TGS – Vol 1 Interlude 1

Two hours passed, and while Haruto, also known as Oni-chan, was working at his part-time job at a book cafe, the internet was thrown into a frenzy.

On Twitto, the words “Ayaya Oni-chan” had become a trending topic.

Tapping into that trend revealed more detailed information.

It turned out that Ayaya, a professional gamer affiliated with Axcis Crown, had coincidentally matched and collaborated with Oni-chan.

Unsurprisingly, this led to their collaboration becoming a hot topic for the past few hours.

Ayaya, who was widely known and admired for participating in numerous ABEX tournaments, has a large and respectable fan base. On the other hand, Oni-chan, who has frequently engaged in toxic behavior, is infamous within the community and has garnered a significant number of haters.

Given the unconventional nature of these two individuals, their unexpected collaboration was bound to attract attention.

One major factor contributing to the trend was the sheer impact of the collaboration. Fans quickly and skillfully rushed to edit clips from Ayaya’s stream and posted them all over the internet, especially on Twitto.


[Title: Toxic Oni-chan Being Too Kind to Ayaya (lol)]

“…Ah, uh, anyways! Ayaya, you use the R-301, right?” (Oni-chan)

“Yeah! You know about that huh?” (Ayaya)

“Well, uh… it’s here, so I’ll ping it for you.” (Oni-chan)

“Thanks! By the way, Oni-chan, aren’t you using it? I saw a clip of you saying, ‘R-301 is so strong!’ a while ago.” (Ayaya)

“Oh… I already picked one up.” (Oni-chan)

“Really!? I’ll take it then! I’m close to you, Oni-chan.” (Ayaya)

“Sure. Do it fast.” (Oni-chan)


As the two streamers exchanged words and passed each other, the video transitioned to using a lively BGM, and the camera zoomed in on the weapons on Oni-chan’s back.

What appeared on the screen were a shotgun and a handgun, not the R-301 assault rifle.

And then, the video continued.


“Wait, Oni-chan, do you really have the R-301?” (Ayaya)

“W-well, yeah, I have it.” (Oni-chan)


Just as Oni-chan denied it, the screen switched back to the close-up of his back from earlier.

Accompanied by a dandy sound effect of “Yeah right…”, the video continued.


“Really? To me, it looked like a shotgun and a pistol.” (Ayaya)

“I do have the R-301, really…” (Oni-chan)


Once again, the screen swapped back to the close-up with the “Yeah right…” sound effect.

This clip, which was less than a minute long, instantly garnered 10,000 retweets and 30,000 likes. Comments expressing various reactions were pouring in one after another.

Twitto Post: [I really love Oni-chan lol.]

Twitto Post: [Maybe he can’t go back to his old character anymore?]

Twitto Post: [I mean, he did punch Ayaya a bit at the start.]

Twitto Post: [Seems like he’s forcing himself to punch her tho.]

In addition to these, many other clips that contributed to the trending status were posted.


“…Hey, um, is it really okay to interact with someone like me while you’re streaming? Isn’t your stream getting chaotic? It is, okay?” (Oni-chan)

“No! Not at all!! On the contrary, there were a lot of comments asking me to talk with you.” (Ayaya)

“R-really? Well, if you say so…” (Oni-chan)


Those who watched that clip quickly came to understand something.

—Despite how he normally is, these lines show him expressing concern for her. 

Twitto Post: [Is the reason why Oni-chan doesn’t interact with anyone to avoid causing trouble for the other person?]

Twitto Post: [He seems like the type to be mindful about that. It might also be because he doesn’t have anyone to collaborate with.]

Twitto Post: [Well, at the very least, he wasn’t acting toxic to Ayaya.]

Twitto Post: [He’s surprisingly considerate lol.]

Fans supporting Ayaya viewed Oni-chan’s actions very favorably. As a result, many viewers subscribed to his channel.

Of course, these weren’t the only clips.


“There’s definitely another enemy, right?” (Ayaya)

“There probably is, but how about we retreat for now? They might be waiting to ambush or trying to get a positional advantage.” (Oni-chan)

“Okay! Sounds like a plan! Ah, we don’t actually have much loot.” (Ayaya)

“Well, I left behind some earlier. And the enemy we took out earlier didn’t have much loot either, right?” (Oni-chan)

“S-sorry! I may need to borrow something.” (Ayaya)


Despite expressing it in a somewhat exasperated tone, Oni-chan said, “Alright, then take these two. I could have given you more if I hadn’t taken damage, sorry about that,” as he handed over one more healing item than he needed to.


“Well, I’m gonna log off soon. I’ve got some stuff to do.” (Oni-chan)

“Huh?” (Ayaya)

“I said I’ve got stuff to do.” (Oni-chan)

“Not that, but… did you just switch to your dialect?” (Ayaya)

“What are you talking about? Must be your imagination.” (Oni-chan)

“You switched! There are tons of comments saying so, onii-chan~” (Ayaya)

“Shut up. And don’t call me onii-chan! I don’t want that incident to be brought up again.” (Oni-chan)

“Sorry! Hehe.” (Ayaya)


The cute Oni-chan, now speaking in Ayaya’s dialect, unintentionally reveals the reason why he doesn’t want to be called “onii-chan”.

The incident was a bad memory that stripped away his old persona. 

With this… no, with everything that has happened ever since the streaming incident, it is clear that the foundations that he had built up for his old persona were crumbling.

Twitto Post: [Oni-chan seems kind of cute now.]

Twitto Post: [He even prepared a script to taunt others, right? That’s quite cute.]

Twitto Post: [He’s a bit clumsy, but you can tell he’s trying his best. And it’s for his family, right?]

Twitto Post: [It’s cute how bad he is at lying.]

If it weren’t for his toxic persona being the main selling point of his channel, such a strong response wouldn’t have been created.

Twitto Post: [Seriously, I’m so grateful to Oni-chan! It’s the first time I’ve heard Ayaya say the word ‘onii-chan’!]

Twitto Post: [There was a 2-second clip of Ayaya calling him ‘onii-chan’ and it got 50,000 views in 5 minutes.]

Twitto Post: [I’ve watched it 20 times.]

Twitto Post: [My ears are in heaven.]

While unintended, this was another reason why Ayaya’s fans began to view Oni-chan positively.

Twitto Post: [Man, Ayaya and Oni-chan have some pretty amazing chemistry with each other.]

Twitto Post: [I agree. Among all the people she’s collaborated with, it seemed like she’s had the most fun today.]

Twitto Post: [It felt like he was her onii-chan, doesn’t it? I remember she mentioned that she had always wanted siblings because she was an only child.]

Twitto Post: [It was cute how she started chasing around Oni-chan when trying to look at his weapons.]

Twitto Post: [I hope they collaborate again.]

When a streamer is having fun playing a game, naturally the viewers would also enjoy watching. It creates a fun atmosphere for the stream.

Everyone thought that the collaboration between these two was the right choice.

And there was one more thing. A short video that garnered significant attention.

It was reposted by another ABEX player.

[Title: Damn, I lost to that idiot, but he complimented my skills. Can’t help but feel a bit happy.]

With a title like that—

“Nice cover. Thanks. That enemy had really good character control…” (Oni-chan)

Oni-chan sincerely praised him without taunting him.

The words of a man who regularly goes out of his way to taunt enemies, making such a statement…

—Did Oni-chan mess up again!?

These were the thoughts of the users who saw the video. This led to them checking out the trend one after another, flooding to watch Ayaya’s collaboration stream. On Oni-chan’s account, messages teasing him continued to pile up over time.

Oni-chan, or rather, Haruto, seemingly unaware of the current scale of the situation, was energetically moving around at the book cafe.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Good job MC, mission failed successfully. You gotta accept your fate. Now, I’m kinda curious how MC and Ayaya even met IRL in the first place.

Apparently, last chapter MC actually switched to Ayaya’s dialect or something? I’m not rly sure tbh.

I’m thinking about picking up another series since I caught up with my other one, if I do, then update for this will be every alternate day.


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Thanks for the chapter!

I forgot to mention this in the last chapter, but Japanese dialect could be weird. The same word could mean the opposite, so perhaps, I think Haruto uses a gyaru-oh style of speech when streaming, but back to his normal kind one when he teamed up with Ayaya.