubbed as my paradise. It feels comfortable.

Man, this really makes working on things like legendary ghost exterminations and sending souls to heaven worth it. The process was quite challenging, but thanks to that, I’m now able to fully enjoy the shut-in life I’ve always wanted. It really turned out for the best.

My father granted me permission for a three-week shut-in period. However, I’m determined to extend it even further to at least a total of three months.

It’s only the ninth day since I started my shut-in life. My shut-in life has only just begun.

I turned off the lights in my room and started to drift into a blissful dream. It was truly a wonderful dream.

… … …

It’s probably morning by now. No, maybe afternoon. My sense of time has dulled. But it doesn’t really bother me. After all, I’m a shut-in. I don’t have any plans, so there’s no need to worry about being late for anything.

Maybe I’ll sleep a little longer.

… … … … Huh? What is this murderous intent?

When I opened my eyes, I saw my father, wearing a dangerously mischievous expression, with a sword held in a reverse grip, aiming at me.

I smiled back at my father. He returned the smile with a smirk and mercilessly swung down the sword.

“Whoa, that was close!” (Wilhelm)

I rolled off the bed just in time to narrowly avoid it.

“Hmph! Managed to dodge, huh? Your reflexes are as sharp as ever!” (Robert)

“A-Ahhhhhh! My paradise!! Not again!” (Wilhelm)

The sword pierced through the bed, leaving a hole.

“I’ve always told you, this isn’t paradise! It’s the garbage-making machine of our house!” (Robert)

“What a horrible thing to say! Are you saying I’m the junk of the Wondersky family?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s not a horrible to say at all! It’s the undeniable truth!” (Robert)

“I have a question for you, Father. What is love?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s something only someone like Tony deserves!” (Robert)

Tony is my younger brother. He’s handsome and incredibly talented.

“You always favor your second son! What about me then?” (Wilhelm)

“I have as much love for you as I do for a speck of dust.” (Robert)

“Father, you’re lacking in love. You should go start working on that!” (Wilhelm)

“What are you talking about? I’m the most loving man in this town!” (Robert)

“That’s a lie! Yesterday’s dinner didn’t have a main meat dish for me! Where’s the love?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s in my stomach! My meat dish was twice the portion! Hahaha!” (Robert)

What a parent. So irritating.

“Mhnnn! If you don’t show any love for your cute eldest son, he’s going to turn into a delinquent, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? You’ve been a delinquent shut-in for ages. You were sneaking into the kitchen at midnight every day to eat delicious things behind my back, didn’t you? I know everything!” (Robert)

Oh… busted.

I thought as the respectable eldest son of this household, I shouldn’t have to put up with low-quality dinner. So, I grilled some good meat and ate it. It was delicious.

“Anyways, what do you want? I’m busy with my shut-in duties.” (Wilhelm)

“Shut-in isn’t a job! Last time you were a shut-in, you hid the family heirloom sword. Where did you put it?” (Robert)

“Oh, if that’s what you’re after, it’s under the bed.” (Wilhelm)

“Why would you put such an important sword in such a dusty place?” (Robert)

“Because I had to hide it. If you got hold of that powerful sword, you’d put an end to my shut-in life.” (Wilhelm)

“Of course, I would.” (Robert)

My father reached under the bed and retrieved the family heirloom sword. It’s a splendidly decorated, cool-looking sword. I think just having it displayed in the room adds an artistic flair.

“Is that an expensive sword?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s more about its historical value rather than its price. It’s too wasted on you.” (Robert)

Satisfied, my father headed towards the door. When I extend my shut-in period, I’ll have to retrieve that sword again.

“Make sure to close the door properly!” (Wilhelm)

My father left without closing it, even though he was the one who opened it.

Haa… I guess I’ll have to ask our butler, Richard, to fix the bed again…

… … …

The next day…

“WIl-sama, please wake up~ If you don’t wake up, I’ll kiss you~” (?)

My body is gently shaken by someone’s small hands. I still don’t feel like getting up.

“You won’t wake up, hmm? So you want my kiss, right? Well, if you insist. Since no one is watching right now… Hehehe, Wil-sama, you’re such a naughty person~” (Anya)

…I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but am I about to be kissed by someone?

I felt a sweet breath just above my face.

“Mmm…” (?)

I need to wake up quickly. My lips aren’t that cheap.

I opened my eyes wide. Then, I caught the cheeks of the woman in front of me with both hands.

Her face, squeezed between my hands, looked angelic and adorable. Her long silver hair cascaded gently. Her beautiful deep crimson eyes blinked. She showed me a gentle smile.

“Wil-sama, good morning!” (Anya)

“Anya?” (Wilhelm)

This beautiful girl’s name is Anastasia Milkyway. I call her Anya. She’s the guild master of [Grand Bahamut], which I was associated with not too long ago.

…Wait, did I just miss out on a kiss from a beautiful girl in my life? What a waste. I’m seriously regretting it now.

“W-Well, I guess I still haven’t fully woken up yet. So, Anya, can I ask for that kiss again? I’ll wake up this time, I promise. Come on, come on.” (Wilhelm)

“Wil-sama, [Grand Bahamut] is in trouble!” (Anya)

“Eh. What about the kiss?” (Wilhelm)

“Thanks to the incident with the legendary ghost, [Grand Bahamut] has been receiving a lot of work lately.” (Anya)

“B-But the k-kiss…” (Wilhelm)

“But our guild’s reputation has grown so much that we’re overflowing with requests.” (Anya)

“So, no kiss…? Haa… Does that mean… you need my help?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes! I’d like you to help us, Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“I see… Well, um… If possible, I’d be happy if you could still give me that kiss.” (Wilhelm)

Anya blushed and smiled.

“Only when you’re asleep, okay?” (Anya)

Damn it. That’s more than disappointing. My heart feels like it’s breaking. I wonder what it feels like to have the lips of such a beautiful girl. If I had received that kiss, it would have probably felt like heaven.

“Haa… Well, can’t be helped. I guess I’ll get up…” (Wilhelm)

“Are you sure? I was told that you came back to your house to stay shut-in for the next three weeks.” (Anya)

“It’s fine. My number one priority will always be to my cute Anya.” (Wilhelm)

I patted Anya’s head. It’s small and her hair feels nice to touch, so adorable.

“I’m glad. I’ll be able to take care of you again, Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“Yeah, I’m counting on you.” (Wilhelm)

She has such a cute smile. Once I settle the issue with [Grand Bahamut], I’ll come back and continue my shut-in life. But until then, I’ll do my best.

Now, time to change. I put on a white shirt and my favorite black pants. I tightened my belt. Finally, I put on my favorite jacket.

“Oh, if you wear a jacket, you might feel too hot.” (Anya)

“Is that so?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, summer is almost here.” (Anya)

Anya opened the curtains in the room.

The dazzling sunlight streamed into my room. Anya, backlit by the sun, looked incredibly picturesque and cute.

“Alright, then I’ll go for a lighter jacket.” (Wilhelm)

It looks the same, but it’s lightweight and made of thin fabric, suitable for summer. I also chose a shirt suitable for summer.

As I started walking towards the exit of the room, Anya happily followed along. Another lively day is about to begin. I wonder if there will be any new encounters. It’s a little exciting.

Suddenly, the door to my room burst open with a loud bang.

The loud noise echoed throughout my room, startling both me and Anya. It wasn’t the kind of sound you’d expect to hear when waking up.

Nii-san1, Father’s in trouble!” (Tony)

Entering my room was my younger brother, Tony.

No matter how many times I have seen him, he always shines like a dazzling fourteen-year-old beauty. With his brown hair and blue eyes, he resembles our father, but he’s far more handsome in his own right. There are plenty of girls who call Tony a prince.

Tony was dressed in a white outfit with a red tie, a look that only suits a handsome guy like him. Even from a guy’s perspective, I can’t help but think he’s unfairly cool.

“Long time no see, Tony. Why are you in such a hurry? Did Father decide to get a mistress around our age or something?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s not something that trivial! It’s much more serious. Father suddenly started saying that he wanted me to be the successor of the Wondersky family! Isn’t this a huge deal? I’m the second son of the Wondersky family!” (Tony)

I was taken aback. Oh, is that what this is about?

“Tony, that’s just Father’s usual routine, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? So, you mean he says stuff like that all the time?” (Tony)

“Yeah, he says it quite often.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s awful! We already have a fine eldest son in this house!” (Tony)

“Oh, nice! Keep telling that to Father!” (Wilhelm)

It seems that I have an ally in this house too. Although Tony usually lives in the school dormitory, it’s genuinely happy to have someone on my side.

Anya popped her head out from behind me. She bowed politely with her hands together.

“Nice to meet you. You must be Tony-sama, Wil-sama’s younger brother. I’m Anastasia Milkyway. When I grow up, I hope to be able to marry Wil-sama.” (Anya)

Tony turned pale as he looked at Anya.

“T-There’s a big issue happening in here too! N-Nii-san, isn’t it bad to bring such a young girl into your room? This is really serious!” (Tony)

“Huh, is it?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s a huge issue in society’s eyes. And, nii-san…” (Tony)

Tony approached with a super serious expression.

“If this were to get out, Liliana-san would be devastated.” (Tony)

I tilted my head. Liliana is a former classmate who’s now an elite civil servant, but we’re not particularly involved romantically.

“Why are you bringing up Liliana’s name?” (Wilhelm)

“Well, nii-san, during our school days, you were quite close to Liliana-san… you relied on her so much.” (Tony)

We weren’t that close…

“Well, I can’t deny I was pretty reliant on her.” (Wilhelm)

“I always thought Liliana-san would become my future sister-in-law.” (Tony)

Whoa, whoa, whoa, isn’t that jumping the gun a bit? Sure, we got along well, but our student days with Liliana were in the early teens. It’s too early to decide on a lifelong partner.

“There’s nothing between me and Liliana. So you don’t have to worry about whichever woman I’m getting along with.” (Wilhelm)

“Does Liliana-san feel the same way?” (Tony)

“Huh? Well, I’m not sure. I’ve never asked.” (Wilhelm)

“Nii-san, please be mindful of your actions with women. They might get hurt without you realizing it, you know?” (Tony)

Coming from a guy who’s popular with the ladies, that’s quite convincing.

“…There have been times when, out of nowhere, a woman stood before me with a dark expression, holding a knife, quietly asking what’s so good about that other girl. Haha… Really, be careful out there.” (Tony)

Tony’s expression darkened. For a fourteen-year-old, he’s had quite an experience. Truly fitting for a handsome guy.

“Huh? Wil-sama? Are you saying your relationship with me was just for fun?” (Anya)

Oh no, Anya’s eyes went vacant. That’s a bit scary. Could she have some yandere tendencies? Maybe she’s the type to wield a knife. I better change the subject.

“Tony’s just taking things a bit too seriously. It’s okay, it’s okay. Come on, let’s head to the guild soon.” (Wilhelm)

Sometimes it’s best to just cut off conversations like this. I walked past Tony and out of the room.

“See ya, Tony.” (Wilhelm)

“Ah, nii-san, I haven’t finished yet.” (Tony)

“WIl-sama, please wait. I think we need to have a serious talk about our future. How many babies do you want?” (Anya)

“Nii-san, I’m really worried. Are you sure everything’s okay? Can I trust you?” (Tony)

Let’s just head to the guild already.

And so, I bid farewell to my room, my bed, my paradise, for a while.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

What a start to the volume. Looks like Anya has some hidden yandere tendencies. There was barely any competition so maybe that’s why it never surfaced until MC’s relationship with other girls was brought up.

I would also like to say that MC making Liliana come to wake him up every morning makes them look super close, so I can see the misunderstanding forming.


  1. Nii-san means elder brother.

CGM – Vol 3 Illustrations

CBCF – Chapter 85 – Conversation While Waiting

“Yay! Sllider~♡ Sllider~♡” (Asuka)

“Asuka, you sure are excited. Were you looking forward to the waterslide that much?” (Ouka)

“I’m super excited! I’ve always strangely liked riding it.” (Asuka)

“I remember back when we were kids, everyone would get tired of it pretty quickly, but you kept sliding it endlessly by yourself…” (Ouka)

“Well, it was fun.” (Asuka)

“Although, Asuka, I don’t think you’re physically fit for such a thing anymore.” (Ouka)

“Aren’t you saying something terrible to me?!” (Asuka)

“…I mean, you get tired pretty quickly when jogging, and you give up on working out together almost immediately.” (Ouka)

“T-That just means that I’ve become more refined! I’m the epitome of a noble lady!” (Asuka)

“What kind of noble lady are you supposed to be? The kind who solves all mysteries and reveals the truth?” (Ouka)

“You got that right.” (Asuka)

“…Right.” (Ouka)

“Well, I’ll be fine. Doing what you love requires a separate kind of stamina, you know.” (Asuka)

“This has the same energy as when girls mention having a separate stomach for sweets…” (Ouka)

“Well, you see, I can stay up all night watching my favorite live streams until the sun rises. Then I crash asleep afterwards.” (Asuka)

“Yeh, in my bed.” (Ouka)

“So, people surely must have a separate battery for things they love, right?” (Asuka)

“That’s an absurd agrument, seriously.” (Ouka)

“Even you, Ouka, remember how you wouldn’t let me sleep all night, despite me crying and begging, saying I’m tired, I can’t take it anymore, let me sleep, please, I’ll go crazy…?” (Asuka)

“Stop saying things that could be misunderstood while blushing and squirming! That was just because you forgot to do your homework, so I stayed up all night helping you. It’s not even the same as doing what you love.” (Ouka)

“Even though you liked it?” (Asuka)

“Why would you think that?” (Ouka)

“Ouka, weren’t you very lively on that day because you were an S1?” (Asuka)

“It was only because you’re always trying to sleep, getting off track, and tempting me to do your homework. I had to pay extra attention to not slip up.” (Ouka)

“You could have just helped me…” (Asuka)

“Homework is something you do on your own.” (Ouka)

“You’re so stiff… Even though, you only need to be stiff with that soft thing of yours~♡” (Asuka)

“Oi, cut it out, don’t steer the conversation in that direction.” (Ouka)

“Huh? I was talking about muscles, what were you imagining… O-Ouch! That hurts! You’re so mean, you chopped me!” (Asuka)

“It’s a retort of love.” (Ouka)

“A retort of love, huh… Ouka, you’re naughty.” (Asuka)

“Are you invincible…!?” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Oh man, I remember so many times where I had to stay awake for so long just to finish some assignment or homework and end up with only 3-4 hours of sleep. I never want to go back to those days.


  1. S means Sadist

CBCF – Side Story 28 – Age Gap Waterslide

“Shuusui-san! Let’s go again! Let’s slide together again!” (Kamizuru)

“Wow, you’re full of energy, Meiri-san. You must really like the waterslide.” (Boss)

“It’s fun because we can do it together! This time, I want to be in front!” (Kamizuru)

“So I’ll be behind? Being behind you makes me a bit nervous…” (Boss)

“Why’s that? Shuusui-san, are you not good with slides? Are you scared? That’s kind of cute.” (Kamizuru)

“No, it’s just that… being close to a woman in a swimsuit is a bit… stimulating for a middle-aged man like me.” (Boss)

“Shuusui-san, you’re surprisingly naughty, huh?” (Kamizuru)

“Sorry for being too direct, I don’t have anything else to say.” (Boss)

“Speaking of which, I haven’t asked you yet, but how do you like my swimsuit? I put quite a bit of effort into it… Does it suit me?” (Kamizuru)

“It suits you very well. It’s a type of swimsuit that I’m not familiar with, but it looks cool.” (Boss)

“It’s called a monokini1. I was going to wear a normal bikini but it was much more embarrassing than expected so my friends recommended me this instead.” (Kamizuru)

“I didn’t know there were swimsuits like that. Seeing your back made me a little nervous.” (Boss)

“It did!? That’s great!! I wish I had asked you about this earlier.” (Kamizuru)

“Well, if I give my impression too straightforwardly, it might come off as sexual harassment. So this is the best I can do.” (Boss)

“Sexual harassment only happens if the other person doesn’t like it, right? If it’s you, Shuusui-san, I don’t mind.” (Kamizuru)

“It’s an honor. Well, you look really beautiful in your swimsuit, Meiri-san. I think it really suits you.” (Boss)

“Hehehe, it’s embarrassing to hear but I’m happy! Anyways, let’s… Oh, it’s them.” (Kamizuru)

“What’s wrong, Meiri-san? Do you know them?” (Boss)

“They’re the high school bakcouple2 who always visits our store. Look over there.” (Kamizuru)

“Meiri-san, you shouldn’t call customers ‘stupid (baka)’ even if we’re outside of work.” (Boss)

“I’m sorry. But look, that high school girl is kind of erotic. Her chest is amazing… It’s bouncing a lot…” (Kamizuru)

“If that’s the case, I think it’s best if I don’t look.” (Boss)

“Why’s that?” (Kamizuru)

“Because it’s disrespectful to look at other women when I’m with you, Meiri-san.” (Boss)

“…Now I regret not wearing a bikini too.” (Kamizuru)

“No, no, you’re already lovely just the way you are, Meiri-san.” (Boss)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wow, he was so smooth towards the end.


  1. Honestly, I never heard of a monokini before, but I guess the easiest way to describe it would be a one-piece swimsuit with holes inside.
  2. You know what this is. It’s ‘baka’ + ‘couple’.

CBCF – Chapter 84 – Leisure Journey

“I feel like I heard Dateyama’s voice just now.” (Ouka)

“Dateyama-kun, isn’t he your kouhai? Could it be that he’s here?” (Asuka)

“Probably. I think I heard him say ‘like’ out loud, so he’s probably with that girl.” (Ouka)

“In that case, it would be bad to disturb them.” (Asuka)

“Yeah. They’re probably on a date, so let’s not interrupt them. But man, he’s something else. To be able to say something like that out loud in a place like this.” (Ouka)

“Is Ouka the type who can’t say ‘like’ in front of others?” (Asuka)

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never done it.” (Ouka)

“Alright, wanna give it a try?” (Asuka)

“Give what a try?” (Ouka)

“Ouka, I like you.” (Asuka)

“Me too. I like you, Asuka.” (Ouka)

“That wasn’t that bad.” (Asuka)

“Yeah, it’s surprisingly easy. Even I’m surprised.” (Ouka)

“Maybe it’s because we’re childhood friends. It’s a given that we both like each other.” (Asuka)

“Well, there’s no reason to dislike Asuka now, is there?” (Ouka)

“Thinking about it, Dateyama-kun really is amazing. Saying it out loud for everyone to hear would be its own challenge.” (Asuka)

“I know right? I should learn from that too.” (Ouka)

“…Speaking of which, they’re on a date, right?” (Asuka)

“Hmm? Yeah, definitely.” (Ouka)

“Then, I wonder if ours can be considered a date too?” (Asuka)

“I wonder? Since it’s normal for us to hang out, I’ve never really thought of it as a date.” (Ouka)

“Yeah, that’s true… it’s just our usual thing…” (Asuka)

“We’ve talked about it before, but we’ve never really went on a proper date, have we?” (Ouka)

“Yeah, you’re right.” (Asuka)

“Well then, how about we have our first date together sometime?” (Ouka)

“Seriously?” (Asuka)

“Yeah, seriously. Since we’ve shared so many first experiences together, it’d be nice if our first date was with each other.” (Ouka)

“That sounds great! It’ll be fun.” (Asuka)

“We can come out with a more detailed plan later.” (Ouka)

“Yeah! I’m looking forward to our first date.” (Asuka)

“The problem is… What do people usually do on their first date…? We’re pretty much always going out together…” (Ouka)

“Indeed, that’s a tough question.” (Asuka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Nooo, stop teasing us and just get married already. Those magic words better come out again during the date.


  1. None

CGM – Vol 2 Short Story – Surprise Box

“Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“What’s wrong, Anya?” (Wilhelm)

“Could you please open this box?” (Anya)

It was just an ordinary white box.

“Sure. What’s inside?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s a secret.” (Anya)

She seems to be enjoying herself.

However, the moment I opened the box, something popped out of it.

“Ah, that scared me!” (Wilhelm)

It was a surprise box.

Inside it was a cute hand-sewn stuffed animal attached to a spring. The spring’s force was strong, so even after it popped out of the box, it continued bouncing around the room.

“Hmm… Wil-sama, it seems like you weren’t very surprised.” (Anya)

“No, I was quite surprised.” (Wilhelm)

“I was hoping for a more, you know, ‘Wow!’ kind of surprise. I want to show it to the neighborhood kids too.” (Anya)

“I see. Let’s try to improve it together a bit.” (Wilhelm)

We decided to add a mechanism that would release a burst of confetti when the box was opened.

It was fun working on something like this with Anya.

“Phew, I got caught in the heavy rain! Sorry, can I borrow a towel for a bit?” (Sofia)

Sofia-san rushed into the house, completely drenched.

Mew-chan, who happened to be folding laundry, handed a towel to Sofia-san.

“Thank you! Wil-kun, can I borrow your shirt? The one that Mew-chan is folding right now.” (Sofia)

“Sure, but isn’t that one a bit small for you?” (Wilhelm)

“I think it’ll be fine!” (Sofia)

Oh, Anya’s surprise box was complete. It turned out pretty good, didn’t it?

“Wil-kun, this really is small, isn’t it?” (Sofia)

Sofia-san ended up wearing my shirt anyways. It looks quite tight around the chest.

Anya handed Sofia-san the white box.

“Sofia-san, could you please open this?” (Anya)

“Huh, what is it? A present for me? You shouldn’t h— Wowww! That scared me!” (Sofia)

As the stuffed animal popped out of the box, confetti burst out, filling the air with a flurry of color.

“Wil-sama, we did it! Sofia-san was surprised!” (Anya)

“Yay, we did it, Anya!” (Wilhelm)

“A surprise box, huh? Oh, right. I have a good one too. I’ll show you next time.” (Sofia)

*boing, boing, boing* 

The spring was too strong, causing the stuffed animal to bounce around the room.

Eventually, it collided with Sofia-san’s chest.

And then it happened—

The tight shirt reached its limit. Buttons popped off, and the shirt dramatically came undone, revealing Sofia-san’s ample bosom bouncing out like something straight out of a surprise box.

“Uwaaaah, my boobs popped out!” (Sofia)

“Aaaargh, a button flew into my eye! I want to see, but I can’t!” (Wilhelm)

“S-Sofia-san…” (Anya)

“W-What’s wrong, Anya-chan?” (Sofia)

“Sofia-san, your surprise box is really something! That really surprised me!” (Anya)

“That’s not a surprise box at all!” (Sofia)

“Someday, I want to try that surprise box too!” (Anya)

Anya seems quite serious about it.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Man, I forgot how short these are. Also, ouch at that button flying into MC’s eye. 

This is officially the end of Vol 2, so you know what that means. It’s time for Vol 3!


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CBCF – Side Story 27 – Officially Together

“Hishiki, this yakisoba is good! Here, let me feed you.” (Dateyama)

“Yeah, thanks… It’s tasty.” (Hishiki)

“What’s wrong? You still seem down. I was really happy, you know? When you said you liked me.” (Dateyama)

“…I’m the worst. Acting like I don’t care about Dateyama, saying I like Toriyabe-senpai, and then, suddenly at a time like this…” (Hishiki)

“That’s not true!!” (Dateyama)

“Dateyama?!” (Hishiki)

“I like you, Hishiki!! I really like you!! Hearing you say that you liked me makes me happy!! How can you say that you’re the worst when you’ve done nothing wrong!!” (Dateyama)

“Dateyama, your voice is too loud!! Everyone can hear you!!” (Hishiki)

“I’ll say it as many times as I have to!! Hishiki is not the worst!! We both like each other now, right?! I’ll make you happy!! I promise!!” (Dateyama)

“Dateyama, calm down!! Stopp!!” (Hishiki)

“I love you, Hishiki!!” (Dateyama)

“I get it!! I get it, okay!!” (Hishiki)

“Feeling better?” (Dateyama)

“…” (Hishiki)

“Oh, uh? Hishiki? Why are you sulking? Are you mad?” (Dateyama)

“…Fuu” (Hishiki)

“Hishiki-san?” (Dateyama)

“Ahahaha, mou!! Dateyama, you really give no time to feel down. I feel like I’m being cheered up whether I like it or not.” (Hishiki)

“I’m glad, you finally laughed.” (Dateyama)

“If you do something like that, of course I’ll laugh. I feel so uncool.” (Hishiki)

“You’re not uncool. I’m happy you express your feelings honestly. Hishiki is the cutest girl ever.” (Dateyama)

“You keep saying stuff like that… Then, I’ll say it again too.” (Hishiki)

“Hm?” (Dateyama)

“I like you (suki), Dateyama.” (Hishiki)

“… ” (Dateyama)

“Why are you pinching your cheek?” (Hishiki)

“N-No, I just felt so happy that I wondered if it was a dream because an angel was right in front of me. Hishiki, when you say it so straightforwardly, you really seem like an angel.” (Dateyama)

“That’s exaggerating…” (Hishiki)

“With this, it’s our feelings are mutual… it’s like a dream come true…!! Now, we’re officially a couple!!” (Dateyama)

“Oh, I said I like you but… maybe we could wait a little longer before officially dating? I need some more confidence…” (Hishiki)

“Huh? Why… Oh? The lifeguard is approaching.” (Dateyama)

“Yeah, I wonder what he wants?” (Hishiki)

“Lifeguard-san, can I help you? …Huh? Am I making a child cry? No, that’s not it! This girl here is my girlfriend, the same age as me! No, it’s not what you think! It’s not a crime, she’s the same age! Please listen to me!” (Dateyama)

“Hah, it can’t be helped. This is bound to happen if you’re the person I like.” (Hishiki)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

For the confidence part, she said something about courage and then cuts off, so her reasoning was vague, but she probably just wasn’t mentally ready.


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CGM – Vol 2 Epilogue

This might have been the most appreciation I received in my life.

I received heartfelt gratitude from many people. Many tears of gratitude were overflowing from around me. Before I knew it, I found myself tearing up too. Even shut-ins shed tears sometimes. It had been a while since I last shed warm tears, so it felt somewhat refreshing.

It was a tough day, but since there were no casualties, I received a lot of gratitude. All-in-all, it was a good day.

Night fell. The Sky Whales had already left, so the night sky was visible. The moon and the stars were shining brightly.

I lit up the lights in my room and picked up the book on the desk.

It was the aforementioned secret book written by Angelina-san. The title was…

“Waterfowl’s Swift Blade” (Wilhelm)

I confirmed its contents. Since it was quite lengthy, I brewed some coffee and slowly read through it.

Thanks to Angelina-san’s detailed explanations, my understanding of the technique continued to deepen.

Late into the night, I closed the book. I decided to turn off the light and go to sleep.

“Well, this is something.” (Wilhelm)

I thought I would be able to master it more easily—

It turned out that mastering [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade] required proficiency in purification magic. And I couldn’t use it. I’ll have to learn it from someone else, but the list of potential instructors was quite limited.

I slipped under the covers. Time to sleep. I’ll think about it after I wake up from my shut-in slumber. It seemed that noisy days would begin again before long.

The day of the Latern Sending has arrived.

It’s an event to send the souls of those who passed away in the past year to heaven.

First, we went to the church and listened to the grateful words of the priest, which made us feel somber.

Then, we all offered prayers together, feeling a deep sense of sorrow.

After that, we walked slowly as a group towards the sea. While walking, we quietly reminisced and fondly remembered the deceased.

As we entered the sandy beach, we could feel the scent of the tide. Perhaps due to last year’s epidemic, there seem to be more people seeing off loved ones this year than usual.

Everyone had a sad expression as they gazed at the sea. The quiet sea dyed in the color of the sunset—

I, too, silently gazed at the sea. While thinking about sending off Anya and Clara’s dad, I feel a sense of sadness creeping in.

However, a suspicious voice that greatly disrupts the atmosphere could be heard.

“Oooooooooon!” (?)

“Wooooooooon!” (?)

It echoes through the quiet sea.

Oi, who brought the vengeful spirits here? Oh, it’s Eva.

Well, of course it was. No one else would bring vengeful spirits, right? Everyone is startled by the strange voices. They’re attracting attention.

“Hey. Shhh.” (Eva)

The vengeful spirits became silent when they heard Eva’s words.

“Are they the vengeful spirits from the abandoned castle? Are you going to send them to heaven, Eva?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah. They’re poor souls who haven’t been sent off until today. I’ll send them off with love.” (Eva)

“I see. Eva, you’re a nice person.” (Wilhelm)

Eva is dazzling under the illumination of the evening sun.

It’s the brightest smile I’ve seen so far. I can’t believe I called her a ghost-like child before. No matter how you look at it, she’s definitely a beauty.

In the distance, a boys’ choir began to sing.

It was a beautiful song. As I listened attentively, it resonated in my heart, almost bringing tears to my eyes.

Anya, Clara, and even Daniel sang their hearts out to bid farewell to their loved ones. They were truly pouring their hearts into it.

Eventually, the song ended, and it was time to release the lanterns into the sea.

I joined up with Anya. Mew-chan was in charge of lighting the lanterns.

“Be careful not to burn yourself this time.” (Wilhelm)

“I know!” (Mew-chan)

Mew skillfully lit the lanterns with magical matches.

The lanterns and Mew-chan’s fur caught fire.

Everyone looked at Mew-chan’s burned hand in horror.

“Ahhh! Hot, hot mew!” (Mew-chan)

“That was quite the dramatic performance…” (Wilhelm)

“Sodane! It wasn’t done on purpose!” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan rushed to the shore and helped extinguish the fire. He looked embarrassed.

And then… A beautiful singing voice reached my ears.

It was an amazing voice.

Anyone who heard that beautiful singing voice would feel peaceful enough to sleep soundly. Surely, the souls about to be sent off would find peace in heaven.

The one singing is the saint. It’s Edel-nee.

Come to think of it, Edel-nee has always been good at singing since childhood. Maybe that’s one of the reasons she was chosen as the saint.

Anya sheds tears. Quietly, she cries while looking at the lantern’s flame.

“Dad… Thank you for everything. I’m still weak, but I think I’ve become a little stronger. Please continue to watch over me in heaven.” (Anya)

“Anya-chan has become really strong! George-san, I’ll always be by Anya-chan’s side, so please rest assured in heaven.” (Sofia)

Sofia-san placed her hand on Anya’s shoulder.

The waves are washing over their feet. Anya and Sofia-san walked into the sea together.

The two of them gently knelt down and released the lantern into the sea.

Next to them was Clara. She carefully released her lantern into the sea as well.

The three of them began to pray at the same time.

The lanterns drifted away on the waves.

A sacred light began to pour into the sea. It’s said to be the stairway to heaven. Guided by that light, the souls ascend to heaven.

My father walked up beside me. He had a rare, sorrowful expression on his face.

“Hey, Wil-something.” (Robert)

“Yes, Father-something.” (Wilhelm)

“I see you didn’t skip out on the event today.” (Robert)

“Well, of course.” (Wilhelm)

Father seems to be watching the backs of Anya and Clara. I wonder what he’s thinking about.

“Wil-something, no, Wilhelm. Could you show those two a miracle before it ends?” (Robert)

“What do you mean?” (Wilhelm)

“There must be one, right? A high-level magic befitting this occasion. Those two are the beloved daughters of my friend. I want you to give them the gift of a miracle before it ends.” (Robert)

I looked at Father. Father looked at me.

His eyes were unwavering. When was the last time he looked at me like that?

I had actually noticed. Father and I were thinking the same thing.

I thought it was just unnecessary meddling. But it seems that wasn’t the case.

“Well, I guess it can’t be helped. Then, I’ll do it for a month of shut-in life in paradise.” (Wilhelm)

“…Too long. How about two weeks?” (Robert)

“Three weeks, then.” (Wilhelm)

“Okay, deal.” (Robert)

“Understood. Just watch. The ultimate magic of the Demon Lord. Materialization Magic: [Foresight Illusion]” (Wilhelm)

My magic spread out.

Under the influence of that magic, a miracle occurred in the sea.

In front of the grieving people, their loved ones, those they were bidding farewell to, appeared.

In front of Anya and Clara, their two dads appeared.

No one understood what had happened, and everyone was speechless.

The song stopped.

Edel-nee was looking at me. Looks like she noticed.

“Everyone, it’s alright. The great god has granted us this moment of miracle. It’s only a short while, but let’s say our final farewells one last time.” (Edelweiss)

Perhaps they felt reassured by the words of the saint.

Everyone began to interact with their loved ones, calling out each other’s names, and shedding tears.

I looked at Anya’s dad. George-san seemed like a very kind person. Watching him, I felt a sense of warmth in my heart. I felt like he would have surely created a warm family atmosphere.

Clara’s dad, Randolph-san, looked cool. He had a dandy aura and seemed like the type who would suit smoking a cigar. Muscular and sturdy, he gave off the vibe of a really strong guild master.

Anya strained her voice and spoke.

“Dad… Is that you…?” (Anya)

“Yeah, it’s me, Anya. I’m sorry I had to leave you all of a sudden…” (Anya’s Dad)

“Father… Have I… have I become a little more stronger?” (Anya)

“Yeah, you’ve become stronger. You’ve really become stronger…” (Anya’s Dad)

Clara also strained her voice to speak.

“Papa… right?” (Clara)

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m Clara-chan’s beloved dad. Clara-chan, you’re the cutest in the world. I love you more than anyone else.” (Clara’s Dad)

“So do I.” (Clara)

All four of them seemed overwhelmed with emotion. They stopped exchanging words and embraced each other tightly.

Everyone was crying.

Father next to me was crying, Sofia-san was crying too, and even Mew-chan was crying. As an outsider, it wasn’t the right time for me to intervene. I sat down on the sandy beach and quietly continued to use magic.

The lanterns were drifting away into the sea.

Before we knew it, night had fallen.

The light of the lanterns drifting in the sea created a truly beautiful sight.

Illustration of Anya and her dad

“Father… Have I… have I become a little more stronger?” (Anya)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I kind of wished MC would have a talk with their father, but I get that it would ruin the atmosphere somewhat. 

Also, I changed how Anya called her father from “Father” to “Dad”. Honestly, I should have just done this from the start

This really reminded me of the funeral events I’ve been to. Hah, now I just feel sad.

Well, there’s still the short special story at the end, so hopefully it isn’t anymore sad stuff.

Edit: It completely slipped my mind, but Eva usually talks in third-person… It’s just that, for the past few chapters including this one, she’s been using “watashi” and talking in first person, so maybe she uses first-person when she’s serious…? I’m probably thinking too much into this and she just uses it whenever she likes.


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