TGS – Vol 2 Prologue

An online streamer who enjoyed playing the popular game, ABEX, caused an unexpected streaming incident.

[Exposed for acting toxic to gain attention.]

[Exposed for working hard during streams to earn money for his sister’s university funds.]

[Exposed for working six days a week at a part-time job to make a living.]

[Exposed for earnestly supporting his family.]

Some time has passed since this legendary incident.

“Welcome, welcome! Today, in celebration of surpassing 200,000 subscribers, I’ll be setting up a custom match room just for this occasion. This is your one chance to play with me, the man with over 200,000 subscribers. Seriously.” (Oni-chan)

Nakayama Haruto, also known as Oni-chan, said this on his stream with 7500 people watching.

Comments: [Seriously, isn’t he emphasizing the number too much lol]

Comments: [So far, he said it seven times already.]

Comments: [Well, he looks genuinely happy haha.]

Comments: [Lately, he’s been annoyingly cute.]

Compared to before, the comment section has become gentler.

Of course, hate comments like “Seriously annoying”, “Creepy”, and “Boring”, were still present. However, since he was used to seeing such comments, he could maintain his usual streaming style without feeling negatively affected by such opinions.

“Alright, the custom room is ready. The password is OniOniNo.1. First come, first served, so hurry up.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [No hesitation on the password choice huh.]

Comments: [I could imagine him thinking hard about it before the stream even started…]

Comments: [Seriously lacking in taste lol]

Comments: [Well, let’s not tease him too much. It’s kinda pitiful.]

“…Ahem.” (Oni-chan)

He coughed briefly after seeing a comment that hit a nerve.

“Look, there are barely any spots left!” (Oni-chan)

Due to the game’s limitations, the custom room can only accommodate up to 60 players.

Viewers are eagerly joining in to fill the slots for the 20 teams of three.

“By the way, the reward for the winner of this custom match is a friend request from me. Be grateful… Huh?” (Oni-chan)

It was the moment he announced the reward for becoming the champion.

Comments: [Don’t need it.]

Comments: [I suddenly don’t feel like playing anymore.]

Comments: [Couldn’t have been worse.]

Such comments lined up one after another.

“W-What do you mean ‘you don’t need it’? You should be genuinely happy. You can be friends with a person who has 200,000 subscribers, you know?” (Oni-chan)

As expected, Oni-chan’s switch for rebuttals flips.

“…Ha? A cash prize would be much better than a friend request…? Are you stupid or something? I don’t have that kind of money to throw around.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [Gotta save money for imouto-chan, right HAHA]

Comments: [Wait, are you using the money to buy her presents and stuff!?]

Comments: [Forget about the prize money, just help send imouto-chan to university!]

Comments: [Sibling love is so nice…]

“…I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. Shut up.” (Oni-chan)

Oni-chan couldn’t help but wonder why he always got exposed like this. He quickly tried to change the subject away from his weakness.

“Um… let’s see… Oh, right. Just so you know, the rules for this match are anything goes. You can even stream snipe1 me if you want. Even with such a handicap, you won’t be able to beat me anyways.” (Oni-chan)

Comments: [Stop with the boasting already lmao]

Comments: [If you give away your location, you’re definitely gonna lose.]

Comments: [Your landing spot is definitely going to be a hot spot LOL]

Comments: [Probably gonna instantly die.]

As he waits, the expected comments line up.

The revelation of one’s location can be truly fatal. Even pro streamers make sure to hide their maps when playing.

Naturally, Oni-chan himself knows how dangerous it is to reveal his location.

Nevertheless, there are circumstances that compel him to say such things.

“Well, you know, even if I say ‘Don’t watch the stream while playing’, those who won’t listen won’t listen anyway. Look at their username. Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?” (Oni-chan)

He gestures while moving the mouse cursor to highlight the usernames.

—(Kill the Oni)

—(Onichan f0ck)


Those are undoubtedly the haters.

But, will he be able to kill such players, or will he be killed by them?

Thanks to the tension created before the match, the momentum of the comments continues to rise.

As he observes the lively comment section, there are only seven slots left in the custom room when suddenly…

“…Huh? Seriously?” (Oni-chan)

There was a hint of agitation in his voice. Oni-chan, visibly shaken, double-checks the player’s username.

An unexpected individual has entered the room.

A name that he recognizes and someone who competes in the same rank…

Comments: [A pro gamer has entered the game lol]

Comments: [This is getting interesting!]

Comments: [Ayaya-chan!?]

A member of the professional gaming team Axcis Crown.

A female VTuber with over 400,000 subscribers and someone who doesn’t casually join in on events like this. Her username could clearly be seen—”Ac_Ayaya”.

“Yeah… there’s someone kinda… dangerous here, but, well… if I take them down, I’m going to brag about it on Twitto.” (Oni-chan)

He can’t afford to miss this opportunity to promote himself.

However, when he glances at the comments, there’s not a single one expressing support for him of any sort.

Comments: [Ngl, the way you’re putting pressure on her is kinda cowardly.]

Comments: [I hope she just kicks your butt lol]

Comments: [Good luck, Ayaya!]

Comments: [I’m jealous of whoever’s teamed up with Ayaya…]

The comments all reflect her popularity.

“You guys came here to watch my stream, so support me, okay? Huh…? You feel like I’m stealing the spotlight? Just shut up and watch.” (Oni-chan)

As he continued the familiar banter, the room filled up completely.

“Alright, let’s do this!” (Oni-chan)

He doesn’t drag things out to avoid dampening the excitement of the stream.

He quickly hits the Ready button, and Oni-chan’s custom match begins.

It’s the first match with “anything goes” rules.

As a result of being quickly targeted by the five nearby teams, Oni-chan’s team ended up in 19th place out of the 20 teams.

“…Well, this is a bit different from what I expected.” (Oni-chan)

The comment section is filled with “lol”, “what did you expect”, and “were you even trying” as both fans and haters alike laugh at his instant death.

Although Oni-chan initially suffered a fatal blow to his streaming career due to the streaming incident, he somehow managed to bounce back and continue, even up to the present day.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

The baseless confidence in winning while getting stream-sniped is something… Tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was hacking in his game lol.

Also, let’s not forget the haters who created the account with those usernames just for this moment.


  1. Stream sniping is when players use a streamer’s live stream to gain an advantage in an ongoing game. In this case, viewers can use the stream to find the location of a streamer on the game map.
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Thanks for the hard work.
Really excited for the new volume.
The web novel translation ended around the first volume if I remember currently


Bro i did not expect him to me this handsome i totally understand why aya fell in love with him (Apart of his personality of course)

Thanks for the hard work~