TGS – Vol 2 Epilogue

Two weeks remained until the start of the exclusive ABEX tournament for streamers, also known as the Ebe Festival. It was to be held on a Sunday.

Twitto Post: [Eh, are they serious about this lol]

Twitto Post: [This is definitely going to cause a shitstorm lmao]

Twitto Post: [I feel sorry for the members lol]

Twitto Post: [A clown has somehow slipped in there!]

Twitto Post: [The organizers are definitely messing around lol]

ABEX players using social media, particularly Twitto, were showing great excitement.

Besides “#EbeFestival”, the trending tags also included “#AxcisCrown” and “#Oni-chan”.

Why did this phenomenon occur?

It happened because the promotional video released on Twitto by the official Ebe Festival management team was unlike any of its predecessors.

To be precise, it was because of the ending. It had too much impact.

At first, traditional Japanese instruments like taiko drums played in the background, while the revelation of Team 1 and their respective member’s MouTube profile pictures emerged.

Continuing smoothly up to Team 19, the team that would close out the event was Team 20.

Two members of the pro gaming team “Axcis Crown”:



And then—


At the moment the last member shrouded in mystery was introduced…

The BGM of traditional Japanese instruments like taiko drums stopped—replaced by the ominous sound of a deep bass wind, and the screen faded to black.

A few seconds later, the screen transitioned to a place resembling ruins, where a fully black-clad, physically large man slowly walked forward, created in CG.

In a scene like from a movie, as the large man, wearing a hood, began to move out of frame, a gunshot rang out from behind.

He immediately stopped in his tracks and turned around—revealing what was engraved on his back.

For several seconds, the character “鬼 (Oni)” was displayed.

Then, as if using an ultimate move like those seen in ABEX, the large man made a motion and vanished like ashes.

With a thunderous roar, lightning struck, transitioning to the text: “14 days until the streamer-exclusive ABEX tournament, Ebe Festival!!” thus ending the video.

The hidden member with the “????????” username from Team 20 By now, you probably already guessed who it was.

With such a powerful promotion and the participation of such an unexpected individual, the buzz was enormous.

Twitto Post: [Oni-chan’s joining? How’s this going to turn out!?]

Twitto Post: [This tournament is going to be wild.]

Twitto Post: [I’m really hyped for this Ebe Festival now lol!]

Twitto Post: [Well, to be honest, the organizers have great taste lol.]

With many such tweets like this, several ABEX-related topics trended.

“……” (Haruto)

In the midst of this whirlwind, Haruto, also known as Oni-chan, ignored the excessive notifications he’d been getting and repeatedly watched the PV, his face turning pale each time.

“I-I mean… I did say they could promote it freely, but I never thought the organizers would do something like this…” (Haruto)

Overwhelmed by the mounting pressure, Haruto let out a weak sigh and collapsed onto his bed.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Man, that’s actually pretty frickin cool. Whoever created that video knew what they were doing. I can totally see this trending for a while. Also, that illustration is just fire. 

And, that’s the end of this volume. As of right now, I don’t really have another planned series except maybe this one which is coming out like tmr so I may just pick this up:

The Beautiful Student Council President Togami-san is Still a Clumsy Airhead Today and Can’t Be Left Alone

Also, in my country, I’m required to serve in the army for 2 years, and by the time Vol 3 comes out, I’ll probably be busy. Maybe I can get out like 2-3 chapters a week, but it’s still hard to say.

Just ought to let you know ahead of time. And during that time, there’s no way I can start a series, so I’ll mostly be gone, aside from playing catchup with any new volumes of my finished series.


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Thanks for the chapter!! Good luck to you with the army too, will you translate the volume 3 of this series when you serving your country ?


Thanks for the translation, this has been a refreshing romcom so far which hopefully continues


Thanks for your hard work


Thank you for the translation! I hope you’ll have the time to translate this wonderful series even when you’re in the army. Good luck on your endeavors TL-san!