I Married the Famous, Hideous “Young Lady Goblin” and She Was Absolutely Adorable

Source: ゴブリン令嬢と転生貴族が幸せになるまで  婚約者の彼女のための前世知識の上手な使い方
Alias: Young Lady Goblin(YLG)


I was the fourth son of the destitute viscount, and an unexpected letter came from the duke to me. It was a letter of betrothal, and my partner was a hideous woman nicknamed “Young Lady Goblin”. Their efforts of finding a groom had been futile, so I was finally chosen. Our status didn’t allow me to refuse.
However, the young lady herself planned to break our engagement. She was truly apologetic that I was dragged to become the fiancé of such an unsightly woman as her.

………I couldn’t settle with that. I was a Kimomen in my previous life, treated as vermin by all women – the complete opposite of an Ikemen. The painful feeling of discrimination against my appearance had been part of my life back then. Hey, people, it’s the inside that counts, doesn’t it?

She laughed it off, saying she had already given up. I wanted to see her genuinely smile. With that thought, I forcefully proceeded with the arrangements of our marriage. That’s when I discovered how adorable this person was. It didn’t take too long for me to become head over heels for her.

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