WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 3 – My Younger Sister Is a Cosplayer, but Is It Okay to Support Her?

“Is this the place where you can show your true self…?” (Keitaro)

And so, the place we arrived at was a rental studio—a facility specifically designed for shooting authentic cosplay photos.

The current room has a gothic atmosphere with a white theme, featuring luxurious sofas and an arch-like structure covered with flowers. As someone who is here for the first time, I find myself constantly looking around in fascination.

“This is the most standard room. There are also rooms with various other themes.” (Sana)

On the other hand, Sana seems accustomed to it. She handled the reservations and interactions at the reception relatively smoothly, so she must has been here before.

Sana instructed me to wait while she left the room with her bag in hand, presumably to change. However, she suddenly turned around and asked in a somewhat formal tone.

“…If Sana cosplay seriously, will you support her?” (Sana)

“…? I don’t get it, but I’ll support Sana in whatever she wants to do.” (Keitaro)

Not fully grasping the intent behind the question, I tilt my head slightly. Well, if it’s about supporting her, I’ve been doing that for a while now.

Upon hearing my answer, Sana seemed relieved and quickly left the room. After watching her leave, I once again take a look around the room.

“…Sana is quite a dedicated cosplayer, huh?” (Keitaro)

Cliché and belated words slipped from my lips. …Well, I already knew, but being brought to a place like this made me think about it again.

When I first heard that cosplay was her hobby, I was surprised. But when she showed off her outfit for the first time, I was even more astonished because she looked incredibly cute.

Not only that, but the quality was beyond that of an amateur, so I asked if she was a famous cosplayer. Sana quietly shook her head and mentioned that she used to be on social media a bit, but not anymore.

Her demeanor seemed to suggest there was more to the story, but I didn’t press further. She didn’t seem to want to talk about it, and I could tell that something must have happened in the past. Instead, I just told her that I would be cheering her on. That is how I really feel. When your little sister shows you her cosplay, it’s only natural to want to support her.

While I thought it was a shame that she quit social media, I did have a bit of a desire to boast about my cute sister, but I didn’t tell her about that. Of course, if she ever decides to do it again, I’ll support her decision in whatever way I can.

In summary, for me, Sana is not just my precious stepsister but also an oshi-like cosplayer whom I have been supporting for a while now.

“A serious cosplay, huh? I wonder what it’s going to be like.” (Keitaro)

As I think about Sana, I eagerly wait for her return. After all, she’s going to go all out, right? How can I not be excited?

While I’m lost in my thoughts, I hear the sound of the door opening, and I quickly turn around.

“Welcome back. that took quite some time──” (Keitaro)

However, I immediately fall silent and freeze. The reason being—

“…Eh, who are you?” (Keitaro)

Because there, standing before me, is a random magical girl!

No, no, logically speaking, I know that it’s Sana. However, my brain can’t seem to accept that! Because her hairstyle, eye color, and, well, her face are different!

“What are you talking about? You seriously don’t know?” (Sana)

“N-No, it’s Sana, right? But… what’s going on…?” (Keitaro)

“It’s been a while since Sana has done serious cosplay.” (Sana)

She says it so casually, but the attention to detail is overwhelming. She looks like a completely different person.

“Is cosplay supposed to change someone this much?” (Keitaro)

“Wig for the hair, colored contacts for the eyes. Makeup and tape can alter the face and contours. Sana don’t usually go to this extent but… Onii-chan, do you recognize this character?” (Sana)

Upon hearing that, I blankly stare at Sana’s transformed appearance once again.

A pink fluffy costume with butterfly-like wings on the back. In her hands, she holds a stick with leaves attached, resembling a branch. Overall, her appearance is reminiscent of a fairy. This is…!

“It’s Lil from [Fairy Princess]!” (Keitaro)

[Fairy Princess] is a magical girl anime that gained popularity a few years ago and still holds a strong fan base despite having ended long ago. Lil is the protagonist of the series, this cosplay is a dead-on match. I used to watch it back then, and this genuinely looks like Lil herself!

“That’s amazing. No, it’s seriously incredible. I’m somehow moved…” (Keitaro)

I gaze at Sana, filled with admiration. While her previous cosplays at home were impressive, this is on a whole different level. Sana, at her best, is truly extraordinary. I don’t know why, but I feel so happy.

“Sana’s glad. Lil was the character that inspired Sana to start cosplaying, so being praised by Onii-chan for it makes her happy…” (Sana)

“Oh, really? I didn’t know that.” (Keitaro)

Looks likr the character holds a special place in her heart, and that’s reflected in the quality of this cosplay. But seriously, how can one handle such overwhelming cuteness? I feel like shouting right now. I want to proudly boast about her, that’s how cute she is.

“Well then, let’s start the photo shoot.” (Sana)

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s a crime not to capture something like this in a photo.” (Keitaro)

I definitely want to take countless pictures and preserve this incredibly cute version of Sana for future generations.

“Onii-chan, here’s the camera.” (Sana)

However, as I was pondering about that, Sana unexpectedly handed me the camera.

…Huh? Why me?

“Onii-chan, you take the pictures.” (Sana)

“Eh? M-Me? Don’t you usually take selfies?” (Keitaro)

She always took selfies when cosplaying at home, so why entrust me with the camera now?

“…Just do it. Today, it’s Onii-chan’s turn to take the pictures.” (Sana)

Not the most explanatory answer. Nevertheless, Sana has forcefully designated me as the photographer for today.

Despite being somewhat reluctant, I raise the camera. Even through the lens, Sana looks dangerously cute, creating a genuine illusion that Lil is right there. I don’t know if I can properly capture her charm in the photos, but damn it, I’ve got to try!

With determination, I start photographing Sana in various poses.

Even though I was an amateur at photography, I was fueled by the single-minded desire to capture Sana’s cuteness.

After a while of being completely absorbed in photography, I gradually became more accustomed to it, gaining a bit of composure.

“By the way, why did you suddenly decide to go all out in cosplay today? I mean, I’m thrilled to see this, but what’s the occasion?” (Keitaro)

Sana’s newfound enthusiasm was delightful, but I was still curious about the reason behind it. If I could understand the catalyst, perhaps there would be more opportunities to do this with Sana.

“Mmm…” (Sana)

However, Sana hesitated for a moment in response to my question.

“…Sana felt like she needed to do it… or something like that.” (Sana)

The explanation was still somewhat cryptic, but I refrained from pressing further.

Because at that moment, Sana’s smile was so precious that I was completely absorbed in capturing it through the lens.

We continued the photo shoot until the rental time was up, and during that time, I reaffirmed my commitment to wholeheartedly support this incredibly adorable sister of mine in whatever she pursued.

The day concluded with my satisfaction at witnessing Sana’s all-out cosplaying. However, the events did not end there. 

Later that evening, while I was streaming as usual, something unexpected happened. 

I noticed the viewer count rapidly increasing by several thousand, and the comment section was getting rowdier than usual. While wondering if Yuki or Mariel-sama had done something again, I checked the comments and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Comment: [I came from Sana’s tweet!]

Comment: [Is it true that your Sana’s onii-chan?!]

Comment: [Came from Sana!]

Comment: [First Yuki and Mariel-sama, and now Sana? Who are you?]

Comment: [I’m envious of Sana’s onii-chan!]

The comments were flooded with mentions of Sana’s name. Certainly, this was unmistakably my sister’s name, but why is it all over the comment section like this!?

Unable to comprehend what was happening, my confusion grew when my smartphone suddenly rang.

Upon checking, I received a message from Yuki and Serika, and its content left me even more astonished.

Yuki: [Kei-kun, I had no idea your sister was such a famous person! Her photos are so cute, I’d love to meet her!]

Serika: [I never heard that your step-sister was such a stunning beauty!? And a popular cosplayer too! What’s the meaning of this!?]

Both of them seemed to be talking about Sana, but I still had no clue about what was happening.

Serika’s message included a URL, leading to a social media profile under the username ‘Sana’. There, alongside familiar photos of a magical girl, was a link to my streaming channel, accompanied by a message: “Onii-chan’s live streaming today. Everyone, please so support him.”

No, wait, these are the photos I took during the day! Moreover, Sana was supposed to have taken a hiatus from social media! Why is she promoting my livestream!?

Numerous question marks popped up in my mind, but soon my attention shifted to the follower count on that account, and any coherent thought vanished.

“F-Followers… T-Thirty thousand…!?” (Keitaro)

One, ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand… without a doubt, it’s thirty thousand people…!?

What on earth is happening!? Come to think of it, Yuki and Serika mentioned that she was popular. There’s no way such a massive following could accumulate overnight. She must have achieved these numbers in the past.

“G-Give me a moment!” (Keitaro)

Unable to keep up with the sudden turn of events, I paused the stream and desperately made my way to Sana’s room next door.

“S-Sana! W-what’s going on!?” (Keitaro)

“…Noisy. What is it? …Ah, that.” (Sana)

Sana, emerging from her room, showed a nonchalant reaction upon seeing my smartphone screen.

“Sana decided to resume her activity on social media.” (Sana)

“N-No, it’s not about that! Of course, that itself is a good thing! B-But the number of followers…!” (Keitaro)

“…? It’s the same as before. It increased a bit even during the hiatus.” (Sana)

“…C-Could it be, Sana-san, are you secretly an incredibly famous cosplayer or something?” (Keitaro)

“Why are you using polite language? Just search it on the internet.” (Sana)

. I proceeded to search on my phone as instructed, and it immediately appeared—charismatic cosplayer, national treasure-level cuteness, reactions from overseas… All compiled on various websites.

“Why didn’t you say anything!?” (Keitaro)

“Because you didn’t ask.” (Sana)

“Ugh!” (Keitaro)

…Not knowing something so easily discoverable for half a year!

Although I felt devastated, I somehow managed to accept that Sana was a popular cosplayer. Well, thinking about it, it does make sense. My sister is that cute, after all.

Seeing me in this state, Sana asked with a slightly worried expression.

“…Could it be that onii-chan didn’t want Sana to resume her activities?” (Sana)

“…Of course not. If that’s what you want to do, I’ll definitely support you.” (Keitaro)

“…Fuu, that’s a relief.” (Sana)

“But, you know, I have a question… It might seem sudden, but why go as far as promoting my livestream? I don’t get that part.” (Keitaro)

Yes, that’s the real issue. I was surprised and somewhat understanding about her resuming her social media activities. However, I genuinely can’t comprehend this part.

“Is it not okay for Sana to support onii-chan?” (Sana)

“N-No, it’s not that it’s not okay, but… if you’re going to do that, did you really have to reveal that we’re siblings to everyone?” (Keitaro)

When I mentioned that, Sana pouted slightly and, for some reason, turned her cheek away with a slightly flushed face.

“…Even Sana can make onii-chan go viral.” (Sana)

She mumbled something, but her voice was too soft to hear clearly.

“A-Anyway, since Sana decided to resume her cosplay activities, onii-chan should just continue to support her. Sana will also support onii-chan’s live streams in her own way.” (Sana)

“Y-yeah, of course, I’ll support you. But for me…” (Keitaro)

“That’s a deal then. You’re currently livestreaming, right? It’s not good to leave your viewers unattended for too long. Hurry back.” (Sana)

Saying so, Sana closed the door, leaving me still bewildered.

Left alone, I felt a sense of dissatisfaction and glanced at my smartphone once again.

The revival of Sana’s social media account was genuinely a reason to be happy, but seeing my name trending again and becoming the subject of continuous buzz each day somehow numbed my senses.

“Now even my imouto…” (Keitaro)

Even when I put it into words, the reality didn’t quite sink in, and for a while, I found myself standing there, unable to do much.

[Sana’s PoV]

Sana started cosplaying because she wanted to become her favorite character.

Though her photos gained widespread attention on social media, and she was even referred to as a popular cosplayer, it didn’t last long. The reason was… something she didn’t want to dwell on.

Sana’s new onii-chan, who came from mom’s remarriage, would always compliment Sana’s cosplay. When she mentioned that she stopped doing serious cosplay, he didn’t ask further. Understanding that he was being considerate made her heart warm. She thought he was a good person.

—”Loving what you do is precious in itself. I do game commentary because I enjoy it. Well, the view counts never really go up though.”

Saying this, onii-chan’s warm laughter made her feel comfortable, and before she realized it, she started to like him. For the first time, she understood what it was like to love someone.

However, expressing those feelings was something she couldn’t do.

Sana wasn’t straightforward, and she was shy. Above all, she was afraid that verbalizing those feelings would make their sibling relationship awkward. 

She couldn’t bear the thought of losing this happy life. So, even while watching onii-chan’s streams, she didn’t leave any comments or tell him that she was watching. She only wished they could stay as siblings forever, and that’s all she ever thought about.

However, the situation has changed. She couldn’t keep doing things like that anymore.

The popular idol onii-chan supported turned out to be a fan of his and made him go viral.

The popular VTuber he supported was also the same.

Moreover, these two individuals were classmates and childhood friends, having real-life connections with onii-chan.

Sana couldn’t understand. Why did things turn out like this? She knew that onii-chan was kind, warm, and cool, and it made sense for people to like him once they got to know him. But still, it shouldn’t be on this level.

It was frightening. The thought that onii-chan was about to be taken away made her so scared that she couldn’t bear it.

So, she tried various approaches to grab his attention, but it all failed. The domestic sister strategy, which she came up with, was confusing even to her, and attempting to reenact scenes with cosplay also didn’t work.

However, through these attempts, she realized something. She understood that the opponent she was trying to compete with was an overwhelmingly powerful rival, and there was no way something like this would achieve anything.

Sana could feel their genuine feelings whenever they talked about onii-chan.

If that’s the case, there was no way that she could compete unless she does something just as extreme.

So, Sana went to the studio, did went all-out with her cosplay for the first time in a while..

She then revived her social media account and clearly indicated her support for onii-chan. This was a declaration of her determination. Sana wanted the whole world to know that onii-chan was hers.

Fuu… I managed to create some buzz properly.” (Sana)

She sighed with relief as she checked her smartphone screen. For now, the plan was a success.

However, Sana understands that the real battle lies ahead. The opponents were influencers of the highest class, both an idol and a VTuber, and they were onii-chan’s oshis. Formidable opponents.

“But… I won’t lose.” (Sana)

Sana dives onto the bed. There, she notices the shirt she had onii-chan (somewhat forcibly) given her this morning. She pulls it towards her, embracing it tightly.

Bringing her nose close, she inhaled the scent, a mixture of detergent and onii-chan’s fragrance made her head feel blissfully fuzzy.

“Hah…” (Sana)

A faint voice escapes her lips. That’s how happy she felt. She loved that scent.

While holding the shirt even tighter, she thought to herself:

—Onii-chan belongs to Sana. Sana won’t give him to anyone else. She’s not going to lose because…

“…Onii-chan is Sana’s first oshi!” (Sana)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I like how her mentality at first was to just throw whatever idea she had at a wall and hope that it sticks. She didn’t even know what the whole domestic sister thing was all about lol.

That should be all for the introductions, now what’s going to happen…? 

I just took a quick peek and the next chapter is so long.


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