WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 3 – Is It Okay to Play Games with My Oshi?

“Wait, before we start, um, just practicing all the time would be boring, right? So, how about we play a game together for once? Experiencing the real thing is much more beneficial than just practicing.” (Keitaro)

Unable to contain myself, I proposed that idea. By the way, it’s not like I’m just grasping at straws; experiencing real battles is indeed important. It’s through those experiences that practice becomes meaningful.

“That’s easy for you to say, but jumping straight into a real match seems reckless, doesn’t it? I mean, Yukina Nozomii might have experience, but imouto-san doesn’t, right? Plus, there are four of us so we can’t participate in ranked matches with that number.” (Serika)

LoF’s ranked matches require teams of three. So, Serika’s right; we can’t do ranked matches, but I already know that. Taking an inexperienced player like Sana into ranked matches is out of the question.

“That’s why we should play the campaign mode against CPUs. With that, the number of players is more flexible.” (Keitaro)

The reason LoF is considered a great game isn’t just because of its perfection in its genre; it’s also because of the various ways you can enjoy it. Apart from ranked matches, there are customizable matches with free rule settings and a campaign mode where you can battle against CPUs. And none of these modes are half-baked; they’re all well-made. With all these options, there is always something interesting to do.

“Oh, the campaign mode, huh? I’ve never tried that before.” (Yuki)

“Yeah, but I’ve heard LoF’s campaign mode is pretty interesting, right?” (Serika)

“Yup, the campaign mode is super well-fleshed out that there are even players who exclusively play the campaign mode. Videos of them are relatively popular too.” (Keitaro)

While I mostly focus on ranked matches, I’ve played the campaign mode a few times. It’s pretty well-designed such that even if you’re not good at PvP, you can still enjoy it. Let’s all give it a try (shameless advertisement).

With that settled, the four of us decided to play the campaign mode together.

While we progressed through the campaign, Serika and I supported Yuki, who isn’t good at FPS games, and Sana, who is a complete beginner. LoF had a progressive difficulty adjustment. At first, we were all having fun together, but gradually, the enemy became harder. Somehow, we managed to reach the final boss, but…

“Oh, s-sorry!” (Yuki)

“…Defeated. Ugh…” (Sana)

In the end, it was getting harder to support Yuki and Sana so they got eliminated not long after the fight started.

“Ah!? They can spawn behind us?! How cowardly…!” (Serika)

Next, we got caught in a surprise attack, and I wasn’t able to save Serika in time so she got eliminated.

What was supposed to be a four-man fight turned into a solo fight. No matter how you look at it, It’s a completely unfavorable position. However, I don’t intend to give up. For the sake of my comrades, and my pride as a gamer, I absolutely cannot afford to lose.

As the final boss fires multiple shots that fill the screen, I maneuver through them with quick precision and attack whenever I find an opening. If I don’t dodge and land my hits, there’s no way to win.

“…A-Amazing. You can move like that…?” (Serika)

“Wow…! Kei-kun, Kei-kun, Kei-kun…!” (Yuki)

“…Onii-chan, you’re so cool…!” (Sana)

Without realizing it, everyone had left their seats and gathered around me. They stared intently at my screen, holding their breath as they watched the outcome of the battle.

As I fully immersed myself in the game, the moment of reckoning arrived.

With a tremendous roar and explosion, the final boss crumbled away. Simultaneously, the words “Mission Complete” appeared on the screen, along with the score and time.

Haaa… I did it somehow…” (Keitaro)

Overwhelmed by the adrenaline of the game, I involuntarily stood up and took a deep breath.

As I was about to turn to look at everyone, I felt something soft on my arm.

“That was awesome! You’re really amazing, Kei-kun…!” (Yuki)

“W-What!? Yuki-san!?” (Keitaro)

I panicked as I saw Yuki clinging to my arm, her eyes glistening with tears.

Th-These two soft sensations… could it be!? Before I could even process the situation, I felt another sensation, this time on my other arm, and when I turned, Serika was looking at me with a bright red face.

“W-Why are you…?” (Keitaro)

“I-It can’t be helped, right?! It’s unfair if it’s just Yukina Nozomi, right…?! A-And besides, it’s only natural to get emotional when your oshi achieves something amazing!” (Serika)

For some reason, Serika said this with a hint of anger and then pulled me into a tight hug. And at the same time, I felt something pressing against my back!?

“…Onii-chan, that was amazing…! You were so cool…!” (Sana)

This time, it was Sana speaking, and her voice could be heard near my ear. She was unusually excited, so I could tell that she was genuinely happy about my victory.

Anyways, as I was being pulled from both sides and embraced from behind, and considering my half-standing posture, it was only a matter of time before I lost my balance…!

“Whoa, watch out…!?” (Keitaro)

Everyone fell on me, or rather, it felt like they were crushing me under their weight… As I entertained the thought that even in this position, girls are surprisingly soft, I wondered if this was some sort of divine punishment directed at me.

“K-Kei-kun, are you okay!?” (Yuki)

Fortunately, everyone quickly got off me, which was a relief.

As I stood up, I saw Yuki looking at me apologetically.

“I’m really sorry…! I got carried away…! What if I hurt you, Kei-kun!? I’ll cover all the medical expenses…!” (Yuki)

“No, it’s okay! Look, I’m perfectly fine, see!?” (Keitaro)

“Well, it wasn’t that big of a deal, right? Girls are as light as angel feathers, so it’s fine!” (Serika)

“You should at least show some remorse!” (Keitaro)

Seriously, you were pretty heavy! Just because you’re cute doesn’t mean everything about you is perfect!

Well, knowing that everyone was genuinely happy about the victory, I didn’t get mad. If anything, I felt happy about it. In the end, it was a victory we achieved through everyone’s efforts. That’s why I love coop games. It’s always so entertaining to see the drama unfold in each moment.

“Oh, right, now isn’t the time for this.” (Serika)

Lost in such thoughts, Serika suddenly spoke with a face that seemed to recall something.

“Ketaro, log in to YouTube right now and prepare to upload.” (Serika)

“Upload what? What do you mean?” (Keitaro)

“You know, the video of the game we just played. Especially the part where you soloed the final boss.” (Serika)

“Even if you suddenly say that, I didn’t record anything—” (Keitaro)

“Don’t worry. I took care of that already!” (Serika)

When did you do that!? I didn’t even notice at all!

“Oh, I recorded it too.” (Yuki)

“…Sana too.” (Sana)

“Huh!? Why am I the only one left out!?” (Keitaro)

“Obviously, we always record our oshi’s matches. Anyways, I have a video of just the last part, so let’s upload it right away! And then share it on social media! I’ll reply immediately!” (Serika)

…Even though it’s about me, it feels like I’m being left out of the loop.

But since Yuki and Sana were urging me to do it quickly, I reluctantly followed their instructions. By the way, we all agreed on the title “[God-tier Plays] Soloing the Boss in Campaign Mode” but there was some debate over whether to include the “[God-tier Plays]” part. In the end, the other three’s opinions won out, but seriously, putting that in the title feels like overrating myself. …Well, I am proud of the video itself though.

“…Yep, I’ve uploaded it to YouTube. I also posted on social media—wait, replies already!?” (Keitaro)

As soon as I posted on social media promoting the video, I received immediate replies from Yuki, Mariel-sama, and Sana’s accounts. It seems like they were all prepared with their phones. That was fast.

“Oh, they’re already responding.” (Serika)

“…That’s quite the momentum. The views are skyrocketing.” (Sana)

“Well, it’s Kei’s video, so it’s only natural.” (Yuki)

It felt somewhat strange seeing everyone so delightedly checking social media and YouTube as if it were about themselves. When I pointed this out, I received the response “It’s natural because it’s our oshi” from all three.

“It’s only natural to be happy when your oshi’s reputation improves.  And besides, seeing the game happen live right in front of us, it’s only natural to get excited.” (Serika)

Serika said this proudly for some reason, but well, I can understand that feeling.

“Um, Kei-kun, do you… want to see your oshi doing her best?” (Yuki)

Yuki timidly asked.

I replied “Of course”, but I tilted my head wondering why she was asking that.

“Well, Kei-kun supports us too, right? It makes me happy, but it also feels a bit underwhelming that I couldn’t show you at my best…” (Yuki)

“You mean your idol activities? If that’s the case, I always watch it on TV or in videos.” (Keitaro)

“No, I meant that I wanted you to see it up close like earlier. Watching you through a screen is cool, but seeing you play in person was really cool. I just thought it’d be nice if I could do the same for you…” (Yuki)

I’d rather you refrain from constantly calling me “cool” because it seriously makes me blush… But I see, I understand what you’re trying to say.

Certainly, I’d like to see my oshi in action up close. For Yuki, I can go to concerts and such, but to see it up close… well, that’s impossible.

“Oh, I know!” (Yuki)

At that moment, Yuki suddenly seemed to have an idea and grabbed my arm, starting to walk. When I asked what was going on, she just urged me to hurry up. With no other choice, I followed Yuki, while Serika and Sana followed behind us.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Oh shit is it an exclusive performance from Yuki? I think MC is gonna lose it if she starts singing right now. Also yes, Sana doesn’t have that many lines. I guess she’s the type that doesn’t talk much to strangers.

I hope it wasn’t too confusing at the end. The raw was pretty confusing but I think I got the main idea…?

I’m done with my project stuff and now it’s the holidays so I have more time to translate!


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