TGS – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 3 – Aya’s Gratitude

“I have a lot to learn…” (Haruto)

“Well, I have my reasons—I want to monopolize Oni-chan’s true self as much as possible, you know?” (Aya)

“W-What’s that supposed to mean?” (Haruto)

“Don’t mind it. It’s just a personal interest of mine~” (Aya)

With a sly smile, she made a joke, sensing that the counseling session had ended.

With just this, the somewhat heavy atmosphere that lingered during the consultation was dispelled, and the usual cheerful mood returned.

This is probably a skill she honed as a streamer. Despite being younger, she still excels in many aspects.

“Watch out. After surpassing 200,000 subscribers, my next goal is to surpass Ayaya-san!” (Haruto)

“If you can achieve that goal, I’ll grant you any one wish, whatever it may be.” (Aya)

“That’s quite ambitious.” (Haruto)

“Well, I have no intention of losing!” (Aya)

“Haha, I see.” (Haruto)

Haruto was glad that he consulted with her on this today. And before they knew it, they reached the usual crossroads. It was at that moment…

“Ah!” (Aya)

“Are you okay?” (Haruto)

“Oh, that was close! Stumbling over a step like that, I’m so clumsy.” (Aya)

For the second time today, she stumbled and almost fell. It must have been quite a scare, judging by her wide-open eyes.

And she didn’t trip over a small stone this time. She tripped over herself.

“That’s unusual. Constantly stumbling like that.” (Haruto)

“Well, you know!” (Aya)

“…Hm?” (Haruto)

It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. She averted her gaze for a split second.

“Shirayuki-san, is there something you’re hiding?” (Haruto)

“Huh!?” (Aya)

This time, she even seemed to hold her breath.

“Um, you know, is it possible that you’re sick, Shirayuki-san? I heard that repeatedly stumbling could be a sign of an illness.” (Haruto)

“I’m not sick at all!! It’s not an illness, it’s just…” (Aya)

“It’s just…?” (Haruto)

She hesitated in her words, which was unusual for her. When pressed on, his worries turned out to be unfounded.

“Oh, you see, when I was waiting for you, I lost one of my contacts…” (Aya)

“C-Contact? Ah, I see. So that’s why you seemed a bit off.” (Haruto)

“Yeah… Maybe I misplaced them? It happens occasionally.” (Aya)

“I wonder…” (Haruto)

Aya turned towards Haruto, tilting her head with a troubled expression. It was a cute gesture, but he was genuinely troubled by the question she posed.

“At least it would be better if it were daytime right now…” (Haruto)

“Well, I can see with one eye, so it’s okay!” (Aya)

“Even though you’ve already stumbled twice?” (Haruto)

“T-That was an accident!” (Aya)

The reliability she showed earlier seemed to have disappeared. It was moments like these that reflected her age appropriately.

(But I guess everyone has moments like these…)

With such thoughts, those words slipped out of his mouth unintentionally.

“If it’s okay with Shirayuki-san, how about we hold hands? You can just grab my wrist if you want.” (Haruto)

“Huh!?” (Aya)

“Otherwise, you might stumble again, right?” (Haruto)

“Uuu…” (Aya)

“If you fall and get hurt, it might affect your streams. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?” (Haruto)

“Ugh…” (Aya)

Whether she understood it or not, every time she speaks, there’s a groan that seems to suggest that she agrees.

“Of course, I won’t force you, but what do you think?” (Haruto)

As Haruto offered his hand, Aya remained still and started fidgeting.

Etto, um, then, is it okay to… hold the hem of Haruto-san’s shirt…?” (Aya)

“Of course, it’s okay, but your tone has become more polite than usual. Is there something wrong?” (Haruto)

“W-Well, you know, I haven’t done something like this since elementary school…” (Aya)

“Oh, really…” (Haruto)

As if to prove her words through actions, Aya timidly grabbed the hem of his shirt with trembling fingers, seemingly looking down to pay attention to her steps.

Perhaps due to the height difference or maybe because of nervousness, she appeared like a lost child being guided back home.

“W-What!? Surely that’s a lie, right? Since elementary school?” (Haruto)

“I wouldn’t make up such embarrassing lies… If I can get used to it, I don’t mind holding hands with Haruto-san…” (Aya)

“W-Well…” (Haruto)

With her cute appearance and gentle personality, there’s no way she isn’t popular. But looking at her blushing so much from just holding the hem of the shirt, there is probably some truth to her words.

“H-Haruto-san is way too used to this… I-I don’t like how I’m the only one affected by this…” (Aya)

“I’m not used to it at all.” (Haruto)

“I don’t believe you.” (Aya)

She tightens her grip on the hem of the shirt, pulling it a bit. It seems she wants to turn the tables even just a little.

Although her strength is quite weak, you can sense her determination.

With a faint smile, Haruto meets her gaze. The moment their eyes meet, the hand pulling on the shirt stops.

“Hey, Shirayuki-san.” (Haruto)

“W-What is it…?” (Aya)

“I just wanted to say it again, but thank you for today. Thanks for listening to my troubles.” (Haruto)

The direction he should take for his channel was now clear, all thanks to her. He couldn’t thank her enough.

“I’d like to express my gratitude properly. Do you have something you’d like?” (Haruto)

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve already received a lot of help from Haruto-san.” (Aya)

“Do you have something you’d like?” (Haruto)

“I-I told you…” (Aya)

“Hmm?” (Haruto)

“Uwah, you’re not going to back down now, aren’t you?” (Aya)

“You’re absolutely right. If you can’t think of anything now, it’s fine to tell me later. Take your time.” (Haruto)

Knowing her personality, he had anticipated this kind of response from her. Still, he wanted to make sure he could give her a thoughtful thank-you gift.

“U-Um, if it’s okay with you… I’d like to go out and have fun with Haruto-san. Is that okay?” (Aya)

“Is that what you want the most?” (Haruto)

“Yeah, it would make me really happy.” (Aya)

“I-I see…” (Haruto)

While holding onto the hem of his shirt, her words made his heart skip a beat. It sounded like she was suggesting a date, but she might not have thought about it that far.

“Haruto-san, your only free day is Saturday, right?” (Aya)

“Yeah, but you have a stream every Saturday, right? I can rearrange my work schedule to another day.” (Haruto)

“No, Saturday is fine! But I’ll have to check my schedule and contact you again!” (Aya)

“Thanks. I’ll be looking forward to that day.” (Haruto)

“Me too!” (Aya)

By this point, her timidness earlier had disappeared, and her usual cheerful demeanor returned. As they continued walking, they discussed various details about the outing, such as the meeting place, time, and activities.

“Oh, this apartment building is where I live!” (Aya)

“Eh? Here!?” (Haruto)

“Yeah! There’s a soundproof room on the upper floor.” (Aya)

She stopped in front of a beautifully designed black and white 20-story apartment building building.

“As expected of a streamer… Living in such a nice place.” (Haruto)

“I actually wanted to live in a more budget-friendly place, but finding one with soundproof rooms was difficult.” (Aya)

“That’s true… It’s also important to live in a secure place to stay safe.” (Haruto)

“Oh! If Haruto-san lives with me, we can split the rent, and security will be even more perfect!” (Aya)

“That’s a good idea. Can my sister live with us too?” (Haruto)

“Of course, she’s more than welcome! There are some vacant rooms available!” (Aya)

“Well, in that case, I have no choice but to live here. Anyways, enough joking around, let’s head back.” (Haruto)

“Haha, you switch gears so quickly!” (Aya)

Even if it was a joke, she wouldn’t have said it without trust. Besides, her sharing her home address was also a sign of trust in itself.

“Thank you for walking me home, Haruto-san.” (Aya)

And with that, she released the hem of the shirt she had been holding. 

“Also, thanks for guiding me back, I really appreciate it!” (Aya)

“No, thank you for helping me with my troubles.” (Haruto)

“You’re welcome.” (Aya)

With a somewhat overly casual “you’re welcome,” she headed towards the entrance of the apartment building.

“Well then, let’s meet again at the cafe, Haruto-san!” (Aya)

“Yeah, see you.” (Haruto)

Taking the card key from her bag, she held it up to the authentication device and entered.

After the entrance closed, Aya turned around abruptly one last time and waved ‘bye!’ with a smile.

Illustration of Aya holding on to Haruto’s shirt

“Etto, um, then, is it okay to hold onto the hem of Haruto-san’s shirt…?”

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

That was totally an invitation to a date. I’m calling it right now, they’re gonna hold hands during the date.


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