WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 2 Part 5 – My Childhood Friend Is a VTuber, but Is It Okay to Support Her?

“W-Well, you see, it’s about Yukina-san’s comment.” (Keitaro)

“My comments?” (Yukina)

“Yeah, it’s something I was planning to tell you when we meet. You always comment on my streams and videos under the name ‘wankoromochi’, right? I was thinking that from now on, it might be better to refrain from doing that for a bit—” (Keitaro)

“Eh…!?” (Yukina)

At that moment, Yukina’s face turns pale.

…I feel like I could hear a *gaaan* sound effect, she seems to be in shock to that extent.

“T-That’s…! Commenting on Kei-kun’s channel is my reason for living…! Is Kei-kun is telling me to die!?” (Yukina)

“That’s not it! There are actual circumstances at hand!” (Keitaro)

I quickly explained to both of them about the post I found speculating that ‘wankoromochi’ might be Yukina, and the possibility of her being exposed.

“If it’s revealed that idol Yukki is in the comment section…” (Keitaro)

“There’s no doubt it would cause a ruckus online. Ketaro’s comment section would become chaotic as people try to dig up all the previous comments left by her.” (Serika)

Upon hearing Serika’s words, Yuki slumps down with a heavy expression.

“T-that’s no good… I don’t want to cause trouble for Kei-kun… But, if I can’t comment anymore, then I…” (Yukina)

“N-No, it’s not like I’m telling you to completely stop commenting. I’m just saying it would be better to reduce the quantity a bit.” (Keitaro)

“But there are so many things I want to talk about in Kei-kun’s streams and videos!” (Yukina)

“Which is why I thought that if Yukina-san could join our messaging group, you could share your thoughts directly over there.” (Keitaro)

“…Eh?” (Yukina)

“The issue is with writing in the comments section, but it’s totally fine if you share your thoughts directly in the group. …Um, is that okay?” (Keitaro)

As I say that, Yuki is silent for a while, but eventually…

“N-No problem! It’s not a problem at all! I’m actually happy…! Hehe~!” (Yukina)

Soon, she genuinely seemed delighted, savoring the joy with her whole being.

With a joyful expression, Yuki takes out her smartphone and directs a beaming smile towards Serika.

“Since both Serika-san and I are Kei-kun’s fans, let’s make this a Kei-kun fan group! I look forward to working with you!” (Yukina)

She energetically bows her head. Perhaps her innocent demeanor was too much, as Serika seemed somewhat deflated, showing a slightly complex expression while shrugging her shoulders.

“…Honestly, talking to a popular idol through messaging… what are you even thinking?” (Serika)

“That’s rich coming from you… Besides, if it’s okay with you, a childhood friend, then it’s okay with Yukina-san too, since she’s a classmate.” (Keitaro)

“That’s called sophistry1.” (Serika)

You’re the one who started it first…, as we exchange such banter, Yuki suddenly interjects in the conversation.

“Oh, right! Um, Kei-kun, I have a little favor to ask. Is that okay…?” (Yukina)

Happily gazing at her smartphone, Yuki suddenly seemed to recall something. Now, with a slightly embarrassed expression, she brought up something like a request.

“Um, Kei-kun, you call Serika-san by her first name, right?” (Yukina)

“Well, I’ve been calling her that for a long time.” (Keitaro)

“S-So, you know? Since I’m also a Kei-kun fan like Serika-san, I was hoping you could call me a bit more casually…” (Yukina)

“C-Casually?” (Keitaro)

“S-So, you know, like using my name, or something…” (Yukina)

…Name? Like Nozomi…?

While imagining it, I became extremely flustered.

…Calling Yuki by her name like that would be too presumptuous!

“S-so, um, Kei-kun, you’re my fan, right? What do you call me in your head?” (Yukina)

“W-well, normally, I call you ‘Yuki’ in my head.” (Keitaro)

“T-That’s it! From now on, I want you to call me ‘Yuki’…!” (Yukina)

…Oh no. The way she said it with a slightly embarrassed look is too cute, it’s painful…!

Certainly, in my heart, I’ve always been calling her ‘Yuki,’ and since it’s her idol name, it’s not strange at all… but…

“U-um… Yuki?” (Keitaro)

“Eh!? K-Kei-kun, calling me Yuki…! Hauuu…!” (Yukina)

Yuki seems to be reaching her limit, and I feel like I’m about to reach my limit too!

I’m not doing anything weird, so why do I feel this strange sense of taboo…!

“Why are you smirking like that…?” (Serika)

Being glared at again by Serika who was now shrouded in a dark aura, I somehow managed to keep my composure. While alternating between glancing at me, who involuntarily straightened my spine, and Yuki, who is still at her limit, Serika lets out a small sigh with a displeased expression.

“…How did this happen…? In the first place, having her here is completely unexpected. …Haa, why does it always end up like this…” (Serika)

Serika mutters such things in a small voice. I couldn’t quite catch the latter part, but if it’s about being unexpected, I feel the same way.

“Honestly, I never expected to reunite with Serika this way.” (Keitaro)

“…What? So, you still have an issue with me being Mariel.” (Serika)

“No, it’s not like that.” (Keitaro)

Facing Serika’s piercing gaze, I shake my head and continue.

“I had always thought that maybe I wouldn’t get a chance to see you again, so it was unexpected.” (Keitaro)

“Huh? What do you mean by that…” (Serika)

“Well, you’re quite a high-class young lady, right? You’re living in a completely different world… Although you went to the same public kindergarten and elementary school for moral education, I heard you started attending a prestigious girls’ school starting from junior high. So, not only did we get separated due to my move, but I thought you were far away in that sense as well.” (Keitaro)

“T-That’s…” (Serika)

“But I never imagined that you would become a VTuber, and we’d get to reunite this way. It’s like… um, yeah, it made me incredibly happy.” (Keitaro)

“Eh…?” (Serika)

Upon my words, Serika opens her eyes wide in surprise.

“You are happy…? Y-You are happy that we reunited…?” (Serika)

“Well, yeah. We’ve been childhood friends since kindergarten. Well, for you, I might have been more like a servant than a childhood friend.” (Keitaro)

“W-What are you talking about?” (Serika)

“Because you always threw difficult tasks at me. And most of the time, you had an unhappy expression. Weren’t you aware of that?” (Keitaro)

“S-so, that’s because you…! Uuuuu…!” (Serika)

For some reason, Serika starts to growl with a bright red face.

“Well, anyways, I was happy to reunite with my childhood friend. Even though Serika being Mariel-sama and being my fan is nice, the fact that we could meet again as childhood friends made me the most happy.” (Keitaro)

“…I-I‘m also…!” (Serika)

“Hm?” (Keitaro)

“…I’m also happy to be able to reunite with you…” (Serika)

While muttering softly and avoiding eye contact, Serika says so. 

She’s always been someone who couldn’t be straightforward because of her personality, and that hasn’t changed at all. But strangely, I find that aspect of her, which hasn’t changed, genuinely heartwarming.

“I see. That’s good, then.” (Keitaro)

So, I replied with a genuine smile. It was a smile that genuinely came from my heart.

“Ahh mouu…!” (Serika)

Serika, without making eye contact with me, blushes and looks down.

After staying silent for a while, she mumbled something in a really quiet voice.

“…If that’s the case, I should have gone to meet you sooner…” (Serika)

“Huh? What was that just now?” (Keitaro)

“…! N-nothing! Anyway! I’m not only your childhood friend but also the VTuber Daitenin Mariel, and your fan! From now on, I’ll keep supporting you, so be prepared for that!” (Serika)

“What do you mean, ‘be prepared’!?” (Keitaro)

“Oh, me too, me too! Now that I’ve joined the group, I’ll support Kei-kun even more than ever before!” (Yukina)

“W-Wait, I’m the one talking right now, don’t interrupt me!” (Serika)

“Ah, of course, Serika-san, let’s support Kei-kun together!” (Yukina)

“Are you even listening to what I’m saying!?” (Serika)

Despite the seemingly chaotic exchange of words, it seems like they’re having a normal conversation. It’s impressive how they manage to communicate.

While observing Serika like that, I can’t help but laugh at how she hasn’t changed since the old days.

…Supporting me, huh? Well, that’s my line.

When I first found out that Serika was the one behind Mariel-sama, I was confused, but now I feel even more motivated to support her precisely because she’s Serika.

I silently vow in my heart to continue supporting Mariel-sama as always.

At the same time, having connected with both Yuki and Mariel-sama through messages, I remind myself that I need to maintain a sense of moderation more than ever before.

[Serika’s PoV]

“Yes, I met him. Of course, I told him that I was Mariel… Don’t worry, he’s my childhood friend, he’s not the type to spread it on social media.” (Serika)

That night, I reported the day’s events to my manager during our voice chat.

“…Yeah, so rest assured. We’ll continue collaborations from now on. …I know, it was sudden, I apologize for that… Yes, yes, I’ll be more careful.” (Serika)

I apologize sincerely for the sudden collaboration yesterday and for going to meet Ketaro today. These were decisions I made on the spur of the moment, so I wanted to make sure I apologized for any inconvenience caused.

“Oh, and by the way, I also met ‘Yuki’ today. …Yes, that idol, Yukina Nozomi. …Why? I want to know that too. She suddenly appeared at our meeting spot… Yes, it’s related to Kei, and it turns out they were classmates. Oh, right, I also told Yuki that I’m Mariel… So it’s okay. I made sure to make it clear, and since she’s a professional, I’m sure she’ll handle it properly.” (Serika)

I think of Yukina Nozomi’s face. When I researched her, she gave off a cool impression of an idol but thinking back to that affectionate expression she showed to Ketaro, my chest feels uneasy. …And, as expected, being an idol, she was incredibly cute…

“…S-So, there’s no problem at all. It won’t affect our future activities… Huh? What? Be careful not to break character…? I’m not breaking character at all! Even Mariel acts like that when talking with their oshi! …Anyways, collaborations with Kei and such will continue, so be prepared for that. …Yes, yes, then see you.” (Serika)

After finishing the conversation, I sigh and take a moment to relax.

…She’s such a worrier. Well, I guess it’s only natural as a manager.

But what’s this about breaking character? It’s okay for Mariel to get excited once in a while, right? Besides, [Daitenin Mariel] is a character created for Ketaro, so it’s only natural for her to be like that.

I switch my mindset, stand up from my chair, and dive straight into the bed.

Hugging the pillow tightly, I reflect on today’s events.

“…Ketaro, you looked so cool…” (Serika)

As I unintentionally mutter those words, my cheeks flush with warmth.

Thinking of the figure of the childhood friend I met after such a long time already makes my heart flutter. He was always cool, but his grown-up appearance was unexpectedly more manly, and I couldn’t help but feel shy and avoid direct eye contact for a while.

“Ketaro, we finally met…” (Serika)

Immersed in the joy of the reunion, my thoughts drift back to our early childhood.

I first met Ketaro before entering kindergarten. Our fathers were friends, so we got to know each other through their relationship. At that time, our homes were close to each other, so we always played together. This connection continued until just before we entered middle school and had to part ways.

We might seem like very close childhood friends, and that’s true. Our relationship has always been good. However, that alone wasn’t the only reason we stayed together. Strictly speaking, it’s more accurate to say that Ketaro has always been by my side.

Not to brag, but I’m an outstanding person. I’m smart, good-looking, and come from a well-off family. If I have to point out a flaw, it might be the size of my chest, but… well, that’s not really important! Anyways, I was recognized as a ‘person who had everything’.

However, being the type of person typical of such characteristics, I also had a high pride and a somewhat reserved personality, which often led to conflicts with other kids around me. Naturally, I would end up isolated from my surroundings, but Ketaro, my childhood friend, was always there by my side, never leaving me despite my troublesome nature.

I can’t exactly remember when I first started liking Ketaro. The expression “realized I liked him before I knew it” is probably accurate. By the time I reached the later years of elementary school, I was aware of my feelings.

But being the reserved person I was, I couldn’t bring myself to express those feelings openly. While I was hesitating, Ketaro moved away when we entered junior high school.

It was lonely to be separated, but surprisingly, I didn’t feel too down about it. In fact, I saw it as a good opportunity. Although I couldn’t be straightforward, I, being the outstanding person that I am, decided in my heart that during this period of separation, I would fill the gap within me and, when we reunited, I would become Ketaro’s perfect girlfriend.

And so, during my junior high school days, I earnestly polished myself up. I worked hard on my studies, physical activities, and even made an effort to improve my social skills. Not only that, but I also dived into hobbies like singing and dancing. I even hired a coach to learn about otaku culture and practiced playing the games Ketaro loved.  In short, I ventured into every field I deemed necessary to become Ketaro’s girlfriend and mastered them all.

Becoming a VTuber was actually part of the plan to polish myself up. 

Upon receiving reliable information that Ketaro was into VTubers, I immediately took action to become one. I auditioned and got accepted into [Twinkle Live], a major VTuber agency. I crafted my character’s appearance and speech, keeping Ketaro’s preferences in mind. Furthermore, in my performances, I imagined myself interacting with Ketaro. All of this was driven by my sole desire for Ketaro to fall in love with me.

The effort paid off, and I gained popularity as a VTuber, with Ketaro even becoming one of my fans. While that was great, my initial plan was to reunite with Ketaro and become his girlfriend around the same time as we started high school. However, before I knew it, the plan got delayed by a year.

Nevertheless, the plan was still successful. The idea was to surprise Ketaro by revealing that I, as Daitenin Mariel, was the VTuber he had been supporting all along. We would reunite dramatically, and then the two of us would finally become a couple.

“…that was the plan…!” (Serika)

Just before that, an unexpected incident occurred, causing my carefully crafted plan to crumble—Yukina Nozomi.

In an unexpected turn of events, the current top idol suddenly started endorsing Ketaro and it went viral. I couldn’t believe it—someone had seemingly stolen my plan right from under me!

The day I learned that Ketaro and Yukina Nozomi had suddenly gone viral, I was frozen in shock. I immediately canceled the scheduled livestream and ended up falling asleep.

“Why is this happening…?” I cursed fate while writhing on the bed, but I realized that I couldn’t linger in this shock forever. Determined to bounce back, I convinced myself that I had no choice but to do something myself. Although Yukina Nozomi beat me to it, I would follow through with my plan to make Ketaro a hit. Then, we would reunite, and I would confess my feelings in a surprise revelation.

Though my plan to make Ketaro go viral and surprise him was stolen by Yukina Nozomi, the subsequent developments were irrelevant. I had envisioned following through with the plan, reuniting with Ketaro, and finally becoming his girlfriend, but…

“Why did she have to show up there again? What are the chances of such a coincidence!?” (Serika)

I angrily pounded my pillow. It still infuriates me when I recall it. During the emotional reunion and climax of the confession scene, Yukina Nozomi once again interfered. It was too much even if it was just a coincidence. God, did I do something wrong!?

As a result, I couldn’t confess. Despite the long-awaited reunion, Yukina Nozomi intruded, and she turned out to be Ketaro’s classmate? This was outrageous! Not only that but she was an incredibly beautiful girl, and she genuinely supported Ketaro a lot!

“Ah mouu mouu mouu!!” (Serika)

I roll around on the bed, recalling those frustrating moments. Why does Yukina Nozomi have to ruin things for me repeatedly? Why is she always by Ketaro’s side? It’s just too unfair.

“But…!” (Serika)

Eventually, I stop rolling and gather myself.

But I will never give up. When I remember Ketaro’s smiling face during our reunion, an unwavering determination wells up from the depths of my heart.

I won’t lose. No matter if the opponent is a top idol, I will absolutely not let go of Ketaro.

Because I was the first one to fall in love with Ketaro.

Because I was the first one to be Ketaro’s fan.

“Be prepared…!” (Serika)

Uttering words that I’m not even sure are directed at Ketaro or Yukina Nozomi, I hold the pillow tightly, determined to first figure out whether Yukina Nozomi is truly going to be a rival in love or not!

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

This girl really went the extra mile to become a VTuber just for her crush wow. Also, how did her plan get delayed by a year lol.

Omg I thought that her first name was Yukina, but now that I think about it, Nozomi can also be a first name. Starting from the next chapter, I’m gonna use (Nozomi) instead of (Yukina).


  1. Sophistry means the use of clever but false arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.
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