TGS – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 1 – Aya’s Gratitude

“So, this is the current fashion trend, huh…? I wonder if this would suit Yuu.” (Haruto)

Today, as usual, Haruto is working at the book cafe and he is currently on his 7 PM break.

While muttering to himself and flipping through women’s magazines, Haruto uses his smartphone to research on the latest fashion trends.

Of course, there’s a reason for this. It’s to bring up topics like, “I found this outfit, what do you think? Want to go look for clothes together next time?” with his sister.

Even though Yuno works part-time twice a week, she allocates all her earnings into her savings account.

No matter what Haruto says, she only buys the bare essentials and hesitates to indulge in fashion, despite being interested in it.

“I’d be happy she could indulge in it for a bit… I’ll figure out the money situation somehow.” (Haruto)

The older brother’s true desire is for his sister to live a comfortable life, so he occasionally becomes pushy.

“Oh, this one looks really good!” (Haruto)

As he imagines Yuno wearing the outfit, his expression unconsciously softens.

While he was being immersed in his own world, 10 minutes or 20 minutes quickly past.

“Hmmmmm. Are you interested in this black dress?” (?)

A voice comes from the side.

“I’m thinking about this one too, but it shows a bit too much skin… I know it’s almost summer, so it can’t be helped.” (Haruto)

“Um, could it be for your girlfriend?” (?)

“I don’t have a girlfriend. I just thought I’d like to buy it for my sister.” (Haruto)

“I see! I see! As usual, you’re the same as ever, Oni-chan. Hehe~” (?)

“…Huh?” (Haruto)

After being called ‘Oni-chan’, he finally notices the situation he is in.

Blinking rapidly, he turns his head to look at the person next to him—

“Cold!” (Haruto)

“Hehe, good evening~” (Aya)

“Shirayuki-san!?” (Haruto)

It was Aya, with a grin on her face, pressing a chilled matcha latte against his neck. It was the first time she had done something like this.

“Um, you seem to be in a good mood?” (Haruto)

“Yeah! I got some good information, so I’m in a great mood! I’m glad I came today!” (Aya)

“Oh, really…” (Haruto)

“Is Haruto-san on break now?” (Aya)

“Yeah, for about 15 more minutes. Oh, sorry for not noticing you earlier. Please, have a seat.” (Haruto)

“Is that really okay? Won’t I be getting in the way of your break?” (Aya)

“Haha, quite the opposite. I was actually hoping for some company since I was bored.” (Haruto)

“Then, I’ll take you up on that offer!” (Aya)

“Please, go ahead.” (Haruto)

With a cheerful shout, Aya sits down next to him, placing the matcha latte on the table and settling down while facing him.

“By the way, it’s rare for Shirayuki-san to come on a weekend. You usually visit after your classes on weekdays, right?” (Haruto)

“I just wanted to see Haruto-san.” (Aya)

“R-Really?” (Haruto)

Dangerous. He almost gets fooled by her sincere tone. If he had taken it seriously, he would have been teased.

“Well, you see, since I finished my work earlier than usual, I decided to treat myself. Although, I might still have some editing work to do later.” (Aya)

“Oh, I see. Did you enjoy your work?” (Haruto)

“Of course! It was fun, but it’s more tiring than usual. After all, the comments today were different from the norm .” (Aya)

“Huh? You mean there were more negative comments?” (Haruto)

“Not really, but for some reason, most of the comments were talking about the same person. Dealing with that was quite a challenge.” (Aya)

“T-That’s, could it be…” (Haruto)

Even though the way she phrased it was vague, he has his suspicions.

He wishes he was wrong. As he tilts his head, hoping that he was mistaken, more details are revealed.

“Someone named ‘Oni-something’ was praising me.” (Aya)

“…” (Haruto)

“He also said some pretty harsh things.” (Aya)

“Oh, no… That’s…” (Haruto)

“He also mentioned something about using me as a stepping stone.” (Aya)

“Oh, haha… Is that so…” (Haruto)

“That’s how it is~” (Aya)

Even though she phrases it in a way that avoids directly revealing the person’s identity, her expression screams, “Oi, you! I’m talking about you!”

“It seems that that person also got spanked by his sister with a shoe.” (Aya)

“Hu-huh… They must have done something really bad for that to happen…” (Haruto)

It’s all information one wouldn’t know unless they watched his stream yesterday. And clearly, Aya knows about yesterday’s stream.

“I never thought Ayaya-san would watch my channel… Wait, could it be that a viewer snitched on me…?” (Haruto)

Looking back, he left a lot of negative comments about her during the stream.

Saying that Ayaya, a popular streamer with over 300,000 subscribers, has no cute qualities, or claiming that nothing about her is likable will certainly not sit well with some viewers.

In hindsight, he feels there could have been a better way to express his thoughts.

“Um, in my defense, those weren’t my true feelings. Especially the part about the insults… Shirayuki-san probably understands, but it would be bad if the viewers speculate that I see you as a member of the opposite sex.” (Haruto)

“You say that, but what if it that was actually your true feelings?” (Aya)

“No no, absolutely not!” (Haruto)

“Hehe, you’re kinda cute when you’re flustered.” (Aya)

“…S-Stop messing with me.” (Haruto)

She smirks as she narrows her eyes, holding a straw in her mouth.

He only just realized that he was being teased.

“By the way… did you watch the actual stream? Or did someone tell you about it?” (Haruto)

She scratches her cheek, avoiding eye contact.

“I received intel from my fans, so I did my own research afterwards.” (Aya)

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry for causing any trouble. I’ll try to keep myself in check next time.” (Haruto)

“Don’t worry about it. If anything, I’d like you to talk about us more. Thanks to Haruto-san, I had double the number of viewers today.” (Aya)

“Twice the usual? So, around 10,000 people?” (Haruto)

“Hehehe~ That’s right! I never thought I’d surpass my goal like this.” (Aya)

With a triumphant smile, she shifts to a softer expression.

Ayaya usually gathers around 10,000 viewers during collaborations or tournaments. Judging from her tone, it seems that she had set a specific goal in mind for solo streams.

“No, no, it’s not because of me. Being able to retain 10,000 viewers is a testament to Shirayuki-san’s skill. You should be more proud of yourself.” (Haruto)

“Ahaha, Haruto-san is really kind.” (Aya)

“I’m just stating the obvious. Oh, how about the haters? With more viewers, there might be more of them.” (Haruto)

“See, you’re kind after all.” (Aya)

“Huh?” (Haruto)

“Don’t ‘Huh’ me! Coming from the person who was stating the obvious, you should be more self-aware. You’re worried about me, aren’t you?” (Aya)

“Well, it’s natural, right? We’re friends, and we share a common secret.” (Haruto)

“……With that kind of personality, why did you choose to base your channel on being toxic? Haruto-san, now that I think about it, it really doesn’t suit you, you know?” (Aya)

“Ahaha, my sister told me the same thing.” (Haruto)

When Yuuno first found out about his online persona, it was quite a tough situation.

She wanted to have an “important discussion” during dinner, and with a serious expression and intense look of concern, she said, “Are you okay, onii-chan? Please tell me what happened.”

Even when he tried to explain that it was a misunderstanding, she didn’t believe him at all, and they spent over an hour discussing it.

“But I’m really grateful that she understands. Since my voice sometimes echoed throughout the house, it wouldn’t be strange for her to hear that and start disliking me. Well… I don’t deny that I’m doing some questionable things to gain viewers.” (Haruto)

“Hehe, well, if your sister is on your side, then there is nothing to worry about.” (Aya)

“Well, I guess so?” (Haruto)

As the conversation comes to an end, he checks the clock and realizes there are less than three minutes left until the end of the break.

“Well then, I should get back to work soon.” (Haruto)

“Okay. Since I plan to stay until the end, want to go home together?” (Aya)

“Of course.” (Haruto)

To be honest, he was genuinely happy with this offer.

Not only because he enjoyed spending time together, but also because, as fellow content creators, there were things he wanted to discuss with her.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I mean, I would also get concerned if a supposed saint starts trash-talking and acts toxic behind my back. A part of me feels like Yuno does watch his streams. She should at least be curious enough to look it up right?

I just picked up a dropped series called: 

“Isn’t It Okay If I’m A Neet And I’m Taken Care Of By A Cute Guild Master?”

It was a novel that I remember seeing a long time ago but was dropped relatively quickly. I wanted to know where the story was heading so I picked it up. As you know, I prefer more laid-back novels and this one doesn’t seem too drama-heavy considering the fluffy illustration, but I could have just gotten baited lol.

P.S. I created a list on NU on all the work I’m translating. I also gave some of my own thoughts about the series I’m translating, so if you’re interested, here it is:


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