WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 2 Part 3 – My Childhood Friend Is a VTuber, but Is It Okay to Support Her?

On the next day in the afternoon on my day off…

I came to the rooftop of a complex commercial facility a few stations away from the nearest station.

This place was named “Sky Park”. Despite being on the rooftop of a building, it was lush with greenery, streams, and ponds. It was quite extensive, much larger than your typical park. While it’s not a place I usually frequent, it seems to be a popular dating spot.

The designated meeting place was supposed to be on one of the benches on the east side of the pond.

Looking around, there was no one nearby.

It seemed that she hadn’t arrived yet, so I decided to sit on that bench and wait for her.

From now on, I will be meeting Mariel-sama, the immensely popular VTuber, in real life.

It was an event that I couldn’t have imagined happening until recently, but strangely, my heart is surprisingly calm.

Casually, I gaze at the pond in front of me.

The view with the sky closer than from the ground is incredibly beautiful, and I can understand why this is a popular spot for dates. Well, not that this is a date or anything.

While pondering such things, I could hear footsteps not long after.

The sound of heels kicking the cobblestone echoes, making me lift my face and turn around.

However, the moment I see her, I involuntarily stand up from the bench.

“…D-Did I keep you waiting?” (?)

While saying this, she slightly averts their gaze, and I’m left speechless.

Twin-tailed hair shining golden in the sunlight with eyes clearer and greener than the sky.

A finely sculpted face like that of a delicate doll, with cheeks slightly tinged in red.

Despite not seeing her for several years, there’s no way I could mistake it.

“Serika…right?” (Keitaro)

It was the grown-up figure of Saionji Serika—my childhood friend who I had not seen in a few years.

“L-Long time no see, Ketaro.” (Serika)

I feel a strong sense of nostalgia in the slightly clumsy way she calls me ‘Ketaro’.

…Ah, yes, it’s definitely Serika.

“…Yeah, it’s been a really long time. Shall I make a guess as to why you’re here?” (Keitaro)

“W-Well, yeah but you can probably already figure it out.” (Serika)

As she says that, the faint remnants of “Could it be her?” are transforming into “I knew it was her.”

“So, you really are, like, Mariel-sama, right…?” (Keitaro)

“Since I’ve shown up here, the answer is pretty obvious, right? That’s right, I’m the VTuber, Daitenin Mariel! Are you surprised, Ketaro?” (Serika)

Crossing her arms, Serika declares this somewhat proudly.

But, in reality, I wasn’t that surprised. I had half-convinced that it was her ever since yesterday when I heard the way she addressed me. The only person to call me by that nickname was my childhood friend, Serika.

“W-What’s with that lack of reaction? Aren’t you surprised at all?” (Serika)

Watching me in silence, Serika, with a slightly embarrassed and blushing face, approaches with a sulky expression.

But without answering her question, I open my mouth.

“Hey, Serika, can I make a request?” (Keitaro)

“A request? W-What’s this all of a sudden?” (Serika)

“Can I hear Mariel-sama’s voice right here, right now?” (Keitaro)

“What’s with that? Still not fully convinced? …Well, I guess there’s no helping it.” (Serika)

At my request, Serika shows a slightly exasperated expression and clears her throat.

“I am Daitenin Mariel desu wa. Do you believe me now, Ketaro?” (Serika)

And what came out was that cute yet mature voice that has comforted me many times before.

The moment I heard it, I unconsciously shouted.

“Woooooahhhh! Mariel-sama! Mariel-sama is right here with me!” (Keitaro)

“Hey, wait a minute, Ketaro!?” (Serika)

“I-I heard Mariel-sama’s live voice for the first time! This is bad, my ears are too happy! A-And she called me ‘Ketaro’! Isn’t this like a service worth hundreds of thousands?! What should I do, should I be paying!?” (Keitaro)

“What are you even talking about!?” (Serika)

My excitement goes off the charts involuntarily upon hearing Mariel-sama’s live voice.

But it can’t be helped. My oshi who I’ve been supporting for so long is right in front of me! Even if the person behind Mariel-sama is my childhood friend, Mariel-sama is still Mariel-sama!

“Why are you suddenly getting so excited!? You were strangely calm during our reunion!” (Serika)

“Of course! The VTuber I’ve liked and supported for so long is right in front of me! How can a fan like me not get excited!?” (Keitaro)

“I-I’m glad you feel that way… but, um, I want you to see me more as your childhood friend, you know…!” (Serika)

“Ah, I’m really meeting Mariel-sama now…! Oh, sorry, can you say that line from earlier one more time? I’ll record it for infinite replays later.” (Keitaro)

“Wait, are you seriously taking out your phone!?” (Serika)

“Oh, sorry, maybe that was a bit much. How about a signature instead?” (Keitaro)

“The level of your requests hasn’t gone down at all! And why do you have a pen and paper ready like it’s normal!?” (Serika)

“Well, it’s only natural when I’m meeting Mariel-sama, right!?” (Keitaro)

I retort confidently to the surprised Serika.

Well, I know I’m being rude to her. Even I’m surprised that I’m making such impolite requests to Mariel-sama.

Normally, you wouldn’t do something like this in front of your oshi. For example, if it were with Yuki, it would be impossible. But because the person in front of me was my childhood friend Serika, the sense of distance became distorted, making me act this way.

“Ah mouu! Since you already believe me, let’s drop the Mariel talk already! We’ve finally reunited after so long, there should be other things to talk about!” (Serika)

“Other things? …Ah, right. I haven’t properly explained what I like about Mariel-sama.” (Keitaro)

“That’s not what I mean! I-It’s not like I’m not interested, but…! Right now, it’s not the time for that. L-Look, we’re both older now, hasn’t someone become more beautiful or something!” (Serika)

Serika says that while blushing, but I just tilt my head in confusion.

…Saying you’ve become more beautiful is stating the obvious. I mean, you were already known to be an extremely beautiful girl to those around you. The natural beauty she has inherited from her British mother has grown alongside her even until now.

“And, you know, there are other things to notice, right? Like maybe clothes and, um, it’s not like I put in extra effort into it or anything… And this too…!” (Serika)

Serika moves awkwardly, showcasing her clothes and hair.

Her fashion sense is quite expensive but her sense of style is great as always—it hasn’t changed since the old days. She keeps particularly emphasizing her head or rather her hair, but those golden twintails are just like when we were kids. It’s got that signature Serika style.

“By the way, about that ribbon.” (Keitaro)

“!! Y-Yeah! D-Do you remember this ribbon!? I’ve cherished it ever since you gave it to me, and—” (Serika)

“The pattern on that ribbon! If you look closely, it’s the same as Mariel-sama’s hair accessory, isn’t it!?” (Keitaro)

As I say that, Serika, who was leaning forward, for some reason, almost tumbled forward, but I didn’t have time to pay attention to that.

…I had a feeling I’d seen that pattern somewhere before, so it was this!

“Are there other things like that!? Oh, could it be that your clothes are also related to Mariel-sama!?” (Keitaro)

“No, they’re not! I put a lot of effort into preparing this outfit for today…! Ah mouu! We finally reunite after several years, and all you’ve been talking about is Mariel!” (Serika)

“Why not!? I came here because I was summoned by Mariel-sama!” (Keitaro)

Serika suddenly gets angry. Certainly, I feel bad for being rude due to the distorted sense of distance caused by the fact that she’s both my oshi VTuber and my childhood friend, but what she’s saying is just too confusing.

*mumble mumble* W-Well, that’s true! …But, I want you to see more of me, or, I came today with that intention…! *mumble mumble*

“I have no idea what you’re mumbling about, but telling me not to talk about Mariel-sama is absurd. Do you know how much I like Mariel-sama?” (Keitaro)

Even after saying that, Serika still glares at me with dissatisfaction.

It seems she doesn’t believe that I’m a true Mariel-sama fan, but this might be the perfect opportunity. I’ll let Serika know about the significance of Mariel-sama in my life, considering how much she means to me.

I clear my throat and begin to express my love for Mariel-sama.

How charming Mariel-sama is, how she heals me every day.

I express my feelings as a Mariel-sama fan to Serika, who is right in front of me. Surprisingly, even though I’m speaking directly to her, I feel no unusual nervousness. It’s proof that, despite being the voice behind Mariel-sama, Serika and Mariel-sama are distinct entities.


“Uh… ugh…” (Serika)

At first, Serika listened to my words with her arms crossed, looking displeased. Gradually, her face turned red, and eventually…

“A-Alright, alright, I get it! I understand that you love Mariel! Mouu, I guess it can’t be helped!” (Serika)

While saying that, she pouted and turned away, but for some reason, her lips were quivering.

Anyways, it seems like my love for Mariel-sama has been properly conveyed… heh.

“Hmph, well, whatever. Since Mariel is me, if you think Mariel is cute, then that means I am too, right? It’s honestly a bit complicated with that extra layer… well, for now, I’ll let it slide.” (Serika)

No, that’s not what I meant. I’m clearly distinguishing between Mariel-sama and Serika… I was about to say, but before I could, Serika turned back to me and started talking.

“But, not today. Today, talking about Mariel is off-limits! We didn’t meet for that reason, you know?” (Serika)

“What’s that supposed to mean…? Then, why did we meet?” (Keitaro)

“Huh!? W-Well, that’s…!” (Serika)

It should have been a natural question, but for some reason, Serika seemed flustered.

After fidgeting with her hands for a while, she took a mysterious deep breath.

“Umm, can we talk while walking for a bit?” (Serika)

Saying that, she started walking around the pond, and I had no choice but to go along with it.

With a leisurely pace, we walked side by side, as if enjoying the scenery.

I was waiting for Serika to say something, but for some reason, she continued walking with her head down, not uttering a word. As the silence became a bit uncomfortable, I reluctantly spoke up.

“…Come to think of it, did you know I’m Kei?” (Keitaro)

“Huh? W-What?” (Serika)

“I mean, you called out to Kei, the YouTuber. Even though it was me standing here, you didn’t seem surprised.” (Keitaro)

“Ah, well, yeah. I knew Kei was Ketaro.” (Serika)

“Really? How?” (Keitaro)

“Uh, well! I-I just happened to notice it was Ketaro by the voice and the way you talk in your videos!” (Serika)

“Is that so? Then, what about the thing about being my fan?” (Keitaro)

“W-Well, that’s not a lie either. At first, I didn’t know that I was a fan of your channel. When I found out about it later, I was surprised, but the fact that I’m a fan of Kei didn’t change.” (Serika)

Serika turned away with a pout.

…So, that kind of thing happens, huh? The world might be unexpectedly small.

“I see. But, didn’t you feel disappointed or anything when you found out that your oshi was your childhood friend?” (Keitaro)

“W-Well, not really? That’s a different matter. And what about you? When you found out I was Mariel, were you disappointed…?” (Serika)

“No, not at all. I was surprised, but my feelings of supporting Mariel-sama haven’t changed.” (Keitaro)

I make sure to state it clearly. As Serika said, it’s a different matter.

“R-Right! …I’m glad.” (Serika)

At my words, Serika smiled happily. Somehow, her steps seemed a bit lighter.

“But it’s still an incredible coincidence, isn’t it? Both of us being a fan of each other without knowing it.” (Keitaro)

“Y-Yeah! It’s not just a coincidence; at this point, it feels like ‘fate’, doesn’t it!?” (Serika)

“Fate, huh? But, as you know, I’ve always liked games since I was a kid. So being a gaming content creator probably isn’t that surprising, but the fact that you became a VTuber, I could never have imagined that from the old you.” (Keitaro)

That’s why until we actually met, I was thinking “Could it be her?” instead of “I knew it was her.” immediately.

“Well, various things happened in the four years we didn’t meet.” (Serika)

“Yeah, it’s been about four years now.” (Keitaro)

“Ah, to be precise, four years, thirty-three days, and around two hours and forty minutes.” (Serika)

“Isn’t that too detailed!?” (Keitaro)

When I retorted, Serika stopped and turned her back towards me.

“… Four years, huh? Time has really flown by.” (Serika)

She muttered that softly while gazing at the pond.

“Hey, Ketaro, don’t you think this place is lovely? The sky is close, there’s greenery, it’s spacious, quiet, and a bit romantic.” (Serika)

“Huh? Oh, now that you mention it, it is.” (Keitaro)

“And it’s famous as a dating spot. W-Well, that’s not really relevant, but I wanted to come here at least once. So, I thought it would be nice to make it the place for our reunion.” (Serika)

When she suddenly said that, I was a bit taken aback. Serika turned around and looked at me.

“…Hey, Ketaro, how was it seeing me after four years?” (Serika)

“What do you mean?” (Keitaro)

“S-So, like, did you think I’ve become more girly than before…?” (Serika)

“…Huh?” (Keitaro)

When suddenly faced with such a question, I turned to face her. It was then that I noticed, for the first time, Serika looking at me with upturned eyes. Back in elementary school, we were about the same height, and now I realize there was a noticeable difference.

W-What’s gotten into Serika all of a sudden?

I was perplexed. It might have been just a casual remark, but once that awareness was planted, I found myself carefully examining Serika’s appearance.

Without the childhood friend filter, what stood before me was undeniably a beautiful girl.

Back when we were little, I didn’t really notice it since we were together all the time, but Serika was already renowned for being incredibly cute. Coupled that with her family background, she was treated like a princess by everyone. 

That atmosphere remains unchanged even now that we’ve grown up—or rather, it has become even more striking. Even as her childhood friend, I can’t help but be amazed by how much she grew as a girl. Expressions like “she’s become more ladylike” fall short of describing the transformation.

“Ah, yeah.” (Keitaro)

Even though I kept telling myself she was my childhood friend, I found myself stammering out a lame response. Nevertheless, Serika seemed somewhat satisfied, smiling contentedly.

“…Hey, Ketaro.” (Serika)

As we continued talking, Serika suddenly adopted a quieter tone and gazed at me.

“Earlier, you asked why did I call you out today, right…?” (Serika)

“Yeah, um.” (Keitaro)

“…S-So, I’ll tell you the reason…!” (Serika)

With determination in her eyes, Serika declares this, and for some reason, my heart starts pounding in response to an atmosphere I’ve never experienced before.

“S-So, the reason is…! I-I, um…!” (Serika)

With a bright red face, Serika struggles to articulate her words. Eventually, she locks eyes with me, takes a deep breath, and then opens her mouth.

“I-I, um, I… about you…!” (Serika)

“Aaaaahhhhhh!?” (?)

“Wha-!?” (Both)

At that moment, a sudden loud scream echoed, causing both me and Serika to turn simultaneously.

“It’s Kei-kun! Kei-kun, Kei-kun!” (Yukina)

“Y-Yuki… Yukina-san!?” (Keitaro)

Yuki was running towards us with a beaming smile. However, I was shocked by the suddenness of the situation rather than being overwhelmed by her cuteness. 

Moreover, her overly delighted expression resembles that of a lost puppy finding its owner. Was it just my imagination?

“Uwah, meeting Kei-kun in a place like this!” (Yukina)

“Y-Yukina-san, why are you here…!?” (Keitaro)

“Oh, I was here for a modeling photo shoot, coincidentally at Sky Park.” (Yukina)

As Yuki pointed in the direction she came from, I noticed staff and people with cameras quite a distance away. Wait, did she spot me from that far away?

“So, Kei-kun, what about you?” (Yukina)

“Well, I…” (Keitaro)

I glanced sideways.

Noticing my gaze, Yuki seemed to finally realize that Serika was there.

“Oh! W-Were you here with your friend? If that’s the case, I’m sorry for disturbing you…” (Yukina)

She quickly shifted to an apologetic expression and bowed her head.

“Oh, no need to apologize! This is my childhood friend—” (Keitaro)

I hurriedly turned to introduce Serika.

“…Serika?” (Keitaro)

However, Serika, wearing a shocked expression, was staring intently at Yuki, who had just appeared.

“Y-Y-Yukina Nozomi?!” (Serika)

“Ah, do you know me? Nice to meet you.” (Yukina)

“W-Why are you here…!?” (Serika)

“Huh? Like I said before, I’m here for a modeling job, and it just finished. Then I saw Kei-kun, and—” (Yukina)

Despite sounding like a regular conversation, there was an underlying tension in their exchange.

In contrast to Serika’s trembling and uneasy state, Yuki calmly responded with her natural charm.

“…………Why, uuu… why…” (Serika)

Eventually, Serika lowered her head with her shoulders shaking, and began muttering something inaudible.

Wondering what was going on, I leaned closer, but…

“Uwaaaaahhh!?!?” (Serika) 

At that moment, Serika abruptly lifted her face and let out a scream.

“Why does this always happen to meeeeeeee!?” (Serika)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I feel kinda bad for Serika. Must have been tough dealing with the downsides of childhood friend never winning. Her tsundere part isn’t even the cause of the problems as her intentions are obvious. It’s just that this kind of MC never catches on somehow xd

Shit, I made a mistake in the previous chapter. Mariel called him Ketaro instead of Keitaro towards the end.


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Like i get drawing a line between the character (vtube model) and the person behind the character… but he was entirely too nonplussed about his oshi being his childhood friend. also an absolute jerk in insisting about talking about the character over talking to his childhood friend.