TGS – Vol 1 Chapter 7 Part 1 – Suzuha’s Feelings

After exchanging greetings with Suzuha, Haruto secluded himself in the gaming room.

“I managed to do quite well here…” (Haruto)

He was currently editing his ABEX video, cutting out certain parts from about 30 minutes of footage and condensing it into a 10-minute video.

“I should add some intense effect here…” (Haruto)

Editing styles vary from person to person, but Haruto’s case was unique. Due to the nature of his character, his edits heavily emphasized the toxic part of the video.

However, he made sure to cover up the names of other players and cut out certain parts that felt too forced.

One thing that he had always paid special attention to was the quality of his streams and videos. This was something he consistently kept in mind when streaming or uploading.

Because it was related to his income, he had never once compromised on the quality of his work.

“Looks like I’ll be at it for another 6 hours today…” (Haruto)

For someone proficient in editing, they might be able to finish editing the video in half this time. Haruto follows the so-called standard format of editing, but his skills are still at a beginner level, so more time is necessary.

“Phew…” (Haruto)

Working six days a week at a part-time job, streaming games, and editing videos, Haruto rarely gets a break. Despite pushing himself physically, he has never once felt like quitting.

All of this is for the sake of his family. The more he works, the more money he can save. This ensures that he can afford to send Yuno to university without worry.

As her substitute parent, this is Haruto’s unwavering determination.

“Alright, let’s do our best…” (Haruto)

From then on, there was silence.

Armed with an energy drink, Haruto had been glued to his PC for about two hours when the sound of knocking echoed in his room.

“Ah, yes? Who is it?” (Haruto)

As soon as he noticed the knocking, he quickly took off his headphones and turned around.

“It’s me, can I come in for a bit?” (Yuno)

“Sure.” (Haruto)

There was no reason to refuse. Haruto turned his gaming chair around, and Yuno, wearing slippers, entered the room.

“Ah, sorry. Were you working?” (Yuno)

“It’s just editing, so it’s fine. Besides, I was actually planning to take a break since I reached a good stopping point.” (Haruto)

“Oh, I see. That’s good then.” (Yuno)

She spoke as if a genuine sense of relief washed over her. It was evident that she didn’t want to disturb his work.

“So… did something happen? Oh, did I choose the wrong snacks!?” (Haruto)

“Why would you think that…” (Yuno)

He had bought a considerable amount of snacks, yet he responded with this remark. In any case, Yuno’s reaction would be more appropriate.

“The thing is that I just got a call from my part-time job, and I have to go there now. I was told that it wouldn’t take long.” (Yuno)

“Oh… That’s still tough.” (Haruto)

Haruto had also experienced being urgently called back for work before. Even if won’t take long, it tends to still be tiring.

“So, onii-chan, I have a little favor to ask of you…” (Yuno)

“To be with Suzuha-chan until you get back?” (Haruto)

“Yeah, I’m sorry for asking all of a sudden, but can you please take care of her until I get back?” (Yuno)

“I’m fine with it, but…” (Haruto)

There’s something that he’s curious about and absolutely needs to ask.

“—Did Suzuha-chan say it’s okay?” (Haruto)

“I’ve already told her. She even said she wants to talk more with onii-chan.” (Yuno)

“Really!? Then, we’ll play together until Yuu comes back!” (Haruto)

It’s typical of Haruto to not be bothered by such an event.

In fact, judging from his expression, he seems to have been waiting for this moment.

“You look really happy.” (Yuno)

“Well, of course!” (Haruto)

“Hold back your feelings a bit, otherwise, you will cause trouble for Suzuha-chan.” (Yuno)

“Haha, don’t worry about that. I’m already 20 years old, you know?” (Haruto)

“Even so, there are still some childish aspects of you, onii-chan.” (Yuno)

“Is that so?” (Haruto)

“Yeah.” (Yuno)

An immediate response.

There’s no room for argument considering the large amount of snacks brought over upon learning that Suzuha was coming over.

“Well then, I’ll head over after calming down a bit.” (Haruto)

“Sure, I’ll leave that to you. I know you won’t do anything weird.” (Yuno)

“Oh, right. Is it okay to stay in Yuu’s room? Or should we move to the living room?” (Haruto)

“My room is fine. It’s a hassle to move the snacks and drinks around.” (Yuno)

“Got it.” (Haruto)

“Sorry for asking so suddenly, and thank you.” (Yuno)

“No, no, there’s nothing for Yuu to apologize for.” (Haruto)

“Mmm…” (Yuno)

If it’s a call from work, it can’t be helped. There’s no need for apologies.

“Well, then I’ll be off. I think I can be back in about 40 minutes, so I’ll leave the rest to you.” (Yuno)

As Yuno was about to leave the room, she was stopped by Haruto saying, “Wait a moment.”

“What is it, onii-chan?” (Yuno)

“Thanks for the message. Take care.” (Haruto)

“Ah! Y-You don’t have to bring it up again.” (Yuno)

“Haha.” (Haruto)

In the end, Yuno turned away, and the door closed. The sound of Yuno’s footsteps gradually faded away.

Even though the reaction might seem like she’s angry, Haruto knew she wasn’t, so he could laugh it off.

“…I wonder if I could have seen her off if I hadn’t thanked her just now.” (Haruto)

While muttering to himself with narrowed eyes, Haruto saved the file he had been editing on his PC and left the gaming room.

“Now then!” (Haruto)

Haruto shifted his focus away from his work and moved towards Yuno’s room, where Suzuha was waiting.

“It’s been a while, Suzuha-chan. You’ve heard about the situation from Yuu… right?” (Haruto)

“Y-Yes. Um, I’m sorry for taking up Haruto onii-san’s time.” (Suzuha)

“On the contrary, I was actually looking forward to it.” (Haruto)

When Haruto entered his sister’s room, Suzuha had the door open and was waiting.

Though she raised her somewhat stiff shoulders with an air of elegance, he knew from the past that she gets nervous very easily.

He also knew that conversation tends to naturally ease her tension.

Without dwelling on anything specific, they exchanged greetings once again and entered the room together.

“Oh! Were you reviewing your test papers just now?” (Haruto)

He quickly noticed the test papers and answer sheets spread out on the table. One scored 88 points, and the rest were all above 90—impressive results.

“Y-Yes, I was studying with Yuno-chan.” (Suzuha)

“That’s really amazing…” (Haruto)

While giving such a response, Haruto glanced at the stacked test papers. Yuno’s test paper was also visible.

“Do you want to see them?” (Suzuha)

“Ahaha. To be honest, yeah. She usually only gives me vague responses when I ask her about how her exams went.”

It seemed that his curiosity was all over his face, and Suzuha quickly picked up on it.

“This is a secret, but Yuno-chan has better overall grades than me.” (Suzuha)

“Huh, really!? In that case, she should proudly show them off…” (Haruto)

“She would rather show you a perfect score out of 100.” (Suzuha)

“W-What’s with that? Seriously…” (Haruto)

“Hehe, it’s so like Yuno-chan.” (Suzuha)

“Indeed.” (Haruto)

As a brother, Haruto wouldn’t get upset over any grades that she got. On the contrary, he would praise her.

Even if the results weren’t outstanding, he knew she was consistently working hard in her studies.

“By the way, sorry about Yuu’s sudden call from work.” (Haruto)

“N-No.” (Suzuha)

“I wonder what she got called back for?” (Haruto)

“Uh…” (Suzuha)

For some reason, Suzuha’s shoulders twitched when he asked to increase the conversation.

“Um, well, it’s about… she mentioned something about missing information in some document.” (Suzuha)

“Ah, I see. In that case, she would probably have to show her face there.” (Haruto)

“Y-Yes, I think so.” (Suzuha)

Suzuha’s gaze was darting around, showing signs of restlessness. She was blushing as well, but it was probably another form of nervousness.

Haruto thought that it was because he reminded her of them being alone together.

“So, what should we do until Yuu comes back? It might be a bit much to talk to each other while you’re studying, right?” (Haruto)

“Uh, well… I’m on break right now, so, um, I’d really like to talk with you, Haruto onii-san…” (Suzuha)

“Haha, thanks. How about we chat while playing Reversi? I recently installed an app for it.” (Haruto)

“Yes, please. I’d appreciate that.” (Suzuha)

“Just wait a moment. I’ll start it up right away.” (Haruto)

Haruto took out his smartphone from his pocket and quickly turned it on.

While he would rather play a party game using a controller, there wasn’t a gaming console in the house.

(Yuno said we don’t need one, but having one might be nice. It could be a good distraction from studying…)

With that thought, he pressed the ‘Two-player Match’ button.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I was gonna put in an explanation for Reversi but I don’t actually know what it is. In terms of board games, I only play chess and mahjong. Wait… Mahjong is a board game, right?


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