TGS – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 3 – Reunion with the Tough Guy

TL: If your confused, in the previous chapter, the teammate mentioned that he would only spread stuff as his fan, so he left out all the Ayaya stuff. Maybe I should have changed the wording to make that clearer.

A few hours later.

An edited video is posted on social media.

【Encounter with Oni-chan in a casual game! Oni-chan’s secrets exposed (with voice)!】

With a clickbaity kind of title that catches the eye.


“(H-hey… How did you know that this is my smurf account…? I haven’t posted anything about this account during my streams, right?)” (Oni-chan)

“(It was more than a year ago, but there was one time where I’ve seen it! Do you remember that there was a time when you did a 1v1 challenge?)” (Teammate)

“(Huh? W-Was that so…? I think that was the first time I’ve used this account… I never thought anyone would remember it. After all, it was more than a year ago, before my channel really started to take off.)” (Oni-chan)

“(That’s because I’ve been watching you ever since you had around 100 subscribers!)” (Teammate)

“(A-All the way back then!? Well, thank you, really. It makes me happy to hear that.)” (Oni-chan)


From a moment of gratitude to the viewers—


“(Hey, so, I am indeed Oni-chan, but could you type in the chat something like ‘Oops, it was just a misunderstanding!’ or ‘Never mind, I was wrong!’? I’m in a party with another teammate, and I don’t want them to know that I use this account. Oh, and their in-game voice chat volume has been turned off, so you don’t need to worry about them listening in to this conversation.)” (Oni-chan)

“(Is there something in this account that you didn’t want them to know about?)” (Teammate)

“(Well… Don’t tell anyone about this, okay? This account… the username has the words, ‘sweet potatoes (o imo)’, which is a play on the word, ‘little sister (o imouto)’.)” (Oni-chan)

“(Eh!? Was it meant to be interpreted that way!? So you really are a siscon!)” (Teammate)

“(Sh-shut up. What’s wrong with that?)” (Oni-chan)


—To Oni-chan’s secret story, thinking that it had to be mentioned in order to get his teammate’s cooperation.


“(W-Well, anyways, because of this, please help me!! Okay!?)” (Haruto)


—To the content of his plea.

To avoid complete identification, only the ‘yo‘ in ‘Oimo_daisukiyo‘ was censored.

As a result, the meaning conveyed in the username was slightly altered from a joking kind of “I love her (daisukiyo)?” to a sincere kind of “I love her (daisuki)!”1

Whether it was intentional or coincidental, only the editor knows.

Furthermore, at the end of this video, one of Oni-chan’s famous line was inserted with an echoed voice.

It was a statement he made from the past, and even Oni-chan couldn’t remember when he said this.

“I’m impervious to any attacks from haters. I’m prepared for any kind of criticism I will receive.” (Oni-chan)

This new video about Oni-chan stirred up the already ongoing discussions about him in the ABEX community.

Social media users swarm to it like piranhas.

Comment: [Should we just rename this to [Oni-chan’s Family Love Channel] lol]

Comment: [The editing is too good!]

Comment: [The name of his smurf account is just too embarrassing lol.]

Comment: [I want to see his sister’s reaction when she finds out the meaning behind this username!]

It seems like Oni-chan’s statement has sparked lively reactions and discussions among social media users.

The response was overwhelming, with over 10,000 likes in less than 30 minutes.

The victim (oni-chan) himself only noticed it during his break at work which was some time after playing with Aya.

“W-What the… What is this? No, seriously, this is messed up… I told them to keep it a secret.” (Haruto)

How many times has this happened already…

While seeing the flood of notifications arriving from Twitto and watching the edited video, he slumped in his chair.

“Why on earth was that person recording during that time… And they just so happen to be able to edit videos… Haa.” (Haruto)

In today’s convenient world, it only takes a push of a button to start recording. Perhaps they started recording right after finding out to celebrate the occasion.

“Ugh… what the hell, seriously. Everything I’ve been doing lately is backfiring… That guy really went and only spread stuff about me… Ugh, this is the worst. It’s even trending in the entertainment scene… Everyone’s going to see this, aren’t they…” (Haruto)

In the evening, what was trending on Twitto were the two characters, ‘o imo‘ (little sister). Those two characters are more than enough to catch the attention of people.

Meanwhile, notifications keep piling up.

With a tap on the notification, real-time comments from viewers turn the streamer into a live toy.

Comment: [Hey, siscon! How’s it going!? You’ve been exposed!]

“I’m not okay…” (Haruto)

Comment: [Oni-chan! Is your sister cute!?]

“Isn’t that obvious?” (Haruto)

Comment: [Do you like your little sister!? Or do you love her!? Which is it!?]

“Shut up…” (Haruto)

Comment: [How about renaming your channel to [Siscon Oni] from now on?]

“You’re annoying…” (Haruto)

Oni-chan isn’t great at comebacks, but in this situation, his words come out effortlessly.

Haa. Why did this have to happen…? Seriously, why did this have to happen…? I’d prefer another streaming incident over whatever is happening at this point.” (Haruto)

The consequences of the first streaming incident he caused were that his fake persona was exposed.

However, this time’s accident exposed his love for his little sister. It’s unbearable.

And the editing of the video makes things worse.

—”Well… Don’t tell anyone about this, okay? This account… the username has the words, ‘sweet potatoes (o imo)’, which is a play on the word, ‘little sister (o imouto).”

—”I’m impervious to any attacks from haters. I’m prepared for any kind of criticism I will receive.”

The transition from these two lines resulted in a mocking kind of tone as if encouraging viewers to purposely tease him about the revelation. The emphasis on the echo in the last line makes it sound like a challenge as if saying, “If you don’t believe me, try me!”

“That person should use that quick-witted editing skill for something else… It’s really a waste, no matter how you look at it…” (Haruto)

As a result, the majority of users who watched the video think:

(Challenge accepted! I won’t hold back!!)

Haa. I feel so embarrassed, I could die…” (Haruto)

Covering his face with both hands and rubbing his temples to distract himself, Oni-chan let out a sigh. At that moment, when his head felt like it might catch fire from the heat, he received a notification.

“(Haruto-san, what time do you finish work today?)” (Aya)

It was a message on LAIN from Aya, whom he had exchanged contact information with on the day they made plans to play ABEX.

While wondering if she timed the message during his break, he opened the LAIN app and replied.

“(I’m planning to finish early today, around 9 PM. Do you need something?)” (Haruto)

“(Yeah. I was thinking if I could have a bit of your time after you finish work, Haruto-san.)” (Aya)

This unusual and unexpected request surprised him.

“(That’s fine.)” (Haruto)

“(Really!? I’ll make sure to be at the shop by 9 PM then, thank you!)” (Aya)

“(Huh? Don’t you have to attend classes tomorrow, Shirayuki-san? Shouldn’t you be preparing for that? And also, there’s no need for you to go out of your way to do this. We can just do it through LAIN.)” (Haruto)

“(No, it’s fine. Besides, I want to properly talk about today’s events, so I’d prefer to talk face-to-face. And also, I want to thank you.)” (Aya)

“(Thank me? For what?)” (Haruto)

“(Haruto-san, you’ve shouldered everything for me this time, haven’t you?)” (Aya)

“(What are you talking about?)” (Haruto)

“(You’re really kind, you know?)” (Aya)

“(Even if you say that, I have no idea what you’re talking about.)” (Haruto)

“(Hmm. Well then, I’ll explain until you understand.)” (Aya)

“(Oh, no, please don’t. I’m begging you.)” (Haruto)

“(Hehe, okay. Well then, do your best with the rest of your work, Haruto-san. I have to go and start my stream now.)” (Aya)

“(Thank you. In that case, I might watch it until my break is over.)” (Haruto)

“(Ehhh, um, sure. Just try not to pay too much attention to me; it feels weird.)” (Aya)

“(Ahaha, what does that mean.)” (Haruto)

While inserting a tsukkomi2 at the end, they wrapped up their conversation.

Thus, he spends the rest of his break time peeking into Ayaya’s stream, making the most of his time off.

And also, he decided to overlook the part where Ayaya bit her tongue at the start of the stream.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Keep in mind that our MC here didn’t deny that his a siscon, but I guess that’s already pretty obvious at this point.

I kinda fell asleep and woke up late so I wasn’t planning on releasing a chapter today, but I somehow pulled through yay.


  1. The “Oimo” in “Oimo_daisukiyo” refers to little sister instead of sweet potatoes, so it can be misinterpreted as MC having siscon tendancies.
  2. Honestly, I put footnote for this so many times, but I still don’t understand how to explain this. It’s like a silly retort, I guess.
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